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Koisome Momiji 15

A Small Bird Flew Down

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 13, 2012 04:29 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 15
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Star: Thank you for waiting! JC Volume 1 will be on sale in October!
Scene 15 A Small Bird Flew Down //you can change "Small Bird" for "Birdie" and "Fly down" for "Alight"
//Btw, this is a word play since "Kotori" is the name of the girl in this chapter as well as "Small Bird"
Book: Koisome Momiji
Star: Even at school, practice! Practice!
Star: The Bangaihen is on the NEXT that's on sale now!!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Text: Breaking into Summer Vacations!
Umine: It's...Hot!!
All: ...
Umine's sd: So hot~~~...
Umine: Hm?
Umine: Don't look at me you pervs.
Shouta: W...We're not looking!
Yoshi: I...Indeed! Those are false accusations!!
Shouta: Oh~~~!
Umine: How refreshing...!
Yoshi: I'm alive again...

Yoshi: By the way Shouta...How was your date with Nanasato?
Shouta: Wh...!? Why do you know...!?
Umine: Well, everyone gossiped about it.
Shouta: For real!?
Text: Nanasato Yui - Stage Name Nana Gravure Idol and Shouta's childhood friend.
Shouta(thinks): Come to think of it, we did that in the classroom in front of everyone... Will Yui-chan be alright!?
Umine: Hey, Hey Shouta!
Magazine: {
Idol Special
Kasuga Kotori
Shinomiya Sana
Summer's new coordination!
Weekly Future //or Weekly Mirai
Shouta(thinks): It's all about Sana-chan and Yui-chan...!?
Yoshi: What a view...
Umine: It's a strange feeling.
Shouta: Hmm? This girl is...

Yoshi: ...What's up with Kasuga Kotori?
Shouta: Ah...Did you know? It seems this girl will also appear in "Koisome Momiji"'s drama.
Shouta: She really must be a famous girl~~~
Yoshi: ...Shouta, it can't be that you...!?
Umine: Perhaps you don't know!?
Shouta: Eh?
Umine: Kasuga Kotori...!!
Umine: She's the center of the flourishing idol unit, 7 Drops!
Umine: The girl that stands in the top of 7 drops' 210 cadets.
Umine: Her best album's sales are more than 2 million!
Umine: Her radio listener ratio was the best in the country last year!!
Umine: She's a living legend that keeps setting records in a variety of things...!!

Yoshi: To think that you don't know her...!
Shouta: W-Well...I've at least seen her face but...
Umine: Look, don't you know this!?
Umine: It's called 7 drops!
Shouta: !?
Umine: What are you making me do...!?
Shouta: No, you just went and did it...!
Yoshi: However, Kasuga Kotori huh...!
Yoshi: I can't wait for the day where she comes to our school to film...!!
Yoshi's sd: Fufufu...
Shouta: You're her fan huh...
Yoshi: ...Huh!?

Yoshi: ...Wait a sec you bastard, you certainly...
Yoshi: Won't say something like that you'll act
Yoshi: As Kasuga Kotori's boyfriend, right!?
Shouta: Huh!? No way!!
Shouta: I read the novel and the only ones involved in the romance are the main two characters.
Yoshi: I see... Then it's fine...
Umine: But, but!
Umine: If we ask Yui-chan or Shinomiya-san, we might become friends with Kasuga Kotori!
Shouta: !!
Yoshi: Hmph...How unrefined, there's no need.
Umine: Eh? Why?
Yoshi: I'm a fan of the idol known as Kasuga Kotori.
Yoshi: I wouldn't try getting involved actively in her private life!
Umine: Hmm.
Yoshi: ...Though,
Yoshi: Well...

Yoshi: Since she's going to be filming in our school I might meet her accidentally somewhere...!!
Umine: You're totally expecting something!!
Shouta(thinks): She as an idol...huh.
Shouta(thinks): That's right... Both Sana-chan and Yui-chan are actresses...
Shouta(thinks): I've had dates and seen fireworks...With those kind of girls...
Shouta(thinks): Thinking calmly this is an incredible situation...!
Umine: Well guys, let's go all out today!!
Shouta: Y...Yeah~~~!
Yoshi: A beach house in summer vacations...Huh. This will be hell...!
Umine: Well well!
Umine: Tomoya and Akino-san will come too after O-bon!

Shouta: I'm home~~~...
Shouta: I...I'm tired...!
Riko: Ah... Onii-chan!?
Shouta: !
Shouta: Riko!
Riko: Welcome back~~~!
Shouta: You're back!
Riko: Yeah! It's summer vacations.
Riko: I really relax at home~~~!
Riko: ...Maybe I should go out of the dormitory and go to school from home~~
Shouta?: Yeah...That might be good!
Voice: !
Shouta: ...Hm? Where's grandpa and the rest?
Riko: Ah... Emmm...

Riko: They said there's a meeting today!
Riko: I'll heat dinner!
Shouta: Ah~~~ I'll do it!
TV: Well then, We'll have today's guest make her entry...
TV: It's Shinomiya Sana-san!
Shouta: !
Riko: Ah...!
Riko: Shinomiya-senpai...!!
Shouta(thinks): Sana...-chan!?
Riko: Shinomiya-senpai...is really pretty, right...!
Riko: There's a lot of girls who admire her in the middle school section too~~~
Riko: It's amazing that this kind of person is my senpai at school!
Shouta(thinks): That's right...Both Riko and Sana-chan go to Seiren Girls' School...

Shouta(thinks): She'd be surprised if she found out that I know Sana-chan~~~...!
Riko: Haa~~~...
Riko: If only onii-chan could marry Shinomiya-senpai~~~...
Shouta: !?
Riko: Then Shinomiya-senpai would become my onee-chan...!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...and I...
Shouta(thinks): Ma...rry.....!!
Riko: Well...That's impossible~~~....
Riko: As if Shinomiya-senpai would associate with an ordinary person like onii-chan!
Shouta: Ordinary...Person...
Shouta(thinks): Damn it... I can't say anything to that...!
Riko: Ah...Sorry, I didn't mean any harm...
Riko: You're like normal...!
Riko: Ah!
Riko: It's Kotori-chan!
Shouta: !

Kotori: Actually, Sana-chan and I get along well!
Kotori: Right!?
Sana: Yeah!
Kotori: We'll be working together in a drama,
Shouta(thinks): This girl is Kasuga Kotori...
Kotori: Since Sana-chan is my senpai as an actress I've learnt a lot from her~~~
Shouta(thinks): ...She certainly gives a good feeling!
Sana: N...Not at all...! I've been the one that's...
Shouta(thinks): ...Hmm?
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...Looks a bit dispirited...
Shouta(thinks): ...Is she just nervous...?

// no dialog

Voice: Alright~~~! We'll have a 15 minute break!!
Kotori: Sana-chan! Since we're on a park on the coastland!
Kotori: Let's go to the beach~~~!
Sana: Ok!
Sana(thinks): The beach...huh...
Sana(thinks): I wonder if Katsuragi-kun... Is doing his best in his part-time work on the beach house...?
Sana(thinks): Maybe now that I'm gone he's gone with Nana-chan and...

Sana(thinks): I wonder if Katsuragi-kun and Nana-chan's date...Went well.
Sana(thinks): ...Why did Katsuragi-kun...Hide his relationship with Nana-chan...
Sana(thinks): ...Why is it?
Sana(thinks): Those two...
Sana(thinks): Won't get out of my mind...!!
Kotori: Sana-chan!!
Sana: Eh...?
Sana: Hyah!?

Sana: I'm sorry! I got the costume dirty...!
Man: Well, luckily we had finished filming with that!
Man: Be careful from now on!
Sana: I'm sorry, Kotori-chan...
Kotori: ...
Kotori: Sana-chan, did something happen recently?
Sana: !?
Kotori: So...Something...!?
Kotori: ...Hm~~~
Kotori: If you're that defenseless I'm worried.
Sana: Defense...?
Kotori: You never know where your enemies might be~~~!

Sana: Hyah!?
Sana: ~~~~~~!?
Kotori: Tch! They're real~~
Kotori: I could've leaked this somewhere if they were fake!
Sana: Leak...

Kotori: I'll be filming in that drama soon, but~~
Kotori: If Sana-chan is like this,
Kotori: I...
Text: A suspicious idol!?
Kotori: No matter if it's a leading role or anything
Kotori: I might just get that position~~~
Kotori: In a snap<3
Sana: ...
Sana: Kotori-chan...!?
Text: Kotori Arrives...!!
Koisome Momiji
Scene 15/End

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