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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 5

5th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 23, 2012 16:20 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 5
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Kuro is Kurosaki

5th Clause
Kuro: This is the 7th this month.
Kuro: Even if they were all small fries, it's strange that this much come.

Kuro: As I thought the demon that's together with "Kamishiro Shin" is suspicious...
Kuro: The fox demon and Kamishiro Shin,
Kuro: They really have something.
Kuro: Who is it!!

Kuro: ...
Kuro: ...Was it just my imagination...?
Man: Hmph... As expected this is reaching its limit.

5th Clause

Guy: Kamishiro, let's go to a game center on our way home.
Guy: It seems they have a new game.
Shin: Sorry, the class rep is being fussy with checking me.
Guy: I---diot,
Guy: She won't notice.
Shin: I hope so.
Kuro: What about me?

Shin: Kurosaki...
Kuro: Kamishiro-kun, I have to talk with you.
Kuro: Could you come with me for a bit?
Shin: Eh...
Shin(thinks): It can't be, she came to get rid of Kyuuki!?
Shin(thinks): If that's so I have to get away from here!!
Shin: I can't... I'm going to the game center with...
Shin: Eh!?
Shin's sd: He's not here!?
Shin: You were there!!
Guy: Tch, you found me!!
Guy's sd: Goodbye

Shin: Ah, hey, don't leave me here!!
Shin: You traitor-------!!
Shin: That Kaidou, remember this!!
Kuro: You have a great friend.
Shin: Ahaha...
Kuro: You'll come with me right?
Shin: ...Yes.

Shin: ...So...
Shin: What do you want to talk about?
Kuro: You don't need to be on guard,
Kuro: As long as you don't do weird things I won't do anything.
Kuro: There's something I want to ask you.
Kuro: Demons have been appearing more frequently lately,
Kuro: Do you any idea of why?
Shin(thinks): Well it's no surprise that they appear,
Shin(thinks): I don't know why but it seems that the demons already found out.
Shin(thinks): Even if she'll eventually find out, if I tell Kurosaki about it I'll be betraying Kyuuki.
Shin(thinks): I definitely can't do that!!
Kyuuki: I have an idea.
Shin: Actually...

Shin: Kyuuki!? (cd: Why are you in our uniform...)
Kyuuki: It's been a while, girl. //brat, lass
Kyuuki: Yo!
Shin: Eh?
Shin: He-
Shin: Heeeeeey!!
Shin: Gue.

Kyuuki: Oh...Sorry I just...
Shin: It's ok, just move...
Kuro: You're an idiotic demon as usual.
Kyuuki: Hmph, it's just that he's dull.
Shin: You...

Kuro: I don't care about that.
Kuro: If you have an idea could you please tell me?
Kyuuki: What would you do if I said I'm responsible for it?
Kuro: You know that don't you?
Kuro: I'd make you disappear right here right now.
Shin: Wait wait, it's true that we are the reason but
Shin: we're troubled because we can't do anything about it!!
Kuro: What do you mean?
Shin: Emmm...
Shin(thinks): Now that it's turn to this I have to tell her.

Kyuuki: Right now one of my halves, the black grimoire, is inside his body.
Kyuuki: Several demons have gotten a wind of that and are trying to get the book's power.
Shin(thinks): She nonchalantly told her!!
Kuro: The black grimoire, it can't be...!!
Kyuuki: That's right, it will give its holder unlimited power.
Kyuuki: And right now this human,
Kyuuki: Kamishiro Shin holds it.
Shin(thinks): Hey hey, are you going to tell her everything!?

Kuro: To think that it really existed.
Kuro: But why don't you take the book back from Kamishiro-kun?
Kyuuki: I wouldn't be in trouble if I could do that.
Kyuuki: After someone gets hold of it the only way I know of taking it back of that person right now is to kill him.
Kyuuki: However I have a debt with him so I won't kill him.
Shin(thinks): What are you trying to do?
Kyuuki: And if other demon gets hold of it
Kyuuki: he'll become a threat to you too.
Kyuuki: We have to protect it so that that won't happen.

Kuro: Is that true?
Shin: Yeah, it is.
Shin's sd: That's the overall idea.
Kuro: I see.
Kuro: Can I ask one more thing?
Kyuuki: What is it?
Kuro: If you could get the book back...
Kuro: What would you do?

Shin(thinks): That's right, I thought of asking her that a lot of times too,
Shin(thinks): But what Kyuuki's said this last few minutes is somehow weird.
Kyuuki: If the book came back to me, huh...
Kyuuki: I planned to think about that after I got it back but if I had to say,
Kyuuki: At least I don't plan on doing any good things for you.
Shin(thinks): It's as if she's provoking Kurosaki.
Shin(thinks): Just what is she trying to do?
Kyuuki: However...
Kyuuki: Conquering the world doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Kuro: World conquest?
Kuro: Even though you lost so easily against me, you make me laugh.
Kyuuki: Hmph, say what you like.
Kuro: I'm going home...
Kuro: Sorry for taking your time.
Shin: Eh? O-Ok...
Shin: Didn't we get her angry?
Kyuuki: Just as planned.

Shin: Just as planned?
Shin: What was?
Kyuuki's sd: Hmph
Kyuuki: You'll know soon.

Kyuuki: However that girl isn't adorable.
Shin: It's because you said unnecessary things.
Shin: Leaving that aside, tell me!!
Shin: Why did you tell Kurosaki about the book!
Shin: You even told her your relationship with the book!!
Kyuuki: Because I thought that was the best to do.
Kyuuki: That fellow called Kurosaki, after she knows that you didn't get involved on purpose
Kyuuki: But were dragged into this, she won't try to harm you.
Kyuuki: Conversely, if we didn't tell her she would think that you got involved on purpose
Kyuuki: And all of the religious organization she belongs to would target you.
Kyuuki: If that happened I'm not sure if I could protect you.

Kyuuki: Well, this is also for your sake.
Kyuuki: Our objective right now is to find a method to take the grimoire out of your body without killing you.
Kyuuki: For that we have to use anything we can.
Shin(thinks): Why is she so kind if she's a demon,
Shin: Ok.
Shin(thinks): Could it be that she's not a demon?
Kyuuki: Well, If you want to die tell me anytime,
Kyuuki: That way is easier.
Shin(thinks): I take that back, she's a demon!!
sd: Ding dong
Shin: Hm.

Shin: Who is it this late...!!
sd: Ding dong
Shin: If you are from the newspaper I don't need it.
Kuro: Kyah!
Shin: Eh.
Shin's sd: Kyah?
Shin: Kurosaki!?
Kuro: ...
Shin: So...Sorry.
Kuro: I don't mind so it's ok.
Shin: So...What is it?

Kuro: I came to give my greetings.
Kuro: I moved to the apartment next to yours.
Shin: Huh?
Shin's sd: You moved?
Kuro: It's the result of my report to the top brass.
Kuro: Kamishiro Shin, the top brass has acknowledged you as a special A class important person.
Kuro: Kamishiro-kun, together with observing you...
Kuro: I'll use any means needed to protect you
Shin's sd: Observing...
Kyuuki's sd: Hmph
Kuro: From any dangers that might befall on you.

Kuro: Well then Kamirshiro-kun, good night.
Kuro: See you tomorrow.
Kyuuki: Well, this went past my expectations.
Shin: It can't be that your "Just as planned" from before was...
Kyuuki: Yeah, making her our ally.
Kyuuki: Good for you, you're flanked by two beautiful women, I'll be able to take it easy.
Kyuuki's sd: Just as planned
Shin: For real...
5th Clause/END

No matter how you look at it
Kuro's sd: *Stare*
She's a stalker.

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