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Tears to Tiara 7

The Demon King and His Wives

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 1, 2012 00:18 | Go to Tears to Tiara

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Reserved for Lively Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi 7
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Title: 07. The Demon King and His Wives
Arawn: Octavia?
Arawn: Why is an imperial soldier in my bedroom...
Arawn: Ah!
Arthur: Alright~~ I'll take responsibility of taking this box to your room.
Arawn: That, huh...
Arawn: That idiot can only do unnecessary work properly!

Octavia: Prepare yourself!!
Arawn: Owah!
Octavia: I can't disgrace my ancestors, who were imperial knights for generations, by getting captured alive!
Arawn: Tch!

Octavia: Just who are you?
Octavia: You must have some great skills since you could avoid my attack just now...
Octavia: You're all dressed in black and your looks are bad.
Arawn: Leave me alone!
Octavia: Let's see,
Octavia: I guess that you're the chief of those thieves.
Octavia: You steal everything valuable you find,
Octavia: You strip the poor from their possesions,
Octavia: And you sell the girls in marriageable age to be part of the harems of the east, aren't you the greatest villian ever?
Arawn: No!
Arawn: What part of me looks like that!?
Arawn: Look at me properly!
Arawn: At my noble appearance! Isn't my name well-known in the empire too?
Arawn: I'm Arawn-sama, Arawn-sama.
Octavia: Come to think of it, they called you like that in the storehouse.
Octavia: Arawn... Ah, that thing that was in fad in the empire about a demon king of destruction from some prophecy.

Octavia: See, aren't you something like the chief of these thieves?
Octavia: You've led this savage tribe to occupy this abandoned castle and to perform various evil deeds towards the empire, right?
Arawn: Hm~~~...
Arawn: So that's how it looks from their side...
Arawn: However, don't you fear the prophecy?
Arawn: This person in front of you is that demon king of destruction.
Octavia: I don't really believe in a prophecy being spread by the priests.
Octavia: I don't like the way the empire does things since it changed its name to "Holy Empire".
Octavia: The priests force the believe in one omnipotent God to the people and expel anyone who doesn't obey that.
Octavia: My family met its ruin like that...
Octavia: I even tried to restore my family by going up on the ranks
Octavia: From a low-rank soldier to an imperial knight,
Octavia: But that was impossible too...

Arawn: Hey, woman packed in a box.
Octavia: I'm Octavia!
Arawn: Why were you tied inside a box?
Octavia: Hm,
Octavia: That's a long story...
Octavia: To summarize it, a vulgar superior wanted to make me his lover by force, after I beat him up he resented me.
Octavia: That vengeful fellow framed me of violating military regulations,
Octavia: After being prosecuted, I was restricted and sent to the detention barracks.
Arawn: What a treacherous thing,
Arawn: You should have not just beat him up, you should've killed him properly.
Octavia: Fufufu, that's a bit too much for me.
Octavia: I'm only a soldier and he's my superior.

Arawn: You wanted to stick to being yourself while being a soldier, what a selfish girl.
Octavia: Fufu, I know my own foolishness,
Octavia: Don't criticise me that much...
Octavia: That's why I was to be sent back to the mainland.
Octavia: After recieving my military discharge punishment I was to do a certain labor...
Arawn: A certain labor?
Octavia: I don't know,
Octavia: No one's ever come back from that,
Octavia: I guess I'll be sent to a mine.
Arawn: ...
Arawn: I understand your situation.
Arawn: What will you do now?
Octavia: You said you were Arawn
Octavia: And this is that savage tribe's headquarters, huh.
Arawn: This is the citadel of Avalon.

Octavia: Then I only have one option,
Octavia: I have to beat you and then kill as many of the savages that come to your help before dying a magnificent death...
Octavia: Demon king Arawn,
Octavia: What did you plan to do with me after making me your prisoner?
Arawn: Nothing, really.
Octavia: Huh?
Arawn: Everyone's dead tired after that raid and they're sound asleep.
Arawn: You can make use of that to escape from this castle now.
Octavia: Wha!?

Octavia: Why would you do that?
Octavia: Is it that you want to use me as part of your strategy?
Arawn: Octavia...
Arawn: If you were born in a house of imperial knights you should understand.
Arawn: Do you really think I would do that after seeing me?
Octavia: That is...
Octavia: ...I apologise, Demon king Arawn.
Octavia: I contrast to your name, you're a noble man.
Arawn: All that happened today was an accident caused by misunderstandings,
Arawn: Once you leave this castle please forget about it.
Octavia: Yeah...
Octavia: I'll do that.

Octavia: I would've liked to meet you in the battefield when I was an imperial soldier...
Octavia: Well then, excuse me.
Arawn: I'll ask just in case,
Arawn: What do you plan to do now?
Octavia: I'll go back to the base,
Octavia: That was the place where I belonged.
Arawn: Hey... Are you insane?
Arawn: If you go back you'll be put inside a box again.

Octavia: That can't be helped.
Octavia: I have a debt for the army that has given me food so far.
Octavia: Even if I was discharged from the military, I have to obey them as much as possible,
Octavia: No matter if the send me to the mainland or anywhere.
Arawn: Send to the mainland......Huh.
Ogam: Oddly enough the imperial soldiers that violated the regulations were sent immediately to the mainland and after that nothing's been heard of them...
Arawn: ...
Octavia: Well then, I'll take my leave.
Arawn: Wait!

Octavia: Wh-
Octavia: What are you doing!
Arawn: ...I changed my mind,
Arawn: Stay here forever.

Octavia: Didn't you say you'd let me go!?
Octavia: You really want to use me as part of your strategy?
Arawn(thinks): Sending her back to the army is dangerous,
Arawn(thinks): I get the feeling that if I let her hand go this girl will die.
Arawn(thinks): For now let's hire her as a mercenary,
Arawn(thinks): She's already shown her abilities with the sword so she should become a reliable force.
Arawn: I need you!
Arawn: I want you to be here!
Octavia: Eh...
Octavia: Eeeh!
Octavia: Wa-Wait a second!
Octavia: Th-
Octavia: This is too sudden...
Octavia: We're enemies, aren't we!
Arawn: That's the past, let's forgive and forget,
Arawn: It has to be you.
Octavia: No way...
Octavia: I had never thought about that...

Octavia: I've always trained martial arts since I was little,
Octavia: All I can do is fight as a soldier...
Arawn: What nonsense are you saying!?
Arawn: That's good enough! What else is needed?
Octavia: ...Is that so?
Octavia: Is it fine like that?
Arawn: Don't make me repeat myself.
Arawn: I want this you right now! I won't let go of your hand until you say yes!
Octavia: ...I see.
Octavia: Fufu,
Octavia: You're really an unreasonable fellow.
Octavia: Ok, I'll accept your offer.
Octavia: Fufufufu, that was an amazing surprise attack, so this was your objective since the beginning.
Octavia: I thought you were a noble man, but I fell completely in your trap.
Arawn: Well...
Arawn(thinks): She's suddenly in a great mood.

Octavia: However,
Octavia: This kind of forcible things aren't bad.
Octavia: Your looks are bad and I really thought that you were up to nothing good, but I don't think I'll be bored.
Octavia: Thinking like that, being the demon king's bride isn't half bad.
Arawn: Isn't it...
Arawn: Eh, hey!
Arawn: What did you just say!?
Octavia: Don't make me repeat myself.
Octavia: I'll get embarrassed.
Octavia: I said that becoming your bride isn't half bad.
Octavia: I never thought that a demon king from a remote region would know about the marriage proposal customs of the empire.
Octavia: To suddenly grab the hand of an unmarried girl, you really are a bold fellow.
Arawn: ...

Octavia: Even if it's an imperial custom, after getting my hand grabbed so strongly and getting proposed to, the blood rose to my head and I was excited.
Octavia: Good grief... What part of me did you fell for?
Arawn's sd: Fufufu...
Arawn(thinks): Aaah... Again!
Arawn(thinks): I did it again...
Morgan: Arawn! This is an sneaking visit! //basically sneaking to someone's room at night to make love to him/her, though it's usually the guy who goes to see the girl XD
Octavia: ...Hm?
Arawn: ...Ah.
Morgan: A-
Morgan: Arawn...
Morgan: Who's that girl!
Octavia: I can ask the same to you,
Octavia: We were about to spend our first night together and you just barge in, what an unrefined woman.
Morgan: Fi...First night!?

Morgan: I'm Arawn's wife!
Octavia: ...What does this mean, Arawn!?
Arawn: ...Hm,
Arawn: Well...
Arawn: Some time ago, a series of events led to her staying by my side...
Morgan: If the Gael Tribe's chief places a woman by his side it means that she will become his bride!
Arawn: Well... She's the uninvited wife number 2.
Octavia: Number 2!? That can't mean that!?
Riannon: Arawn-sama~~~
Riannon: Your new wife came to share bed with you!

Octavia: So you're number 1.
Riannon: ...Eh?
Octavia: Arawn...
Octavia: How many wives do you have?
Arawn: Aah...
Arawn: How should I say it... There are a few of them.
Riannon: Emm...
Riannon: And you are?
Octavia: I'm Octavia,
Octavia: I was proposed by Arawn and just now gave my consent.
Riannon: I see!
Riannon: Then we're comrades! Nice to meet you.
Octavia: Yes, nice to me...
Octavia: No, that's not it!
Llyr: What happened?
Limwris: What's the cause of this uproar this late at night?

Arawn: Even you came.
Octavia: What! You won't say they're your wives too!
Llyr: ...I'm his wife.
Arawn: Hahaha, I once made a mistake and burned her pelt.
Llyr: And in accordance to the laws of the water elves, I became Arawn-sama's wife since he stole my pelt.
Limwris: I...I'm not like that...
Limwris: I...It's a shame...
Limwris: H...However...
Limwris: It can't be helped if you misunderstand in this situation...
Limwris: I don't mind...If you put me together with them!

Limwris: Yes,
Limwris: I'm his wife too so be nice with me!
Ermin: Wife, Wife! Me too, Me too!
Arawn: Aaaaaah! They're increasing, they're increasing!
Arthur: What is it, did an enemy attack or something?
Ogam: I can't sleep calmly... Oh, everyone's here.
Arawn: Aaaah! D-Don't come! You won't say that too, right!
Arawn: Fwa~~~~h.
Arawn: Jeez...
Arawn: I had a bad time last night.

Arawn: Damn Arthur.
Arawn: He said "I'll explain it to the women" but he completely forgot...
Arawn: Hm?
Arawn: That is...
Arawn: Arthur and Octavia, that's an unusual combination.
Arthur: Sei!
Arthur: Ya!
Arthur: Haaaa!
Arthur: Yaaa!
Arthur: Fuuu.

Arthur: An imperial female warrior huh.
Arthur: I heard about the situation.
Arthur: I hate the empire,
Arthur: But I was the one who took you here.
Arthur: You can stay in Avalon for as long as you like.
Octavia: I'm grateful for that.
Arthur: So,
Arthur: Do you have some business with me?
Octavia: I was taking a stroll inside the castle and I saw you practicing with the sword so I came to take a look.
Octavia: Your swordmanship is good, but...
Octavia: ...It's rough.
Octavia: If you fight putting too much strength in your sword, you won't last long.
Arthur: What?

Arthur: Those are some big words to tell to the first warrior of the Gael tribe.
Arthur: Then, I want you to show me your ability.
Octavia: I'm in a loss... I didn't intend to make fun of you.
Arawn: Yo, guys.
Arawn: What are you trying to begin now?
Octavia: Arawn.
Arthur: I just said I want to see her sword abilities.
Arawn: Hmm.
Arawn: That sounds nice.
Arawn: Octavia, I'll join to that request,
Arawn: Please show Arthur your techniques.
Octavia: Hm.
Octavia: If it's your request...
Octavia: Understood.

Octavia: Fufufu,
Octavia: Come at me, Arthur.
Octavia: I'll fully show you the imperial swordsmanship.
Arthur: Alright, Imperial warrior.
Arthur: ...O...
Arthur: O...
Octavia: It's Octavia.
Arthur: Sorry,
Arthur: The names used in the empire are hard to remember!
Arawn: Good grief, this prologue isn't ending.
Arawn: Are you alright, Arthur?
Arawn: Don't shame your chief.
Arthur: Shut up, Don't cut into our conversation!
Arthur: Well, let's start!
Octavia: Come!

Arthur: Haaa.

p25 //no dialog

Arthur(thinks): She's strong!
Arthur(thinks): I'm supposed to be stronger than her but I can't overpower her...
Octavia(thinks): She's not as dependant on strength as I thought.
Octavia(thinks): He uses some strategy...

Arawn: Ok.
Arawn: Stop there.
Arawn: Arthur.
Arawn: I guess you learned a lot today.

Arthur: Yeah, the world is vast.
Arthur: There's still a lot of great swordsmen that I don't know about.
Arawn: That's right.
Arawn: You must learn about how vast the world is
Arawn: And acquire a heart so tolerant that it doesn't lose to that vastness.

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