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Hanamaru Youchien 87

Hanamaru Chocolate

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 3, 2012 15:51 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

-> RTS Page for Hanamaru Youchien 87

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 87
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Anzu: Anzu will make big heart chocolates for Tsucchi and papa<3
Koume: Koume will make bunny chocolates~~
Hii: Hiiragi will make small chocolates that are easy to eat while working...
Nanako: All of them sounds cute and delicious~~
Nanako: Then, let's make delicious valentine's chocolates together~~!
All: Yeah---!

Hina: Ingredients, ready!
Hina: Tools, ready!
Hina: Sharpness, ready!
Hina: Well then, I'll try to make the most delicious valentine's chocolate!
Title: Chapter 87 Hanamaru Chocolate

Hina(thinks): I won't lose to Anzu-chan and the girls!
Hina: Valentine's...?
Anzu: Yes<3 The 14th is a wonderful where you give chocolates to the person you love<3<3
Hii: It's a day where women give men chocolates to men to convey their feelings...
Hina: I see.
Anzu: (cd: So,) Hina-chan, come with us to Yamamoto-sensei's house to make chocolates!
Hina: ...I'm sorry but I'll make them by myself.
Anzu: I see! Then, see you tomorrow!
Hina: ...
Hina(thinks): To think that there was a day such as valentine's day...How careless of me!
Hina(thinks): I have to make up for my late start with this year's chocolates!

Hina: Wait for me, Tsuchida-sensei!!
Bald: It can't be... you're making chocolates?
Hina: That's right!
Bald: ...Sorry for the impertinence but can you listen to our opinions...?
Hina: ?
Thought: Valentine's day is a special day in which you convey your feelings to your beloved man---
Thought: That happy moment when you think about him while making the chocolates.
SFX: Shock
Bald: Cook's aprons are taboo for this sweet and ticklish moment of the maidens in love.

Bald: This goes
Bald: Like this!
Bald: The apron too!
Bald: This is the valentine's day that we yearn after!!!
Hina: This is deep...
Bald: Miss! Please let us help too!
Yakuza: Our love is the same as yours!!
Hina: ...Understood,
Hina: We'll join forces and complete this chocolate!!
Both: Yeah---!!

Anzu: (music note)Chocolates~~
Anzu: (music note)Are sweet, delicious, and amazing~~
Anzu: (music note)Puddings are also sweet and I like them~~
Anzu: (music note)Steak is great for dinner~~
Hii: A pun!? //Anzu said steak: sute-ki and great: suteki
Nanako: Anzu-chan, the chocolate is warm enough so you can stop now~~
Koume: Koume still has to continue~~?
Nanako: A bit more~~
Hii: There's chocolate on Koume-chan's cheek...
Nanako: That looks yummy~~ I'm going to eat you~~
Koume: Yamamoto-sensei also has cream on her face~~
Nanako: Eh!
Koume: Koume will take it~~
Nanako: That tickles!

Hina: Emm...
Hina: Warm the chocolate by immersing it in hot water...warm?
Yakuza: Isn't that about melting it with hot water!?
Hina: I see!
SFX: Ker-plunk //things falling in water
SFX: Ker-plunk
Bald: Should we put something else in?
Hina: Let's see...
Hina: Chocolates that won't lose to Anzu-chan's...
SFX: close
Hina: How about adding miso and soy sauce to give it more body?
Box: Miso
Both: As expected from the miss! How original!!
Bald: Ah, there's miso on your cheek(star)
SFX: //not sure what it means
Yakuza: How embarrassing (star)

Nanako: Everyone~~The chocolate has hardened~~
All: Ye~~s!
Hii: It's made beautifully...
Hii's sd: Fufufu...
Anzu: Hii-chan also made heart chocolates! Are you giving them to your papa?
Koume's sd: Yamamoto-sensei's chocolates...
Nanako: Koume-chan open wide~~
Koume: Ah~~~n
Koume: It's yummy~~
Anzu: (cd: Ah) Anzu wants some too!
Hii: Hiiragi too...!

Hina: ...It won't harden at all.
Yakuza: Maybe the miss' feelings are so hot that the chocolate won't harden? (cd: As if!)
Hina: ?
Yakuza: It's nothing, please continue!
Hina: How about putting them in the freezer?
Bald: That sounds good!
Yakuza(thinks): Let's taste it...
Hina: Pinching food is bad manners~~~
Hina's sd: Don't!
Yakuza: S...Sorry...

Anzu: Can Anzu use the red ribbon?
Koume: Koume wants the bunny seal~~
Hii: Wrap it with a star wrapping paper...
All: Finished~~!
Anzu: Yamamoto-sensei, are our chocolates lovely?
Koume: Are they cute?
Nanako: They're really cute~~!
Anzu: I can't wait to give my chocolates!
Koume: Me neither!
Anzu(thinks): I wonder if Hina-chan has finished her chocolate for Tsucchi~~

Box: Miso
Hina: We only have to wrap it now!
Hina: Umm, let's wrap it extravagantly!
Bald: I brought a nice container!
Yakuza: We're ready to wrap it!
Hina: It's complete!!
Sd: Wah!
Hina: I wonder if Tsuchida-sensei will be happy?
Yakuza: He'll definitely be!!
Boss: It looks like you're having fun.
Hina: Father! Great timing!
Hina: I made Valentine's chocolate!
Hina: This one is for father. (cd: Though it's one day early)
Boss(thinks): Valentine's huh...Hinagiku is growing up.

Label: To Father Present //the "present" is the bigger text
Hina: Eat without reserve.
Boss: Yeah...
SFX: Fear
SFX: fear
SFX: Munch
Boss: ...Hinagiku, give something you're good at making to Tsuchida-sensei...
Kusano: This ohagi is delicious! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botamochi
Nanako: Yes!
Tsuchida: Giving Ohagi in valentine's day is just like Hina. (cd: Thanks)
Hina's sd: Hohoho
Hina: I'll definitely give him chocolate next year!!

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