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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Otoshite Appli Girl 9

Rehabilitation's Bonds

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 11, 2012 17:49 | Go to Otoshite Appli Girl

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
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//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Ver. 9 Rehabilitation's Bonds

Box: People visiting should go to the rear entrance.
Kon: We'll begin the roll-call!!
Kon: Everyone, get out of your chambers!!

Kon: Be quiet! Shut your mouths!
Kon: If you make noise you'll be sent to the discipline chamber!!
Kon: Begin!
Mashiro: Yes! Serial No. 00, Mashiro!
Kon: Prisoners don't need names, Prisoner No. 00.
Mashiro: Pri-Prisoner!? I didn't do anything wrong...
Kon: We apps are evil by nature, we're immature beings that can easily go to the wrong path.
Thought: She thinks we're fundamentally depraved. //If you can find a way to make this shorter please do so

Ayame: The atmosphere is a bit different from usual.
Fukahi: You're right...
Kon: You there!!
Kon: School Regulations Article 15:
Kon: Impure acts are forbidden.
Kon: Punishment!!
Fukahi: Ouch!!
Ayame: Kon-chan! We weren't doing any impure acts!
Kon: Those words won't decieve me anymore.
Thought train: Whispering to the ear -> Sharing a secret -> A relationship no one can know about -> Loose
Kon: In conclusion it's impure!
Voice: You made too much thought leaps!
Fukahi: I can't go on with this!!
Kon: Prisoner No. 15! School Regulations Article 21: Don't run in the school buildings!

Kon: Wai---t!!
Fukahi: What's with that! You're running too...
Voice: ...No, those are walking race steps!
Voice: As expected from the disciplinary committee!!
Fukahi: Waan!! She's fa---st!!
Kon: Wai---t!!
Mashiro: Sensei! Stop Kon.
Urumi: What are you saying.
Urumi: You girls weren't serious at all until now.
Urumi: Kon-san's coaching is just right.
Urumi: Fufufu, with this I can devote myself to classes and downloads---
Mashiro: Sensei---!!

Ayame: But...
Ayame: Ever since Kon-chan was downloaded, Suou-chan's unreasonable sex harassment stopped.
Ayame: With this we can take classes without worrying.
Mashiro: A-Ayame-san!!
Suou: REN! The road that popular idols take is being sexually harassed by their producers.
Suou: You won't reject me, right?
Suou: Loo---k, with this you'll be a top idol~~~
Renge: Hyai! Thanks! Producer!
Kon: School Regulations Article 15! Impure acts are forbidden!!
Suou: Gyan!!

Suou: Ouch! Ouch!!
Renge: Ko-Kon-san, Stop! The producer did it for my sake!
Mashiro: Th-That's right... I have to have self-awareness as the class rep...
Mashiro: I'll do my best to acquire the attributes of a class rep!
Kon: Prisoner No. 11! You do too many intolerable acts.
Kon: As punishment you'll be sent to the discipline chamber!
Suou: N-
sd: No-No waaaaaay~~~

Suou: Hey! Someone please open!
Suou: I'm so hungry I might die!! Give me food...
Suou: And a woman's body...
Kon: Silence!!
Suou: I'll break of this prison!!
Mashiro: Suou...
Ayame?: Here sense.
Chigusa: Prisoner No. 11 is so loud that I can't concentrate in my studies, can I give her food?
Urumi: Kon-san, what is it?
Kon: Prisoner No. 14 is a well-behaved prisoner so I'll have her take it.
Urumi?: Chigusa-san is a well-behaved prisoner!?
Chigusa: I just don't commit blunders like everyone else.
Bag: Tuna Starfish //maybe maple leaf instead of starfish
Chigusa: Well then, I'm off.

Chigusa: Suou-chan.
Suou: This voice is...
Suou: Chigusa-chan!
Chigusa: I brought you food.
Suou: Let me touch y...
Suou: Wa---h! I was kidding! Thanks.
Chigusa: I'll pass the food through that window.
Suou: ...A memo?
Bag: Tuna Starfish Manjuu

Suou: This...is?
Chigusa: It's a hint to escape from this hell and return to heaven.
Chigusa: Do you want to join forces, Suou-chan?
Chigusa: I'm tired of playing prisoners.

Urumi: Fuwaa~~~h, Thanks to Kon-san, this last few days have been pacific.
Kon: Education officer! Good morning.
Urumi: Officer!? Me?
Kon: That's right, since you're the only teacher in our school.
Urumi: Until now I was holding back those girls from going berserk on my own, but now that I have Kon-san supervising them, I feel reassured.
Kon: It's all thanks to you, officer, for entrusting me with their educational guidance.
Kon: When I first met you, I thought that you were a terribly distubed teacher, but I'm sure that you had a plan when you did that.
Urumi: Th-That's right!
Urumi?: Hmm...? The classroom is noisy.
Kon: Prisoners!! Noisy people will be sent to the...

Chigusa: Good morning my servants.

Urumi: Wha-
Urumi: Wha-
Kon: School Regulations Article 15! Impure acts are forbidden!!
Kon: Punishment!!
Chigusa: Please wait.

Chigusa: The school regulations were revised,
Paper: School Regulations Revision *PC Reference
Chigusa: Didn't you know, disciplinary committee member?
Urumi: What's that!? I don't know about that!
Kon: School Regulations Revision...?
Chigusa: Sensei, I'll borrow the PC.
Chigusa: Look here please, these are the new School Regulations.
PC: {
App Academy School Regulations
Article 1
-This school's name is now Chigusa Empire.
Article 2
-You must absolutely obey Chigusa-sama.
Article 3
Urumi: Article 1: "This school's name is now Chigusa Empire."!?

Urumi: Article 2: You must absolutely obey Chigusa-sama.
Urumi: Article 3: Wearing underwear is forbidden.
Urumi: Article 4: The skirt length must be within 10cm on the inseam.
Urumi: Article 5: Suou from the science club must be called master.
Urumi: Are you stupid!? Kon-san! Punish this girls...
Kon: Understood, Chigusa-sama, so this are the new School regulations.
Urumi: What!?
Chigusa?: Fufu, just as we thought, Kon-chan believes the school regulations are absolute.
Suou: As expected from Chigusa-chan.
Chigusa?: That's why, you only need to rewrite the school regulations.

Urumi: Hey, Kon-san! You don't have to follow them! Specially the one that forbids wearing underwear!!
Kon: I see...
Kon: When I was downloaded the officer wasn't wearing underwear.
Urumi: Th-That was.
Kon: That was an example that the officer was trying to show us before the school regulations were revised, I failed to notice that.
Urumi: No!
Kon: Then why weren't you wearing underwear then?
Kon: Officer? Is it that you really are disturbed...
Urumi: E-Emm, that is,
Urumi: That's right! It was an example for the students.

Suou: Now, Kon-san, Article 28 of the school regulations, this is the uniform for the disciplinary committee, wear it please.
Kon: Understood.
Suou: Oh, and the use of the changing rooms is forbidden in article 31.
Kon: Roger.
Urumi: Kon-san!!
Urumi: Sh-She was wearing bloomers!!
Urumi's sd: In these days!!

Kon: From now on I'll supervise that you follow the new school regulations!
Suou's sd: Bravo
Kon: Is that alright!? Masters!!
Urumi: Hey, principal!!
Urumi: What's wrong with these nonsensical school regulations---
Urumi: What's with this!?
PC: Under maintenance (lol) //the lol is part of the text
Urumi: Wh-What's under maintenance---!!
Urumi: You're just letting it be cause it's interesting, right!? Hey, come out!!

Sign: Hurray for Chigusa-sama
Sign: Chigusa Empire
All: Chigusa-sama!
All: How are you feeling!
Chigusa: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Kon: Make noise! Gossip!
Kon: People who stay silent will be sent to the discipline chamber!
Kon: Begin the roll-call!!
Mashiro: E-Emm, I am... Prisoner No...
Kon: School Regulations Article 39! You must refer to yourself as "Nyan"! And we're not prisoners, we're maids!
Mokuran: Nyan is...maid No. 04 Mokuran nyan.
Urumi(thinks): What's this?

Ayame: This is a big mess.
Fukahi: You're right...
Kon: You there!!
Kon: School Regulations Article 15
Kon: Impure Acts are very welcome,
Kon: Start kissing or...
Kon: Ha-Having sex right now!!
Fukahi: Fukahi-sama doesn't swing that way!!
Kon: Maid No. 15,
Kon: School Regulations Article 21: "You should run in the school building.", you're quite an admirable student.
Urumi: This is a mess!!

Kon: You there! Your skirt is lo---ng!!
Suou: Th-This is different from what I imagined but it's also stimulating...
Kon: Master.
Suou: Waah!!
Kon: Master's skirt is lo...No, to begin with you're not wearing one, I'll have you wear a skirt.
Suou: Eh, I...Nyan has to wear a skirt too?
Kon: There's no exceptions.
sd: Uwaah...
sd: This is tough...

Suou: Nyan got some hives so nyan will wear pants.
Kon: You can't do that.
Kon: I'll have you
Kon: Wear a skirt.
Suou: Don't wanna!!
Kon: Ah!!
Kon: Wai---t!!
Suou: Eh? That girl there is...
Suou: Mokuran-chan!!

Kon: Maid No. 04!
Kon: Your skirt is too long!
Suou: Stop it! That length suits Mokuran-chan we...
Kon: No use in arguing!
Text: A plain-looking loli in a miniskirt,
Text: What a heresy...!!

Suou: How can this be? I thought that this would be paradise if they all wore miniskirts...
Renge: Kyaah!!
Suou(thinks): Making this cute kitties get so scared, I did such a stupid thing---!!

Kon: Master!?
Suou: It's here! I have to hack the PC again and modify...
Chigusa: Suou-chan.

Suou: Chi-Chigusa-chan.
Suou: I'm fed up with this school regulations! No matter what you say...
Chigusa: What a coincidence.
Chigusa: This servile students don't have any impact and they're boring.
Chigusa: I'm tired of these school regulations.
Urumi: These school regulations are definitely weird!! We have to stop Kon-san!!

Urumi: ...Hm? Those are?
Urumi: You two!! What are you doing!?
Both: !?
Urumi: So this was really your doing!!
Urumi: Hurry and restore the school regulations to...
Urumi: We'll restore them! We'll restore them!!
Urumi: What?
Kon: Hey---!! You there---!!
Urumi: That voice, it's Kon-san!

Kon: School Regulations Article 3: Wearing underwear is forbidden!!
Kon: Take them off now!!
Fukahi: Heh, like I care about school regulations!
Kon: Then! Nyan'll use force!
Kon: Nyan will take them off for you!
Fukahi: Kyah!!
Fukahi: Hey! No!
Fukahi: Fuwaan!
Fukahi: Stop it!!

Urumi: Kon-san!!
Urumi: The school regulations are back to normal!!
Urumi: And those nonsensical school regulations were the result of a prank made by Chigusa-san and Suou-kun!!
Kon: N-No way.
Kon: What have I done!!
Kon: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Urumi: I-It's ok now...

Urumi: Kon-san...
Urumi: Do you remember Article 3 of the School regulations?
Kon: Wearing underwear is forbidden...
Urumi: Not that one---!! The one from the former school regualations!
Text: The objective of this academy is that the application girls develop a bright and healthy mind by living in group and studying. //mind, spirit
Urumi: Look at everyone's faces! Can you say that they have a bright and healthy mind?

Kon: ...I deeply apologize.
Mashiro?: Kon, you're too serious, you should try to have more fun in your school life with us!
Mashiro: I'll quit trying to get class rep attributes.
Kon: I don't have a program called "having fun",
Kon: So I don't know what to do.
Urumi?: Kon-san...
Mashiro?: That's not true, even humans are the same, you should just try to find what "fun" is little by little!
Mashiro: Sensei didn't smile at all when she first came here but now she gets along well with us!
Urumi: Wh-Who gets along well with you! You girls are just over-familiar with me.

Mashiro: Hey, Kon!
Mashiro: To celebrate that the school regulations are back to normal, let's play together in the sports grounds!
Mashiro: Ok!
Kon: Nya-Nyan has
Kon: Never played before so... I don't know if I'm any good...

Mashiro: Geez Kon! You don't have to use "Nyan" anymore!
Urumi: Eh!?
Urumi: Great! A new student!
PC: Starting Application No. 05 PE Committee App. //Phys. Ed., Physical Education, you choose

PE Committee Ai
[Download Requirements]
-Ascetism //penance, austerities
-Cat fight
-Getting along with humans
Ai: I'm Ai from the PE committee.
Mashiro: Nice to meet you, Ai! Let's get along well.
Ai: You fool!!

Ai: I don't plan to get along with humans!!
Ai: Nor with you Apps that have been tamed by humans!!
Urumi(thinks): Wha-
Urumi(thinks): What's wrong with her---!!

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