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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 8

8th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 16, 2012 12:13 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 8
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Kuro is Kurosaki

8th Clause

Both: (cd: You say) "I have a plan" (cd: You say?") //well, each of them says "You say" in a different way but that's lost in the translation...
Shin: Yeah, and for it, a bait is needed.
Shin: To catch a big prey you need to spread some "bait".
Kyuuki: Are you planning to tame them?
Kyuuki's sd: Is your head ok? //alt: Are you crazy?
Shin: It is!! //alt: I'm not
Shin: I mean that we need to do that to make them lower their guard!!
Shin's sd: Ah~~ My head hurts.
Shin's sd: Haa //sigh
Shin: Listen carefully.
Shin: Kyuuki, that demon Shax that casted that curse on you,
Shin: If we beat her we can dispel the curse, but they know about that.
Shin: So, if we make such an obvious attack they won't fall for it, right?
Shin: Then, someone has to act as a decoy.
Shin: That's what it means to be the bait.

Shin: If that's the case, Kurosaki can't do it, she's the only one of us who can beat demons.
Shin: And Kyuuki of course is also out of the question.
Kyuuki: Then...
Shin: That's right.
Shin: I'll do it.
Shin: I'm the best "bait" against them.

Kyuuki: W-Wait, Shin, if that's the case...
Kuro: Kamishiro-kun.
Kuro: I haven't said that I'll help you yet.
Shin: Didn't your superiors tell you to protect me?
Shin: And letting them take the book is bad for you too, right?
Shin: Besides, this plan won't work if you're not here.
Shin: I beg you, Kurosaki.

Text: ---This depends on you.
Shax: They're supposed to be around here...
Shax: Hey, stop hiding and come out!!
Shin(thinks): They're here!!
Shin(thinks): Mission start!!
Shin: Gooo.

Shax: Aim!!
Aim: !?
Shax: A Fire extinguisher!?
Shax: That they're trying to make a smokescreen with something like this means...

Shin: Deyaaah.
Shin(thinks): Deteriorated fire extinguishers explode easily, with this we've stolen their field of vision!
Shax: As I thought, I'm their target!!
Shin(thinks): I'll only target the short demon.
Shin(thinks): But they know that.
Shin(thinks): Then I have to do two things: increase their wariness against my attacks
Shax: No matter what you do, someone like you will never be our opponent.
Shin(thinks): And
Shin(thinks): Getting that big guy out of posture even for a bit from the beginning.
Shin(thinks): Because our target is...

Shin(thinks): That big guy
Attack: Ignis!
Shin(thinks): Now that he's full of openings.
Shax(thinks): What!?
Shax: Aim!?

Shin(thinks): We did it!!
Kyuuki: Did you beat it?
Shin: Yeah...
Shin: Why did you come out!?
Kuro: Now, you're the only one left.
Shin(thinks): Now, if only Kurosaki can beat her...
Aim: Prepare yourself...

Shin: After recieving that ignis...
Shin: This is bad!!
Shin: Get away from him!!
Aim: It's...your...
Aim: End...

p12 //no dialog

Shin: Kurosa...
Shin: Gwah!
Aim: That surprised me.
Aim: I never thought you'd have an attack strong enough to penetrate my armor.
Shin(thinks): This is the big guy's real body!?
Aim: However, to think that she survived after taking that attack, that sister sure is sturdy.

Kyuuki: Let go of Shin!!
Shax: Shut up.
Shax: Dealing with you is postponed.
Kyuuki: Gyan.
Aim: I'll take the "book" that's inside you.
Shin: Aaaah!!
Shin(thinks): This is bad...My consciousness is...
Shin(thinks): There must be something else I can do...
Shin(thinks): Something only I can do.
Shin(thinks): I...

Shin: Eh...
Shin: I was supposed to...
Kuon: That's right, you'll die soon.

Shin: Kuon!?
Kuon: We meet again, Kamishiro Shin.
Kuon: So, what will you do?
Kuon: Will you give up on living?
Shin: I obviously don't want to do that!!
Shin: But what do you want me to do!!
Kuon: That's a lie.
Kuon: You sought "power" because you couldn't give up,
Kuon: That's why you're here.
Shin: !

Shin: There's something I can do...
Kuon: That depends on you.
Kuon: I don't really like this method, but...It can't be helped, I'll begin.
Shin: What...?
Kuon: You'll understand soon.
Shin: !?

Shin: Wha-!
Shin(thinks): What's this...
Kuon: I've just connected the grimoire inside you with yourself.
Box: It's flowing into me.
Box: This is the grimoire's knowledge!?
Kuon: As long as you're connected to the grimoire, you'll be able to read the flow of every magic power
Kuon: And make its gears malfunction.

Shin(thinks): What was that just now---!?
Shin's sd: Haa Haa //pant pant
Kuon: Live on, human.
Kuon: ...No, that's not it.
Kuon: I'll call you like this,
Kuon: Like the being that connects to the magic world...
Kuon: "Links". //The kanjis say "He who connects with magic"
Shin: He who
Shin: Connects...!?

Aim: !!
Both: Wha-!?
Aim: Wha-!!
Aim: Why did my bracelet...!?

Shin(thinks): I could see it!!
Shin(thinks): Some sort of magic pathway where mana flowed to her arm!!
Shin(thinks): And I can do it again!!

Aim: Kuh!
Shin(thinks): There's countless mana flows to her right arm.
Shin(thinks): If I touch them...

Shin(thinks): I can make those magic gears malfunction.
Aim: Impossible!!
Shin(thinks): I have obtained power!!

Shax: Damn it, I didn't foresee that, let's retreat, Aim!!
Aim: Understood.
Shax: Shit, what's that power?
Shax: I didn't hear about that.
Thougt: Is that the black grimoire's power!?
Kyuuki: Shin.

Kyuuki: That was...
Kyuuki: Hey Shin!?
Kyuuki: Shin.
Kyuuki: What, he's just sleeping...
Kyuuki: Hm?

Kyuuki: Wa...
Kyuuki: Wait a second.
Kyuuki: I'll have to carry them by myself? (cd: Looking like this?)
Kyuuki: Hey, wake up, Shin!!
Kyuuki: Don't sleep, you fool!!
Kyuuki: Won't you wake up!!
8th Clause/END

Kyuuki: Hey, won't you wake up. Hmph!

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