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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Koisome Momiji 13


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 27, 2012 18:55 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 13
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Text Next to Title: Great Response! Kamakura Love Story.
Both: ...
Text(left): Summer season!!
Title: Scene 13 Fireworks
Shouta: They look like they're having fun~~...
Yoshi: This is weird...
Yoshi: Why aren't we there...!?

Sana: Great work! Katsuragi-kun!
Shouta: !
Shouta: Shinomiya-san!
Umine: We're putting some sunscreen on again.
Sana: But we were going to go out of the sea either way
Sana: Even with sunscreen...I'm worried.
Shouta: Worried...?
Sana: Well...The drama we're shooting is set in autumm.
Yui: If we get tanned they'll get mad at us...!
Shouta: Ah...I see!

Umine: You want to put sunscreen...On us?
Shouta: Huh...!?
Sana: Wh...What are you saying Umine-san!?
Sana: Having a boy do that...!!
Umine: Just kidding!
Shouta(thinks): Putting sunscreen...
Shouta(thinks): On them...!?
Sana: Katsuragi-kun...Your face is red again...!
Shouta: So...Sorry! I'm not thinking of anything!
Shouta: I'm not thinking!!
Yui: Shou-chan...You want to try putting it on me...?
Shouta: Eeh!?
Sana: Nana-chan!!

Sana: G...Geez...
Sana: !
Firework Display
7.14 (Sa)
Sana: ...Firework Display!?
Sana?: Eeh~~...A firework display!
Umine: I see...It was tonight!
Umine: The fireworks here
Umine: Are launched on the open sea from boats!
Umine: They reflect in the sea and they are really beautiful!
Sana: From the open sea!? Wow...!
Shouta: !
Yui: I saw them when I was a kid...They were really pretty...!
Sana: How nice~~!
Shouta: ...

Shouta(thinks): Fireworks with Sana-chan...!
Sana: They're beautiful...Katsuragi-kun.
Shouta: You're a lot more beautiful than them!
Sana: Geez! Katsuragi-kun...<3
Shouta: Th...Then, our work ends at 5 so we can all go after that!
Sana?: Really!? I want to go!
Yui?: Fireworks! Fireworks!!
Yoshi: However if we want to see the fireworks we'll need a good spot!
Yoshi: If we aren't in a high place we might not be able to see the reflection on the sea...
Sana: I see...
Umine: Ah...!
Umine: If so then isn't our terrace a little-known great spot!?
Dad: Hm? Yeah!
Sana?: Is there a place like that!?
Girl: Can't you let us use it!
Dad: ...I can lend it to you!
Dad: But!
Dad: Only if you can beat me in a match...!
Voice: Match!?

Dad: Beach flag, three matches!
Dad: Each competitor lies face down...
Dad: And when the start signal is given they stand up and dash!
Dad: The first one to take the flag that's 20m ahead wins!!
Dad: If you can win against me even once out of three times
Dad: I can reserve the terrace for you tonight!!
Shouta: Understood... Let's have a nice match!!
Yoshi: Why even I...
Umine: You could just lend it to us~~!
Dad: That wouldn't be fun for me!

Sana: Will they be ok...The manager has a great physique...
Dad: Alright, I'll give this greenhorns a handicap!
Dad: You can do leg trips or tackles, anything goes!
Yoshi: He's completely underestimating us...!
Shouta: Let's show him that we've grown up...!
Umine: Geez...
Umine: Then, ready~~...
Umine: Set...
Umine: Go!
Box: First
Box: Second

Dad: What's up, what's up!?
Dad: The next is your last chance~~!
Yoshi: Damn Bald Macho...!
Shouta: Damn it... At this rate, seeing the fireworks...!
Yoshi: ...
Yoshi: Hey Shouta...I have a plan.
Shouta: !
Yoshi: You concentrate on getting the flag!
Umine: Then the last one! Win ok!?
Umine: Ready~~...
Umine: Go!
Dad: Buhahahaha!
Dad: I won't lose to some brats!!
Umine: Hyah!?
Dad: !?

Umine: Ahahahaha!
Umine: Sto...Hey...Stop Yoshita...
Umine: Ahahaha!!
Dad: !?
Dad: What are you doing to Umine!?
Umine's sd: Haa haa
Yoshi: Hmph...Anything goes right!?
Yoshi: Go! Shouta!!
Dad: Damn...!
Dad: I won't let you!!
Voice: !?
Sana: Go...

Sana: Go for it! Katsuragi-kun!!
Shouta: ...!!!
Shouta(thinks): I'll show Sana-chan...
Shouta(thinks): beautiful
Shouta(thinks): Fireworks...!!
Dad: Gunu...!
All: ...!?

Shouta: I...
Shouta: I won!!
Shouta: I...Could win...!
Yoshi: You did well Shouta!!
Yoshi: Well, it was all because of me!!
Umine: You did it Shouta!
Sana: ...!
Yui: Shou-chan, you're cool...!
Shouta: Shinomiya-san!
Sana: You did it! Katsuragi-ku...
Sana: n...?

p12 //XDDD
Shouta: Hm?
Dad: Ah...Sorry.
//I love their faces here
All: ~~~!?
Umine: Hey...Shinomiya-san!? Hang on!!
Shouta(thinks): This is the worst...

All: Cheers~~!
Shouta: I can't be a groom anymore...
Umine: Hey Shouta! How long are you going to be like that!
Yui: When will the fireworks launch...!
Voice: ...
Sana: Emm...Everyone!

Sana: Thanks!
Sana: For helping me get into the role...!
Sana: I don't know...If this will be enough to thank you but
Sana: I'll treat you tonight!
Umine: It's ok!
Umine: We're just having fun!
Umine: We'll help you with anything.
Sana: ...!
Yoshi: Yeah.
Shouta(thinks): Yoshitaka...
Shouta(thinks): Umine...!

Sana: E...Emm, then
Sana: Can we do... Something right now?
All: Hm?
Dad: Call me again if you want to take some more!
Sana: Th...Thank you!
Umine: Oh oh, You're flanked by beautiful women Shouta-san.
Yui: It's because the setting is a love triangle between Shou-chan, Sana-chan, and I...!
Yoshi: I'm so jealous...!
Shouta: Not really...I-It's the setting! It's to for them to get into their roles!
Shouta(thinks): A photo...huh.

Shouta(thinks): When Sana-chan asked me to take her photo
Shouta(thinks): Was the beginning of this...
Shouta(thinks): If only I could be like this...
Shouta(thinks): with Sana-chan and everyone
Shouta(thinks): Next year and the year after that...
Umine: So you have a digital camera? You like cameras?
Sana: Emm... I wanted to give form to my memories
Sana: So I bought it when I moved.
Sana: ...
Sana: Since I might not...
Sana: Be here next year.

Shouta(thinks): Eh...!?
Umine: I see...
Umine: The drama's filming will end in spring.
Sana: Yeah...
Umine: Maybe Yui-chan too...!?
Shouta(thinks): ...
Yui: I... plan on staying here until graduation.
Umine: I...I see!
Shouta(thinks): ...That's right.
Umine: Ah...The fireworks launched!
Sana: Wah...!

Sana: They're beautiful...Katsuragi-kun!
Shouta(thinks): This might be the first and last summer
Shouta(thinks): I spend with Sana-chan...!!
Star: After realizing the painful truth Shouta will...!?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 13/End

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