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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 1

That Policewoman - Otonashi Kiruko

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 17, 2012 05:57 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 1
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
What came was a cute partner!! //cute is yellow, partner is red
Star: An impact to the top of the head! A strike to the five viscera!!
Yellow text: This winter's boiling
Orange Text: 2nd new serialization!!
Small red text: New Police Action Comedy!!
Title: Shimai Fukei Kiruko-san
Author(green): Hitakata Masahiro
Blue Text: Cover Color 54P!!

Box: This year's spring---
Box: I'm a policeman and I’ve got a cute junior. //kouhai
Text(left): New Police Action Comedy!!
Text(orange): The 2nd new serialization!!
Text(green, middle): "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san" //Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san
Box: She still had a promising career,
Box: And the high-ups hired her because they had great expectations, but---
Box: If you ask me it was just a misjudgment.
Box: I want you to think about it.
Box: Just as you don't need a hammer to break an egg---
Haruki: !!
Text: We go with a whonk!! //whonk goes in red

Box: What will happen if a "Former mercenary that was in the special squad"
Box: Starts serving as a "Policewoman"---
Star: An impact to the top of the head! A strike to the five viscera!! This winter's second boiling new serialization!!
Big Text(up): New serialization cover color 54P!!
Big Text(right): An amazing girl came!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Box: This happens.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 1 That Policewoman - Otonashi Kiruko
Arrow: The manga continues on page 29!!

Girl: Did you hear?
Text: In a peaceful rural town---!?
Girl: It seems that policewoman did something again!
Girl: I know, that one from this morning, right?
Girl: It seems she went wild in front of a convenience store.
Girl: Against 2 or 3 delinquents...
Girl: Ah, I took a picture of that!
Girl: For real!? Show us!!
Girl: Rather, just what is she...She really isn't the police.
Girl: She's always carrying this blade-like thing.
Girl: It seems she destroyed a car the other day.
Girl: What!!? She destroyed a car!!?
Girl: Right---

Girl: She's unbelievable.
Girl: That "Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san"!! //that's the series title XD

Sign: {
Hamogawa Police Station
Nagashima Substation
Dog?: Best regards!
Haruki: Well now.
Box: Anjou Haruki :Policeman(Patrol officer)
Haruki: Why did it become like that~~~?
Haruki: Kiruko!!

Box: Otonashi Kiruko :Novice Policewoman(Former Mercenary)
Kiruko: E...Emm...That's not it, Haru-senpai,
Kiruko: There's a good reason for all this...
Haruki: Hmm, a reason huh...
Haruki: You beat up 30 guys
Haruki: They were just hanging out on the convenience store...
Guy: That policewoman
Guy: Is scary
Haruki: They’re all traumatized and scream "That policewoman is scary" in their dreams, on the hospital beds ---

Haruki: What kind of reason justifies traumatizing them like that!!
Kiruko: I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
Haruki: What will you do about this!!? They'll make it our collective responsibility and even my salary will be cut!!
Kiruko: B-B-But, when I warned them that they shouldn't hang around there
Kiruko: They all attacked me!
Kiruko: If they come at me I have to beat them!!
Haruki: You could've done something else!! What's with that war logic!!
Haruki: Ah, I give up!! It's been a week since you were appointed here---
Haruki: Why is it that not a single day passes without you causing trouble!?
Kiruko: Th...That is...
Haruki: My salary keeps decreasing, I'm only getting 2000 yen this month you know!?
Kiruko: !!? 2...2000...!?
Haruki: I can't keep doing this if there's no merit for me!!
Haruki: Jeez--- At least let me grope those tits!!
Kiruko: !! Gya---h!!

Kanjuurou's sd: Hey
Kanjuurou: Sexual harassment isn't good~~~ Haru-kun!
Haruki: !
Kanjuurou: If you don't value your life then I don't mind~~~
Kanjuurou: You have to be kind with the rookies.
Kanjuurou: In the end you'll be the one getting hurt~~~!
Box: Tsutsui Kanjuurou Nagashima Substation Chief
Haruki: Ch...Chief...!!
Kanjuurou: Isn't it ok? Just take responsibility for it.
Kanjuurou: Weren't you the one who said that would look after Kiruko-chan.
Haruki: !! N...No, that was...
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry chief...Thank you for covering up for me!!
Kanjuurou: Hahaha, it's ok, Kiruko-chan is just a rookie.
Haruki: Hey, isn't that weird!? I'm the one covering up for you!!
Haruki: Why are you showing respect for the chief!!?
Haruki(thinks): G...Goddammit...!! What's with this situation!?
Haruki(thinks): This isn't it...I wasn't expecting this...Damn it.
Haruki(thinks): Why did it turn like this!!?

Haruki(thinks): Why---
Box: My name is Anjou Haruki.
Box: This is my 3rd year as a policeman in this remote rural town.
Box: Why am I in this situation now
Box: And just who is this rookie...Kiruko.
Box: It all started one week ago---

Haruki: Alright!! I just have to apply deodorant to finish cleaning!!
Haruki: She's coming soon, I can't wait
Haruki: for the Novice Policewoman!!
Kanjuurou: You're in a good mood, Haru-kun.
Kanjuurou: You've been like this ever since it was decided that we'll have a rookie appointed here~~~
Haruki: Eh!? Well, o-of course I'd be like this, chief!
Haruki: Look!! I mean she's my first junior! //kouhai
Haruki: Right?
Kanjuurou: Well, that's right...Even so,
Kanjuurou: To think that you'd even volunteer to train her...
Haruki: Hahaha, that's the obvious thing to do as her senior! //senpai
Kanjuurou: Are you really ok with this? All of the rookie's mistakes and damages
Kanjuurou: Are going to be your responsibility~~~?
Kanjuurou's sd: Maybe 8-4~~~Maybe I'm aiming too much for the dark horse~~~ //cookie: “am I missing some sort of reference? Not sure what this means” Eru: “Me neither, I went for the almost literal TL”
Haruki: Of course, I'm aware of that!!
Kanjuurou: Hmmm

Kanjuurou: Well, if you say that much I'll leave it to you~~~
Haruki(thinks): Fuhihi...Don't play dumb.
Haruki(thinks): I heard you talking on the phone with the main station, you said that the rookie is a big-breasted girl!!
Kanjuurou: Hmm~~~She's got big breasts.
Haruki(thinks): I'd train her even if I had to kneel down!!
Haruki: Uh...It's been a while~~~...In my last job I could sexually harass my coworkers a lot,
Haruki: It's been already 3 years since I was sent to this remote place to work alone with this bearded man---
Haruki: I'm glad I didn't quit the police~~~!!
Kanjuurou: Hey,
Kanjuurou: You're thinking out loud~~~Haru-ku~~~n
Haruki: However, from today on this will be my love garden!! That's right...For example---
Haruki: Hello!! I'm Anjou, I'll be training you from now on!!
Girl: My...Best regards, senpai!!
Girl: Emm...I'm nervous so, umm...
Girl: What should I start with---
Haruki: Haha, you got that tense...You can't be helped, rookie.

Haruki: Come...I'll help you relax
Haruki: In the night duty room---
Girl: My...As expected from senpai...You're good at arresting...!!
Haruki: As if---!!
Haruki's sd: Ahahaha
Kanjuurou: Hmm...I'll warn you just in case,
Kanjuurou: If you do that you're fired.
Haruki: Oh come one chief, that was a joke.
Haruki: I mean that I'll put that much love on it,
Haruki: Ok?
Kanjuurou: ...
Kiruko: ...

Haruki: Now, I must continue deodorizing!!
Haruki: We were only two men here for a long time~~~It must've been dirty~~~
Kanjuurou: No, isn't it alright now, Haru-kun?
Kanjuurou's sd: The floor is splashing.
Haruki: What are you saying, we must be double sure!!
Haruki: Look, it smells like nicotine so stop smoking!!
Kiruko: ---...
Kiruko: ...I arrived,
Kiruko: It's here...!!
Haruki: Here, one more~~~!!

Haruki: Oh?
Kiruko: !
Kanjuurou: !
Kanjuurou: Ah.

Kiruko: !!!!

Haruki: ---...
Haruki(thinks): Eh...
Haruki(thinks): Eeeeh!!?
Haruki(thinks): Eh...Wai...What!? What's this!?
Haruki(thinks): What happened here!? Who's this person!?
Haruki(thinks): Why am I suddenly about to be killed!!?
Haruki(thinks): Is she...A woman!? She has some sort of eyepatch! She's full of killing intent!
Haruki(thinks): And she has blades!! She has blades I've never seen before!!
Haruki(thinks): Just who is she, she's really scary---!!
Haruki(thinks): And her tits are enormous---!!

Haruki(thinks): Hey, her tits don't matter right now!!
Haruki: H...Hey, wait a sec!!
Haruki: What are you doing, what did I do?
Haruki: I...Is it that? Did I molest you somewhere!?
Haruki: A...At any rate, I'll apologize if I did something bad,
Haruki: So please spare my life.
Kanjuurou: ...
Kanjuurou: Hey,
Kanjuurou: Regain your consciousness~~~Otonashi-ku~~~n
Haruki: ? Eh...
Kiruko's sd: Ah!
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Ah...
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry!!
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: I thought you were pointing a gun at me...So my body just reacted by itself...
Kiruko: I'm really sorry, senpai!!
Haruki: Huh...?

Haruki: Hey...Eh!? "Senpai"...What are you saying!?
Haruki: Ch...Chief, you too!! You know this person!?
Haruki: What's wrong with her!?
Kanjuurou: !?
Kanjuurou: You ask "what?"...? Weren't you so eagerly waiting for her.
Haruki: !?
Haruki: Huh...
Kanjuurou: She's a cute girl~~~Aren't you glad.
Haruki: !!
Haruki's sd: Ah!
Haruki(thinks): Hmm...!? Looking closely, she's wearing our uniform.
Haruki(thinks): And she called me senpai...If that was the literal meaning then
Haruki(thinks): It can't be---
Haruki: !!
Kiruko: I'm sorry for scaring you, senpai.
Kiruko: I was appointed today to this Nagashima Station---

Kiruko: I was formerly in a special squad---
Kiruko: I'm the novice policewoman Otonashi Kiruko!!
Kiruko: I look forward to work with you!!
Haruki(thinks): Huuuuuh!!? She is...My junior!!?
Haruki(thinks): You're kidding me!! I wanted a brighter and more graceful big-breasted girl...And I get this---
Haruki: ...Special squad...!?
Kiruko: That's right! I'm a former mercenary!!
Haruki: ...!?
Haruki: W...With mercenary you mean...
Kiruko: Yes,
Kiruko: Hired soldiers that fight on the battefield!!

Man: If you don't want to die keep shooting---!!
Men: Go go go go
Kiruko: Leave this to me and go!!
Man: Commander!!
Man: No way...We can't leave you alone here!!
Man: Co...Commander...It's ok...Abandon me and leave this place...
Kiruko: !? What are you...I can't do that---
Man: He...Hehe...
Man: E...Even though I promised that
Man: I would marry Mary when this war ended...!!
Kiruko: Hang on there!! Don't give up...
Man: Commander!! The enemy's coming!!
Kiruko: ...!!
Kiruko: You...

Kiruko: ---If you want to pass through here
Kiruko: You'll have to kill me first---!!
Kiruko: ---Like that.
Haruki: Nooooo---!! You're lying------!!
Haruki's sd: That can't be true
Kanjuurou: I'm glad~~~
Haruki: !?
Kanjuurou: As you can see, I heard that this girl has a fe~~~w bad habits,
Kanjuurou: It helps a lot that Haru-kun is willing to train her.
Kanjuurou: Aren't you glad that she has big breasts just like I said~~~
Haruki: ...!?
Haruki(thinks): I...
Haruki(thinks): It can't be...
Haruki(thinks): I was set up---!!
Haruki(thinks): It might be that he gave me info about her big breast on purpose!!

Haruki: It's been already one week after that...Even though I was so eager about it.
Haruki: Thinking about it calmly, if a rookie came to this place
Haruki: It would mean that that rookie is a good-for-nothing...!!
Kiruko: !? What are you saying, senpai?
Haruki: Ah?
Kiruko: Refering to here as "this place"...This is one of Japan's front lines.
Kiruko: The people at the main station said that this was a great stage that can make the best use of my abilities.
Kiruko: I'll do my best!!
Haruki: ? What are you saying?
Kiruko: Eh?
Haruki: Do you really understand what kind of place this town is?
Kiruko: ? "What kind of place?"
Kiruko: It's a reclaimed land, right? They'll construct a great scale airport here.
Sign: Welcome to Nagashima Airport City
Kiruko: It's a front line city that will someday become the keystone for the new diplomatic relations,
Kiruko: Or so said the people at the main station---
Kiruko: !? Senpai!?

Haruki: You were deceived...
Haruki: That's a story from before the bubble was popped.
Kiruko: !!?
Kanjuurou: You're right~~~After that the development was abandoned.
Kanjuurou: Right now it's just a remote town in the end of Bousou~~~
Kiruko: N...No way...I was sure that
Kiruko: I was sent here so that I could use my skills in a land with future---
Haruki: It's the opposite, idiot...Being appointed here is equal to being "exiled" //exiled is written "Shimanagashi" (島流し) the name of the city is "Nagashima" (流島)
Haruki: This is the place where the worthless crowded out policemen are sent!!
Kiruko: ...!?
Haruki: Rather, you should've noticed when you saw that there's only two officials here...
Kiruko: I...I was crowded out...!?
SFX: *sink*!!
Haruki: Don't "sink", you're the person who should feel less out of place here!!
Haruki: Why wouldn't a policewoman that carries a lethal weapon all the time be crowded out!?
Kiruko: B...But this tonfa blades have been my partners for a long time,
Kiruko: If I don't carry them I feel so worried I hyperventilate...!!
Haruki: That's too much of a bother!!
Kanjuurou: (cd: Hmmm) But, at this rate you won't be able to stay even here~~~

Haruki: Eh...?
Kanjuurou: Hm? Well, look at how many written apologies I have here!
Kanjuurou: It's been just a week after Kiruko-chan came, hasn't it?
Kanjuurou: I have to submit my report about Kiruki-chan to the high-ups tomorrow.
Kanjuurou: If I only submit this it'll be bad~~~
Kanjuurou: If you had at least one achievement you'd be fine.
Kiruko: ...What will happen if you send it out like this...?
Kanjuurou: Well, Kiruko-chan will be fine, but your trainer might be in trouble~~~
Haruki: !? Wh...What are we talking about there...
Kanjuurou: Well, spend this day in a way you won't regret,
Kanjuurou: Haru-kun!!
Haruki: That means I'm going to be fired!!!!

Haruki: Ah, jeez!!
Haruki: This is no joke, that damn old man...He was so nonchalant...
Haruki: Being fired is not funny at all!!
Haruki: I mean...The junior I was so eager for is a mercenary
Haruki: And even though the big breasts are in front of me I can't sexually harass her---
Haruki: Moreover, not only I have to take all the responsibility but in the end I'll be fired!
Haruki: What's with this series of unfortunate events!!
Kiruko: Se...Senpai...
Haruki: Huh!!?
Kiruko: N...No, umm
Kiruko: ...I'm sorry, I caused you a lot of troubles, umm
Kiruko: Emm...

Kiruko: Am I...Perhaps...Not suited for this job...?
Kiruko: I came here because they had expectations for my skills,
Kiruko: But I failed to fulfill them, so---
Haruki: Ah, yeah,
Haruki: You're not suited.
Kiruko: !!?
Kiruko: Eh!?
Haruki: Not "eh"...You thought I'd say you were?
Kiruko: N...No way...You could have at least follow up...
Kiruko: You won't follow up, senpai!!
Haruki: Shut up, what junior!! Even if you have big breasts
Haruki: I didn't want a dangerous junior like you!!
Kiruko: Th...That's too much, the main station deceived me and senpai is cruel with me,
Kiruko: I feel incredibly lonely right now!!
Haruki: ...Look here, Kiruko...This isn't the time to be saying that.
Haruki: If you don't achieve something today I'll be fired because of you!!?
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: ...Y...You're right...
Kiruko's sd: Because of me...
Haruki: That's right!! And you'll probably not have many chances to do it...
Haruki: Do you understand!!?

Haruki: One time!!
Haruki: You have one chance to recover your prestige---
Haruki: Do it as if there's no tomorrow!! Ok!?
Kiruko: ---Ye...
Kiruko: Yes!!
Kiruko: I'll do my best!!
Haruki: ---Even if I say that...Finding a convenient prey
Haruki: In this remote land---
Haruki: !
Haruki: Hm...!?

Haruki: ---That is...!?
Haruki: Hide, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Yes!!
Haruki: Uwah, you react fast!! As expected from a soldier!!
Kiruko: Wh...What's wrong senpai!? An enemy attack!?
Haruki: No!! I told you to drop that war logic!!
Haruki: Look closely, that man...He's probably---
Haruki: An underwear thief...!!
Kiruko: Eh?
Haruki: I don't think you know but the people who live around here are mostly women who live alone.
Haruki: Add to that the hour...His behavior...His presence,
Haruki: No matter how you look at him, he's a hunter aiming at his prey.
Kiruko: ...!? Wh...Why do you...

Haruki: Why do I know that...?
Haruki: It's simple...Just because
Haruki: He's of the same kind as me...!!
Kiruko: ...
Haruki: Look...He's definitely going to commit a crime,
Haruki: The plan is to arrest him then...
Kiruko: Eh!? W...We won't arrest him now!?
Haruki: Huh!? Are you an idiot, if he doesn't do anything we can't arrest him.
Haruki: Look, he's got inside the perimeter!!
Kiruko: Ah!! I...It can't be! He's really going to do it...!?
Haruki: Fuhahaha!!
Haruki: See!? My eyes don't lie, right!?
Haruki: Now we only have to wait until he takes it
Haruki: So that we catch him red-handed and get our achievement---
Haruki: Hm?

Kiruko: He---y, you there!! We're the police!!
Kiruko: Theft is a crime!!
Haruki: !?
Haruki: Eeh, Ki...Kirukooo!?
Guy: !?
Guy: Geh...Th...The cops!? No way!
Guy: Wh...Why are you here...!?
Haruki: Woooh---What are you doing!!?
Kiruko: !? Eh...
Kiruko: "What"...I...I'm calling for his attention and staving off a crime...
Haruki: You don't have to do that! Weren't you listening to me!!
Haruki: Ah, damn it, We can't get him red-handed now...For now let's restrain him.
Kiruko: Y-Yes!
Haruki(thinks): I'll question him to reveal his faults.
Haruki(thinks): I think he'll feign ignorance but I have to bet on that!!

Haruki(thinks): He might already be in possesion of some underwear...
Haruki: Hey, don't mess up this time.
Haruki: Kiru...
Haruki: Eh?
Haruki's sd: She's not here?
Kiruko: Hah!!
Guy: Buberah!!
Haruki: !!
Haruki: No--- Kiruko!!
Haruki: Nooo, why!!?
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: I...I stopped him...!?
Haruki: I told you to "stop" him!! What kind of idiot tries to physically stop him!! //He uses a different kanji for "stop" than Kiruko, they actually mean the same, so I guess it's more of a philosofical thing of the language or something like that
Guy: Eeek!!
Kiruko: Ah, he ran away!! He's really guilty!!
Haruki: If I suddenly got hit by an unknown policewoman's flying kick I'd run away too!!

Haruki: Rather, we've become the aggresors now.
Haruki: A-At any rate, we have to chase after him!!
Kiruko: Ah...Ye-
Kiruko: Yes!!!!
Kiruko: Waah, stoooop!!
Haruki: !!
Haruki: Dooo-Don't, you wait!!
Kiruko: Weh, what is it now, senpai!?
Kiruko: That person will get away, you know!?
Haruki: The blades!! Don't use your tonfa blades!!
Haruki: I mean, calm down, are you trying to kill him!!
Haruki: This isn't the Sengoku era!! Even if you bring only the head
Haruki: It isn't an achievement, your head will roll!! //the best I could do, the original pun uses "from the neck up" (neck = kubi) and "fired" which is also kubi
Kiruko: ...

Kiruko: I...I just want to do my job well,
Kiruko: Considering all the possibilites using weapons is indispensable...
Haruki: Like they are!! Do you think that an underwear thief has a rifle!!
Kiruko: I...I see, I have to consider that too...
Haruki: You don't!! I'm telling you you don't have to!!
Kiruko: But, thinking like that can cost you your life on the battlefielf.
Man: Hey!! Move, you're on the way!!
Kiruko: We're in the middle of an important official business!! Be quiet please!!
Haruki: Aah---!!
Haruki: Uwaah, So-sorryyy.
Haruki: Hey, let's ru...Go after him, Kiruko!!
Guy: Hey, what's wrong with you---!!
Kiruko: I...I got hit,
Kiruko: I got hit by senpai...

Haruki: Ah, jeez, why does this achievement keep adding up to our failures!?
Kiruko: I-I'm sorry, senpai!! This isn't good, it just won't go well.
Kiruko: Even if I'm good at killing, when I get worried about law and order I---
Haruki: Don't screw with me!! Caring about those the most is what makes a policeman!!
Haruki: Why did you try to join the police!!
Haruki: You really aren't suited for it!!
Kiruko: B...But...
Kiruko: It's fine even if I'm not suited for it...
Kiruko: I was raised in the battlefield.
Kiruko: So I wanted to become a kind policewoman and wear a cute uniform...!!
Kiruko: I thought that I might unexpectedly be good on it!!
Haruki: Like I care!! Don't drag my life into your bet.
Guy(thinks): Wh...Why are they following me while crying!!?
Haruki(thinks): Ah...This is bad, at this rate I'll be unemployed tomorrow...
Haruki(thinks): I won't be able to use being a public servant as my trump card on mixers.
Haruki(thinks): Of course, I won't be able to marry and grow old alone...!

Haruki: Uwaaah, I don't want thaaat---!!
Haruki: Women!! I want to have bond with women!!
Guy: ...!!?
Guy(thinks): Damn it...What's wrong with them...They're obstinate...You didn't catch me red-handed, you know!?
Guy(thinks): Do they know I've got the underwear...!!?
Guy: G...God dammit...
Guy: Hm?
Guy: !!
Guy: Move it, old hag!!
Woman: !!
Woman: Gyah!!
Haruki: !?
Haruki: Eh...!?

Guy: Hahaha, see ya~~~!!
Haruki: Ah------!!!!
Woman: My bike!!
Kiruko: Wha...
Kiruko: ...!!
Kiruko: H...He got away...!!
Kiruko: Even though he might have been an underwear thief.
Haruki: ...
Kiruko: I...Is this really...My fault...?
Woman: My bike!!
Kiruko: I'm sorry senpai!! It's my...If only I did better
Kiruko: It wouldn't have turned like this---
Kiruko: Sen...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: !!!?

Kiruko: ---...!!?
Kiruko: Se...Sen...
Haruki: Red-handed...!!
Kiruko: ---Eh?
Kiruko: !!
Haruki: Hey...Did you see, he stole a scooter
Haruki: In front of me!!
Kiruko: !? Y...You're right...
Haruki: Right!? With this we can arrest him,
Haruki: We can make a move!!
Haruki: Hey, Kiruko!! If you use all your strength you can catch up with just a scooter, right!?
Kiruko: Eh!? Yes, but emm.
Kiruko: If I run with all my strength the asphalt breaks...And that would cause trouble for senpai again---
Haruki: Don't worry about the small things!! Just catch up with him!!
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: !?
Haruki: I don't care about how anymore...To avoid getting fired we have to do this,
Haruki: Ok!!?

Haruki: Get serious and catch the criminal,
Haruki: Kiruko!!
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Eh...
Kiruko: W...With serious you mean...
Haruki: Get serious!! Don't worry about your surroundings!!
Kiruko: Eh!?
Haruki: You've already damaged a lot of other places.
Haruki: Don't bother about damaging more things!! So---
Haruki: I don't care how but get an achievement, avoid the worst case!!
Kiruko: B...But...
Kiruko: Is it really fine!? So far I haven't been serious even once.
Haruki: ...!!
Kiruko: Even so, can I really do it!?
Haruki: N...No!! It's fine, if we don't do anything I'll get fired.
Haruki: If we can avoid that I'll get salary cuts or do as many written apologies as needed!!
Haruki's sd: Hahahahaha

Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Se...Senpai...
Haruki: Ah, enough whining! While we're doing this the criminal escaped.
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Ye...Yes.
Haruki: Listen! No matter if you can't do anything about everything else, you must arrest the criminal no matter what it takes!
Haruki: I'll bear with all the responsibility!!
Haruki: Juniors should just do their best like the juniors they are!!
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: U...
Kiruko: Understood, senpai...!!
Kiruko: Otonashi Kiruko
Kiruko: Will definitely arrest the criminal!!

Haruki: ...!!
Haruki(thinks): Great...With this I might somehow be able to avoid getting fired---
Haruki: Alright, goooo!! Kirukooo!!
Kiruko: Yes, I'll kill him!!
Kiruko(thinks): ---With all my strength...
Kiruko(thinks): With all my strength!!
Haruki: !!!!
Haruki: Wha...
Haruki: Eeeh, whaaa!!!!
Haruki: ...
Haruki: Ah...
Haruki: ...?

Haruki(thinks): ...Eh...?
Haruki(thinks): Ha...
Haruki(thinks): Have I done it...!?
Guy: ...He
Guy: Hehehe...
Guy: I'm beaten, I never thought I'd bump with the police...Well,
Guy: After all the police of this remote town doesn't amount to much.
Guy: Now, I'll do one more job...
Guy: Hm?
Guy: !?

Kiruko: I found you, criminaaal!!
Guy: !!
Guy: Eeeeh, what's this---!!?
Guy: Eeek, what? What's with her!?
Guy: Is it that policewoman!?
Guy: She can catch up with a scooter running!!?
Kiruko: Fufufu...Are you still planning to escape?
Kiruko: I'm completely different to how I was before, you know!?

Guy: !!
Guy: Wha...
Guy: Whoaaa---!!
Kiruko: Now, what happened, are you only going to run?
Kiruko: Come on!!
Kiruko: Come at me too!!
Guy: Ugyaah, what's with her!! I...I'm going to get killed!!
Guy: Gyaaaah, save meee!!
Haruki: ...!!
Haruki(thinks): Qqqh, this is bad, I stirred her up to much.
Haruki(thinks): Kiruko is getting too fired up!!
Haruki(thinks): Rather, didn't she say "I'll kill him"!?

Guy: Th...This woman, how long is she going to come after me.
Guy: Is she crazy...
Guy: !!
Guy's sd: Ah
Guy: A dead end...!?
Guy: Kuh...
Guy: ...!!
Kiruko: Fufufu...It's a dead end...What will you do?
Kiruko: Will you surrender peacefully?
Guy: D...Don't screw with me, you corner people with blades,
Guy: Which one is the criminal!?
Guy: Just what are you!!

Kiruko: I? I'm Kiruko...
Kiruko: The novice policewoman Otonashi Kiruko!!
Haruki: Hwey, Kiruko!! //he's kinda out of breath...
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Ah...Senpai!
Haruki: Stwop!! D...Don't kwill him!!
Guy: ...Wh...What are you saying...
Guy: Like this policewoman can exist...
Guy: Damn, move it!!
Kiruko: !
Haruki: Ah, don't run away!!
Haruki: Surrender if you don't want to die!!

Kiruko: It's alright, senpai.
Kiruko: Look! I'll splendidly and coolly
Kiruko: Punish that criminal!!
Haruki: Eh...
Kiruko: This is my power---
Kiruko: That overcame many battlefields!!
Haruki: Eh...
Haruki's sd: A bad premonition!!
Haruki: No, wait, Kiruko!?
Haruki: You're wrong, you don't have to punish him,
Haruki: You have to arrest him!! What's with that stance!?
Haruki: Hey, Kiru...
Guy: !?

Kiruko: Haaaaah!
Kiruko: Blow away---!!!!
Guy: !!
Guy: Gyaaaaah!!
Haruki: ...!!
Guy: Uh!!

Guy: Gueh!
Haruki: ...
Kiruko: Phew...!
Kiruko: I feel refreshed, it's been a while since I last got serious.
Haruki: !
Kiruko: Look at this, senpai!
Kiruko: I safely arrested the criminal!
Kiruko: I can consider this an achievement, right?
Kiruko: With this I think I'm one step closer to become a first-rate policewoman!
Kiruko: ? Senpai?
Haruki: Yes!!
Haruki: Ah...Yeah...You're right.
Haruki: Isn't it ok to leave it like that...
Haruki(thinks): I...Is this for real...!?
Box: At this point---

Box: I saw for the first time
Box: That Kiruko was actually holding back a lot normally.
Haruki(thinks): Kiruko's seriousness is dangerous!!
Kiruko: A...And emm...
Kiruko: Thank you for that just now.
Haruki: Eh!?
Kiruko: Truth to be told...I was worried if I could really be part of the police...But,
Kiruko: After senpai told me "I'll take responsibility"...umm
Kiruko: I somehow felt really light!
Haruki: !!
Haruki: Ah...N...No, that was umm.

Kiruko: That's why, from today on I'll trust senpai and give my everything all the time!
Kiruko: I'll follow you for the rest of my life,
Kiruko: Senpai <3 //love comedy!?
Haruki: ...!!
Box: ---The rookie that came to my side, Otonashi Kiruko,
Box: After seing her face with a pinch of cuteness and---
Box: Thousands more times of madness I thought this:
Box: "Getting liked by Kiruko might be even worse than getting fired"---

Kanjuurou: Well, I'm glad for you~~~You got an achievement! You didn't get fired, and...
Kanjuurou: Didn't you open your hearts to each other?
Kanjuurou: ---Though.
Both: !!
Kanjuurou: Isn't this bad~~~?
Kanjuurou: You caused a few other damages,
Kanjuurou: You know what's next, right? Haru-kun.
Haruki: ...!!
Haruki: Ah, jeez!! In the end it turns like this~~~!!
Haruki's sd: A salary cut and a written apology again!!
Kanjuurou: By the way, Kiruko-chan.
Kiruko: ? Yes.
Text: An odd but funny two-man team!?
Kanjuurou: You looked a bit depressed when you learnt the truth about here, but...
Kanjuurou: How's it now? You think you can keep going here?
Kiruko: ---Yes!
Kiruko: I'll do my best with senpai from now on!!
Haruki: Stop talking and help me!!
Haruki's sd: This is yours!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 1/End
Next issue, A case just for Kiruko quickly arrives!? It makes its entry with an extended 25p and center color!!

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