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Dog Days 1

Riverside Holiday

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Oct 31, 2012 19:46 | Go to Dog Days

-> RTS Page for Dog Days 1

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Dog Days Episode Side - Ct01
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Yukki is Yukikaze and Rico is Ricotta
//this series names are driving me crazy, since the last time I checked wiki's article now Cinque is Sink and Brioche d'Arquien is Brioche Dalkian, Idk which one to use...

Box: The peaceful world of Flonyard.
Box: The bright and cheerful "War Industry" is a commonplace event throughout the continent.
Box: The knights, soldiers, warriors, generals,
Box: And the princess and lord!
Episode Side-Ct01

Box: Add the hero that will save the country there too!!
Episode Side-Ct01 "Riverside holiday"
Box: All together are spending heated days
Box: Nobly, rightly, and cheerfully!

Box: Year 2911, March. //Some things to comment here, the month was actually written as "Coral Moon", after some research I found that that's march in flonyard, and year 2911 would be 2011 in A.D.
Box: A bit after the "Battle to Rescue the Kidnapped Princess" and the "Battle Above Arnette Lake".
Rico: Hero~~~!
Box: Chief Researcher of the National Research School of Biscotti Ricotta Elmar
Sink: Ah, Rico!
Box: Biscotti's Hero Sink Izumi
Rico: Let's go on a stroll again today~~~(music note)
Sink: Yeah! Let's go!
Box: This person who always pets me is Sink Izumi-sama!

Box: He's the hero from a far away world that answered to our princess' summon!
Box: He had a great performance in his first defensive battle at the lake field that made the audience burn with joy!
Box: He's a really amazing person in the battlefield, but he's normally a kind person.

Eclair: Alright! Imperial Guard, this morning's practice will end now!
All: Yes Ma'am!
Eclair: Go do your own duties in the afternoon, we'll have joint practice in the evening.
Box: Captain of the Imperial Guard of Biscotti Eclair Martinozzi
All: Yes!
Rico: Eclai~~~! //Or "Ecle" use what you want
Eclair: Rico, Hero.
Sink: Good morning, Eclai.
Rico: Let's go take a stroll in the castle town again~~~

Rico: You can take some time now, right?
Eclair: Well, you're right.
Sink: Let's go Eclai! Teach me some things again.
Eclair: It can't be helped, just for a bit.
Sink: Yeah---!
Sink: Well then, Imperial Guard soldiers, we'll borrow your captain for a while.
Rico: That's right~~~
All: Go ahead.
Box: Eclai is in charge of teaching and taking care of the hero.

Box: They always work together in the battefield and produce great results! They make a nice combination.
Sink: Ah, Come to think of it, Lord Dalkian and Yukki's house, the Fuugetsuan...What direction is it in? //Fuugetsuan lit. "Nature's Beauty Retreat" or "Cold Breeze and Bright Moon Retreat"
Eclair: If you walk down from the castle town it takes a bit.
Rico: I haven't gone to the Fuugetsuan since my Lady and Yukki came back.
Eclair: Come to think of it, I had to deliver something to them.
Sink: Ah, then, can we go together?
Eclair: Ok, then let's take out a Cercle. //you know, the chocobos XD

Sink: What do you have to deliver?
Eclair: It's just a souvenir.
Eclair: Some fresh grape juice and jam that Yuki likes and some choice sake and foodstuff that Lord Dalkian likes.
Sink: Hmm!
Rico: At any rate, I'm glad that Biscotti's food suit the hero's taste.
Sink: I'm actually a picky person, but all of Biscotti's food is delicious!
Sink: I kinda know Rico and Eclai's tastes for food so I'd like you to try some food from my hometown...
Sink: But my specialties are eating and cleaning after so I can only cook fried eggs...
Rico: Ah! I'm the same!

Rico: For some reason, cooking doesn't go the way mixing machine oil or chemicals does.
Sink: Yeah, I can make protein, vegetable juice, and supplement mix juice well, but...
Eclair: I'll take this chance
Eclair: To vow to never eat your food.
Sink: What's with that, can you cook Eclai?
Eclair: Hmph, don't underestimate me, hero.
Eclair: Knights must know how to cook in the open air, of course, I roughly know how to do it.
Sink: Oh.
Rico: Well, she specializes in cooking in the open air.
Eclair: I know that it's different to cooking in a kitchen, but...I can do some basic things...I think.
Rico: Hm? Oh, that person there is...

Rico: Yukki~~~!
Yukki: Oh, Rico, Hero-dono...And Eclai!
Sink: Hello there, Yukki!
Rico: Are you fishing?
Yukki: That's right(music note) //de gozaru
Yukki: I started just now.

Eclair: We were on our way to the Fuugetsuan for an errand!
Yukki: Oh, I see.
Yukki: Do you want to fish with me?
Yukki: The water is cold and feels good.
Sink: Fishing...
Rico: Playing in the water...
Both: Eclai!
Eclair: Ok, ok...Only for a bit.
Sink: Yes!
Rico: Roger!

Rico: Wahoo(music note) It's cold!
Sink: I caught one!
Yukki: You're pretty good at it.
Eclair: Good grief...When you three are like that you're just like kids.
Dog: Woof.
Eclair(thinks): Even so---

Eclair(thinks): That hero,
Eclair(thinks): If he wasn't there we would have been in the verge of a loss in Biscotti's greatest danger, the Lake Field Defense battle.
Eclair(thinks): That the princess was able to get in time for her concert after she was kidnapped was also because of him.
Eclair(thinks): I actually should give him a word of thanks, but...
Eclair(thinks): When I look at his idiotic face I just can't get in the mood for that...It's troubling.
Eclair(thinks): Well, he must've recieved some praise from the princess, so that should be enough---
Eclair: !?

Eclair: Wah---!!
Sink: Eclai! Are you ok?
Yukki: What happened?
Eclair: N-No, it's nothing...
Eclair: Umm...I slipped a bit.
Eclair: Uh, what a disgrace...I didn't bring a change of clothes...
Rico: Actually, I'm also pretty wet.
Yukki: If that's the case then leave it to me!
Yukki: Rico, Eclair, stand there for a bit~~~

Yukki: Then, here I go!
Yukki: Yukikaze style ninpou!
Yukki: Gale! Fast Change Jutsu~~~! //Shippuu! Hayakigae no Jutsu~~~!

Eclair: Oh!?
Rico: Amazing! We changed into swimsuits in a second~~~
Yukki: I also changed into a swimsuit~~~(music note)
Sink: Oh, Amazing!
Eclair: !?
Eclair: Y-Y-You, you! Don't look, give that back! Hand it over!
Sink: Eeeh? What's this? I didn't do it! It fell on me!
Eclair: Don't grab iiiit!!!
Rico: Yukki, this is amazing!
Yukki: I'm still practicing this jutsu, but I'm glad it went well.

Eclair: Well, now that it's turn to this, it can't be helped!
Eclair: Let's make use of this situation to capture enough fish and go to the Fuugetsuan quick!
All: Yeah---!
Dog: Woof!
Sink: Eclair sure loves this kind of things.
Yukki: I also like them.

Yukki: Well, this much should be enough.
Sink: Phew, we played a lot.
Rico: I could play for a bit more though.
Eclair: You two can stay here.
Sink: Eh, let's go together, I want to say hi to Lord Dalkian .
Rico: That's right.
Eclair: ...I see.

Sink: Hmm, Yukki, water is still dripping from your tail.
Yukki: Ah, that's right.
Yukki: Since my tail is fluffy when it absorbs water it's too heavy to bear.
Sink: Ah, then, may I? Becky taught me a gentle way to remove moisture from long hair.
Yukki: Ah, is that true?
Sink: You hold it in between the towel like this and tap it.
Yukki: Ahaha...Hey, that tickles~~~(music note)
Yukki: Fuwah...
Yukki: Ah...

Yukki: Achoo!
Rico: Hoe...?
Eclair: Huh...?

Yukki: ......Oh...?
Rico: Ah------!?
Yukki: Ahn, No~~~
Sink: Eh------!?
Rico: Houn
Eclair: Herooo!? It was you!? What did you do?
Sink: It wasn't me! I didn't do anything!
Yukki: Ah, it was me.

Yukki: Well, that ninpou is really still on testing!
Yukki: The Gale Fast Changing...Rather, the "Leaf, Clothes Transformation Jutsu" has a big fault, almost anything causes it to dispel!
Eclair: That's too irresponsible!
Eclair: This is the 2nd time...He saw me again...
Rico: Ahaha...
Box: Fuugetsuan

Brioche: Oh, Hero-dono, Eclair, Ricotta, it's nice to see you.
Sink: Emm...Excuse us for intruding...
Brioche: Hm? What happened to all of you?
Yukki: No, no.
Eclair: N-Nothing really.
Brioche: Well, I'll prepare some hot tea so please sit down.
All: Yes.
Box: Year 2911, March.

Box: Firianno Castle.
Box: This is a story of a momentaneous peace before the great battle between Biscotti and Galette,
Box: And the "Major Event" related to the Hero and the princess.
Box: Later on everyone will remember these passionate days,
Thought: If I was with the Hero/Princess //I think this is both's thought, just that Sink says princess and Millhi says Hero
Thought: I would have a lot of fun...
Box: This is also an important page of them.

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