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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 9

9th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 8, 2012 20:52 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 9
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Kuro is Kurosaki

9th Clause

Kyuuki: What's going on!!
Kyuuki: Why don't I return to normal?
Shin: Jeez, you're noisy!!
Shin: Be quiet for a bit!!
Shin: Jeez...You not only look like a child, you're acting like one...
Shin: Can you eat?
Shin's sd: It's rice porridge.

Kuro: I don't need it.
Shin: ...
Shin: This is a serious illness...
Shin's sd: phew
Box: We somehow survived that battle the other day, but...

Box: Even if we could drive those two demons away,
Box: The scars they left are big.
Kuro: ...
Box: Kurosaki's loss must've been hard for her since it seems she's greatly depressed.
Box: And Kyuuki recieved a curse that sealed her power and made her small.
Box: Well, she looks cute but the contents are horrible.
Kyuuki: You said something?
Shin: No, nothing.
Shin's sd: That was close...

Shin(thinks): And this power of mine.
Shin(thinks): It seems it can read the flow of every magic
Shin(thinks): And maniplate that flow at will.
Shin(thinks): I should have obtained it, but...

Shin(thinks): I can't use it at all now!!
Shin: Tehe(star)
Kyuuki: It's not "Tehe"!!
Kyuuki: If you used that power you could dispel my curse in no time,
Kyuuki: What's that that you forgot how to use it!
Shin's sd: You...
Shin: Shut up!! I was absorbed into it back then!!
Shin: To begin with, if you hadn't fallen in the enemy's trap you could've done something about it!!
Shin: Do you understand!? //he says this in engrish XD
Kyuuki: Uh...
Kyuuki's sd: Do you...What...? //since Shin said it in engrish she didn't get it XD
Shin: If you did that Kurosaki wouldn't have gotten beaten, would she?
Shin: Jeez, reflect on it.

Kuro: I'll go home.
Shin: Hm?
Shin: H-Hey, Kurosaki, you'll go home?
Shin: Your room is next to mine but if those two demons come again you'll be in danger.
Shin: We shouldn't act separately now!
Shin: Hey, are you li...
Kuro: Shut up!! //yeah, what she said!!

Shin: Ah, e...mmm...
Shin: Are you crying?
Kyuuki: ...
Kuro: Leave me alone...

Shin(thinks): Kurosaki...
Shin(thinks): Just what happened to her...
Kyuuki: Well, that's to be expected, she failed on her mission.
Shin: Failed on her mission?
Kyuuki's sd: Hey...
Kyuuki: Shin, you haven't forgotten, right?
Kyuuki: Kurosaki's mission is to protect you.
Shin: Ah...!!
Shin's sd: I forgot...
Kyuuki: She's in a complete loss of face since she not only couldn't protect you, but instead was protected by you.

Shin: But, that way of getting depressed bothers me a bit...
Kyuuki: Now, since the hindrance is gone, I'll use the bath.
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: Don't peep.
Shin: I wouldn't do that.
Kyuuki: You're too boring,
Kyuuki: Die!
Shin: What do you want me to do!!
Shin?'s sd: Are you a pervert!!
Shin(thinks): Jeez, I can't just go to school now.
Shin(thinks): I guess I'll take a nap.
Kyuuki: Kyaaah!?

Shin: What happened!?
Shin: Eh
Shin: Whoaaaaaa!!
Kyuuki: Shin~~~~~~
Shin: I...I didn't see, I didn't see!!
Shin's sd: Uwah!
Kyuuki: Leaving that aside, Shin...
Shin: Hm?
Kyuuki: I can't wash my head properly...
Kyuuki: Uuh...

Shin: Jeez.
Shin: What era's kid are you?
Kyuuki: Sh...Shut up!!
Kyuuki: I looked like that from the beginning.
Kyuuki: Is there something weird about my body not being able to adapt to a sudden change!?
Shin(thinks): That means she looked like an adult from the beginning?
Shin(thinks): Well, rather than that, let's think about this situation.
Shin(thinks): If Kyuuki can't return to normal it'll be bad.
Shin(thinks): I have to master this power or we'll be out of the question!!
Kyuuki: Hmm.

Shin(thinks): Why did I became unable to use it?
Kyuuki: !?
Kyuuki: Hyan!!
Shin: D...Don't make weird noises!! You surprised me!!
Kyuuki's sd: Haa
Kyuuki: I can't help it, my tail is connected to my body.
Kyuuki: It's one of those erogenous zones.
Shin: You said something erotic without hesitating for no special reason...

Shin: Jeez, even if you tell me it's connected, I don't have a tail!!
Shin: As if I'd understand th...
Shin: Ah...
Shin(thinks): Wait...
Shin(thinks): Connect...
Shin(thinks): That's it!!
Shin(thinks): I mistakenly thought that I was connected to the book all the time.
Shin(thinks): So, If I want to use the power I have to turn on the on/off switch!!
Shin(thinks): If I do that I might be able to use it!!

Shin(thinks): I have to connect the book inside of me
Shin(thinks): and myself...
Shin(thinks): This feeling...
Shin(thinks): It's the same as when I used the power!!
Shin(thinks): That means...

Shin(thinks): I can see it!! The flow of the curse magic that's on Kyuuki!!
Shin(thinks): Now I just have to rewrite it...
Shin(thinks): With this hand...!!
Kyuuki: What happened? Your hands have stopped...
Kyuuki: !?

Shin: Hm...
Shin: I did...
Shin: It whoa!!

Shin: A-Aren't you glad Kyuuki? You're back to normal.
Shin: Eh...?
Kyuuki: You're right.
Kyuuki: There's nothing that would make me happier
Kyuuki: Than hitting you to my hearts content with this fist!!
Kyuuki: I won't leave you alive this time!!
Kyuuki: Fall in!! I'll tear you apart!!
Shin: Ah---!!
Kyuuki: Sleep there for the rest of your life!!
9th Clause/END

Shin's sd: Her breasts
Shin's sd: Were soft.

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