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Koisome Momiji 19

Misunderstandings that Pass Each Other

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 11, 2012 22:52 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 19
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Koisome Momiji
Scene 19 Misunderstandings that Pass Each Other
Sana: I'll stop...Asking Katsuragi-kun...
Sana: To act as my boyfriend!
Sana: Goodbye...!!
Shouta: N...
Shouta: No way...!?
Text: Sana goes away!?
Sana: Be happy with Kotori-chan!
Shouta: W...Wait! That's not it, Shinomiya-san!!
Shouta: It's a misunderstanding---!!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Star: Ah...
Shouta: Ah...?
Star: JC Volume (1) on sale October 4th (Thu)!!
Kotori's sd: Ha--- Ha--- Ha---
Kotori: You have some guts to sexually harass me after dozing off!
Shouta(thinks): That thing yesterday was such a shock that I didn't sleep much...!
Box: ...Yesterday,
Box: After Sana-chan's call...
Nanasato Yui
It'd be best if you stop acting as my boyfriend.
Thanks for everything until now.

See you at school.
Box: A mail from Yui-chan that said that I should stop acting as her boyfriend came.

Shouta(thinks): ...So this was Kasuga Kotori's aim!
Shouta(thinks): She knew that I was helping both f them to get into the role...
Shouta(thinks): And to hinder them she made me...!
Shouta: ...What are you planning this time?
Shouta: You suddenly asked me to come to school...
Shouta: And you even made me dress like this...!
Kotori: If we say that you're part of my staff you can enter this place~~~
Kotori: In order for you to work as my slave, this is convenient.
Shouta: Slave!?

Kotori: That's right!
Kotori: As long as I have those photos you're my slave~~~!
Kotori: Isn't that right~~~?
Shouta: Guh...
Kotori: It's right, so just obediently listen to what I say~~~
Man: Kotori-sama, please standby!
Kotori: Ok~~~!
Kotori: Hey, you come too~~~!
Shouta: Me too!?
Kotori: Of course!
Shouta: I called you to hinder those two~~~
Shouta: ...!!

Shouta(thinks): To hinder Sana-chan and Yui-chan...huh.
Shouta(thinks): But right now, I have to obey her...
Shouta(thinks): If not she'll spread those photos and a lot more serious things will happen...!
Shouta(thinks): Damn it~~~...
Shouta(thinks): What will she make me do...!?
Kotori: Then, watch from here~~~!
Shouta: Eh?
Shouta: ...I just have to watch?
Kotori: That's right~~~!
Shouta(thinks): What...?
Shouta: !!

Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan!
Shouta(thinks): Yui-chan...!
Kotori: Sana-chan! Nana-chan!!
Both: !?
Shouta: !!

Shouta: !
Shouta(thinks): Uh...She's being unduly distant...
Sana: Hey~~~ In the end, who is it, the boy Iroha likes!
Yui: Th...That is...
Kotori: Is it someone from our class!?

Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...Looks totally fine...
Shouta(thinks): Well, that's great...but
Shouta(thinks): Is it really...Over like this...?
Shouta(thinks): ...This easily...?
Shouta(thinks): ...That may mean that for Sana-chan...
Shouta(thinks): I was only...her practice
Shouta(thinks): ...partner.

Shouta's sd: Ha---...
Director: ...-na...
Director: Na...
Director: Nana!!
Yui: Huh...!!
Director: Nana!!
Director: You were spacing out again!
Director: Yesterday it was Sana, what's wrong with you girls!?
Yui: I...I'm sorry...
Shouta(thinks): Yui-chan...!?
Kotori(thinks): Fufu...It's clearly visible~~~
Kotori(thinks): Nana's shock after I stole Katsuragi Shouta...!

Sana: ...Iroha!
Sana: It's Ok! Calm down!
Sana: I'm here for you!
Yui: ...Yeah,
Yui: Kaede-chan...!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan is so cool...!
Director: ...Hmph?
Girl: I'm glad...
Girl: Yeah...Shinomiya-san is back to normal!

Kotori: ...
Kotori: Here darling, it's Kotori's handmade lunch!
Kotori: Say Ah~~~!
Shouta: ...
Shouta: Wha...!?
Shouta: I...Idiot, stop it!
Kotori: Why~~~?
Shouta: "Why?" You...
Shouta(thinks): I mean...!

Shouta(thinks): They're both...
Shouta(thinks): Looking at us...!
Kotori(thinks): It seems that it hasn't quite affected Sana-chan~~~... I have to attack more~~~!
Kotori(thinks): I'll show you how lovey dovey I'm with Katsuragi Shouta~~~!
Sana: Oh...Kotori-chan! You wanted to tell me something, right...?
Shouta(thinks): Hm? It's unexpectedly good...
Kotori: Ah...Yes! You see...
Kotori: I want you to keep my relationship with darling...
Kotori: As a complete secret for everyone else~~~!
Shouta: !!

Kotori: You know...We're forbidden from having love affairs~~~
Sana: Ok...I understand!
Kotori: Thank you~~~!
Kotori: With this we can be lovey dovey without reserves, darling!
Shouta: !?
Shouta: G...Go away!
Kotori: Eh~~~? Why~~~?
Shouta: Well...They're watching us...!
Kotori: No~~Geez! Darling, you get embarrassed so easily!!
Shouta: That's not it!!
Sana: Ah...Sorry, I dropped it! Don't mind it!!
Sana: But really...

Sana: Even though you just met... You really get along well!
Sana: I yearn for a relationship like that...!
Sana: Well, I'd feel bad getting in your way, so I'll leave!
Sana: Let's go, Nana-chan!
Sana: See you later~~~
Star: You can only read Miura-sensei's manga in Jump!! Please root for him!

Shouta: ...
Shouta(thinks): ...How should I say it...Really...
Shouta(thinks): When Sana-chan says that kind of things so calmly...
Shouta(thinks): I get depressed...!
Shouta(thinks): She's not bothered at all...!
Shouta(thinks): ...Rather,
Shouta(thinks): Yesterday and today...
Shouta(thinks): Kasuga Kotori made me do this...What is her aim!?
Shouta(thinks): Isn't it only destroying my relationship of acting as their boyfriend...!?
Kotori: ...Why...
Kotori: Why can she stay so calm~~~!?
Kotori: Even though Katsuragi Shouta is flirting in front of her~~~!!!
Shouta: !?
Shouta(thinks): ...!
Shouta(thinks): Kotori, perhaps she's...

Shouta(thinks): Showing how she gets along well with me
Shouta(thinks): To make Sana-chan and Yui-chan feel jealous...!?
Shouta(thinks): That's off-point~~~...!
Shouta(thinks): For those two I'm only her partner to practice acting...
Star: You can only read Sakamoto-sensei's manga in Jump and Super Dash & Go!!! Please root for him!
Shouta(thinks): ...Saying it myself made me feel sad...!
Kotori: ...I got it!
Shouta: !
Kotori: This doesn't work against Sana-chan...
Kotori: Because we aren't lovey dovey enough!!
Shouta: ...Huh?
Kotori: We have...To do more extreme things!!
Shouta: Huh!?

Kotori: I'll have you cooperate with me! Katsuragi Shouta!
Shouta: Hey, that's enou...
Shouta: !
Shouta(thinks): Wait... Won't this girl try to hinder Sana-chan and Yui-chan
Shouta(thinks): Using other methods while she's trying to use me...!?
Kotori: But even if I say extreme, what should I do...?
Shouta: ...Alright,
Shouta: I'll cooperate until you feel satisfied.
Kotori: That's obvious~~~!
Kotori: You're my slave as long as I have those photos~~~!
Shouta(thinks): ...Perhaps, I'll be able to restrain Kasuga Kotori.
Shouta(thinks): And if I'm close to her, I might get the chance to delete those photos data...!

Director: Listen Sana!
Director: In this scene Kaede starts stress eating out of jealousy after she finds out
Director: That Iroha went on a date to the amusement park with Hanaoka!
Director: This might be a bit tough for you since you were brought as a high class lady, but...
Director: Eat greedily!
Sana: Yes!
Man: Then, we'll start the take!
Sana: Someone like...Hanaoka-san...
Sana: Someone like Hanaoka-san~~~!!

Director: Oh...!?
Man: Cu~~~t!!
Text: It was effective!?
Director: What's that Sana! You can do it if you try---...
Sana: Seconds!
Director: ...Hmm?
Sana: Seconds!!
Director: Y...Yeah!?
Sana(thinks): Someone like Katsuragi-kun...
Sana(thinks): Someone like Katsuragi-kun...!!
Koisome Momiji
Scene 19/End
Next number, center color and a sudden development...!!

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