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Hanamaru Youchien 86

Hanamaru New Year

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 2, 2012 16:04 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 86
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Chapter 86 Hanamaru New Year
Voice: To think that you'd become a kindergarten teacher!
Voice: And you're taking care of Sakura-chan's daughter!
Voice: If you're a man you shouldn't have such a weak job but one more...
Voice: Oh my, he's already drunk.
Voice: One beer here!
Woman: Oh, you're a vegetarian now? That kind of men are popular now! (cd: Anzu-chan, would you like to eat more?)
Voice: Give me some pickles too!
Voice: I don't care about vegetables or meat as long as I can drink sake! Here, drink, drink!

Satsuki: Uncle, aunt, Happy new year.
Man: Satsuki-chan is as thoughtful as always!
Man: You're already in high school huh, have you chosen your career?
Satsuki: For the time being I plan to go to university, but I don't know after that...
Woman: Oh that's great! Our son is having trouble to pass~~! //might be daughter she never says the gender
Satsuki(thinks): Career huh...
Boy: Satsuki's panties are white---!
Man: When you were that age you said "I will become onii-chan's bride", right!
Satsuki: That was in the past!

Man: So, have you found a wife!
Woman: Is there someone good?
Tsuchida: You're asking even though you know the answer...
Anzu: He--re, Anzu is Tsucchi's bride<3
Woman: Oh, how cute.
Woman: Good for you.
Voice: Alright, while we're doing our new year's greetings I'll introduce you to a girl I know!
Voice: Let's go!!
Tsuchida: Eh.
Anzu's sd: See you
Arrow: She doesn't understand
Woman: Then, we should also go to give our new year's greetings.
Sakura: We should prepare dinner then.
Satsuki: E-Emm...
Satsuki: What about the kids...?

Satsuki: Hey----, Wait!!
Satsuki: Don't play with the tableware!
Boy's sd: But I made a course...
Satsuki: Don't play on the corridors!
Anzu: Satsuki-oneechan looks busy.
Anzu: Let's play without bothering onee-chan!
Satsuki(thinks): I'm moved by Anzu-chan's kindness.
Satsuki: Hey--!

Kaya: Sacchin, we came to play!
Masaki: Happy new year.
Satsuki: Kaya! Masaki! Great timing!
Kaya: It's lively today.
Masaki: It seems you're having difficulties...
Both: If it's playing with kids leave it to us!
Satsuki: Thanks!
Kaya's sd: We create obstacles...
Boy's sd: Oh...
Masaki's sd: Happy New year...
Boy's sd: Wow
Girl's sd: Wah
Satsuki(thinks): I was an idiot for relying on those two.

Satsuki(thinks): This has become more uncontrollable
Satsuki(thinks): And onii-chan doesn't come back...
Satsuki(thinks): ...Onii-chan is good to settle down kids like this.
Satsuki: ...
Satsuki: Everyone---!
Satsuki: We'll have a cleaning contest! The person who makes this room cleaner wins!
Satsuki: Dropping food or tableware is cheating!
Boy's sd: Contest!
Satsuki: Ready, start!!
Boy's sd: I'm first!

Boy's sd: I'm first!
Anzu's sd: Anzu too--!
Satsuki(thinks): Even Kaya and Masaki are participating.
Boy's sd: Hmmm...
Kaya's sd: Doryah---!
Anzu: Tsukushi-chan, try it too!
Satsuki: Maybe it's a bit too early for Tsukushi-chan.
Satsuki: We'll be on the other side.

Satsuki: Thank you for cleaning a lot,
Satsuki: It was helpful!
Boy: ...
Boy: I cleaned a lot too!
Satsuki: Yes, thanks.
Anzu: The helping contest was fun!
Boy: I can still help a bit more!
Satsuki: Then let's clean a lot and surprise everyone's papas and mamas.

Boy's sd: I cleaned this!
Boy's sd: I lined them up!
Kaya's sd: We also helped!
Masaki's sd: Pat us.
Satsuki's sd: Yes yes
Boy's sd: What should we do next?
Anzu's sd: Emmm
Tsukushi: ...
Anzu: Tsukushi-chan, you want to help too?
Tsukushi: I want~~

Kaya: They're all well behaved now!
Masaki: As expected from someone whose onii-san is a kindergarten teacher!
Satsuki: I only imitated onii-chan's method.
Kaya?: Maybe Sacchin is suited to be a teacher.
Masaki?: Why don't you work with onii-san?
Satsuki: Eh
Girls' sd: Sensei
Girls' sd: Satsuki-sensei
Satsuki(thinks): Work with him!?
Kaya: But Sacchin is scary when she gets angry so the kids might cry.
Masaki: Her breasts are small too.
Boy's sd: The Onee-chans are playing!

Tsuchida: So, you took care of the kids all by yourself?
Tsuchida: Our aunts were full of admiration.
Satsuki: Taking care of a lot of kids is really difficult.
Satsuki: ...But in the end everyone had fun helping and that made me happy.
Satsuki: Leaving that aside, it seems your bride search wasn't fruitful.
Tsuchida: It's obvious! All the people around here are my acquaintances!
Woman's sd: Tsuchida-kun? No way!!
Tsuchida: We came back after giving them the first laugh!
Tsuchida's sd: I knew this was going to happen!!
Satsuki's sd: How pitiable...

Anzu: Onee-chan.
Satsuki: Anzu-chan, what happened?
Anzu: Can we sleep together today?
Satsuki: Yeah! Let's sleep together!
Tsuchida: Did you bring your pillows?
Voice: We brought them!

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