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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Otoshite Appli Girl 8

When the Female Teachers Cry

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 12, 2012 18:04 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: Ver. 8 When the Female Teachers Cry

Chigusa: Bam bam bam patter patter~~ (old) //I guess this is a reference to something
Chigusa: The "Mystery Tonight Tour ~It'll come this year too~" will begin.
Mashiro: Chi-Chigusa~~~ Let's not do a test of courage~~
Chigusa: What are you saying, not having a test of courage in summer would be like not having hot pot in winter.
Chigusa: Now, I'll explain the rules.
Mashiro(thinks): She's having fun!!
Chigusa's sd: Hihihi hihihihi

Chigusa: To begin, we'll make pairs.
Chigusa: As a pair you'll go behind the school building...
Chigusa: You'll enter the school building from the back door and proceed to go to the night duty room.
Chigusa: And you'll creep in the night duty room and take Sensei's ribbon panties, the pair who does this wins.
Chigusa: Clean panties are worth 10 points, panties she's already taken off are worth 50 points, and the panties that she's wearing right now are worth 100 points.
Renge: That's a crime.
Chigusa: Now everyone, let's draw lots to decide the pairs.
Mashiro: I'm scared but I'll do my best!
Fukahi: Alright, Fukahi-sama will win!
Suou: No, her underwear and victory are mine!!
Renge: I tell you, this is a crime!!

Chigusa: Mashiro & Suou pair.
Chigusa: Mokuran & Renge pair.
Chigusa: Chigusa & Fukahi pair.
Fukahi: Alright! Fukahi-sama is first.
Fukahi: The ghosts will probably run away out of fear of Fukahi-sama! Let's go, underling!
Chigusa: Ye--s.

Fukahi: I...It's dark...
Chigusa's sd: *smile*
Chigusa's sd: Fuu~~~ //blow
Fukahi: Hyauh!!
Fukahi: You! Stop screwing with me!!
Chigusa: Eh? Just now, in the window behind you...

Chigusa: A woman's face...
Fukahi: Gyaah!!
Fukahi: That's it! I just don't have to see it!!
Fukahi: Fuhahaha, damn woman ghost! Serves you right, as long as I have my eyes closed you aren't scary...
Fukahi: Buh!!
Chigusa: Aah
Fukahi: Uuh...
Fukahi: Ouch...

Fukahi: Kyaah!!
Chigusa: What an agressive test of courage...
Fukahi: Did you see that just now!? In the glass there was a woman's ghost with a bad look!!
Chigusa: Yes, it was a woman so repulsive you wouldn't think that she's from this world.
Chigusa: Now that you mention it, in this building...
Chigusa: A long time ago a delinquent was beaten to death here, his ghost...
Fukahi: Hikyaah!!

Fukahi: Gyaah!!
Chigusa: ...You were fast to retire!
Chigusa: I was aiming for the win, how disappointing.

Mashiro: Then, next are Mokuran-chan and Renge-chan.
Box: Mokuran was enthusiastic about this (even if she looks like this).
Mokuran(thinks): Ren-chan...
Mokuran(thinks): When she's not singing scary songs...She's a quiet and reserved girl...Maybe we can become friends.
Mokuran(thinks): This is my chance...To make a friend other than Sora-chan...
Renge?: Eh...!?
Renge?: Blood!?
Renge?: Kyaah!!

Mokuran: Ren-chan...
Renge: Uh, *sob* I'm scared~~~
Renge: Will we be cursed to death here? Uuuh...Uuh.
Renge: Uh...Uuh...This last moments are fit for a failure like me...My body will rot and my soul will wander...Uuh...
Mokuran(thinks): Scary!!
sd: Uuuuuuuuuh
Mokuran(thinks): ...No......Mokuran, don't give up...Like this...!
Mokuran: ......Emm...
Renge: Fugyaah!!
Renge: Mo-Mokuran-san!! You suprised me...I'm scared!!
Mokuran: Ren-chan...
Renge: Will we die here? Awawa, this is a blood baptism.
Renge: Without being able to escape from this karma...
Renge: ...Eh!?

Mokuran: If we...Hold hands...It isn't scary...
Mokuran: ......I
Mokuran: ...Think.
Renge: Mo......
Renge: Mokuran-san...!

Renge: Sorry! Even though Mokuran-san is also scared I was getting scared on my own... I'm no good but I'll try my best!
Mokuran: ...Yes.
Renge: I know! If we sing while we're walking it won't be scary!
Mokuran: I...Don't know...A lot of songs...
Renge: Then I'll sing!
Renge: There's no way there's ghosts he~~re~~(music note)
Renge: Ghosts aren't real--- Drunk people just misunderstood.
Mokuran: This is going good... It's like we're friends.
Mokuran's sd: Tehehe
Renge: ---But~~ I can see it.
Renge: I can see it, Can't you see it~~?

Song: They call me a heart disease.
Song: Hey? Hey? You see it right~~!! That woman's freshly severed head.
Mokuran's sd: Ren-chan
Song: That figure that looks down on me reproachfully Maybe that woman is me in the future~~
Kanji: Portraits of deceased people
Mokuran(thinks): Scary!! Ren-chan is scarier than the ghosts!!
Mokuran(thinks): Let's run away...
Renge: Ah!
Renge: Wait...

Mokuran: ...Ren-cha...
Renge: Waiiiiit, Noooo
Renge: Don't leave me aloooone~~~~
Renge's sd: Waiiiit
Mokuran: Awawa...Wawawa.
Mokuran: I have to take refuge in a room...

Ayame: Welcooome.
Ayame: It's ok, I don't really like app's blood so I'll just taste it~~

Both: It came out!!
Mokuran(thinks): On a second thought...I like Sora-chan better...
Sora's sd: Mokumoku~~ I have some pudding~~
Mashiro: Ayame, what were you doing there?
Ayame: Hohoho, when I was resting because of anemia I found Fukahi-chan on the floor.
Mashiro: Ayame! Would you like to go instead of me...
Ayame: Hohoho, my anemia might come again so no thanks.

Chigusa: Next! Mashiro & Suou pair.
Suou: Alright, let's go.
Mashiro: Y-Yeah.
Suou: It's dark so be careful with...
Suou: Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: E-Emm...

Mashiro: Can I...Hold your hand?
Suou: Ma-
Suou: Mashiro-chan...
Suou: Of course...
Suou: If you're scared rely on me!
Suou(thinks): This is the perfect chance to sexually harass her!! This is my chance to grab those moderate size breats!
Suou: Now!
Mashiro: It's da~~~rk, A ghost might come out...
Mashiro: Hey, Suou.

Suou(thinks): The back of the school building at night isn't half-assed!!
Suou(thinks): It's too scary!!
Mashiro: There's a tomb here...
Suou: Kyah!!
Mashiro: ...Are you ok? Suou...
Suou: It's ok, it's ok, all occult things are powerless in front of science!
Suou: Believe in me and in the power of science.

Suou: Come on "Junko Inagawa"! //idk what sort of reference is this
sd: Ngiiih
sd: I came with a chill--
Mashiro: Wow...What's this machine?
Suou: Junko Inagawa is an exceptional item that will sense ghosts and let us know when there's danger.
Suou: A-a-a-as long as we have this ma-ma-machine,
Voice: Kyah--- Junko is running wild!

Suou: Wah!!
Mashiro: Eh!?
Suou: Ow ow...Sorry.
Suou: Mashiro-chan, are you...
Mashiro: Suou...

Mashiro: Mm...
Mashiro: No...
Mashiro: It hurts...
Mashiro: Suou...

Mashiro: Kyaah!! Blood!!
Urumi: What was that...!?
Urumi: I-I must have misheard! There's no way someone would scream here, that or I'm still half asleep! Or maybe my human fear made me think that the sound of a door opening was a scream...!
Urumi: Fear? It's not like I'm scared! Who said I'm scared, this is only the common opinion, it's not like I'm...
Urumi: Gyaaah!!
Urumi: Eh?
Urumi: Why...? I didn't...

Computer: Starting Application No. 2 Disciplinary Committee App.
Urumi: After a long time...A new student!!

Kon: I'm Kon from the disciplinary committee, nice to meet you.
Box: {
Disciplinary Committee Kon
[Download Requirements]
Violation of School Regulations
-Wandering about in the night without supervision.
-A teacher's negligence in supervision.
-Impure acts.
Urumi: Eh!
Urumi: Huh!?
Urumi: Wait a second!! Don't leave me alo...
Urumi: I-It's not like I'm scared of being alone!!

Urumi: Eh...? What?
Urumi: What are you doing!!

Kon: School Regulations Article 15: Impure acts are forbidden!!
Kon: Punishment!! //lit. Punishment by striking with fists
Suou: It hurts!! Stop!!
Suou: Stop it!! I'm not doing any impure act!!
Suou's sd: That felt a bit good.
Suou: This is only skinship between girls!!
Kon: Skinship between girls?

Mashiro: That's right, this is a girls' school so there's no boys here.
Suou: That's right, playing like this is a proof of our friendship! //all the "play"s from here on can also mean flirt
Kon(thinks): Impure Act (not equal to) Two girls playing = Not a violation of school regulations
Kon: Excuse me, play as much as you like.
Urumi: Wait a second!!
Kon: ? What? The download requirements haven't been fulfilled so I'll go back.
Urumi: Wait!! It's the first download in a while!!
Fukahi: Something happened? I heard a scream...
Ayame's sd: Sense
Renge's sd: A new friend!?

Urumi: Kon-san! Look at this girls!!
Renge: What?
Urumi: Ei!!
Renge: Hey! Teacher what are...
Fukahi: Wah!!
Urumi: Look at this impurity!
Kon: However that's only a couple of girls playing...
Renge: I...I can't see.

Renge: It's all dark---
Fukahi: Hyah! No.
Fukahi: Ah, Don't
Fukahi: Squi...rm...!!
Urumi: Can you call this playing!? This has already surpassed skinship!!
Urumi: Alright! A bit more! Now that it's like this...

Urumi: Suou-kun!! Sexually harass her!
Ayame: Sense!
Urumi: This is the teacher's order!!
Suou: Woshaa!
Suou: Shaa!!
Suou: Ushaa!
Urumi: Even if it's between girls if there's impure feelings then it's an impure act!
Urumi: Are you going to leave this kind of students at large!? Disciplinary committee!!
Urumi: Here!
Urumi: Look at this.

Urumi: This class if full of impure and shameless women!!
Urumi: Starting with me!!
Urumi: There's only impure classes given by an impure female teacher for impure students!! Are you going to overlook this!?
Ayame's sd: Hawawawa
Mokuran's sd: Wawa
Mokuran?: Sensei...
Kon(thinks): What a
Kon(thinks): Disturbed class---!!

Kon: Understood, I have to stay here and reorganize this class!
Urumi: I did it!!
Chigusa: This week's student newspaper will have a double feature, Occult and "Female Teacher ~Her frustrated nature~".
Urumi: Kyaah!! Why am I not wearing panties!?
Mashiro?: Sensei, you pervert!!

Urumi: Eh...?
Urumi: Kyaah!! Give them back!!
Chigusa: That plant won the test of courage.
Ver.8: END

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