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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Dog Days

The Day Before

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 27, 2012 17:32 | Go to Dog Days

-> RTS Page for Dog Days 0

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Dog Days Episode 0 - Side COMICS
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//I went with the names as how they're shown in the dog days article in wiki

Box: Flonyard, a land filled with the radiance of blessings.
Box: Our country, the Biscotti Republic, is a great place.
Title: Episode 0 - Side COMICS "The Day Before"
Box: It's not a big country but its people are cheerful and warm.
Box: Starting with the Firianno castle that is reflected on the lake, it has a lot of famous historic and sightseeing spots!

Box: The agricultural produce and the blessings from the lake are abundant so the food is also---
Box: Representative Lord of Biscotti Republic Millhiore F. Biscotti //the furigana for the F is Firianno
Millhi: Ma-Maybe this won't work...?
Millhi: It's as if I'm just bragging about my country!
Millhi: Writing a letter to someone you haven't met is really difficult...

SFX: Knock knock!
Millhi: Yes!
Rizel: Excuse us, princess.
Box: Leader of Firianno Castle's Princess Maid Squad Rizel Conchiglie
Millhi: Good morning, Rizel, Everyone.
Rizel: Good morning.
Rizel: Let's do our best today too.
Rizel: Well then maids, help the princess change clothes and brush her hair!
Maids: Yes!
Maid: Excuse me, princess.
Millhi: Yes, please do.

Maid: Miss Amelita is waiting in the lobby.
Maid: You're really busy today again.
Millhi: I'll do my best!

SFX: Bam!
SFX: clang!
SFX: Bam!
SFX: Bam!
SFX: slam
SFX: Bing
SFX: Bam!
Man: I-I surrender!

Éclair: Yeah.
Box: Biscotti Knights Imperial Guard Captain Éclair Martinozzi
Man: I'm sorry captain.
Éclair: Why are you apologizing, Emilio?
Éclair: Your judgement just now was great.
Éclair: Well, the example battle is over.
Éclair: Imperial Guard, begin the team practice!
All: Yes!

Knight: Captain Éclair behaves firmly but...
Knight: Yeah, it's like her heart isn't here.
Knight: It can't be helped... We, Biscotti, have been losing every war we've fought recently.
Knight: Even if she wants to train harder there's no one on her level here...

Knight: The captain's individual results in the battlefield aren't bad at all.
Knight: That's right! Because we, the young knights, are worthless we've lost all of the recent wars---
sd: Uwooooooooh
Knight: How pitiable! Aah, how pitiable!
Knight: Now the only senkichou on the frontline we have is the captain. //Apparently senkichou is some sort of measure of strength/rank, it lit. means "Commander/Leader of 1000 Knights"
Knight: No matter how strong she is, by herself she's not enough...
Knight: You're right.
Knight: If only there was someone else
Knight: Who could fight on par with the captain---
Éclair: You there, if you have time to stand there chatting do you want to fight me?
Knight: N-No!!
Knight: We'll do our best!!

Éclair(thinks): Good grief.
Éclair(thinks): The knights are trying hard enough, Emilio and many others will become strong soon.
Éclair(thinks): If until then only one senkichou isn't enough then--- I'll do work worth 2 people.
Éclair(thinks): I'll show you that I can protect this country's pride
Éclair(thinks): and the princess' smile by myself.

Box: Biscotti Royal Academic Research Institute
Maid: Excuse me, is Chief Elmar here?
Girl: Ah, yes, the chief is---
Rico: Here he--re!
Rico: Ricotta Elmar is here! //de arimasu!! XDD
Box: Chief of the Biscotti Royal Academic Research Insitute Ricotta Elmar

Maid: Ah, Chief, sorry for interrupting you.
Rico: Don't be.
Maid: The communication device in the reception hall isn't working properly and we had some engineers look at it but
Maid: They couldn't find the reason and it seems they are giving up on it...
Rico: Ah, that's a problem.
Rico: I'll look at it and repair it!
Maid: Thank you.
Rico: At any rate, when the country is busy with war the service team in the castle also gets busy.
Maid: You're right.

Rico: I'm also having troubles trying to contact my friends in other countries,
Rico: and because of the continuous defeats Eclai is also tense. //not a typo, Eclai is her nickname (though it's not a big change...)
Maid: The princess is also busier than usual.
Rico: That's right.
Rico: Yukki also hasn't come back from her trip
Rico: So I've been feeling lonely.
Maid: Th-That is, That is...
Maid: If you're ok with us we can talk with you or listen to your worries anytime!
Rico: Uh, thank you. //I'm resisting this urge of adding all the "de arimasu" she says

Rico(thinks): Well, Even so.
Rico(thinks): As long as I have things to investigate, work, and my morning and afternoon's sweets
Rico(thinks): I'm happy but,
Rico(thinks): Not having someone to play with is somehow lonely.
Rico: Ok, it's repaired!
Man: Thank you.
Maid: As expected from the chief!!

Amelita: In the morning she has the meeting to decide the military budget and the meeting with the elders, at noon she has to inspect the commerce association's weapon factories and to dine with them,
Amelita: In the afternoon she has to check some documents and to hold a conference with the lord of the Principality of Pastillage.
Amelita: After that she has to record the regular program that will be broadcasted nationwide,
Amelita: Her singing rehearsals will be hold in the intervals between that.
Amelita: That's tomorrow's schedule for the princess.
Box: Biscotti Republic's Millhiore's Personal Secretary Amelita Tremper
Rolan: She's awfully busy tomorrow again, is the princess resting properly?
Box: Leader of the Knights of Biscotti Rolan Martinozzi
Amelita: I'm trying to make her rest whenever possible
Amelita: but the princess herself is going on ahead and trying her best in various other things so I'm really worried...
Rolan: Nowadays she has a lot of things to worry about.

Rolan: It must really be because the knights are worthless,
Rolan: If we only did better---
Amelita: Neither the knights you lead nor the rest of Biscotti's soldiers are worthless.
Amelita: It's just that...There's too much wars.
Voice: We need to win once soon---
Voice: So that we can give some peaceful time to the princess and everyone.

Amelita: Lord d'Arquien and Chief Panettone are still---?
Rolan: They both said that they'd come back after they complete the first stage of their duty on their journey but---
Rolan: As you well know Lord Brioche d'Arquien is a calm person.
Rolan: Even if she'll be back after finishing her duty she'll probably do it slowly.
Box: West of Flonyard Feuilletage Road
sd: Fuooh... //yawn

Yukki: My lady, are you perhaps sleepy? //Oyakata-sama if you want to use it
Box: Chief of the Onmitsu Squad of the Knights of Biscotti Yukikaze Panettone
Brioche: Yes, it's because the weather and the protection wind feel nice.
Box: Leader of the Onmitsu Squad of the Knights of Biscotti Brioche d'Arquien
Yukki: Isn't it that the local sake of the post town we just visited had effect?
Brioche: Yeah, it might be that.

Brioche: I must be getting old, I became weaker to sake. //must resist adding degozaru
Yukki: You must be joking.
Brioche: Well well.
Yukki: Do you want to rest a bit to take a nap?
Yukki: The shade of those trees looks perfect for taking a nap.
Brioche: Yes, I shall do that.

Yukki: My lady must have a feeling of relief after finishing a great duty.

Yukki: This last few days the amount of sake and naps has kept increasing.
Brioche's sd: You should drink too~~
Yukki's sd: I'm no good with sake~~~
Yukki: Well, I'm actually worried about Eclai, Rico, and the princess
Yukki: So I want to go back to Biscotti as soon as possible.
Yukki: Biscotti is right now a young country, I think the elders must support it now.
Yukki: Although, from my lady's perspective I'm just a "small child"
Yukki: So it's rather difficult, Homura.
Homura: Woof.

Box: Galette Lion Army Territory Vannette Castle
Man: Wahahaa! We got a great victory in the last war!
Man: We're strong---!!
Men: Woooh---!
Godwin: The soldiers are in a great mood.
Gaul: Well, It's great that they're fired up.

Gaul: However, no matter how much we like war this series of battles are a bit...
Box: Galette Lion Army Territory's First Prince Gaul Galette des Rois
Godwin?: Though, for us soldiers, having chances to do a great performances is a privilege.
Box: Galette Lion Army Territory General Godwin Dorure
Gaul: I think we should have some events that the women and kids could enjoy too.
Maid: General Bernard and the girls in Génoise are being consulted for the nationwide broadcast and they're planning a few things.
Gaul: Well, that's right but you know.

Man: Oh! Look, it's his highness and the general!
Man: Alright! Let's shout guys!! One, two!!
Man: Highness!!
Gaul: Yeah---!!
Men: General!
Men: General!!
Men: Genera--l!
Godwin: You guys are too loud!
Gaul: Yo guys---!
sd: Oh-----!

Gaul: Let's show off how amazing and strong the Lion Army Soldiers are
Gaul: As much as we want again in the next battle!!
sd: Yeaaaaah

Box: Vannette Castle Génoise's Room
Vert: Even so another war? I'm having troubles choosing my underwear for it.
Jaune: Eeh? You're going to wear the soldier uniform above it so it doesn't matter right.
Vert: It matters Jau! What you use to cover your bare body determines your resolve as a warrior!
Box: Gaul's Imperial Guard Unit "Génoise" Vert Far Breton
Jaune: No no, a soldier is determined by its trained body and its weapon.
Jaune: Look at my how my battleaxe shines!
Box: Gaul's Imperial Guard Unit "Génoise" Jaune Clafoutis
Jaune: Ver, you should get some muscle too. //again, it's her nick... even if it's just a "t" less...
Vert: I'm an archer so I don't need so much physical strength!

Vert: Oh? Come to think of it, where's Noi? //f*** this nicknames that just take out the last letter, Eclai, Gau, Ver, Noi, dafuq!?
Jaune: Eh, she's not here.
Both: She was here-----!!
Box: Gaul's Imperial Guard Unit "Génoise" Noir Vinocacao
Vert: Noi, how long are you going to stay in that cramped place!?
Jaune: This is bad! She hasn't been able to play with her friends in Biscotti because of all this wars so she's in a bad mood!
Vert: She wasn't very talkative to begin with but now it seems she speaks even less!
Jaune: Ah, Noi, don't pout.
Vert: The next battelfield will surely be full of fun things.
Vert: And we'll be together with Gau-sama as always!
Jaun: Hey, come out.

Noir: ...I'm ok,
Noir: It's not like I hate war itself.
Vert: Then it's fine.
Jaune: After all Noi is our center, you have to stand firmly.
All: We three are Génoise!
All: Let's get fired up and go!
Noir: Yeah.
Noir: I really can't get fired up.
Vert: Eh!?
Jaune: Noi!! Hang on-----!

Bernard: The preparations for our campaign in the southern Kamiberu Kingdom are done.
Box: Galette Lion Army Territory General/Leader of the Knights Bernard Sabrage
Leo: Good grief, those guys in Kamiberu, they declare us war when we're busy invading Biscotti.
Box: Representative Lord of Galette Lion Army Territory Leonmichelli Galette des Rois

Violle: My, don't say that, the soldiers are in great form from the consecutive wins.
Violle: This will also be a great war.
Violle: Leo-sama can just take it easy and enjoy Kamiberu's special vegetable cuisine while you're in campaign.
Box: Galette Lion Army Territory Imperial Guard Personal Attendant Violle Amaret
Leo: Hmph, I hate vegetables.
Leo: Anyhow, being unmatched in war is Galette's pride.

Leo: The counter attack against Kamiberu and the invasion of Biscotti,
Leo: We'll do both easily!

Violle: Eeh, Leo-sama? You might think that you coolly washed away what Violle said but
Violle: Unfortunately for you that kind of deception won't work on me,
Violle: You'll have to overcome your hate for vegetables.
Violle: So Rouge, please center Leo-sama's meals during this campaign on steamed vegetables and fruit.
Rouge: Yes, Violle-neesama(music note)
Leo: What!?
Voice: Ok princess, we'll begin the stage rehearsal!
Box: This world, Flonyard,

Box: And our country, Biscotti, is a wonderful place.

Box: Earth/Japan Kinokawa City
Becky: Hey Cinque.
Cinque: What is it, Becky?
Becky: Do you have plans for tomorrow?
Box: Kinokawa International School Middle School Section First Year Rebecca Anderson

Cinque: Hmm, I think I'll run somewhere.
Box: Kinokawa International School Middle School Section First Year Cinque Izumi
Becky: Until where?
Cinque: I haven't decided, I was thinking of running as far as I can.
Cinque: Becky, do you want to come with me?
Becky: I can go with you but
Becky: If I don't go you'll be able to go as far as you want right?
Cinque: Eh?

Cinque: It's not like that.
Becky: I wonder.
Cinque: I'm telling you the truth!

Cinque: Going with Becky would be more fun.
Becky: ...Then, I'll go with you in the morning
Becky: but let's go to the movies in the afternoon, there's a movie I want to see.
Cinque: Ok(music note)
Box: That why I'd like you to come and have fun here.

Box: We'll have a stage ready for you to do a great performance.

Box: All of our people are waiting for you.

Box: To: Our hero
Box: From: The Representative Lord of Biscotti Republic, Millhiore F. Biscotti
Millhi: Eh? Come to think of it, the hero can't read Flonya characters right?
Millhi's sd: I can't read their characters either!
Rico's sd: I could finally come to play~~<3

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