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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 3

3rd Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 23, 2012 15:15 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

-> RTS Page for Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 3

Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 3
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

3rd Clause //paragraph item

Shin: Some other presence,
Shin: You mean that there's someone other than a demon here?
Kyuuki: Yes.
Kyuuki: It gives out this familiar feeling.
Shin: You know it?
Kyuuki: No, it's something that happened long ago so I can't really tell but this is...
Kyuuki: ...Hm
Kyuuki: Wait.
Shin: Did you find it?
Kyuuki: Yes, it's that.

Shin: H-Hey,
Shin: That's also a demon?
Kyuuki: Well, in outline, it is a demon.
Shin: Hey, that guy
Shin: Looks more like a demon than you...
Kyuuki: Don't put me together with that small fry!!
Kyuuki: That's like a "Puppet". //wooden figure, deku doll
Shin: "Puppet"?
Kyuuki: A transient life created by strong demons like myself.
Kyuuki: They have a lot of brute strength but they aren't really intelligent.
Kyuuki: Well, they're pawns that do whatever we want.

Kyuuki: Think of that idiot demon called Touki we fought the other day,
Kyuuki: He was of a higher rank than this.
Shin(thinks): For real...
Shin: So, what should we do with that big thing.
Kyuuki: Hm?
Kyuuki: It's a bit pitiful but we have to beat him.
Kyuuki: I don't know who it was but he left it here without any control.
Kyuuki: Since it's less intelligent than us we never know when will he run rampant.
Kyuuki: Shin, you wait here, don't come out no matter what happens,
Kyuuki: Ok?
Shin: Hey,
Shin: Wait, is it really alright!?
Kyuuki: Leave it to me.

Kyuuki: I'll finish this in a second!!
Demon: Gafu //some grunt
Kyuuki: It's too late to notice me!!
Nun: Found you.

Demon: Gwoooooh
Kyuuki: What!?
Shin(thinks): That attack just now...It came from above...

Shin(thinks): It was her!!
Demon: Guh
Demon: Gaaaaah

Attack: Lit
Attack: Give him an invitation to heaven
Attack: Flames of purification
Attack: Ignis!

Nun: May God save...
Nun: This corrupt soul.
Nun: Amen

Shin(thinks): She beat that big thing with a single attack!?
Nun?: Hmm,
Shin(thinks): Just who is...
Shin(thinks): That sister-like person!?
Nun: I'm surpised.

Nun: To think that I'd meet a high category demon when I came for a small fry.
Nun: Are you the perpetrator of the recent incidents?
Kyuuki: Incidents?
Kyuuki: What nonsense are you saying, church's dog.
Kyuuki: I would never use a small fry like this one.
Nun: You oppose me, that's regretable.
Nun: I'll take this opportunity to send you
Nun: where God is.
Kyuuki: What?

p13 //no dialog

Kyuuki: Woh!
Kyuuki: Hmm,
Kyuuki: Attacking before giving time to argue, you really are one of the church's dogs!!
Kyuuki: That part of you dogs is the same as in the past!!
Kyuuki: However, if you're going to do that---

Kyuuki: I just have to fire back!!
Both: !?

Shin(thinks): Kurosaki?
Kyuuki: You were...

Shin(thinks): Why is Kurosaki here...!? No, let's leave that for later.
Shin(thinks): Now that I know that the opponent is Kurosaki I have to take some good measures...
Kyuuki: !!
Kyuuki: Kuah!

Kyuuki: Guah
Kyuuki: ...What is this cloth!?
Kyuuki: I can't move...?
Shin(thinks): She captured Kyuuki!!
Shin(thinks): This is bad.
Kurosaki: Once you get captured by this holy shroud you can't escape.
Kurosaki: Disappear.
Shin(thinks): At this rate she'll get killed!!

Shin: Stop, Kurosaki.
Kurosaki: Kamishiro...-kun.
Shin: I beg you Kurosaki,
Shin: Don't kill her.

Kurosaki: Are you serious?
Kurosaki: Hunting demons is
Kurosaki: The church's, no, "God"'s will!
Kurosaki: Give up.
Shin: But she hasn't done anything bad,
Shin: Rather, she saved my life.
Shin: I can understand exterminating them after they do bad things,
Shin: But is hunting them before they do anything your "God"'s will?
Shin: That's strange!
Shin: If you're going to hunt her because of that reasoning,
Shin: Those teachings... No, that "God",
Shin: Isn't he the real demon?

Kurosaki: ...
Shin: Kurosaki...
Kurosaki: Don't misunderstand me,
Kurosaki: I didn't do this because of you.
Kurosaki: I just concluded that I can deal with this small fry anytime.
Kyuuki: Wha...!!

Kurosaki: And remember,
Kurosaki: No matter where they go, in the end demons are demons.
Kurosaki: She'll kill you when she's done with you.
Kurosaki: Demons, including her, are that kind of beings.
Kyuuki: That's the last straw!!
Kurosaki: You should chain her.
Kyuuki: Ah, hey!!
Kyuuki: Are you going to leave me like this!!
Kurosaki: It should loosen after an hour.
Kyuuki: I'm telling you to untie me now!!
Kyuuki: Wait, you brat!! //lit. young girl

Shin(thinks): In the end, Kyuuki didn't come.
Shin(thinks): Well, there's the fact that she lowered her guard because her opponent was Kurosaki.
Kyuuki: Who would go to where that woman is!!
Kyuuki: Next time I see her I'll teach her a lesson.
Shin: Hidebu!
Shin(thinks): I'd like her to stop taking out her anger on me...
Shin's sd: Is she a kid or what?
Kurosaki: Good morning, Kamishiro-kun.
Shin: Hm?
Shin: Eegh!!

Shin: Kurosaki...!!
Kurosaki: ...---
Kurosaki: I'll only overlook this once.
Kurosaki: I won't go easy on her if she appears in front of me again.
Kurosaki: I'll be observing that you don't do weird things for a while.
Kurosaki: Well then...
Shin: Eh!?
Shin: Wa-Wait a se...
Shin(thinks): The demon on the surface and the demon on the undersurface. //first demon is written Kurosaki, second demon is written Kyuuki
//if you have a couple of words better than surface/undersurface use them
Shin: Aha...Ahaha...
Shin(thinks): My troubles just increased...
3rd Clause/END

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