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Hanamaru Youchien 95

Hanamaru Contest

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 9, 2012 03:20 | Go to Hanamaru Youchien

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Hanamaru Youchien 95
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Tsuchida: Yamamoto-sensei, do you want to go watch a movie or something?
Tsuchida's sd: I have some extra tickets...
Title: Chapter 95 Hanamaru Contest //match, game, challenge
Anzu: That Tsucchi, geez geez!
Ryouta's sd: Kishishi
Hina's sd: ...My... //Her face is so scary...
Ryouta: If you leave them alone he'll be rejected as always!
Anzu: Anzu thinks so too but...

SFX: clench
Ryouta: See, I told you!
Kenji: Tsuchida doesn't learn. (cd: Kenji)
Hina: ...Anzu-chan, did you notice?
Anzu: Yeah...
Hina: Didn't Yamamoto-sensei notice Tsuchida-sensei's efforts...
Ryouta: (cd: Eh) Isn't it like always.
Kenji: It didn't seem any different.
Anzu: No, she did! It's a woman's intuition!

Anzu: Tsucchi, are you ok?
Hina: You look depressed.
Anzu: Tsucchi, you have us so it's ok!
Hina: We'll aaaalways be by your side.
Tsuchida: You two...
Tsuchida: Thank you~~ Sensei is happy~~
sd: So high so hi--gh
Tsuchida: Haa //sigh
Thought: We were completely treated like children.

Hina: ...If...Only if...
Hina: Yamamoto-sensei really liked Tsuchida-sensei...
sd: Ding dong
Anzu: Kyah-----!
Hina: We can't be so carefree!
Anzu: We'll appeal to him and show him that we're as great as Yamamoto-sensei!!
Hii: ...Anzu-chan, Hina-chan, what are you doing...?
Anzu: We want to become more charming than Yamamoto-sensei!
sd: Race queen!
Hina: We're preparing for that!
Hii(thinks): Ah... (cd: It's the usual...)

Hii: ...You can't beat Yamamoto-sensei like that...
Both: Eh!
Hii: Even if you aim to be adult women you won't beat the real thing in the end...
Hina: Certainly...
Anzu: Then what should we do?
Hii: You have to compete with her with the charms only you have...
Both: Our charms?
Anzu: What's the charm we both have that beats Yamamoto-sensei's?
Hii: For example that your always energetic and bright...
Hina: That's just the same as always.
Hii: You are considerate about your friends and being with you is fun...
Anzu: Anzu always thinks about Tsucchi and is always playing with him!

Hii: Other than that maybe youth...
Hii(thinks): Well they're kindergarteners so that much is obvious...
Anzu: Youth! Youth right!
Hii(thinks): She took the bait!!
Hina: Certainly, it is said that gentlemen prefer young women... This is our chance for a reversal!
Anzu: We can definitely win with that!
Hii: No emm...
Anzu: (cd: Ah) Anzu has a great idea! Hina-chan, come!
Hina: We'll appeal with our youth!!
Hii: ...
Hii: Is this alright...
Koume's sd: Hii-chan, what are you doing~~?

Anzu: So, we challenge you to an obstacle race!
//their shirts have their respective first name (Anzu, Hinagiku, Nanako)
Anzu(thinks): We'll beat Yamamoto-sensei splendorously in an obstacle race
Hina(thinks): And make Tsuchida-sensei notice our youth!
Hii(thinks): As expected from them, an unexpected development! //hmm expecting people to do unexpected things, that's deep...
Tsuchida: Eh, what? Rather, that outfit...

Nanako: They challenged me to a race...
Hina's sd: Don't go easy on us
Anzu's sd: This is a serious contest!
Nanako: I don't understand the reason but I decided to answer to this children's honest feelings!
Tsuchida: Yeah...
Hina(thinks): Tsuchida-sensei, please look.
Koume: On your marks~~~ ready~~~ go~~!
Anzu(thinks): We won't lose to Yamamoto-sensei!
Kenji: From here on the on-the-spot coverage will be done by the commentator, Kenji and
Sign: Commentator
Sign: Explanations
Hii: the explanations will be done by me, Hiiragi...
Tsuchida: You're in high spirits.

Kenji: Yamamoto-sensei has a great lead!
Hii: Well their paces are different...
Kenji: The first obstacle is a ladder, they have to pass through it!
Kenji: Oh, Yamamoto-sensei's buttocks are stuck and she's speeded down!
Nanako: Hm~~~!
Tsuchida: Oh!
Kenji: Anzu and Hina have overtaken her!
Hii: Because it's advantageous to have a small body here...
Kenji: Anzu and Hina now have a great lead!
Kenji: The next obstacle is a net, they have to pass under it!
Tsuchida: They're all about passing through.

Kenji: They are both passing under it with an amazing speed!
Hii: Children's quickness is abnormal.
Tsuchida: You both are doing great.
Tsuchida's sd: Good luck.
Kenji: Oh, Yamamoto-sensei falls behind again!!
Nanako: Aw~~~~
sd: Glare
Hii(thinks): Adults are just...
Hina(thinks): Even us
Anzu(thinks): Can beat

Kenji: Both reached the goal at the same time---!!
Thought: Yamamoto-sensei!!
Anzu: We did it, we won we won!
Hina: Our youth won!
Nanako's sd: Ha---... //pant
Nanako's sd: I lost~~
Anzu: Tsucchi! Did you look at us?
Tsuchida: I did I did, You both did great~~
Hii(thinks): Adults are just...

Anzu: He really understood our youth!
Hina: It was a great success!
Tsuchida(thinks): I wonder why they're talking about youth.
Hii: Now, a kiss from Tsuchida-sensei to the winners...
Hii's sd: Please
Tsuchida: !
Tsuchida: ...Then...If Yamamoto-sensei had won...
Hii: We hadn't told her but that was the plan...
Anzu's sd: Kiss...
Anzu's sd: Don't be shy<3
Kenji: Master, I wonder if will this end with Tsuchida's escape.
Hii: I don't think he can beat children's tenaciousness and cleverness...

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