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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 4

4th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 11, 2012 01:21 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 4
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

4th Clause
Box: Damn it...
Box: Wht do I have to go through this!?
Box: This is all her fault...
Shin: ...
Shin: That idiot...
Box: Because the fox demon that was freeloading in my place...
Shin(thinks): Ran away from home.

4th Clause

Box: It all began yesterday.
Shin: Cut it out!!
Shin: How many times is it now!!
Shin: Look,
Shin: How did that happen!?
Kyuuki: Emm...Umm...You're right.
Kyuuki: Hahaha...

Kyuuki: I...It's not my fault!!
Kyuuki: It's those weak products' fault, they broke when I just caressed them!!
Shin(thinks): It's just that you have animal strength isn't it...
Shin: The new TV is going to arrive soon...
Shin: But you just act without thinking.
Shin: Because you're like that, Kurosaki dealt with you easily.

Shin: If you thought a bit more before acting it wouldn't have turned like that.
Shin's sd: Haa //Sigh
Kyuuki: I didn't...
Kyuuki: Lose to that girl.
Shin: Bwoh!

Kyuuki: I don't care about you anymore!!
Shin's sd: Owowow
Shin: Why did you suddenly hit me.
Kyuuki: I'm leaving.
Shin's sd: Huh?
Kyuuki: I said I'm leaving.
Kyuuki: You shall taste the misfortune
Kyuuki: That will befall you when I'm gone!!
Shin: Ah, Hey...

Shin: Kyuuki!!
Shin: ...She's gone...
Shin: ~~~~~~~~~
Shin: Suit yourself!!
Shin: Since there's the book situation I thought she'd be back soon but I was naive.
Shin: It's been two days and she's not back...
Shin's sd: Haa Haa

Shin: Since Kyuuki left
Shin: Impossible things keep happening to me...
Shin: When I avoided a crow's feces that were falling on me,
Shin: I stepped on a dog's tail...
Shin: I was chased by that stray dog,
Shin: I bumped into a yakuza, and I was almost killed by him.
Shin: So this is what Kyuuki meant...
Shin: If this continues I'll be in danger.
Shin(thinks): Since this phenomenon might be related to the grimoire
Shin(thinks): I must find Kyuuki as soon as possible!!
Shin: Gyah~~!! This time I stepped on some dog feces.

Shin: No good, I can't find her.
Shin: And now I'm in this state.
Shin: To begin with she can hide in the shadows
Shin: So just by running after her I won't find her.
Shin's sd: It still stinks, I can't take it off...
Shin: I want to go home...
Demon: Oh, you're already going back?
Shin: Eh!?

Shin: Uwah!
Shin: What happened!?
Demon: Bad boy, you shouldn't evade it.
Demon: If you had just recieved that just now it wouldn't had hurt.
Shin(thinks): What's going on, now it's a demon!?

Shin(thinks): Even if weird things are coming one after another this is...!?
Demon: I was waiting for you and Kyuuki to separate.
Demon: My objective is no other,
Demon: The black grimoire
Demon: You hold.
Shin(thinks): She knows about the book!?

Demon: The grimoire that holds unlimited power.
Demon: If I get hold of it,
Shin(thinks): Damn it, I was careless.
Shin(thinks): To begin with, it isn't weird that other demons know about me having the grimoire!!
Demon: I'll become a great demon.
Demon's sd: Ahaha~~~
Shin(thinks): What's wrong with her.
Shin(thinks): This demon is somehow weird...She looks stupid too...
Shin(thinks): Against this type of people running away quickly is the key!!
Shin: !?

Shin: Gaha! //cough
Demon: Whoops.
Demon: You won't escape so easily.
Demon: Now, take out the grimoire.
Shin: Geho! //cough
Demon: If you don't...
Shin: Damn it!!

Demon: !?
Shin: Uwah!
Demon: What was that just now!?
Demon: I-It can't be...
Kyuuki: Hmph, as I thought you wanted the grimoire.

Shin: Kyuuki!?

Demon: N...No way...Why...
Kyuuki: I noticed that you were observing us long ago.
Kyuuki: I thought that you would act if I separated from Shin
Kyuuki: So I separated from him for a while.
Shin: Kyuuki...You...
Kyuuki: Stay there,
Kyuuki: I'll end this soon.
Demon: Kuh...
Demon: Then I just have to defeat you!!

Kyuuki: You'll defeat me?
Kyuuki: You make me laugh.
Kyuuki: You scum.

Kyuuki: Learn your place!!!
Shin(thinks): A nonsensical power as usual.
Shin: Hm.
Shin: Eeh!?

Shin: Eeh...
Shin: Owah!?
Demon: Mm...
Shin: Th...This is!!

Demon: Hm~~~
Kyuuki: Hey you brat.
Demon: Eek!!?
Kyuuki: I'll let you go this time,
Kyuuki: But there won't be a second time!!

Kyuuki: If you understand then disappear now.
Demon: Y-Yes!!
Shin's sd: How cruel...
Kyuuki: You lewd boy!!
Shin: Yeeees!!
Shin(thinks): Why is she mad!?
Kyuuki: It's not like I came to save you,
Kyuuki: It's just that she was an eyesore!!
Kyuuki: And I don't know what will happen to the book if you die.
Shin: ...
Kyuuki: However,

Kyuuki: Umm... Well...
Kyuuki: I'm sorry for running away from home...
Shin: ...
Shin(thinks): There's a lot of things I want to tell her,
Shin(thinks): But it's ok.
Shin: Let's go
Shin: to our home.
Kyuuki: Yeah.

Shin: Come to think of it,
Shin: Since you left, weird things started happening to me.
Kyuuki: Oh, about that.
Kyuuki: In exchange for unlimited power the grimoire draws "negative" energy to its holder.
Shin: Wha...
Kyuuki: I can suppress that power when I'm nearby
Kyuuki: But if I'm not calamities will start happening to the holder.
Kyuuki: In other words, Shin, you and I are bound by an uncuttable chain.
sd: Hahaha
Shin: ...
Shin: So it really was your fault!!
4th Clause/END

Kyuuki's sd: The more we separate the more misfortune you will have
Kyuuki's sd: Nishishi...
Shin's sd: For real!?

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