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Koisome Momiji 11

My Heart Beat Fast

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 10, 2012 21:31 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 11
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Scene 11 My Heart Beat Fast //went doki doki
Big characters: I stole a glance at your profile in the summer festival----
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Star: Run!!
Thought: A paparazzi...!?
Kyouko(thinks): This is bad...!!
Shouta: He...Hey!
Kyouko: Kyah...
Shouta: !?
Kyouko: Hey you!
Kyouko: Catch that man!!
Shouta: Eh!?
Shouta: Eh!?
Kyouko: I'm Sana's manager!
Hoshi Kyouko
Stock Company
Shu- E- Promotion //I guess the "Shu- e-" part is supposed to be something in english but I couldn't think of something fitting
Phone: //a lot of 0's
Shouta: Eeh!?

Kyouko: This is a very important moment for her!
Box: Resigned from the main role!?
Box: A man's shadow with the pure actress!!
Box: Shocking scandal A boyfriend!? Disc //I guess it was discover or discovery
Box: Shinomiya Sana's Passionate love!? -with her boyfriend
Kyouko: I don't know how even a light gossip will affect her...!
Shouta: ...I'll get him!
Kyouko: !!

Shouta: ~~~
Shouta: Damn it...!!
Sana: Geez~~... Where did Katsuragi-kun go...?
Yui: Sana-chan, that...!
Sana: (cd: Ah) Katsuragi-kun!?
Sana: ...Eh
Kyouko's sd: Wait there youuuuu!!
Sana: Kyouko-san!?

Shouta: Emm!
Shouta: Stop please!!
Guy: !?
Guy: Ofu...!?
Kyouko: Hey...You did it!! Nice guts!
Guy: Wh...Wha...What's wrong...with you!?
Shouta: I beg you!!
Guy: !?

Shouta: Emm...
Shouta: If you took photos of us...!
Shouta: Can you please erase them...!?
Shouta: Shinomiya-san and Nanasato-san...
Shouta: Are doing their best!
Shouta: And yet...
Shouta: If this were too...Hinder them...!
Shouta: I'm also to blame cause I invited them without thinking much but...
Shouta: Stop this!
Shouta: I beg you...!

Kyouko(thinks): ...
Guy: Ph...Photos!? What are you talking about! Aren't you overly self-conscious!?
Shouta: ...
Guy: !?
Kyouko: Stop complaining and show them to us...
Guy: Ye...Yes...!!
Kyouko: Geez...That fatty, he did take some!
Shouta: But I'm glad,
Shouta: That he deleted all the photos...
Shouta: ...Eh?
Shouta: Come to think of it you also had a camera...

Kyouko: L-le-le...Leaving that aside!
Kyouko: You were Katsuragi-kun?
Kyouko: You were a great help, thanks!
Shouta: No, that is...
Kyouko(thinks): Well! I won't let you have Sana just for that...!!
Shouta: !?
Kyouko: !?
Kyouko: Sa~~na~~...?
Kyouko: You have too little self-awareness!
Kyouko: Explain this to me!!
Sana: So...Sorry~~!!

Kyouko: ...I understand the situation.
Kyouko: Sana, you asked a normal guy to act as your boyfriend...huh.
Sana: So...Sorry! For hiding it...
Yui: Sana-chan is unexpectedly daring...
Shouta: You're right... //shouta looks a bit more manly here XD
Kyouko: ...
Kyouko: I'll be direct with you.
Kyouko: Break up that relationship...
Kyouko: of yours.
Shouta: Wha...!
Sana: Wh...Why!?
Kyouko: There's no why...

Kyouko: You're forbidden to have relationships with men until you're 18!
Kyouko: That's one of our office's steel rules.
Sana: ...!
Shouta(thinks): S...So that was it...!
Yui's sd: Hmm...
Kyouko: I also suffered because of this rule when I was an actress...!
Kyouko: I won't let you say you forgot about it!
Sana: B-But it's not like we're dating...
Kyouko: ...That's right,
Kyouko: But society doesn't think so.
Kyouko: Photos like the ones he took now could arise a lot of suspicion...!

Kyouko: Taking this drama as a chance you can rise to stardom!
Kyouko: I want to do my utmost to remove any insecure factors that might lower your image!
Sana: ...
Kyouko: And...Katsuragi-kun is a normal person.
Kyouko: If it was a real love it'd be different...
Kyouko: But if it's just someone to practice with we can prepare someone.
SFX: beep
Shouta: Eh...!?
Kyouko: Asking the co-star, Sakuragaoka-kun, would be the best but...
Shouta: ...!!
Shouta(thinks): Someone else...
Shouta(thinks): Will be Sana-chan's practice partner...!?
Shouta(thinks): That would mean...Not only playing a role in the drama with Sana-chan
Shouta(thinks): But going on dates alone with her like I did, right...!?
Shouta(thinks): That...
Shouta(thinks): That is...
Shouta(thinks): It might only be my selfishness but...
Shouta(thinks): But...

Sana: Th...This late...
Sana: I cant...think
Sana: Of someone else...!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...!
Kyouko: ...I don't get it.
Kyouko: Does he have so much good points to be so fixated on him?
Shouta(thinks): Just where it hurts!
Sana: H...He has them!
Kyouko: Eeh... For example?
Sana: He...He saved me when I was falling from a cliff...
Kyouko: No, he fell too right?
Sana: ...He went on a date with me to help me get into the role...
Kyouko: He only went to have fun with you.
Sana: He read the novel only to help me practice!
Kyouko: He only read a book.

Kyouko: ...Only that? Anyone can do that.
Sana: Uuh...
Shouta: I...I'm just...
Kyouko: To begin with...This is a bother for Katsuragi-kun too.
Kyouko: He's been dragged around without any reward for it.
Sana: !
Shouta: Eh...?
Kyouko: It's a bo-ther-right...!?
Thought: Say that it's a bother!!
Shouta: ...!!
Shouta: I...

Shouta: I...I have a lot of fun
Shouta: When I'm with...Shinomiya-san!!
Shouta: So
Shouta: It's not...a bother...
Sana: ...
Sana: ...Kyouko-san.

Sana: Won't you let me continue...?
Sana: Like this...With Katsuragi-kun...!
Kyouko: ...
Sana: Until now...The things I've done with Katsuragi-kun,
Sana: Well...From an adult like Kyouko-san's point of view
Sana: They might not be much but...!
Sana: For...
Sana: For me...!
Shouta: !

p16-17 //Sana's cuteness>9000, nuf said
Sana: Th...
Sana: They made my heart...
Sana: Beat fast...!
Sana: I...I!
Sana: I never got involved with men outside work so...
Sana: I don't really understand it yet.
Sana: I'm not used to it...And I might just be nervous but
Sana: ...
Sana: Even so...

Sana: Maybe...
Sana: This is something I must know.
Sana: Maybe it's this kind of feeling...!
Sana: So...!
Kyouko(thinks): ...It can't be.
Kyouko(thinks): That Sana is...
Kyouko(thinks): My Sana is...!
Kyouko(thinks): Damn you Katsuragi Shouta...!!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan's fast...
Shouta(thinks): When she's with me...!!

Yui: E...Emm!
Yui: I also asked Shou-chan to act like my boyfriend so
Yui: Best regards on that...!
Big characters(left): W...With this timing!?
Sana: Eh...?
Shouta: ----!?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 11/End
Next issue, the expected center color!!

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