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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hanamaru Youchien 90

Hanamaru Fortune-telling

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 4, 2012 03:12 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 90
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: The third year's teacher, Nishikaze-sensei, loves fortune-telling.
Title: Chapter 90 Hanamaru Fortune-telling
Nishikaze's sd: Yuna-chan was a bunny and Maika-chan was a samurai~~
Yuna's sd: Really~~?
Girl's sd: I wonder what was I~~
Kusano: What's that?
Nanako: Nishikaze-sensei is divining past lives, it's popular between the children~~
Nishikaze: Next is Tsuchida-sensei right~~
Tsuchida: Please do so!
Kusano(thinks): Even Tsuchida-kun!!

Tsuchida: Can you tell love fortunes too?
Nishikaze: I can~~
Nishikaze: From you past life I can tell~~...
Nishikaze: That you'll die at this rate.
Tsuchida's sd: Eh!
Anzu: Tsucchi, cheer up!
Tsuchida: Anzu...
Anzu: Then, Anzu's next! Please tell me!!
SFX: //noshi, I'm not sure what it means
Nishikaze: O~~~K

Koume: I wonder what my past life was~~
Hii: I'm excited...
Nishikaze: Oh~~~
Nishikaze: Eh, what what?
Nishikaze: Not just Anzu-chan...I can feel 3 auras at the same time~~
All: Eh!
Anzu: That means we were together in our past lives too!?
Nishikaze: Ufufu~~~
Nishikaze: I can see it...

Box: The warring states era
Box: In the midst of the endless war the people suffered from poverty and epidemics and the soil dried.
Box: In that era there was a single princess who had the favor of the feudal lord.
Koume: I'm tired of white rice!
Koume: Bring me more sweets---!!
Voice: I want to do that but there's no money...
Koume: Money?
Koume: Then you can just make the people pay more taxes!
Box: Princess Koume
Voice: But the people are so poor that they can't even eat rice...
Koume's sd: Hmm

Koume: If there's no rice they can eat dangos.
Tomo: You're right~~ Princess Koume is really clever~~
Koume: Onii-sama, I love you!
Koume: Hii-chan, you want to eat more delicious things right~~
Hii: Woof...
Box: Dog Hiiragi //lit. dog raised indoors
Sign: The taxes will raise again. Feudal lord (star)

Voice: Even though we don't even have food!
Voice: They aren't listening to us!
Voice: I can't follow that lord.
Voice: That's right!
Anzu: You're right, let's rise against him!
All: !
Anzu: Insurrection---!!!
Box: Anzuemon

Anzu: Eh-----!?
Anzu: Anzu was an old man---!?
Koume: Koume is sorry for being a bad girl~~
Hii: So Hiiragi...is the only dog...
Anzu: Everyone's separated and Anzu's an old man and~~
Nishikaze: Oh~~
Nishikaze: It still continues~~
Voice: Uwah---!
Voice: The commoners are attacking us!
Both: !
Anzu: They're here!

Anzu: Prepare yourself, fox! //female fox to be precise, megitsune if you want to use the japanese version
Koume: !
Koume: ...Fufufu...
Koume: Now that I'm exposed it can't be helped! I'm actually a 9-tail fox!!
Koume: You're going to be the sacrifices for my sumptuous feast.
Tomo: Gyah---!!
SFX: grip
Anzu: So you've shown your tails!

Anzu: I'm actually the king of heroes, Arthur! //this is getting too random...
Anzu: I'll stop your evil deeds with my holy sword Excallibur!
Hii: Stop your dispute...
Koume: Hii-chan?
SFX: //fuku, I'm not sure again

Hii: I'm actually this world's creator, the king of kings, Hiiragi...
Hii: My sons and daughters, drop your swords...
Both: Yes sir----!
SFX: rustle rustle
Hii: Dododouble~~~

Hii: If you put this on whatever you want more of, its number will duplicate, with this you'll have no more food problems...
Both: Thank you God!
sd: Ya--y Ya--y
Nishikaze: With this the village got peace and you three lived happily for a long time~~
Nishikaze's sd: And they all lived happily ever after~~
Kusano(thinks): Liar!!
Kusano(thinks): Even if they're kids they won't believe this.

Anzu: We were together in our past lives too! It's amazing!
Koume: We were all cool~~!
Hii: Best regards for our next lives...
Kusano(thinks): They believed it!
Nanako: How dreamy, they were together since before they were born~~
Kusano(thinks): Nana-chan!?
Tsuchida: Hey, how can I avoid death!?
Nishikaze's sd: Oh~~
Kusano(thinks): Even Tsuchida-kun!!
Nishikaze: You'll be fine if you get a name change~~
Tsuchida: What should I change it for?
Nishikaze: Otamegane //I don't have to explain this one right?
Ryouta: Great for you, Otamegane.
Kenji: Live a long life, Otamegane.

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