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Koisome Momiji 16

Project Kotori

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 23, 2012 04:16 | Go to Koisome Momiji

-> RTS Page for Koisome Momiji 16

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 16
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Kotori will officially join his harem, just how many chapters until she really falls in love?

Title: Scene 16 Project Kotori
Star: JC Volume (1) on sale October 4th! The oneshot "Koisome Momiji" is included too!
Idol: Hey, hey, everyone! It's amazing~~~!
Idol: I took a look outside and there's an amazing number of people...!
Idol: It's our first time in a stage this big...
Star: A super idol's backstage.
Kotori: ...!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Kotori: Everyone---! Pay attention~~~!!
Girls: !!
Kotori's sd: Bleh!
Girls: !?
Idol: Puhahaha!
Idol: What's with that face, Kotori-chan~~~!
Kotori: Don't you know?
Kotori: If you take out your tongue, the nervousness goes away~~~!
Idol: But that face...!
Kotori: ...Fufu!

Kotori: As I thought you girls...
Kotori: Look cuter when you smile!!
Idol: Kotori...
Idol: Kotori-chan...!
Kotori(thinks): Let's go! This time...
Kotori(thinks): Let's make everyone in the audience smile!

Kotori(thinks): All of us together!

Shouta: ...
Yoshi: How was it!?
Shouta: Eh!?
Shouta: Well...I think...She's a nice girl~~~
Shouta: She's not only a nice girl... She's got a lot of nerve,
Shouta: I think it's amazing how she was considerate of everyone else when they were feeling nervous...
Yoshi: Right, right,
Yoshi: That's the caliber of someone on the top...!
Yoshi: This legendary live was the beginning of 7 drops' sudden jump to being top idols...!
Yoshi: One year after that, Kasuga Kotori became 7 drops' center...
Yoshi: And she's monopolized that position since then!

Yoshi: Do you understand Kasuga Kotori's amazingness now!?
Yoshi: Then, we'll now watch her solo live's DVD!
Shouta: We're watching more!?
Kotori: ...Shinomiya Sana...
Kotori: Nanasato Yui...!

Kotori: ...I can't forgive them~~~
Kotori: To think that I'm third in my first drama...
Kotori: This is really...!
Man: ...Excuse me.
Kotori: !
Man: We've investigated that boy.
Man: ...This is him.
Kotori: !
Kotori: Hm~~~...?
Kotori: He doesn't look like he's popular at all~~~...
Man: However...There's no mistake.
Man: Would you like us to sell this to a weekly magazine...?
Kotori: Scandals are no good~~~!
Kotori: That would jinx my drama~~~
Star: The Bangai-hen is published on the Jump Next on sale now! The capable manager Kyouko-san's delusions go berserk!?

Kotori: There's a method way better than that.
Shouta: Rain huh~~~...

Shouta: I came just in case but we'll probably have a lot of free time today...
Umine: You're right...
Umine: In that case you can leave now!
Shouta: Really? I wonder if I should...
Umine: That's right! Why don't you go see Shinomiya-san?
Umine: It seems she's filming at school today.
Shouta: !?
Shouta: I...I'm fine! I may get in the way of her job...
Umine: Eh~~~?
Umine: ...Rather,
Umine: Are you alright with continuing like this?
Shouta: Eh...?
Umine: Just being friends with Shinomiya-san!
Shouta: !!

Shouta: W...Well, even I...!
Shouta: ...But, I'm afraid of a lot of things and...
Shouta: ...If I do something wrong...
Shouta: I feel like...Even this relationship we have now will be lost...
Umine: Hmph!
Shouta: Hau!?
Shouta: Ouch...!?
Umine: Why are you being so carefree!
Umine: She...Won't be here next year you know?
Umine: At this rate you'll again...
Shouta: ...!
Shouta: ...Sorry!
Umine: !

Shouta: I'll really go to school!
Shouta: I might get to see her...!
Umine: !
Umine: Yeah!
Umine: Go! Go!!
Shouta: I'm off!
Man: ...It seems the target is headed towards Koigahama High School.
Radio: Roger.
Voice: Cu~~~t!!
Voice: NG, NG! //Not good I guess

p13//yay!!! the director!!
Director: Hey, Sana!
Director: ...Go cool your head off.
Sana: ...!
Sana: Yes...!
Girl: Shinomiya-san again...?
Voice: How unusual...
Yui: Sana-chan...?
Kotori: ...
Man: Kotori-sama! He has...
Kotori: !

Sana(thinks): Again...
Sana(thinks): ...I can't concentrate properly lately...!
Sana(thinks): Why...?
Sana(thinks): ...Kotori-chan, what she said that day really...
Sana(thinks): Means that she knows...That I'm like this...
Sana(thinks): I have stay firm...!!
Sana: Ah! The makeup cleaned off...!

Shouta: Eh!?
Shouta: I can't get inside!? //lit. "There's no entry!?"
Shouta(thinks): Well, it figures...
Shouta: Puh!?
Shouta: Oww...!
Shouta(thinks): The moisture made the floor really slippery...!
Kotori: ...
Kotori: Is that...Him?
Kotori: The boy both Shinomiya Sana and Nanasato Yui are interested in?
Kotori: ...Really?
Man: Yes! There's no mistaking him!
Kotori: She's even more disappointing than in the photo...
Man: What do you plan to do...?
Kotori: Fufu...
Kotori: Well, just look~~~

Kotori(thinks): Here goes Kotori!
Kotori: A...Are you ok~~~?
Shouta: !
Shouta: Eh...!?
Shouta(thinks): Kasuga...
Shouta(thinks): Kotori!?
Kotori(thinks): : Fufu... That face means he's noticed, right?
Kotori(thinks): He's completely moved that he met a super idol by coincidence just now...!
Kotori(thinks): Any boy would fall over a beautiful girl...If she nurses him, right~~~?
Shouta: Kotori-chan...I love you...!
Kotori(thinks): And by using this boy...
Kotori: Ufufu...
Kotori: Ahaha...
sd: Story/Art: Kotori <3
Shouta's sd: Wait
Sana: Katsuragi-kun, why...!?
Sana: ...No, It can't be helped, if it's Kotori-chan...
Yui: Shou-chan...!
Kotori(thinks): I'll make those two fall!!

Kotori(thinks): This is the "Obliterate Sana/Nana" plan!!
Director: Those two haven't been in their best shape lately, Kotori is really the best!
Kotori(thinks): Fufu...It's perfect!
Shouta: Ah...!?
Shouta: Be careful, this area is really slippe...
Kotori: Hikyah!?
Shouta: Eeeh!?
Shouta: cough!?
Kotori: Kyan!?
Shouta(thinks): ...Hm?
Shouta(thinks): I...It's hard to breathe...!

Shouta(thinks): Wut---!?
Shouta: Mgh...!?
Kotori: Eek...
Kotori: Ah...
Kotori: Eh...!?

Kotori: Noooooo!!
Shouta: Ogugugugugu!?
Shouta: Gufu...
Kotori's sd: Ha~~~---
Kotori: I...I-I...
Kotori: Just now...
Kotori's sd: Ha~~~...
Text(left): The super idol is a disappointingly perfect little devil.
Kotori: ...
Kotori: I...I'll have you take responsibility!!
Shouta: Responsibility...!?
Kotori: From now on you'll...
Kotori: Become my slave!!
Shouta: Eeh...!?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 16 /End

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