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Koisome Momiji 12

The Beach? The Beach! The Beach!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 19, 2012 22:06 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 12
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Star: Great thanks for the great popularity!! Center color of the opening of the beach season!!
Big Characters(right): Summer came!!
Title: Scene 12 The Beach? The Beach! The Beach!?
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Star: A review of the story until now!!
Box: The serial TV drama, "Koisome Momiji",
Box: It's filming began on the town we live...!
Box: The leading actresses are this two...
Box: The newcomer actress, Shinomiya Sana-san, and...
Box: The gravure idol, Nanasato Yui-san!
Box: They act like two girls in love!
Box: They both asked a certain boy to act like their boyfriend to get into the role!
Box: That boy is this Katsuragi Shouta!!
Umine: Now, what will you do Shouta!
Umine: What will happen, Shouta!?
Yoshi: ...Why only Shouta...

Sana: Nana-chan...also asked Katsuragi-kun...!?
Yui: ...Yes.
Kyouko: ...Katsuragi-kun? Why were you hiding this?
Kyouko: An irresponsible person like you can't be Sana's partner...
Shouta: Ee...!?
Shouta: N...No!
Shouta: It's not like I was hiding it,
Shouta: I...

Sana: So that's what it was!
Sana: I see...
Sana: Since "Koisome Momiji" is a love triangle where Kaede and Iroha compete for Hanaoka-san...
Sana: If we also make it a love triangle we'll learn more!
Yui: ...
Sana: Great idea, Nana-chan!
Yui: Well of course...!
Shouta(thinks): ...Eh?

Sana: You too, Katsuragi-kun, if it was like that you should've told me~~!
Shouta: So...Sorry!
Shouta(thinks): She's not bothered at all...?
Sana: ...Kyouko-san!
Sana: I really think... that this relationship with them
Sana: Will help me learn a lot!
Sana: Let us continue like this!
Both: !
Sana: I beg you!!
Kyouko: ...Ok.
Kyouko: Once you've decided on something you won't listen to me after all...
Sana: !
Kyouko: But I have conditions!
Sana: Conditions...!?

Kyouko: After this!
Kyouko: You won't be just the two of you together in a place where people can see you!
All: !?
Kyouko: No...I also forbid you from being just the three of you together!
Kyouko: You should always be with other friends!
Kyouko: If you don't follow this, this relationship is over immediately!
Kyouko: This is the biggest concession I can give you...!!
sd: Ding dong dang dong

Umine: It's summer~~!!
Yoshi: I hate summer...
Umine: It finally came~~! This season!!
Umine: Let's work a lot this year too~~!!
Yoshi: Hm...Our anual custom, the beach house, huh...
Umine: You'll work at my place again right!?
Shouta: !
Shouta(thinks): Work...huh.
Shouta: Yeah...You're right, I'll do it!
Yoshi: Well, it'll get me some money...
Umine: Alright, it's decided!
Kyouko: You should be with other friends...
Shouta(thinks): ...As I thought they're the only ones I can count on~~
Shouta: A...Also, I have a favor to ask you
Shouta: ...You think you can do it!?

Shouta: I...I'm a bit nervous...!
Yoshi: Y...Yeah...
Umine: We're done changing~~!
Both: !!
Both: Oh...
Both: Ooooooh...!?

Yoshi: N...No...As expected, actresses are in a different level...right!
Shouta: ...!!
Sana: Th...Thanks.
Yoshi: When you asked us to cooperate with your anti-scandal measures
Yoshi: I honestly felt indignation and said "Don't screw with me you riajuu!" but... //riajuu = person satisfied with his/her real life
Yoshi: Right now...I'd rather thank you! You did well!!
SFX: tug
Shouta: Haha...
Umine: Hey hey~~!
Umine: I accept that Shinomiya-san and Yui-chan are cute but~~!
Both: !
Umine: You have nothing to tell me after one year of not seeing me in a swimsuit!?
Umine: Look at how much I've grown up! Look, how is it!?
Shouta?: Growth...?
Yoshi?: Nothing changed since last year...

Umine: Dad~~!
Umine: Shouta and Yoshitaka said that they'll work for free this year~~!
Yoshi: Aah!? Sorry, Umine-san!
Shouta: Umine-san is super sexy this year too!!
Yui: Umine-chan is also great...
Yui: The most important thing is the shape...!
Umine: You have no persuasive power!!
Umine: Give me half of those big things!
Yui: I can't...This is the result of my hard work...!
Yoshi: How pitiful...
Sana: ...Everyone gets along well!
Shouta: Yeah...Well! We're all childhood friends!!
Shouta: I wonder if this much people are enough for your manager...!?
Sana: I...I guess so!
Sana: ...With Nana-chan...

Shouta: ...Hm? What? Shinomiya-san.
Sana: N...No! It's nothing!
Shouta(thinks): ...Hmm? She's a little weird...
Shouta: I...Is something wrong?
Sana: Mmm~~~...
Sana: Emm...That!
Sana: I was always practicing or doing plays
Sana: I've almost never...Played like this with friends.
Shouta: It's ok!
Sana: !
Shouta: They're great people so you'll be friends with them soon!

Sana: ...Yes!
Shouta: A...Alright~~! Let's swim!!
All: Yeah~~!
Umine: Huh?
Umine: Rather, why are you wearing trunks??
Both: Eh?
Sign: Beach House UMINE

Shouta: Hey...We started working today!?
Shouta: Aren't there too few clients now!?
Umine: That's why we haven't hired anyone else yet!
Umine: Stop chattering and move those hands!
Yoshi: Rather, Umine...Are you planning to go have fun on your own...!?
Umine: This is work too!
Umine: I'm going to teach Shinomiya-san and Yui-chan how to body board!
Umine: Then I leave those two to you dad~~!

Dad: Buhahahaha!
Dad: Umine is lucky to have hardworking friends like you!
Shouta: N...No...
Yoshi: We're always on her care...
Dad: But...You understand right?
Dad: If you lay your hands on my Umine...!
Yoshi: Hm...You don't need to worry about that!
Shouta: W-We have absolutely no intention of doing that!
Dad: What!?
Dad: Don't fuck with meeee!
Dad: Are you trying to say that she has no charm!
Shouta: Then what should we do!?
All: ...

Sana: Are they alright...
Umine: They'll be fine! It's just the usual!
Umine: Well! I've taught you the basics, now you only have to practice!
Umine: I'll do it first!
Umine: You do~~ it like this~~!
Both: Oh~~...!
Sana: I'll do it next!
Yui: Me too...!
Shouta: That looks fun~~...
Yoshi: Don't think about it, Shouta...!

Yui: I just can't do it right...Master...!
Sana: It's pretty difficult~~!
Umine: Eeh~~...? Maybe I've grown dull at teaching...
Yui: It's just that...When I try to take this posture...
Sana: !
Yui: This part just starts hurting...
Umine: !?
Sana: I...It's the same for me, it's a bit...
Umine: ...!!

Umine: Are you two picking a fight!?
Shouta: To think I could see this spectacle...
Shouta: I'm glad to be alive...!
Yoshi: This is vexing for me...! That I can only watch this...
Dad: Don't look away it's burning!!
Shouta: ...
Shouta(thinks): I'm glad...It seems that
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan has cheered up a bit...
Shouta(thinks): Alright~~! I'll do my best too!!
Guy: Excuse me~~! Three yakisoba~~!
Shouta: Yes, right away~~!!
Yoshi: !
Dad: Hey~~! Someone bring a beer case from the back of the store!
Shouta: Ah...Yes! I'll go!
Yoshi: ...

Yoshi: Hmm...? It seems you're rather enthusiastic this year.
Shouta: Hm?
Shouta: Well...!
Shouta: Recently...I've bought clothers, gone on dates, I've been running out of money...
Shouta: I think that this things will keep on happenning!
Shouta: So I have to store some war funds...!
Yoshi: It's not like you're dating or anything...
Shouta: Yo-You're right but...!
Umine: Clerks~~, can I order something?
Both: !
Shouta: Umine! Nanasato-san!!
Umine: Great work~~

Shouta: Hmm...Where's Shinomiya-san??
Yui: Sana-chan said she'll swim a bit more...
Sana: ...Why did Katsuragi-kun...
Sana: Hide it...
Big characters: ---A maiden's heart sways on the waves...
Koisome Momiji
Scene 12/End

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