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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

Koisome Momiji 17

It Can't Be, For Real!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Aug 31, 2012 01:56 | Go to Koisome Momiji

-> RTS Page for Koisome Momiji 17

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 17
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Star: The long-awaited JC Volume (1) will be on sale on October 4th! The Oneshot "Koisome Momiji" is included too!!
Koisome Momiji
Text: A little devil arrives!!
Title: Scene 17 It Can't Be, For Real!?
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Kotori: From now on you'll...
Kotori: Become my slave!!
Shouta: Eeh...!?
Star: That's too unreasonable!
Shouta: S...Slave!? With slave you mean...?
Kotori: You don't even understand that!?
Kotori: You'll listen to all of my orders! If I tell you to eat you'll eat even a cockroach!!
Kotori: You became that kind of slave!!!
Shouta: Don't just decide that!!
Kotori: What's with that!? You're saying you won't obey me!?
Shouta: Obviously! I don't want to do something like that!!!
Kotori: Uuh...
Kotori: ...You even s...
Kotori: Sa...
Kotori: Sa-sa...!

Shouta: Buh!?
Kotori: You even...Saw my panties...!!
Kotori: You... Not only saw, you...
Shouta: W...Well, I'm sorry about that!
Shouta: Even if it wasn't my intention...I'm sorry!!
Kotori: ...I......
Kotori: I'm the super idol, Kasuga Kotori, you know...!?
Kotori: If I did some underwear gravure right now, it'd sell at least one hundred million, you know!?
Kotori: So, I should have the right to charge you with one hundred million yen worth of work!!
Shouta: What's with that absurd logic!?

Star: You can only read Sakamoto-sensei's manga in Super Dash & Go! and Jump! You can only read Miura-sensei's work in Jump!
Shouta(thinks): Rather... This girl...
Shouta(thinks): Is really...
Shouta(thinks): That Kasuga Kotori...!
Shouta(thinks): But somehow...
Kotori: Hm?
Shouta(thinks): Isn't she different to what her image suggests...!?
Shouta(thinks): So she was a violent and bad-tempered girl...
Kotori: What's with those eyes...!?

Man: Kotori-sama.
Kotori: !!
Man: Nanasato Yui just went outside the classroom.
Man: I think she's going to Shinomiya Sana's side.
Man: I'll take this opportunity to lead those two to your position.
Kotori(thinks): Roger~~~
Kotori(thinks): ...That's right.
Kotori(thinks): I lost my composture, but... what I have to do is
Kotori(thinks): Use this boy to deal some psychological damage to Shinomiya Sana and Nana!!
Shouta: ?
Kotori(thinks): Involving an ordinary person is annoying...But it can't be helped!
Kotori(thinks): Since those two...No matter what I tell them, it doesn't work...!

Kotori(thinks): Even then...!
Kotori: I might just get that position~~~
Kotori: In a snap<3
Sana: Kotori-chan...!?
Kotori(thinks): Fufu... She's scared, she's scared~~~!
Kotori(thinks): An airheaded actress raised in a greenhouse like her must've never been picked to a fight~~~!
Sana: Sorry...
Kotori: !
Sana: You tried to motivate me with rough words...Since I'm being such a coward, right?
Sana: Thank you...I'll do my best so that I don't lose to Kotori-chan!!
Kotori: !?
Kotori(thinks): Wha...!?
Kotori(thinks): How insensitive is she to the ill will of other people!?

Kotori(thinks): Even Nana...!
Kotori: Nana-chan's breasts look like they're a big bother~~~
Kotori: Don't you have balloons or something inside them~~~?
Yui: I...Is that so...?
Kotori: I'm not praising you!
Yui: It's alright... You can still...!
Kotori: Hey...It's not like I'm jealous!
SFX: *pat*
Kotori: ...

Kotori(thinks): ...I'll crush them! I'll definitely crush those two!!
Sana(thinks): I have to solve this soon, or else...
Sana(thinks): I'll...be a bother for everyone...!
Sana(thinks): Recently...I haven't been able to see Katsuragi-kun so I haven't practiced love...
Sana(thinks): At this rate, I won't be able to...
Sana(thinks): Act my role...Act like Kaede...!
Sana: Nana-chan...!
Yui: ...Sana-chan.

Yui: What's...Wrong with you lately? I'm a bit worried...
Sana: Your line and your pose don't match!
Yui: Great...
Yui: It seems...You have the energy to make a comment! //to make a tsukkomi
Sana: !
Sana: Nana-chan...!
Sana: ...Like that, recently...
Sana: For some reason, I'm worried...
Sana: All the time about something...

Sana: I wonder...What's wrong with me...
Yui: ...
Yui: ...Hey
Yui: ...Sana-chan, what do you think...
Yui: About...Shou-chan?
Yui: I wonder...If that Sana-chan cares about him so much...
Yui: That she can't put her back into work?
Yui: You care about him so much
Yui: That you can't help it, right...?
Yui: Isn't...

Yui: That...
Yui: Love...?
Sana: ......Love...?

Sana: I see, I...
Sana: Could fall in love...!?
Sana: I did it...! With this I'll...
Sana: Definitely be able to act as Kaede...!!
Yui: ...Eh?
Sana: Thanks, Nana-chan! For making me notice...!
Yui: Hm?
Yui: Yeah...
Yui: Sana-chan, you're...A weird person...
Sana's sd: Ahaha
Sana: Not as weird as Nana-chan~~~!

Sana: Well then, shall we go back!
Sana: I want to report to the director too!
Yui: Y...Yeah...
Sana(thinks): Wow...It's Amazing!
Sana(thinks): I never thought that I could not only do it for form's sake...
Sana(thinks): But actually fall in love!
Sana(thinks): I have to thank Katsuragi-kun!!
Sana(thinks): However, you really don't notice by yourself sometimes~~~...
Sana(thinks): I've seen in movies and read in books that this happens a lot...
Sana(thinks): But, to think... that I would really fall for Katsuragi-kun.
Sana(thinks): It can't be that I...
Sana(thinks): ...
Sana(thinks): I...?

Sana(thinks): I...
Sana(thinks): Really, for Katsuragi-kun...!?
Sana: ...
Sana(thinks): ...Eh!?
Sana(thinks): Eh!?
//That face XDDDD
Sana(thinks): I see...That's right.
Sana(thinks): Loving means that...
Sana(thinks): Eeh...!?!?

Yui: Eh...We can't pass through here...?
Yui: ...?
Sana(thinks): No, wait a second...!
Sana(thinks): Well...I do think that Katsuragi-kun is a good person...
Sana(thinks): But really!?
Sana(thinks): But since his relationship with Nana-chan bothers me...
Sana(thinks): Well that's true but...
Sana(thinks): But...
Sana(thinks): It can't be that I...
Sana(thinks): Fell in love...
Yui: Ah...Shou-chan?
Sana: !?
Sana(thinks): Ka...
Sana(thinks): Katsuragi-kun...!?

//she looks like a cat XD
Sana(thinks): ...Huh!?
Sana(thinks): Why did I hide!?
Yui: Sana-chan?
Sana(thinks): Rather...
Sana(thinks): Why is Katsuragi-kun at school...!?
Sana(thinks): Even though I could talk to him so easily before...!!
Sana(thinks): My face is hot!
Sana(thinks): What's this...!?

Yui: That's...Kotori-chan...right?
Star: Just what are they doing!?
Sana(thinks): Eh...!?
Yui: Why is Kotori-chan with Shou-chan...?
Sana(thinks): What are Katsuragi-kun...
Sana(thinks): And Kotori-chan doing...!?
Text: A troublesome premonition in the hallway...!!
Koisome Momiji
Scene 17 /End

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