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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 4


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 4, 2012 13:18 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

-> RTS Page for Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 4

Reserved for Mangatopia/Akashi. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be the Last One- 4
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Big characters(left): Just who is this man who appeared in front of the dying Zig and recieved Seven Knights' Norma's attack...!?
Norma: Y...
Norma: You are...
Norma: It can't be...
Man: Good grief...Just when I was coming back from defeating the Ivinos' boss
Man: Something interesting is happening...
Man: Let me in too...
Makis: Th...
Makis: That person is...
Makis: That person is rank 8...
Makis: He earned himself some bad reputation in Ghandoar and even the Seven Knights acknowledge his power...

Makis: Tylong family's leader
Big characters: A non-standard ranker appears!!
Makis: Tylong!!
Title: Chapter 4 Tylong
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki
Manga: Ueda Satoshi

Zig(thinks): Rank 8, Tylong...
Zig: Another one digit ranker.
Norma: Kuh
Norma: This is unexpected, to think that Tylong would come here...
Tylong: Hey Nii-chan, you've got some strength there,
Tylong: To think you competed with one of the Seven Knights...
Tylong: But it isn't just enough yet...
Zig: ...
Tylong(thinks): Hmph,
Tylong(thinks): This guy is all worn out but he hasn't lost the radiance of his eyes...

Tylong: Well...
Tylong: I haven't catched on the whole situation yet but
Tylong: I can somehow tell who's the coward one here!!
Tylong: Right, Norma-san!!
Norma(thinks): Kuh!
Tylong: Do you want me to help?
Zig: ...Eh?
Tylong: You want to save that onee-chan right...
Tylong: I'm telling you I'll help you do that!!
Tylong: In exchange...
Tylong: Become my underling!!
Zig: !!...
Zig: U...Underling.

Makis: Zig, you should do what Tylong-san says!!
Makis: If you continue this your body will break!!
Makis: Let's become his underlings!!
Ren(thinks): Zig-san!!
Norma(thinks): This isn't good... If Tylong intervenes here even I won't be able to drive him away easily...
Norma: Would you be so kind of not interfering, Tylong...
Norma: This has nothing to do with you
Norma: ...As one of the Seven Knights I order you
Norma: Leave this place!!
Norma: If you leave quietly...
Norma: I might as well recommend you to become one of the Seven Knights...
Tylong: Hmm,
Tylong: You say that you'll recommend me to the Seven Knights!?
Tylong: That's just what I want!!
SFX: Smile

Tylong: But I refuse!!
Norma: !!
Tylong: Who do you think I am.
Tylong: I'm not really interested in one of the Seven Knights seats...
Norma: Curse you, Tylong.
Tylong: And
Norma: !!

Tylong: I can drag you out of the Seven Knights here!!
Tylong: Hmph!!
Norma: Cough!
Zig: Ren!!

Tylong: Angle of elevation 72...Alright.
Norma: Good grief...
Norma: At this rate...It'll be bad.
Tylong: Uyaa Oryaaa
Zig(thinks): That technique is!?
Tylong: Ichibanboshi!!! //first star

Makis: He did it!!
Makis: Tylong-san beated Seven Knights' Norma.
Tylong: No...
Tylong: I failed.
Makis?: No...Norma!!
Makis?: It can't be, she recieved that great blow!!
Tylong: That woman...Just when I was about to hit her she made some sort of barrier around her...
Tylong: I should say as expected from one of the Seven Knights...She uses some weird techniques!!
Norma: Kuh...
Norma(thinks): Cu...
Norma(thinks): Curse you, Tylong.

Norma(thinks): If he didn't appear I would have definitely obtained that girl's body...
Norma(thinks): His strength is on par to the Seven Knights...
Norma: I'll have to retreat...
SFX: grind
Norma: Remember this!!
Tylong: ...
Tylong: She got...
Tylong: ...
Tylong: Away?
Tylong: Good for you onee-chan,
Tylong: Are you hurt?
Ren: Not really...
Ren: It's not like I wanted you to save me...
Tylong: Eh?

Ren: I've heard rumors about you!!
Ren: You and your underlings abuse your power and do whatever you want!!
Ren: You're just a group of hated people!!
Tylong: Group of hated people, huh...
Tylong: Well...You're not wrong...
Ren: ...How humiliating.
Ren: When I think I was saved by someone like you...
Tylong: Would you normally say that much after you've been saved... ----Jeez, what a bothersome woman...
Ren: That again!!
Tylong: Hahahaha, they tell you that a lot!?
Zig(thinks): I'm glad...Ren's fine...

Makis: Zig!!
Ren: Zig-san.
Tylong: Well, it's about time to go.
Tylong: You, take him with me!!
Makis: Y...Yes.
Ren: Wait!!
Ren: Where are you trying to take Zig-san!?
Tylong: Starting now, he's my underling...
Tylong: That was the promise...
Tylong: If you want you can join us too.
Ren: Wh...
Ren: Who'd join you!!
Tylong: Hmph.
Makis: Zig...Listen
Makis: Tylong is rank 8...There's probably a lot of things you can learn from him...

Ren(thinks): Zig-san.
Norma: You don't have the strength to save people!
Norma: After all you're only that much!!
Zig: No!! My strength isn't just this!!
Zig: I'll become stronger!! I'll become stronger and...
Harth: What will you aim for after becoming strong!?
Harth: What's the reason why you want strength so much that you abandoned your hometown?
Harth: Do you want authority!?
Zig(thinks): No!!
Zig(thinks): No!!
Harth: Or do you want reputation!?

Zig: I!!!
Zig: !!
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: A...dream, huh...
Zig: !?
Zig: ...
Zig: This is...
Man: Oh.
Man: It seems you're finally awake, newbie!!

Zig: Who are you?
Man: I'm Tylong family's number 2,
Man: Rid-sama!! //rido
Rid: The boss told me to take care of you!!
Zig(thinks): Tylong.
Tylong: Become my underling.
Zig(thinks): I see, that time he said...
Rid: Here!! Put that on and come out now!
Rid: You'll have to take a test now!!
Zig: Test?
Rid: It's the boss' order, you'll have to take a test to see if you can join us or not.
Rid: Oh! Don't take that off.
Rid: That's Tylong family's symbol, you're going to fight with that on from now on!!
Zig(thinks): Tylong family...huh.

Zig(thinks): Is this really alright...
Makis: Zig!!
Zig: Makis...!!
Makis: I'm glad!! You're fine now!!
Zig: Yeah, somehow...Moreover...
Zig: Just where are we?
Makis: This is...
Makis: Tylong settlement...
Zig: Tylong settlement?

Makis: This is Ghandoar's lowest class district---
Box: Ghandoar's Low District
Makis: Poor and old people---
Makis: And people who can't adapt to the association system...It was a place where outcasts gathered---
Makis: But, Tylong is from this district...
Box: Tylong Settlement
Makis: After he rised so suddenly in the ranks
Makis: The association finally recognised this territory's independence!!
Makis: And they called it "Tylong settlement"
Makis: Tylong is like the ruler here!!
Makis: That's why even the organization can't meddle with this place easily.

Makis: Well, it's also the first time I come here...
Makis: From what I've seen, everyone leaves peacefully here!!
Rid: Hey you two, how long are you going to talk there!!
Rid: Come here quick!!
Rid: Listen!! This is Tylong's settlement's exclusive training board!!
Rid: Well, in other words it's a special training board with convenient jobs for ruffians like us!
Rid: So!! We'll have you do a certain training first!!
Rid: That's your first test---
Rid: Doing or not doing it is your own decision but if you run away you won't be able to stay in Ghandoar anymore...
Zig: ...
Box: Ghandoar Toucan Neighborhood

Pod: Zig!!
Zig: Pod.
Pod: I was worried!! You didn't come back to the room for a few days.
Pod: There even was a rumor...
Pod: That you had join Tylong family...
Pod: Zig...
Pod: That is.
Zig: You're Prop from the palace guard right. //Puropo
Prop: ...
Prop: Yeah.
Zig: Give me
Zig: Your sword!!

Prop: What!?
Prop?: What do you plan to do!?
Zig: ...
Zig: I'm telling you I'm taking that sword...
Zig: Give it to me quietly...
Zig: Or else I'll take it by force...
Pod: Zi...
Pod: Zig...
Makis: ...
Prop: Don't screw with me!!
Prop: Take it if you can!!

Prop: Guh...
Prop: My hand...
Zig: I certainly got it...
Pod: Zig!!
Pod: What is this about.
Pod: It can't be...You...
Pod: Really joined Tylong...
Zig: ...
Zig: It has nothing to do with you!!

Guy: Zig, you bastard, Pod is a kind and really good guy!!
Pod: It's ok.
Guy: And what!! What's that attitude!?
Guy: I won't forgive anyone who looks down on Pod!!
Pod: I said it's ok.
Guy: Pod also took care of you right!!
Pod: Calm down!!
Pod: Zig.
Pod: I don't know what happened to you but...
Pod: If...
Pod: Things get rough you can come back anytime!!
Pod: I'll leave your bed free!!
Zig: ...
Makis: Is this alright?
Makis: You didn't say anything.
Zig: Yeah.

Zig(thinks): Thanks...Pod...
Makis(thinks): He's really...
Makis(thinks): Clumsy...
Box: One hour ago
Paper: Steal the sword of a palace guard named "Prop" that's in Toucan. Take it to Rid in Tylong's settlement.
Makis: ---This is no different of robbery...!!
Makis: Is it ok Zig!? To accept this kind of training.
Makis: I thought that being with Tylong would let you learn some things but...This is a bit too much...
Zig: I have a debt to that man Tylong...
Zig: I don't know what kind of man he is but...No matter what he wants me to do I only have to obey!!

Makis: ...
Makis(thinks): Zig.
Makis: Fu
Makis: You're right, we're one in body and soul.
Makis: If you decided that then I'll follow you to the end!!
Zig: ...Makis.
Rid: Alright!!
Rid: Just like you were told you brought that guard's sword.
Rid: I see...
Rid: This is a good sword.
Zig: ...
Rid: Alright!! For now you've passed your first test!!
Rid: But, the next test is a tough one...
Rid: I wonder if you'll be able to clear it?

Guy: Hihihi
Guy: Kukuku
Guy: Fufu
Makis: W...What are you...
Makis: ...
Rid: After a training comes ranking battles to earn reputation of course!!
Rid: Zig!! You have to fight all of these guys!!

Makis: That's absurd!!
Makis: Even for Zig, this much opponents.
Rid: We don't need weak guys in the Tylong Family!!
Rid: Zig! We'll see how good you are!!
Guy: I'm first---!!
Zig(thinks): Kuh...It's heavy, what a pressure...
Guy: Oraorah, your side is wide open!!
Makis: A-A kick!?
Rid: Don't put us together with normal rankers!!
Rid: We're really greedy when it comes to matches!!

Zig(thinks): This is nothing compared to the first test where I had to betray Pod!!
Zig(thinks): Just crossing swords with someone like this
Zig(thinks): Suits me better!!
Guy: Hmm
Guy: Not bad.
Voice: Next!!
Guy: Yeah!!
Makis: Zig!!
Makis(thinks): Damn it...What to do...At this rate...I'll end up just standing here and watch him...
Tylong: Hmm...You're doing it.
Rid: Boss!!

Makis: Ty...Tylong!!
Tylong: How is him!? That Zig guy.
Rid: Yes...Just like you said he isn't half bad!!
Makis: Tylong-san!!
Makis: I beg you!! Stop this fight now!!
Tylong: Why?
Tylong: Isn't this interesting!?
Makis: Interesting...
Guy: Kuh
Zig: Haa
Zig: haa
Zig: Haa
Makis: Stop joking!! At this rate Zig will definitely break!!
Tylong: Is that so?
Tylong: He doesn't look like a weak guy to me...
Tylong: And look!!
Tylong: At his face!!

Makis(thinks): He's smiling!!!
Tylong: I once had that same look so I understand it well...
Tylong: It's not only about winning or losing, for him crossing swords is...
Tylong: The same as understanding each other with words!!
Tylong: That might be why he's frantically trying to get stronger, he wants to communicate with other people...

Tylong: Well...It might also be that he's just a bit clumsy...
Makis(thinks): Tylong...
Girl: ...
Girl: Hey, grandpa.
Girl: Tylong-san and his men are fighting with swords again!!
Old Man: It's ok, they train like that in order to protect us.
Old Man: It's dangerous so don't get near!!
Girl: Ye-s.
Zig: Haa...
Zig: Haa...
Zig: Haa...
Guy: Si...Six beaten...
Guy: Just he...

Guy: You lot!! If we keep letting the newbie beat us it'll disgrace Tylong Family's name!!
Guy: Now that it's turn to this attack him 3 on 1!!
Guy: Yeah!!
Guy: Leave it to us.
Makis(thinks): No way!! Zig is already on his limit as it is...
Makis(thinks): If 3 of them attack him now...
Zig(thinks): Who'll come...
Zig(thinks): Right, left, center...
Zig(thinks): Or...
Kids: Ah
Girl: Geez, kick it properly.
Boy: Sorry.

Tylong(thinks): The wind made a cloud of dust...
Tylong: !
Tylong(thinks): This is bad.
Zig(thinks): Tylong?
Zig(thinks): That girl!!!
Girl: Tylong-san?

Guy: An opening.
Guy: Now----!!
Guy: An attack from 3 directions at the same time!!
Guy: Can you evade it!?
Zig(thinks): No good!! I can't defend!!
Zig(thinks): But if I evade it...!!
Zig: ...
Zig: !!
Zig(thinks): It's all or nothing...
Rid: Th...That posture is,
Rid: It can't be, boss'!!?

Zig: Ichibanboshi!!!
Zig: I did it...
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Zig: Haa
Makis: Zig------!!
Rid: Wh...Why can he...use boss' technique.
Tylong(thinks): Damn that guy...He only saw it once...
Tylong(thinks): And he could steal my best technique.
Tylong(thinks): What an ominous guy!!

Box: Tylong's Settlement's Bar
SFX: chatter
SFX: chatter
SFX: chatter
SFX: chatter
SFX: chatter
Guy: C'mon, drink!! Drink!! This is your welcome party!!
SFX: cough cough
Makis: No...I...
Guy: Don't hold back!! Drink a lot and party a lot!!
SFX: Woo woo
Guy: But Zig!! You're strong, where did you learn to fight?
Zig: Cantalera...
Guy: Bambilera~~ Hiccup What's that, a bug? Ahahahahaha
SFX: Hiccup
Rid: Whoops, I had forgotten, we have
Rid: One more test for you!!
Zig: !
Rid: Take this sword to the old man from the weapon shop in the Low district!!
Rid: Hurry!!
Zig: Weapon shop?

Man: No--- Thank you!!
Man: You took this sword back from my son Prop huh!!
Man: ---Jeez, that idiot son, he takes advantage that I have a weapon shop and just takes some of the merchandise, it's troublesome!!
Zig: ...
Man: Getting this sword taken from him by you of the Tylong family must have been a great medicine for him... You helped me a lot!!
Man: Say hi to Tylong-san for me---!!
Makis: Zig...It seems I was misunderstanding Tylong.
Zig: ...
Zig: Me too...
Zig(thinks): The people in the settlement are irrepraceable for Tylong...
Zig(thinks): Tylong protects them with his strength...

Makis: Let's stay under their care for a while...
Makis: Well, you might get a bad reputation in town for a while...
Zig: Maybe.
Zig(thinks): Will I be able to live like that someday...
Box: Bazalta Headquarters
Combat Association Special Training
Assasinate the people of Cantalera.
Big characters: Orders to attack! To be continued on Febraury's issue!!
Box: Zig's Ranking By defeating the rankers at Tylong's settlement.

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