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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Koisome Momiji 20

Catch Hold of the Stars

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 19, 2012 22:53 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 20
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

star: In commemoration of the publication JC Volumes (1) and (2) in two succesive months, Center Color!!
Koisome Momiji
Text(pink): The devilish idol's
Text(blue): ---Ice cold smile.
Title: Scene 20 Catch Hold of the Stars //Grab, seize, grasp
Star: The long-awaited JC Volume (1) will be on sale on October 4th!! And JC Volume(2) will be on sale on November 2nd!! They will be published on two succesive months!!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Text(right): At the beach house while Shouta is gone!
Voice: Missy, I'd like to order~~~
Riko: Yes, I'll be there now~~~!
Umine: Sorry for asking you so suddenly~~~ Riko!
Riko: Don't be! I wanted to try this once!
Umine: She's such a good girl...!
Yoshi: Completely different to her brother!
Yoshi: Jeez...
Yoshi: Where did that idiot go that he even had to make his sister work in his place?

Shouta: Excuse me! Emm...
Shouta: Umm... It's the next person's turn...!
Man: I know, I know!
Man: Kotorin! //not a typo, her nick it seems
Man: I'll come again!
Kotori: Ok! See you next time~~~!
Man: Tch...!
Shouta(thinks): I'm sorry...!
Shouta(thinks): Phew...
Shouta(thinks): I mean...

Shouta(thinks): Why am I doing this...!?
In commemoration of the release of her Solo Single "Peace!"
Kasuga Kotori's Special Handshake Meeting //session
Kotori: Thank you for your constant support~~~!
Shouta(thinks): Jeez... Even if they're blackmailing me,
Shouta(thinks): Aren't they using me too much...!?
Man: Listen, Katsuragi! You have to lead the fans so that the handshake meeting proceeds smoothly.
Man: If the handshake lasts more than 10 seconds you have to make them let go of her hand by force!
Man: Even if Kotori-sama doesn't let the fan's hand go.
Shouta(thinks): Well...I've got no choice...
Shouta(thinks): 8...
Shouta(thinks): 9...
Shouta(thinks): 10...
SFX: Pat pat
Man: Ah...Then, I'll come again!

Kotori: Are you already leaving~~~!?
Man: !?
Shouta(thinks): Why don't you let him go, Kotori!?
Shouta(thinks): I'm telling you it's been 10 seconds!
Man: I...It's ok! I'll come again! I'm rooting for you!!
Man: Ok!
Shouta: !
Kotori: You must come~~~!?
Shouta(thinks): I see... This is also a trick to get more fans...!
Shouta(thinks): H...How scary...!
Kotori: Ah! You came last time too, right!?
Shouta(thinks): Eh...?
Kotori: You have entrance exams this year, right! I'm rooting for you~~~!
Kotori: You cut your hair short! It looks cute like this too~~~
Shouta: ...!?
Kotori: I cried with the movie you recommended in your letter~~~!

Shouta(thinks): Impossible...
Shouta(thinks): She remembers each and every one of her fans...!?
Shouta: ...
Shouta(thinks): ...Is that really
Shouta(thinks): only feigning friendliness...?
Shouta(thinks): Can you smile like that...
Shouta(thinks): ...Only to sell more...?

Shouta(thinks): ...Somehow...
Shouta(thinks): I've finally become aware of it.
Shouta(thinks): That this girl in front of me,
Shouta(thinks): Is the top idol, Kasuga Kotori...!
Shouta: ...? Are you working around here this time?
Kotori: I'm not~~~

Kotori: I'll go back home for a while!
Shouta: Home?
Kotori: But, before that...
Kotori: It's finally your turn~~~
Shouta: !?
Kotori: Now~~~ What should I make as side dishes today~~~!
Shouta: Why am I on disguise to...
Kotori: Ah, there's a bargain of eggplants~~~!
Shouta: ...

Kotori: The thing is I want to show off how well we get along to those girls!
Kotori: So, let's become a bit more intimate~~~!
Kotori: For that, I'll have you accompany me for a while.
Kotori: Ah! Of course, you can't say no, ok?
Kotori: And then we can do something extreme that can only be done after we're more intimate...!
Shouta(thinks): Being intimate is kinda impossible this late...
Shouta: Rather... You can actually cook, right.
Shouta: That lunch the other day was delicious...
Kotori: Of course I can cook~~~!
Kotori: I take turns with my little sister to cook~~~
Shouta: You have a little sister!? I thought you were the youngest child.
Kotori: What does that mean~~~!?
Kotori: I'm the oldest of 4 siblings!
Shouta: For real!?
Shouta(thinks): That's unexpected...!!
Shouta(thinks): Unexpected as it may be, this shop...
Shouta(thinks): Even though she's a famous idol...
Kotori: He...Hey, look at this!
Kotori: The chicken breast has a 45 yen discount!!
Shouta(thinks): Th...That's so working class...!!

Star: In commemoration of the publication JC Volumes (1) and (2) in two succesive months, Center Color!! Koisome Momiji
Shouta(thinks): ...
Shouta(thinks): Even though she's that busy, she thinks about her home...huh.
Shouta(thinks): ...Somehow,
Shouta(thinks): Her way of doing things is wrong,
Kotori: Should I stock up on it today...!?
Shouta(thinks): But she's doing her best in her way...
Kotori: If I refrigerate it, it should...
Shouta: Hey!
Kotori: !
Shouta: I'll carry that basket.

Kotori: Eh...?
Kotori: ...Ah!
Shouta: L...Look! It's kinda embarrassing if the guy isn't carrying anything,
Shouta: At least let me carry this for you.
Kotori: R...Rather, that much is obvious!
Kotori: Say that faster~~~!
Woman: My, my.
Woman: It's nice being young...!
Kotori: Hmmm...
Kotori: Isn't there anything~~~
Shouta: Anything?
Kotori: An extreme thing that can shock Sana-chan and Nana-chan~~~
Shouta: That again...
Shouta(thinks): She wouldn't be that bad if it weren't for that...
Shouta: ...
Shouta: Something like...Kissing?

Shouta: !?
Kotori: Wh...Wha-wha-wha-wha-
Kotori: ...A Ki-kiki...Kiss...!?
Shouta: Th...That was just an example!
Shouta: Who's saying that we're seriously doing it!!
Girl: !
Kotori: Y-y-y-you!
Kotori: Even if you're my boyfriend now, don't get carried away!
Girl: !?
Shouta: I'm not getting carried away!!
SFX: thud
Both: !?
Kotori: Tsu...Tsubame...!?
Shouta: Hm? You know her?

Tsubame: Kotori-nee...!
Shouta(thinks): Kotori...-nee!?
Tsubame: You got a boyfriend!?
Shouta: !?
Boy: Oh!? Who are you!?
Boy: Who!?
Shouta: Ah~~~...Emm.
Shouta: I'm, umm...
Tsubame: Katsuragi-san is Kotori-nee's boyfriend!
Boy: Boyfriend?
Shouta: Hey...!?

Boy: What's a boyfriend?
Tsubame: Hmm...?
Tsubame: Maybe...The person that will steal Kotori-nee from us...In the future.
Both: !?
Shouta: Hey, heeey!?
Boy: Like we'll let you!
Boy: Kotori-nee is ours!
Boy: Ours!
Shouta: Gyaah!!
Tsubame: Hey, hey! Have you at least kissed?
Kotori: I...I told you it's not like that!!
Kotori: That wasn't specially...!
Tsubame: Yeah, yeah, I know! I'll leave it like that!
Tsubame: Love is forbidden for idols, right!
Kotori: You don't understand at all!
Kotori: Geez... Hey, let's eat dinner!
sd: Oh!
Tsubame: Katsuragi-san too!
Shouta: Th...Thanks!

Boy: Come to think of it, there's a bad boy in my class~~~
Boy: He always badmouths about Kotori-nee!
Tsubame: That's the hard part of being an idol, right~~~ Onee-chan.
Kotori: That happens a lot.
Shouta(thinks): This is good...
Tsubame: There's a lot of bad rumors about Kotori-nee on the internet!
Kotori: Bad rumors...?
Tsubame: That's right! About how Kotori-nee being #1 in popularity
Tsubame: Is all because she did cruel things to the other Seven Drops members to rank better than them.
Shouta: !!
Shouta(thinks): ...Cruel things to the other members...huh.
Shouta(thinks): I guess she actually...Did something...
Shouta(thinks): That's all I can think after knowing her other face...
Kotori's sd: Kekekeke
Boy: Kotori-nee would never be cruel, right!?
Boy: Right!
Shouta: !

Kotori: Of course!
Kotori: Your sister would never do that, right!?
Kotori: Now, eat quickly!
Kotori: I have to go work again after this~~~!
Both: Ye~~~s!
Shouta: ...
Shouta(thinks): That kinda made me lose my will... //to do something

Sana: Eh...?
Sana: Katsuragi-kun and Kotori-chan's relationship smells fishy...?
SFX: Nod...
Yui: That's right...!
Yui: Today...I had the day off, so I went to the beach house...
Yui: But Shou-chan wasn't there...
Yui: I tried asking about Shou-chan and Kotori-chan indirectly,
Yui: But it seems they don't know anything...
Yui: That Shou-chan is hiding it even from Umine-chan and the rest...Is somehow odd...Isn't it?
Yui: ...And, my president said...
Quote: "Be careful with Kasuga Kotori."
Yui: ...

SFX: Gulp...
Yui: ...
Yui: Sana-chan...Are you fine...Letting Kotori-chan
Yui: ...Take Shou-chan?
Sana: Wut!?
Sana: I...I-I'm...
Yui: I...Can't just give up like this.
Yui: I mean...
Yui: I mean,
Yui: Shou-chan is...My first love...
Yui: For 7 years...
Yui: I've always...!

Yui: I'm not...The same me from 7 years ago.
Yui: That's why...I won't lose...!
Yui: To Kotori-chan...
Yui: Or to Sana-chan...!
Text: Nana talks about her ardient feelings for Shouta---!! How will Sana answer!? And Kotori will...!?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 20/End

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