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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 6

6th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 5, 2012 12:32 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 6
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

6th Clause //I'm starting to think that paragraph might be a better way to call the chapters since it's supposed to be a book
Shin: Hey, Kyuuki.
Kyuuki: Hm?
Shin: You're the book's other half, right?
Shin: How was the last book holder like?
Kyuuki: I wonder...
Shin: Hey!! You don't know!!
Kyuuki: It seems that originally, the black grimoire itself wasn't a "book" but something else.
Shin: Something else?
Kyuuki: And what remade that something into the "book" that uses me was the black grimoire.
Shin: Remade...

Kyuuki: In other words, in the moment it turned into a "grimoire" I was sealed inside the book.
Kyuuki: I didn't know a thing about what happened in the outside world after that.
Kyuuki: Well I know nothing
Kyuuki: About what happened to the grimoire's holder.
Shin: It comes to that in the end!!
Shin: Dah~~~~~~
Shin: That means that we don't know what will happen next...
Kyuuki: I can't wait to see that.
Shin: Shut up!!

Shin(thinks): Jeez, we haven't progressed at all.
Shin(thinks): I hope nothing happens...
Shin: I beg you...

6th Clause
Shin: Emm...
Shin: Just where is this?
Shin: I was...supposed to be sleeping...right.

Shin: And...
Shin(thinks): What is this? All I can see are books.
Shin(thinks): Is this some kind of library?
Kuon: This is unexpected.

Kuon: I was sure that a demon would come, but
Kuon: To think that the next possesor of the grimoire would be a human.
Shin(thinks): A girl...!?

Shin(thinks): She knows about the black grimoire!?
Shin: Wh...Who are you?
Kuon: ...
Shin: Wh-What?
Kuon: You really are a human, I'm disappointed.
Shin: I'm sorry for being just a human.

Kuon: Phwat aph phew phoing? //It's supposed to be "What are you doing?"
Shin: That's my line, you rude girl.
Shin: Who are you?
Kuon: ...
Shin: And where is this?
Kuon: You're the worst.
Shin: Ah?
Kuon: Is using violence to force people to obey you your way of doing things?
Shin: Guh...
Kuon: Honestly, I'm disappointed that this trash got to this place.
Shin: ~~~~~~

Shin: Jeez!!
Shin: I got it, I got it!!
Shin: I was wrong, I'm very sorry!!
Shin: So, tell me, where is this place, who are you!!
Kuon: You forgot to say "I beg you".
Shin: I beg you cute little girl!!
Shin(thinks): This brat...!!
Kuon: It can't be helped.
Kuon: I think you've vaguely noticed that
Kuon: This isn't the real world.

Kuon: This is the core of the black grimoire, a magic library.
Kuon: I'm Kuon.
Kuon: You could say I'm the supervisor of the world the grimoire created.

Kuon: Every book that's in front of you right now...Is a grimoire,
Kuon: The black grimoire is the crystallization of these grimoires.
Shin: No way...
Shin(thinks): Are you telling me I'm inside the black grimoire!?
Kuon: And, that you were able to come here means that
Kuon: You're starting to become one with the black grimoire.
Shin: !?

Shin: Wait a moment, what does that mean!?
Shin: Wh-What?
Shin(thinks): My body is...
Kuon: We're out of time.
Kuon: You'll wake up soon.
Shin: What do you mean with wake up!!
Shin: We're still in the middle of...
Kuon: It's alright.
Kuon: If you stay alive you'll come here again.
Kuon: More importantly, don't forget
Kuon: About the size of the power you obtained.

Shin: Power? What power?
Shin: I have nothing...
Kuon: You'll understand soon,
Kuon: That you've obtained a power
Kuon: That can distort the world of the demons.
Shin: Hey, Wait a second.
Shin(thinks): A power that can distort the world!? What are you saying!?
Shin: Hey!!

Shin: ...A...Dream?
Shin: It was too vivid to be one...
Shin: That girl...Just what did she want to say?
Shin: I don't get a thing.
Shin(thinks): It's morning already, I should wash my face.
Shin: Hm.

p16 //no dialog

Kyuuki: Good grief, you do this every time,
Kyuuki: Do you like being hit so much?
Shin: You already hit me...
Kyuuki: Well...
Kyuuki: It's not like I don't understand
Kyuuki: The feeling of wanting to see my body.
Kyuuki: Do weird things while trying your utmost to imagine my body, youngster.
Shin(thinks): It's the first time I meet someone who says that...
Shin's sd: Haa...

Shin: Jeez, ever since I got hold of the black grimoire it's been all tiring things...
Shin: Just now I had that dream too.
Kyuuki: Wait, Shin.
Shin: Hm~~~?
Kyuuki: Tell me about that in detail.
Kyuuki: Inside the grimoire?
Shin: Yeah,
Shin: I could only see books in that world.
Kyuuki: Hmm.
Shin: And there was one girl called Kuon there.

p19 //Kuro is Kurosaki
Shin: Is something wrong?
Kyuuki: Ah...No,
Kyuuki: It's nothing.
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: Shin.
Shin: Hm?
Kyuuki: Just in case, don't tell that woman about this.
Shin: I know,
Shin: I won't tell Kurosa...
Shin: Ki...

Shin: Ah...Ku...Kurosaki!?
Shin: Why are you here...
Kuro: Have you already forgotten about what I told you yesterday?
Shin: Yesterday...
Shin: Ah, that's right!!
Shin(thinks): I'm under surveillance!!
Kuro: We're going to be late, let's hurry up.

Shin: ...
Shin(thinks): Th...
Shin(thinks): This is too awkward.
Kuro: Kamishiro-kun.
Shin: Yes.
Kuro: I couldn't ask before.
Shin: Eh.
Shin's sd: It can't be...

Kuro: What won't you tell me?
Shin(thinks): Ah, she really heard about that...
Shin: Emmm, that is ummm...
Shin: Owah.
Shin(thinks): I have to think of something to decieve her.
Shin: Emmm...
Shin(thinks): Damn it, I can't think of anything!!
Kyuuki: It's about you, Kurosaki.
Shin: Eh?

Kuro: About me?
Kyuuki: Yes,
Kyuuki: This morning,
Kyuuki: I was talking with Shin about how he wonders
Kyuuki: Why does Kurosaki have such a slender chest.
Kuro: Wha!
Kyuuki: And about how since she is always grumpy the nutrients probably aren't going to her chest.
Shin: W...Wait!! That wasn't me!!
Shin: I didn't say that!!

Kyuuki: In that, I have great looks, personality, and style.
Kyuuki: I'm perfection itself!!
Kyuuki: That's what we were talking about.
Kyuuki: How did you like it?
Kyuuki: You wanted to know, right?
Kyuuki: Hm?
Kuro: ...
Kuro: Enough with that.
Kuro: How trivial.
Kyuuki: Alright, I won!!
Shin: You said too much, idiot!!

Shin's sd: Don't you have a bit of delicacy?
Kyuuki's sd: Delicacy? What's that?
Kuro: ...
Kuro: ...Hmph.
Kuro: !!

Kuro: Above!!
Shin: Eh?
Kuro: Look out!!
Shin: Owah!

Kuro: ...
Shin(thinks): Something fell!?

Shin(thinks): Just what kind of demon is it this time?
SFX: *grope*
Shin: S-Sorry...!
Kuro: ?
Kuro: Something happened?
Shin: Ah...No.
Shin's sd: It's nothing.
Shin(thinks): They certainly are small...
Kuro: Leaving that aside, Demon Fox-san,
Kuro: I don't care if you try to use me, but could you at least protect your own allies.
Kyuuki: Guh...
Kuro: If I didn't save him, Kamishiro-kun would've died.
Kuro: Aren't all the nutrients that went to your breasts lacking in your brain?
Kyuuki: Y-You're wrong!! You're completely wrong!!
Shin: Karma.
Kyuuki: I did it on purpose to test your skills...

Demon: Pu-
Demon: Ahahahahahahahaha!!
Demon: What's this, do the demons of this little oriental island country love short stories so much?
Demon: Or is it that you're just idiots
Demon: That can't grasp the situation?

Demon: The quality of us demons sure has dropped.
Demon: Is that human over there the black grimoire's holder?
Demon: He really is just a human.
Shin(thinks): Humanoid demons...And there's two of them!?
Demon: What...he said...
Demon: Was...true...
Demon: And there's that damn dotard fox
Demon: and a heretic apostle of the Greek Orthodox Church. //"heretic apostle"'s furigana said "deku" idk what that could mean here.
Kyuuki: What!?
Shin(thinks): These two demons...

Shin(thinks): Are different!!
Demon: This is convenient.
Shin(thinks): To any of the ones before.
Demon: Human that holds the black grimoire,
Demon: Damn dotard fox,
Demon: I'll take you both at the same time.
6th Clause/END

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