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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 7

7th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 9, 2012 01:10 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 7
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//For some reason I forgot to upload this chapter... It's been a while since it was released XD

7th Clause
Kyuuki: Shin.
Kyuuki: Shin.
Shin: Eh, Kyuuki!?
Shin: Eeeeh!?
Shin: He...Hey, Kyuuki-san!?
Shin: Just what are you...?
Kyuuki: "What?" you say?
Kyuuki: There's only...
Kyuuki: One thing I could be doing.
Shin:(thinks): Uwa---h!?
Shin: A...dream...

Shin: Jeez, why did I have that dream...
Shin: Hm?
Shin: Owaaaah!?
Shin: A...Aaah...
Shin: It was your fault---!!
Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madoushou
7th Clause

p4 //index
001 7th Clause
027 8th Clause
055 9th Clause
075 10th Clause
099 11th Clause
115 12th Clause
145 13th Clause
179 Atogaki //afterword, postscript

Demon: So that boy is the key's holder...
Shin(thinks): Key?
Shin(thinks): What is she talking about!?
Shax: I'm Shax, //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_demons_in_the_Ars_Goetia#Marquis_Shax
Shax: And this is Aim. //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_demons_in_the_Ars_Goetia#Duke_Aim
Shax: Well, as you can see we're demons, so that's the end of our introduction.
Shax: I mean, it's useless, right?

Shax: Because there's no meaning in naming ourselves to someone who's about to die!!
Shax: Go, Aim!
Shax: Start with that damn fox!!
Shax: The key is ours if we get rid of her!!
Aim: Under...stood.
Kyuuki: I don't know where you are from, but I'll beat you on your own game.
Shin: Ah, hey wait.
Kyuuki: Shin, you hide somewhere!!

Kyuuki: As if.
Kyuuki: I never thought anything about you!!
Kyuuki: My aim from the beginning...
Kyuuki: Was you.

p8 //kuro is Kurosaki
Aim: Sha...x.
Kuro: Are you sure you can look away?
Aim: !!
Kuro: I'm your oponent.
Aim: ...

Kyuuki: As I thought you're bad at hand-to-hand fighting.
Shax: Tch!
Kyuuki: You won't run away!!

Shax: Tch!
Kyuuki: Before making you disappear, I'll have you answer me something.
Shax: Ah?
Kyuuki: What is that thing about a "key" you said before?
Kyuuki: That boy holds a "book" not a key.
Kyuuki: And, aren't you mistaking it for a "Jewel"? //stone, gem

Shax: Jewel...
Shax: Hmph...
Shax: Even though you were sealed, you don't know about what's inside, huh.
Shax: About "Solomon's key".
Shin(thinks): Solomon's key!?
Kuro: Solomon's key...?

Shax: If you don't know, then that's fine,
Shax: We'd be troubled if you used the "key's" powers.
Shax: At any rate you all will die soon.
Shax: Ah, I'm glad the sealed demon was an idiot...
Kyuuki: I don't care if it's Solomon or Moloson.
Kyuuki: But all will solve if I beat you!!
Shax: I---diot.

Kyuuki: !?
Kyuuki: A stationary magic circle!?
Kyuuki: Damn!
Shin: Kyuuki!!

Kyuuki: E...Eh?
Shin: ...Eh?
Kuro: ...
Kyuuki: Wh...Wha-wha-
Kyuuki: What's this---!!

Shin(thinks): Hey...What kind of joke is this.
Shin(thinks): That Kyuuki has---
Kyuuki's sd: My breasts are gone!?
Shin(thinks): turned into a child!?
Shax: Ahahahaha.
Shax: How's does turning into a kid feel?
Kyuuki: You...
Shax: After taking that technique you'll stay like that for a while.
Shax: And you'll be unable to use your powers.
Kyuuki: What!?

Shin(thinks): I see, she provoked Kyuuki on purpose to make her fall into that trap.
Shin(thinks): It seems that Kurosaki is having a tough fight against him too...
Shin(thinks): At this point there's only one option.
Kuro: It's hard...!!

Shax: It seems that that glasses girl is on a stalemate too,
Shax: I guess I'll end this soon.
Kyuuki: Kuh...
Shax: Die with a nice voice!!
Shax: Damn fox!!
Kyuuki: ...!!

Kyuuki: Eh...It doesn't hurt...
Kyuuki: Wha!!
Kyuuki: Shin!?
Shin: Kurosaki, let's run away!!
Kyuuki: W-wait, Shin, I can still...
SFX: *nod*
Shax: Like I'll let you!!

Shax: Whoopsie, where are you aiming at!!
Shax: Hm.
Shax: A bell...?
Shax: It can't be!!

Shin: Did you beat her!?
Kyuuki's sd: Hey, where are you touching?
Kuro: No, that was only a smokescreen.

Shax: Damn that glasses girl, she did something clever.
Shax: Well, it's ok, that curse will last for a few days.
Shax: And as the caster, I can know her overall location.
Shax: Let's go, Aim.
Aim: Understood...

Shin: Jeez, are you an idiot!!
Shin: Why do you always rush in alone?
Shin's sd: I want to cry!!
Kyuuki: I just don't like doing things sluggishly.
Kuro: At any rate we have to think our next move.
Kuro: We don't know when they will come but we have no time.
Kuro: And...
Kuro's sd: Good grief
Kuro's sfx: *sigh*
Kyuuki: Oh, what's with that sigh!!
Kyuuki: Do you want a fight, you brat!!
Shin(thinks): She must be thinking: "I got one more burden"...
Shin's sd: Sorry

Shin?: Well, calm down,
Shin?: For starters, we have to do something about your curse.
Kyuuki's sd: Grrr
Kuro: Basically, if time passes she'll return to normal,
Kuro: But we can't count on that.
Kuro: Other than that, we can only beat the caster.
Shin: That means our objective is that demon Shax.
Kuro: That's right.
Shin: Then what should we do with that golem-like macho?
Shin: He seems hard...
Kyuuki: That's probably an "armor".
Shin: "Armor"?
Kyuuki: Well, it's a magical armor made by demons.
Kyuuki: You don't see those much in orient.

Kuro: I could beat him using Ignis but I can only use that once.
Kuro: If he guards I won't beat him.
Shin: They most likely think that we'll aim for the one that casted the curse,
Shin: And our reliable artillery only has one shot...
Shin(thinks): We have to turn the tables on them somehow...
Shin: Hm.
Shin: That's...a fire extinguisher?
Shin: Girls, listen.
Shin: I have a plan.
7th Clause/END

I became small---!!

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