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Koisome Momiji 21

Fighting Maidens

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 27, 2012 02:43 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 21
//sd: side dialog, cd, corner dialog

Scene 21 Fighting Maidens
Yui: Shou-chan is...My first love...
Yui: That's why...I won't lose...!
Yui: To Kotori-chan...
Yui: Nor to Sana-chan...!
Koisome Momiji
Star: JC Volume (1) is about to be on sale!! A special Volume that includes the oneshot! Go to your local library on October 4th!
Text(left) Stare--- //ok, so the kanji is the kanji for stiff, but the furigana is as if it were the onomatopoeia for staring
Sana(thinks): ...I somehow,
Sana(thinks): Thought it might be like that...
Yui: Can I... volunteer to become Shou-chan's...
Yui: ...Girlfriend?
Sana: Wha...
Shouta: ...Eh!?
Sana(thinks): As I thought, Nana-chan is really... With Katsuragi-kun...!
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro

Yui: Well then...I'll try calling Shou-chan right now!
SFX: gulp...
Sana: What!?
Sana: Wh...Why would you suddenly call him...?
Yui: When Shou-chan is with Kotori-chan...He always looks like
Yui: ...He wants to say something.
Yui: There must...Be a reason for that.
Yui: ...I guess!
Phone: Ye~~~s.
Yui: Ah...Shou-cha...
Phone: Wah~~~ Is that Nana-chan~~~!?
Phone: Darling is taking a bath right now~~~!
Phone: *rumble*...*Knock knock*!
Phone: How's the water~~~?
Phone: *splash*
Phone: Owah!? Why did you get in all of a sudden...?
Phone: Hey! That's my phone, isn't it...!?
Star: You can only read Miura-sensei's manga on Jump!! Please root for him!

Phone: Nana-chan just called~~~
Phone: Huh!? Hey, you...
Phone: Ah, I'll hang up, ok! Nana-chan, see you~~~!!
Phone: *beep*
Sana(thinks): Katsuragi-kun...And Kotori-chan!?
Phone: *bee---p*...
Phone: *bee---p*...
Sana: ...Nana...-chan...?
Yui: Shou...-chan's...
Yui: Chastity...was...
Sana: Nana-cha---n!?
Sana(thinks): ...Katsuragi-kun is with Kotori-chan...
Sana(thinks): This late...
Sana(thinks): Maybe they really are dating...
Sana(thinks): But, their relationship does feel unnatural...And...
Sana(thinks): ...Assuming that they really were not dating...
Sana(thinks): What would...
Sana(thinks): What would...I do?
Sana(thinks): What...Do I want to do...!?

Sana: Aah~~~~~~... Geez!!
Sana: I decided!
Sana: Let's go ask them the truth directly!
Sana: Nana-chan!!
Yui: !
Shouta: You really are the worst, answering other people's phones!
Shouta: You didn't tell her anything weird again, right...!?
Kotori: I'm who decides that~~~
Kotori: You can't go and make excuses for Nana-chan, ok~~~
Shouta: Guh...
Tsubame(thinks): So this is the famous lover's quarrel...!

Kotori: Well then, Tsubame, I'll get in the bath too!
Tsubame: OK~~~
Tsubame: I'm sorry that our brothers made you stay here...
Boy: Don't go~~~! Stay here for the night~~~!
Boy: Stay~~~!
Shouta: Don't be, I'm sorry that I intruded...
Tsubame: It's been a while since Kotori-nee last brought a friend home,
Tsubame: So they probably...Were thrilled.
Tsubame: ...In the past, the girls from 7D came to play sometimes... //7D = Seven Drops
Tsubame: Katsuragi-san...Where did you meet my sister?
Shouta: Emm...My school is the location for the filming of the drama.
Tsubame: Ah, I see!
Tsubame: Have you heard about our debt?

Shouta: Eh!? Debt...!?
Tsubame: Ah! It's fine if you haven't heard about it!
Tsubame: I sometimes...Think that
Tsubame: Kotori-nee is overexerting herself...For our sake...
Shouta: I...Saw her work
Shouta: ...Closely today...
Tsubame: !
Shouta: She looked like...She was having a lot of fun.
Shouta(thinks): At least...
Shouta(thinks): In front of the fans that root for her.

Tsubame: I see...!
Tsubame: Ah...That's right!
Tsubame: Maybe I should make...One of that of Katsuragi-san too!
Shouta: That?
Kotori: Tsu...Tsubame~~~...!
Tsubame: Kotori-nee!?
Kotori: There's no clean underwear...!
Tsubame: Ah...Sorry!
Boy: Uh...
Shouta: !

Boy: Toilet.
Kotori: Nooooooooo!?
Boy: Kotori-nee...!?
Shouta: S...Sorry! I didn't see much! I didn't see!!
Kotori: Get out! Geez!
Kotori: A pervert like you...Is going to sleep outside!
Tsubame: C...Calm down, Kotori-nee!

Kotori?: We're off~~~!
Voice: Have a nice day~~~!
Tsubame: Wait a bit, Kotori-nee!
Tsubame: Here, this is for you, Kotori-nee!
Tsubame: Tsubame's newest work, Katsuragi-san's strap!
Kotori: !!
Shouta: Eh...Mine!?
Kotori: Wha...!?
Tsubame: Kotori-nee spends a lot of time out of home this days,
Tsubame: So I've been making strap dolls of our family,
Tsubame: So that she doesn't feel lonely!
Kotori: Tsubame, don't tell him things you don't need to!
Kotori: Why should I carry this pervert's strap...!
Tsubame: Geez...Are you still angry? It's fine, he only saw you naked!
Kotori: It's not fine!

Shouta(thinks): ...Kotori
Shouta(thinks): Fiddles with words a lot...
Shouta(thinks): But she's actually a nice girl that loves her family...
Kotori: Now...Let's make another plan today!
Kotori: To defeat Sana-chan and Nana-chan...!
Shouta: In the end it comes to that!
Shouta: Just when I was getting a better opinion of you, this again...
Shouta: Stop forcing yourself to act like a bad girl!
Kotori: Huh!?
Shouta: You actually want to get along with those two, don't you?
Kotori: !

Shouta: A while ago...A friend showed me a 7D DVD.
Shouta: He said it was something that happened in a live a year ago...
Shouta: Around then...It looked like you got along well with the other members.
Girl: Puhahahaha!
Girl: What's with that face, Kotori-chan~~~!
Kotori: Don't you know?
Kotori: Your nervousness goes away if you show your tongue~~~!
Girl: But you don't have to make that face...!
Shouta: You even cheered them up.
Shouta: Wasn't that the real you!?
Shouta: Then...!
Kotori: I...
Kotori: I was just feigning friendliness then obviously~~~!
Kotori: This industry is sly!
Kotori: Everyone's desperate to make their rivals fall!!
Kotori: Sana-chan and Nana-chan are probably the same~~~!!!
Shouta: ...Wha-!?

Shouta: Those two don't do that!!
Shouta: Definitely!!
Kotori: I wonder!?
Kotori: How much do you really know those two~~~!?
Man(thinks): They get along really well now...
Kotori: Go home now! You're too noisy!!
Shouta: Oh~~~ That's great, I'm dismissed huh!
Shouta: Thanks for your hard work!!
Kotori: Hmph!!
Shouta: Jeez...!

Kotori(thinks): Aaah, good grief, he irritates me!
Kotori(thinks): Even though he's an amateur that knows nothing!!
Kotori(thinks): Don't talk as if you know it all...!
Kotori(thinks): This place really is...
Sign: Waiting Room Seven Drops-sama //the sama is a bit littler than the name
Kotori(thinks): Frightening...!
SFX: Gulp...
Kotori(thinks): Everyone...Onee-chan will do her best...!
SFX: Grr
Kotori: I don't need you!

Shouta: I saw 7D's DVD.
Kotori(thinks): One year ago... The legendary live that was the start point for 7D's hit...
Kotori(thinks): Those times...Were really fun...
Kotori(thinks): No matter how hard or painful it were, we cheered each other up...
Kotori(thinks): We didn't compete or get jealous...

Kotori(thinks): We worked together...
Kotori(thinks): To get to the top...!
Sign: Kasuga Kotori-sama
Kotori's sd: Haa~~~...
Kotori: ...Hmph!
Kotori: It's me! Bring me a spare outfit again!
Kotori: I can get this much ready in an instant~~~
Girl: I don't know who did it, but Kotori-chan has the upper-hand.
Girl: Do it better~~~
Girl: Hey, Kotori...?

p16 //this girl will be a f***ing b**** but her character design is amazing
Girl: Can you let me see those straps...?
Kotori: ...Straps?
Girl: Yes...You've been treasuring them all this time.
Girl: ...But, isn't there one more now?
Girl: I wonder who is it...?
Kotori: I...It doesn't matter who it is...
Kotori: Hey...! What are you doing, give it back!!
Girl: It's ok, let me see it...

Girl: It seems...That you're doing great recently.
Girl: With your Solo Debut and appearing in that drama...
Kotori: Cut it out...!!
Girl: Oh, My hand slipped.
Kotori: Wha...
Kotori: What are you doing!?

Kotori: ...!
Girl: Ok...It's about time to standby.
Girl: Let's go girls!
Girl: You have to do that much if you're going to do something~~~...
Girl: No, that's too dirty...
Girl: ...You took my position as the queen...
Girl: Don't think you'll have a smooth sailing.

Kotori: "You took it"...
Kotori: That was...
Girl: I'll leave first.
Star: An idol's revolution!! //not actually revolution but a junior dominating a senior, I guess it's close enough
Shouta: That thing that just fell was....
Text(left): What will you do, Shouta!?
Koisome Momiji
Scene 21/End

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