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Tears to Tiara 6

Arawn's Resourcefulness

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 5, 2012 22:57 | Go to Tears to Tiara

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Reserved for Lively. Don't use without my permission.
Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi 5
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Voice: Sei!
Voice: Yaah!
Arthur: That's right! Gale's soldiers.
Arthur: We have to train hard before the battle with the empire.
Soldiers: Yeaaaaah!
Title: 06. Arawn's Resourcefulness
Soldiers: Festina Lente! //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festina_lente

Box: A lot of days have past after leaving Erin and reaching Albion,
Box: It seems that everyone has gotten used to living in the Castle of Avalon.
Box: And...
Riannon: Excuse me,
Riannon: I heard that the Gale pot for outside use is repaired.
Rathty: Ah,
Rathty: Riannon.
Rathty: Thanks for your patronage~~
Box: We got new comrades.

Arawn: ...Hey Rathty.
Rathty: Awawawa, Arawn-sama.
Arawn: Out of all the elves, miner elves are said to have great power and skills!
Arawn: Is this the time to be fixing a pot!
Arawn: Forge swords and make chainmails!
Rathty: Hyaaah!
Box: The miner elf who runs a hardware... No, a weapon shop, Rathty-san,
Box: The water elf Llyr-san, //well, it actually says she's seal elf but I think the novel/anime's TLs say that she's a water elf
Box: And Epona-san from the item shop.
Box: The elves came one after another to the recently revived Arawn-sama's side.

Arthur: Albion is really big...
Arthur: The grasslands that sway with the gentle breeze, the deep forest,
Arthur: And the mountains far away.
Arthur: Everything is bigger than in the place we used to
Arthur: live in.
Arthur: I wonder why is it...
Arthur: Just by looking at this my chest gets warm.
Riannon: I'm the same, Nii-sama,
Riannon: Albion's wind has a sweet and nostalgic feeling...
Riannon: I came to love not only Erin but Albion too!
Arawn: That's the kind of place this is for you siblings.

Arthur: Alright, then
Arthur: Let's go hunt some boars to the forest!
All: Yeah---!
Arawn: !!
Arthur: What happened, Arawn?
Riannon: Nii-sama, those people...
Arthur: Yeah!

Arthur: The imperial army!
Arthur: They've reached this far!
Arawn: This is bad, they're too close to Avalon.
Arawn: They've most likely found where we are.
Ogam: The castle stands out, trying to hide now would be useless.
Arthur: Arawn, what should we do?

Arawn: It looks like they've already reported to the main army but
Arawn: We have to intercept them.
Arawn: Don't let anyone alive.
Arthur: We attack them huh!
Arthur: Let's give those imperial guys a lesson!
Arawn: Let's go.
All: Oooooooh
Soldier: Kuh,
Soldier: It's the Gale Tribe!
Soldier: You savages!

p8//no dialog

Ogam: I've finished investigating the imperial army that came to this land so I'll make my report.

Arawn: Please do.
Ogam: Cough
Box: Currently the empire's sphere of influence spreads to the southeast of Albion.
Box: They made their base in the trade city, Londinium, from there they're moving the frontline towards the northwest.
Box: It seems that their basic objective is to seize the fertile plains... They're in the middle of expanding their territory.
Ogam: And
Ogam: It seems that there's a tribe called Brigantes
Ogam: That lives in this land since ancient times.

Ogam: They mainly live in the forest so they haven't been involved in the conflict yet but
Ogam: After the empire has expanded its territory so far I doubt that their real motive is pacific.
Arawn: Hmm...
Ogam: The empire's recent movements indicate
Ogam: That their soldiers have been doing exercises in the vicinity of Avalon
Ogam: And that at the same time they've sent scouts to gather information and to make contact with the nearby tribes.
Ogam: Well,
Ogam: It would be right to say that they're showing their force while waiting to see what we do.
Arawn: I guess that's about right.
Arawn: Gaius was in Erin
Arawn: And now the imperial army has deployed to Albion...
Arawn: If we leave them alone either one of them will try to attack Avalon...
Arawn: Now, what should we do?
Arthur: You ask what?
Arthur: That's obvious!
Arthur: We attack first!

Arthur: Let's go Arawn!
Arawn: Jeez, you impatient guy,
Arawn: Wait a second.
Arawn: We have to make plans for the future...
Arawn: Going after them without a plan is just a waste.
Arthur: Then you say we won't fight?
Arthur: We can't drive them away without a fight!
Arawn: I haven't said that.
Arawn: The imperial soldiers have advanced to Avalon's vicinity.
Arawn: This situation is really bad.
Arawn: And, the imperial soldiers will attack Avalon from a frontline base not very far from here.
Arawn: In short, if we attack this frontline base we'll be able to weaken their advances...
Ogam: However... If we make a frontal assault we'll have great cassualties.
Arawn: That's the problem...

Riannon: Everyone~~ do you want to eat something~~?
Riannon: I made this together with Limwris-san and Ermin-chan!
Ermin: It's an apple pie!
Arthur: Hey you!
Arthur: Where were you? We're in the middle of a strategy meeting.
Riannon: We were helping the elves,
Riannon: Since they're always taking care of us.
Morgan: I helped a bit too!
Morgan: Ogam speaks a lot and I was hungry.
Arthur: You were hungry?
Arthur: Were you absent for a reason like that?
Morgan: A reason like that?
Morgan: Tch tch, Arthur, you don't get it.

Morgan: If you're hungry you can't show your power nor fight properly!
Arawn: That's it!
Morgan: Eh?
Arawn: Arthur,
Arawn: I've got a plan!
Arawn: We're attacking tonight!
Box: Holy Imperial Army's Frontline Base

Rathty: W...
Rathty: Was this ok?
Arawn: It's perfect.
Riannon: Rathty-san is great digging holes.
Rathty: Ehehehe.
Rathty: Being able to do this much is natural for a miner elf.
Arthur: We're right in the middle of the enemy's frontline base but, what do you plan to do now?
Arthur: Will we launch an attack?
Arawn: What are you saying,
Arawn: That would be the same as always.
Arawn: The reason why we hid and slip through the guards eyes
Arawn: Was to steal all of the food that's stored in this base's storehouse,

Arawn: And,
Arawn: Even if it's a waste, we will burn or dispose of everything we can't take.
Arthur: I see, we'll fight after angering them!
Arawn: No,
Arawn: We'll run away after stealing the food.
Arthur: What?
Arthur: ...In other words, Arawn,
Arthur: Are you saying that we attacked in the night in order to pilfer?
Arawn: Well, you can put it like that too.
Arthur: Then say that from the beginning!
Arthur: Don't screw with me!
Arawn: What, you can't do it?
Arthur: No...
Arthur: It's actually one of our tribe's specialties...
Arthur: Don't you have a way more... Umm... Appropiate for a prideful warrior...
Arawn: This way is the most effective.

Arawn: If we continue stealing the food from their frontline base, the starved imperial soldiers will have no option but retreating to Londinium.
Arawn: This is the most effective method to decrease the amount of imperial soldiers in Avalon's vicinity.
Arawn: And... We won't have to shed blood uselessly...
Arthur: But!
Riannon: We won't have to shed blood uselessly...
Riannon: Let's do this, Nii-sama!
Arthur: What is it, so suddenly!
Riannon: This is an advanced tactic,
Riannon: I mean, when the people of the empire find out that we got them they'll be so frustrated that they won't be able to sleep.
Riannon: I think we'll be able to surprise them if we show them that the Gael tribe doesn't only have power but resourcefulness too.
Arthur: I...Is that so?
Riannon: Yes, that is it.
Arthur: My sister says so so it must be true...
Arthur: That's right,
Arthur: Eating their food for tomorrow's breakfast is fairly thirlling too.

Arthur: Alright~~ Let's do this.
Morgan: Yeah~~ Let's pilfer.
Soldier: Guah!
Arawn: The guards would have found us eventually after all.

Arawn: We win if we can defeat the guards and escape before the rest of this base's soldiers awake but,
Arawn: If we can't we might be wiped out.
Arawn: This plan isn't as simple as you think,
Arawn: Arthur, give yor all.
Arthur: Leave it to me.
Arthur: Hiding our presence and sneaking on our prey is our tribe's specialty.

Arthur: Hmmmm
Arthur: Amazing, this is all food?
Ogam: Being the empire's frontline base makes it the army's garrison as well as a place to store things.
Arthur: Alright, let's steal all we can and leave quickly!
All: Yeah!
Morgan: There's a lot~~(music note)
Voice: 200 bags of wheat, 20 bags of salt, 30 barrels of walnut...
Voice: We've taken the most important food out.

Riannon: Nii-sama!
Riannon: I found a really big ham~~!
Arthur: Great!
Arthur: As expected from my sister!
Riannon: Ehehe!
Arawn(thinks): I should say... That this siblings are fast to adapt...
Morgan: *munch munch*... There's bread, cheese...
Morgan: And excelent wine!
Both: Don't drink that.
Morgan: Ok, I'll take this for the parties.
Morgan: I'll search for beer or mead!
Arthur: That's not it! Hey Wait, wait!
Riannon: Nii-sama, I'll go with you!
Arawn: What a busy guy.
Arawn: Does he even understand that we're in the middle of the enemy base...
Arawn: Well,
Arawn: I'll search for a ham I guess.
Arawn: Ham~~ Ham~~ Oh.
Arawn: Oh,
Arawn: This big box looks like something good is inside it...
Arawn: Let's open it... Whoo!
Arawn: Alright~~! Food...

Arawn: ...A woman huh.
Arawn: Well, depending on her appearance she might be like a huge ham too...
Octavia: Hmmmgmmghmmgh~~! //or something random like that

Arthur: Arawn, come with me,
Arthur: Morgan drank alcohol and is making a riot again!
Arthur: What's up? What's that big box behind you?
Arthur: Why are you closing it?
Arawn: No, it's nothing.
Arawn: Ah~~ By the way Arthur,
Arawn: I just thought about this... How does the Gael tribe deal with prisoners of war?
Arthur: Why so suddenly?
Arthur: We make shrunken heads with them of course.
Arthur: We must hang a lot of them to show our bravery!
Octavia: Mmmmm~~~
Arawn: ...
Arawn: I thought it had to be something like that.
Arawn: Well, let's go.
Arthur: Wait a sec,
Arthur: You're a little weird.

Arthur: Are you... Trying to monopolize some war spoils!
Arthur: That's a disgraceful act as the chief!
Arthur: Just show it to me!
Arthur: What you are hiding in this box!
Arawn: Wah, stop! Don't open it!
Arthur: Ah...
Arthur: ...Arawn.
Arawn: Wh-
Arawn: What?
Arthur: Haa...
Arthur: You really like this kind of things...
Arawn: Wait a second!!
Arawn: Aren't you misunderstanding something!!

Arthur: ...I see,
Arthur: So this is the prisoner you captured...
Arthur: A lot of ancient tribes prospered under chiefs that had a lot of wives and children but
Arthur: Tying her, putting her in a box, and trying to secretly take her to Avalon is a bit too much...
Arawn: N...No!
Arawn: She was inside the box when I found her!
Arawn: It wasn't me!
Arthur: It's ok, you don't have to get embarrassed.
Arthur: Alright~~ I'll take responsibility of taking this box to your room,
Arthur: I'll explain this to the women so don't worry.

Arthur: Well, this matter is over!
Arthur: Come, let's take care of that drunkard!
Arawn: I'm telling you you're wrong...
Arawn: Hey, listen to me!
Arawn: Jeez...
Arawn: Why is Arthur so oddly perceptive in this kind of moments!
Ogam: Arawn-sama.
Arawn: Ogam.
Ogam: I think it's about time.
Arawn: You're right,
Arawn: Let's retreat before the enemy soldiers find us.
Ogam: Understood.
Ogam: ...
Ogam: However, before that,
Ogam: There's something I want you to see.

Arawn: Dead bodies?
Arawn: All of this are?
Arawn: It's a frontline base.
Arawn: Soldiers must have died in their battles with the bandits but this is...
Ogam: The number is too great.
Ogam: It seems that they're transporting this bodies somewhere
Ogam: I thought that they might had been trying to bury them in the mainland but
Ogam: They were also bodies of immigrants and bandits from this land.
Arawn: So any dead body is fine.
Arawn: The empire is gathering dead bodies to do something...

Ogam: Arawn-sama, have you forgotten?
Ogam: I think that we've faced a similar situation before...
Arawn: ...It can't be!
Arawn: This is their doing?
Ogam: I don't know,
Ogam: It's only a guess.
Ogam: However... It seems that recently, regardless of friend or foe, a number of people that can't be ignored have gone missing in Albion.
Arawn: Are you trying to say that the missing people's dead bodies are being piled up in the imperial frontline base
Arawn: For some reason?
Ogam: I can't say anything yet...
Ogam: I only said it's a possibility.

Ogam: Just one more thing,
Ogam: Putting together what I overheard from the imperial soldiers,
Ogam: It seems that the top brass of the army has judged that the missing people incident might have been because their command on the soldiers has been lax
Ogam: So violations on the military regulations are being strictly punished but...
Ogam: Oddly enough the imperial soldiers that violated the regulations were sent immediately to the homeland and after that nothing's been heard of them...
Ogam: Not one has returned after that...
Arawn: I see,
Arawn: There's been an increase in the people that have gone missing in Albion and nothing's been heard of the imperial soldiers that violated military regulations...
Arawn: ...I got it,
Arawn: I'll have it in mind.
Ogam: At any rate, it's all my speculations...
Ogam: I hope I'm just thinking too much...
Arawn: ...That's right,
Arawn: It'd be great if we were just thinking too much.

Arthur: Here, everyone!
Arthur: The food and alcohol we stole from the empire.
Arthur: Eat, drink, and dance a lot!
All: Ooooooh
sd: Wahahaha
Arawn: Hmph,
Arawn: Even if our plan was to steal the empire's things, if they act like that they really look like bandits.

Arawn: At any rate, that Arthur,
Arawn: He made this unbelievably noble and delicate me carry things...
Arawn: Ah, owowow...
Arawn: I should go look for someone to massage my shoulders before sleeping.
Arawn: Uwoh!

Arawn: Whoops...
Arawn: Who are you!?
Arawn: What are you doing so suddenly?
Octavia: My name is Octavia,
Octavia: A descendant of the imperial noble Aurelia family!

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