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Tears to Tiara 8

The Holy Empire and the Brigantes Tribe

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 15, 2012 01:23 | Go to Tears to Tiara

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Reserved for Lively. Don't use without my permission.
Tears to Tiara - Kakan no Daichi 8
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

08. The Holy Empire and the Brigantes Tribe
Voice: It's a great quantity(music note)
Arawn: As always, stealing feels more like plundering.
Arawn: As expected from a savage tribe,
Arawn: They take everything they see without discriminating...
Morgan: Yeah, walking off with things is our specialty! We can still do more!
Arawn: Yeah, continue like this.
Arawn: To weaken the enemy's frontline base
Arawn: We need to continue plundering their supplies.

Arawn: So, Arthur, I leave the rest to you.
Arawn: Wake me up when we get to Avalon.
Arthur: Hey, Arawn, don't fall asleep!
Arthur: Lead us like a proper chief!
Octavia: Fufu!
Arthur: What's so funny, Octavia?
Octavia: No,
Octavia: I just find very funny that I just "plundered".
Arthur?: However, this is one of the most worthy finds we've had.
Arthur: Unlike that good-for-nothing demon king.
Octavia: !!
Arthur: Arawn, what's up?
Arawn: Be quiet for a bit.
Arawn: Something's coming from the other side.

Llyr: Arawn-sama, that's...
Arawn: The imperial army!
Arawn: In that place!?
Arawn: Prepare for battle.
Arawn: Don't lower your guard!
Voice: Stop.
Voice: Standby there.
Arawn: !!
Arthur: That voice! It can't be...

Arthur: Gaius!
Gaius: Yo, it's been a while.
Gaius: Demon king, puel,
Gaius: Have you been fine?

Arawn: Hmm,
Arawn: So you call me demon king now too.
Gaius: It's hard to call someone who melted an electrum dagger a human.
Arthur: Gaius came here...
Riannon: That means that
Riannon: Erin has...
Gaius: Yeah, we've conquered it all.
Gaius: That means the empire's territory is now bigger.
Arthur: Damn it!
Gaius: Hey hey, why do you feel bitter after running away from there?
Gaius: We had a great deal of trouble after the biggest tribe of Erin suddenly ran away.

Gaius: Arawn, how is
Gaius: The life at Albion?
Gaius: I heard
Gaius: That you're now living in a worn-out castle from ancient times.
Arawn: I wonder.
Arawn: So,
Arawn: What will you do now...?
Arawn: We can settle things here if you want...
Gaius: Hmph!
Gaius: That isn't a bad proposal...But
Gaius: I didn't plan to fight you guys today.

Gaius: But now that I've found the tribe that's been stealing the imperial army's supplies,
Gaius: I can't let you get away.
Arawn: They're coming!
Arawn: Be careful! They're remarkably strong!
Arthur: Yeah,
Arthur: I'm not the same as when I was in Erin!!

Gaius: Get in close formation!
Gaius: Rout the enemy!
Arthur: Let's gooooooooooooooo!!

Arthur: Damn it!
Arawn: Tch!
Arawn: These guys.
Arawn: These controled movements,
Arawn: Their coordination and command is on a different level to the borderland army we've been fighting until now.
Arthur: Gaius.

Gaius: Haha!

Arthur: You!
Arawn: Hey, Arthur!
Arawn: You're too far in by yourself!
Arawn: Don't isolate Arthur!
Arawn: We'll do a central breakthrough!
Riannon: Yes!
Rathty: Yaaaaaaaah.
Llyr: Ei!

Arthur: Gaius, are you ready?
Gaius: Hahahahahahahahaha.
Gaius: You're somewhat stronger now, boy.
Gaius: I'm about to finish warming up.
Gaius: Shall we start the real battle.
Ogam: Arawn-sama, the enemy's formation
Ogam: Strenghtens their defense as if they're holding something.
Arawn: ...I see.
Arawn: Just when I thought there was no resistance...

Arawn: Stand back, Arthur.
Arthur: Arawn, why are you stopping me!
Arawn: Look at them.
Arthur: They had more soldiers?
Arawn: We were fighting a vanguard with only reserve soldiers.
Arawn: That's the main army.
Arthur: ...I-It can't be.
Arthur: This is the reserve...

Arawn: Retreat!
Arawn: Hurry!
Arawn: Drop the goods.
Gaius: Hahaha, try again later, you thieves.
Gaius: Wahahaha!
Arawn: Hmm...
Arawn: I'm in a bad state.

Arawn: There's this heavy feeling left in my stomach.
Arawn: It itches.
Riannon: C...Could you notice it, Arawn-sama?
Riannon: I'm sorry
Riannon: To tell you the truth, I added an Ehe Ushka as the secret ingredient for this morning's Gael Stew.
Arawn: Ehe Ushka!!
Arawn: You had me eat those disgusting, good-for-nothing frogs!?
Riannon: I...I'm sorry!
Riannon: I thought it would give it a nice flavor...
Arawn: How dare you make me eat that strange thing! You...You...
Arawn: You're an unexpectedly good cooker.
Arawn: To think you made such a great soup from those weird ingredients, it was fairly delicious.
Riannon: Ehehe...
Riannon: I was praised.
Arthur: ...

Arawn: Well,
Arawn: When I said I was in a bad state I wasn't talking about your cooking...
Ogam: It's about Gaius-dono's appearance in that forest, right?
Arawn: Yeah, that's right.
Arthur: What do you mean?
Arawn: Why was he there?
Arawn: What do you think?
Arthur: I think Gaius was waiting there to ambush us from the beginning.
Arthur: He's always been a cunning guy.
Arawn: I hope it's only that...
Arawn: Ogam.
Arawn: You talked about a tribe that's been living in this lands from ancient times, right?
Ogam: The name was...

Ogam: The Brigantes tribe.
Ogam: Even if I say so, that's only the name the empire gave them.
Ogam: Originally, the Brigantes were bandits and highwaymen, so they were named as such, but...
Arthur: Bandits huh,
Arthur: Are they strong?
Ogam: Yes, very,
Ogam: They are a powerful and brave tribe, very similar to the Gael tribe.
Arthur: Wait a second!
Arthur: Are you trying to say we're the same as some bandits and highwaymen?
Arawn: You're similar, aren't you, you're savages, don't worry about such small things.
Arthur: I won't forgive insults towards the tribe!
Ogam: Ehem...
Ogam: There's a reason why I said you're "similar"...
Ogam: When the old kingdom fell, the Gael tribe separated from them and moved to Erin.
Arthur: So we're their brethren...
Riannon: Then, we are blood-related to them!

Ogam: To add a some more information about them,
Ogam: The Brigantes tribe is currently the strongest power in Albion,
Ogam: I heard that their village is in the deepest part of the nearby forest, but...
Arthur: Then, do they also live in the forest near the area where Gaius attacked us?
Ogam: ...I see,
Ogam: So that's what you meant.
Arthur: What?
Octavia: You mean that Gaius might be in contact with the Brigantes tribe, right?
Arawn: It's only a guess, though.
Arthur: What about it?
Arthur: How is a tribe that's obeying the empire similar to us.
Arthur: What are you saying now.
Arawn: I hope that's only it.
Ogam?: ?

Arawn: We should hurry up and contact the Brigantes tribe too.
Arawn: For now, let's go to that forest.
Arawn: We'll think of the rest then.
Arthur: This forest is really deep.
Morgan: After coming this deep, even the boars stop appearing.
Arawn: Jeez...

Arawn: What's this?
Arawn: We didn't come to hunt.
Arthur: They came to attack us so it's fine, isn't it?
Riannon: Tonight's Gael pot will be great.
Arawn: Don't lower your guard, the main game starts now.
Arthur: You don't need to tell me, I know!
Arawn: I see...
Arawn: Then, have you noticed?
Arthur: I told you I know.
Arawn: Hmph,
Arawn: Ogam...How many are here?
Ogam: I can't tell the exact number.
Ogam: I can only feel a lot of gazes from all around the forest checking our movements.

Ogam: It seems that there's no mistake, the Brigantes tribe is deeper in this forest.
All: !!
Riannon: Nii-sama, that melody.
Arthur: Yeah,
Arthur: That's a feat boars can't achieve.
Arawn: It seems that they're coming at us.
Arawn: Focus, be prepared for battle!
Taliesin: Oh my, I was wondering who came but it was you.

Taliesin: What happened?
Taliesin: Are you lost or something?
Taliesin: Or you came to view the flowers?
Taliesin: I'm sorry but the flowers here have fallen,
Taliesin: I suggest you to go somewhere else.
Arthur: Hey, lyre player, are you making fun of us!
Taliesin: You're the same as always...
Taliesin: Kuku, if you don't get jokes it'll be difficult to talk with you...

Arawn: Albion's ancient dwellers
Arawn: That live in the deep of this forest, did that refer to you?
Taliesin: Fufufu,
Taliesin: You're asking if we're the Brigantes tribe, aren't you?
Taliesin: I appreciate the thoughtfulness of not using that name.
Taliesin: However, there's no need to be that worried.
Taliesin: It's not necessarily off the mark, and I actually like it a lot.
Arawn: So you accept you're part of the Brigantes tribe.
Taliesin: Now, I wonder about that.
Taliesin: Fufu.
Arthur: Don't look down on us!
Taliesin: My name is Taliesin.
Taliesin: I'm the prodigal son who came back from the continent.
Taliesin: I'm a travelling troubadour that goes at the mercy of the wind.
Taliesin: I forgot long ago about uncouth things like my tribe.

Taliesin: Leaving that aside, how about it?
Taliesin: Won't you listen to 2 or 3 of my songs again and go?
Taliesin: Before I send you back.
Arthur: We don't intend to go back!
Arthur: We have business further in!
Arthur: Like we'll listen to your songs!
Taliesin: You sure have a lot of energy,
Taliesin: Isn't it tiring being like that all the time?
Arthur: Leave me alone.
Taliesin: How cold.
Taliesin: Oh well, I've given you my name so I'll have you give yours too.
Arthur: I'm Arthur,
Arthur: The first warrior of the Gael tribe.
Taliesin: I see...So you really are Gael's Arthur.
Taliesin: ...I see...I see...

Arthur: Don't say it as if insinuating something.
Arthur: If you want to say something say it.
Taliesin: Don't be that cold, Pwyll's direct descendant.
Taliesin: Or should I say the successor of the ancient kingdom?
Arthur: !!
Arthur: Why do you know that!?
Taliesin: The Gael tribe was originally part of us.
Taliesin: I can't say it out loud but I also have a bit of the Elven King's blood.
Taliesin: That means we're relatives.
Arthur: Y...You and I are...
Arthur: This weakling is my...
Riannon: Nii-sama! That's rude!

Riannon: I'll say my greetings once again, I'm Gael tribe's Riannon.
Riannon: I'm really happy that we could meet our blood relatives in Albion.
Taliesin: I see, so you're Erin's Riannon.
Taliesin: The rumors of the Priestess of the prophecies reached Albion.
Riannon: Hey, Nii-sama, say your greetings.
Arthur: But, sister...
Riannon: Nii-sama.
Riannon: You can't say that you're a great warrior if you can't be courteous with your blood relatives, right?
Riannon: Are you ok with that, nii-sama?
Arthur: Yo...
Arthur: You're right.
Arthur: I'm sorry, Taliesin.
Arthur: Let's get along well.
Riannon: Let's get along well.
Taliesin: Now, I wonder about that...
Taliesin: Can we actually get along...
Riannon: Eh?

Arawn: ...
Arawn: Let's go! Arthur!
Arawn: That these guys have come out means that
Arawn: The Brigantes tribe is near.
Arthur: Y...
Arthur: Yeah!
Taliesin: Whoops...
Taliesin: Wait a second.
Taliesin: You can't just do that.

Arawn: What happened, troubadour?
Arawn: Does this mean that the Brigantes name wasn't groundless? //Brigantes means bandits/brigands
Taliesin: If I feel like it I'll do anything.
Taliesin: I'm whimsy you see.
Taliesin: I don't mind being called or feared as bandits.
Taliesin: And I just have to make the people who ridicule us...
Taliesin: Realize this.
Arthur: We only want to go to the village further inside.
Arthur: We want to meet the chief and talk about the empire and what to do in the future.
Arthur: So, let us pass.
Taliesin: ...Chief?
Taliesin: I see, you came to see the chief.
Taliesin: Kukuku....Hahahaha.
Arthur: What's so funny!

Taliesin: Sorry, that was rude.
Taliesin: The last chief died a long time ago.
Taliesin: The current Brigantes tribe has no chief.
Taliesin: Because of a cursed prophecy.
Arthur: Cursed prophecy?
Taliesin: The village's druid recieved an oracle.
Taliesin: Its contents were ominous things about the chief's successor.
Taliesin: It said: "A great calamity will befall on the nexts Brigantes tribe chief,"
Taliesin: "He will perform one of the gods' taboos, he'll be swallowed by hell's darkness, and in the end he'll become prey to a fearsome beast."
Taliesin: It seems this is an unavoidable fate.
Arthur: How stupid.
Arthur: Fate doesn't matter, being the chief is an important duty, isn't it? It's a duty our ancestors gave us, isn't it?
Arthur: Then why aren't you eager to do it!?
Taliesin: Arthur...
Taliesin: You were brought up as an honest person...
Taliesin: As expected,
Taliesin: You're splendid.

Taliesin: As I thought, the successor of the ancient kingdom is different to normal people.
Arthur: What nonsense are you saying?
Arthur: You're just running away.
Taliesin: That's right.
Taliesin: We probably are running away.
Taliesin: I can't be helped...
Arthur: See?
Arthur: You guys are weird.
Arawn: Arthur, don't get carried away.
Arawn: You're just an idiot who can't see anything.
Arthur: What!?
Taliesin: Arthur, haven't you thought like this?
Taliesin: What if...
Taliesin: You found something more important to you
Taliesin: Than the duty you were given...

Taliesin: If that happened, wouldn't you hesitate?
Taliesin: Wouldn't you think "Why do I have to be tied by a duty I was given when I was born even if I didn't want it"...
Arthur: Hmph.
Arthur: Like I'll understand the nonsense a weakling like you says!
Arthur: I can't believe what you say.
Arthur: To begin with, I'll go to the Brigantes tribe and see if they have a chief or not by myself!
Taliesin: Fufu,
Taliesin: You can't do that, Arthur.
Taliesin: I told you I can't let you go past here.
Arthur: Why?
Arthur: The Gael tribe is your brethren, isn't it?
Arthur: Why can't you let us pass?

Arawn: Because the Gael tribe is Brigantes tribe's brethren...
Arawn: Just by letting the Gael tribe, who is an enemy of the empire, inside their village, would make the empire attack the Brigantes tribe fiercely.
Arawn: So they want to avoid troublesome things.
Taliesin: That's right.
Taliesin: As expected from the Gael tribe's current chief, you're really perceptive.
Arawn: However, you don't think that we're perceptive enough to go back without fulfilling our objective, right?

Taliesin: Oh, that's a shame.
Taliesin: I thought you were more clever.
Arawn: You overestimate me.
Arawn: We'll push them back, Arthur.
Arthur: Yeah.
Taliesin: I see, in the end, you'll do it by force.
Taliesin: Alright.
Taliesin: I promise I'll let you pass if you defeat us.
Taliesin: Fufu,
Taliesin: After being called weaklings so much my friends are worked up.
Taliesin: See by yourselves how strong the Brigantes are.
Arthur: Arawn...
Arthur: They are...
Arawn: I know, don't kill them.

Arthur: Roger!

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