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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Koisome Momiji 23

A date with just the two of them!?

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 12, 2012 02:07 | Go to Koisome Momiji

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Koisome Momiji 23
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Koisome Momiji
Text: A maiden's heart is reflected on the mirror...!
Scene 23 A date with just the two of them!?
Sakamoto Tsugirou X Miura Tadahiro
Star: JC Volume (1) is on sale!! Volume (2) will be on sale on November 2nd!!

Star: Shouta escaped from his life as Kotori's slave...!
Yoshi: Shouta was...That Kasuga Kotori's...Attendant...!?
Shouta: I was forced to be though.
Yoshi: Moreover, you stayed in her home...!?
Yoshi: Impossible...Impossible......
Umine: However, that Kasuga Kotori blackmailed you~~~...
Shouta: You must keep this a secret!
Umine: No one would believe that!
Yoshi: No...There's a lot of theories around about the discord inside 7D.
Yoshi's sd: Hmph...
Shouta: !

Yoshi: Something specially famous...Was in the year when Kasuga Kotori ascended to the top, there were multiple suspicious incidents
Yoshi: And the members started doubting each other...
Yoshi: There's theories that Kasuga Kotori planned all that to make a revolution
Yoshi: And others that say that the previous girl on the top, Kiryuu Asami, did it all to avoid losing her throne... //so that's the name of the b**** with the amazing character design...
Yoshi: There's various theories...But if I believe in what Shouta said...At least the discord is real.
Yoshi: It's a shame...
Both: ...
Umine: But...Is Kasuga Kotori ok with that?
Umine: She's still in 7D right?
Shouta: ...
Shouta: She'll be fine...!
Sana: ...It's not something I should butt in...
Sana: But if being in 7D becomes hard...I'll hear you out!
Sana: I'll even introduce you to my office if you want!
Kotori: !

Yui: Me too...!
Yui: If you're fine with it, I'll introduce you to our president...
Yui's sd: Ah...!
Yui: ...Sorry, forget it...
Yui: We only have girls with big ones...
Kotori: What's big!?
Kotori: ...Thanks for your concern!
Kotori: However...I won't quit!
All: !
Kotori: The girls in 7D...Are just fiddling like I was!
Kotori: That's why, I'll believe in them and give my best...Without giving up!
Kotori: And someday, just like before...

Kotori: ...No,
Kotori: A lot more than before.
Kotori: We'll join forces and give our all as 7D~~~!
Umine: Hey, hey, Isn't she a great girl~~~!!
Yoshi: I want to make her my little sister...!!
Umine: I'll become her fan!
Yoshi: Let's have an appreciation meeting in my house later!!
Shouta(thinks): Kasuga Kotori...Huh.

Shouta(thinks): She's an amazing girl...
Shouta(thinks): Even if she's honest and awry...
Shouta(thinks): She's absurdly powerful...
Shouta(thinks): I think that's the kind of people that fulfill their dreams...
Shouta(thinks): Even I...!
Shouta: Umine! Yoshitaka!!
Shouta: Are you free this weekend!?
Shinomiya Sana //I think, the raw's really blurry
Are you free this weekend?
If you want...

Shouta(thinks): Kotori is in a tour around the country with 7D...
Shouta(thinks): Yui-chan is in Saipan for a gravure shooting...
Shouta(thinks): From next week on, the filming will resume so Sana-chan will become busy...
Shouta(thinks): I've cleared the misunderstanding,
Shouta(thinks): So now's the time...!!
Shouta(thinks): If it looks like I'll get along better...
Shouta(thinks): With Sana-chan...
Shouta(thinks): I'll conf...

Shouta(thinks): ...In this kind of moments, at the same time I'm fascinated
Shouta(thinks): I realize that...

Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan...Doesn't go well with a normal person like me...
Shouta(thinks): That she's an actress...!
Sana: Katsuragi-kun, good morning!
Shouta: G-Good Morning, Shinomiya-san!!
Shouta: Eh...Where are Umine and Yoshitaka?
Sana: They were here just now, but...
Umine: Sorry, Shinomiya-san! We'll go back to the beach house!
Umine: It seems they suddenly are short on hands~~~So, see ya!
Sana: She said...
Shouta: Wha...!?
Shouta(thinks): That's too much of a lie~~~!
Shouta(thinks): Then, won't it be as if I planned this to be alone with Sana-chan...!?

Sana: ...
Shouta(thinks): That I invited Sana-chan today...And this situation...
Shouta(thinks): I wonder what does Sana-chan think about that...!?
Sana(thinks): I wonder why did Katsuragi-kun...
Sana(thinks): Invited me today...?
Shouta(thinks): ...Until now, I had the pretext of "Helping her get into the role"...
Sana(thinks): But now...Katsuragi-kun isn't my practice partner or anything...
Shouta(thinks): ...It can't be, Sana-chan knows already...!?
Shouta(thinks): That I'm interested in her...!
Sana(thinks): ...Perhaps Katsuragi-kun...
Sana(thinks): With me...!?

Man: ...Isn't that Shinomiya Sana?
Girl: Eh, no way, where!?
Both's sd: Huh...!?
Shouta: So...Sorry! We shouldn't be in public alone together, right!?
Shouta: Her name was...Kyouko-san? Your manager...
Shouta: If she finds us she'll get really angry...!
Sana: Ju...Just a bit will be fine!
Sana: If we go inside a shop soon...!
Shouta: Th...Then, is there something you want to eat!?
Shouta(thinks): I did prepare for that!
Shouta(thinks): Sana-chan looks like she was raised in a nice environment and she's an actress...
Shouta(thinks): I picked some shops adequate for her...!
Shouta(thinks): I've got paid for my part-time job, so it's perfect...!
Shouta's sd: Fufufu...
Sana: E...Ermm...Then...
Sana: ...Ah!
Sana: I want to try that one!
Shouta(thinks): Eh...!?

Sign: WhackDonalds Hamburgers
Shouta: Eh...You want to eat here!?
Sana: Yeah!
Sana: I've always...Wanted to come here~~~!
Shouta: You've never eaten here!?
Sana: !?
Sana(thinks): I...I see, you'd normally have come here at least once!
Sana(thinks): Not knowing this will draw him away...!
Sana: N...No way~~~! I've eaten here, of course!!
Sana: Wh...What should I eat today.
Shouta: !?
Sana: Eh? There's no food written here...?
Shouta(thinks): ...!?

Shouta(thinks): It looks like she really hasn't come to this kind of stores...
Shouta: Umm...Shinomiya-san.
Sana: What!?
Shouta: We have to order there first...
//Sana's face XD
Sana(thinks): I...It works like thaaat!?
Sana: I...I knew!
Shouta: !?
Sana: That just now was just, umm...I was tired so I took a quick rest!
Sana: Th...Then, I'll go buy something!

Man: Will you eat here?
Man: Or will you takeout?
Sana: !
Sana: H...Here!
Sana: I'm glad... Come to think of it, I've seen this conversation in a drama or something!
Sana: Please give me this set!
Man: What would you like to drink?
Sana: Eh?
Sana: Ah...Then give me a shake...A strawberry one!
Man: I'm sorry, shakes aren't included in sets...
Sana(thinks): Eh!?
Sana: Emm...
Man: Do you want to order it apart from the set?
Sana: Ah...Yes!
Man: Then, what would you like to drink?
Sana: Eh?
Sana: I said a shake...
Sana(thinks): Eh...!?

Sana's sd: Ah!?
Sana(thinks): ...Th-
Sana(thinks): This is embarrassing...!
Sana(thinks): This is probably common sense...
Sana(thinks): Not knowing it is weirder!
Shouta: Shinomiya-san!
Shouta: Emm...Would you like an Oolong tea?
Sana: Eh...? Y...Yeah!
Shouta: Is there anything else you want?
Shouta: Ok! Then, while I'm at it, I'll order too...

Sana: Before...I told you, right.

Sana: That...My family is really strict and I never played outside.
Sana: So...This is the first time I come to a store like this!
Shouta: So that was really it...
Sana: ...I'm sorry!
Shouta: Eh? Why??
Sana: Whenever I go out with Katsuragi-kun...I think I always end up causing you trouble....
Shouta: I...It's no big deal...!
Shouta: ...I know!
Shouta: Is there any other thing you want to try!?
Shouta: If it's anything I know I'll...
Sana: ...Why?

Sana: Why...
Sana: Does Katsuragi-kun...Try so hard...?
Shouta(thinks): That's because...I'm...
Shouta: That's...
Shouta(thinks): With you...!

Star: Postponed!?
Sana: Kyo...
Sana: Kyouko-san!?
Kyouko: You~~~two~~~...!?
Kyouko: I told you that much that you shouldn't be alone together...!!
Sana?: I...I'm sorry~~~!!
Koisome Momiji
Scene 23/End
Next issue, what will Shouta do against Nana's ferocious attack...!?

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