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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 2

Intercept! Nagashima Dept. Store!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 22, 2012 03:48 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 2
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//I'm calling Haruki "Haru" and Kanjuurou "chief" from now on

Kiruko: I'll do my best this week too! Kiruko finally displays her real ability!? The 2nd chapter of the new serialization, center color and extended 25P!!
Big Text: This time's case is suited for Kiruko!!? //Kiruko is the purple part
Title: Chapter 2 Intercept! Nagashima Dept. Store!!
Hirakata Masahiro
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

Side Text: Nothing wrong again today...!?
Haru: Ah, what a nice weather.
Haru: You must be crazy to work on a day like this.
Haru: It's only on times like this that I'm glad to be a policeman in this rural town.
//In case you didn't notice, that's porn...
Box: Anjou Haruki :Policeman(Patrol officer)
Haru: Even if I skip work like this saying I went on patrol no one will notice~~~!
Kiruko: Shouldn't you be working, senpai!?
Haru: Eh?
Haru: It's ok, it's ok, there's nothing to do anyway.
Haru: Uwaaaaah, Kirukoooo!!!!
Kiruko: ?
Haru: Wha...Ah,
Haru: Since when were you behind me!!?

Kiruko: Ah...No, I just heard that senpai went to patrol alone.
Box: Otonashi Kiruko :Novice Policewoman(Former Mercenary)
Kiruko: Senpai, you should always be vigilant when you're outside!!
Kiruko: You never know when you're going to be attacked...
Haru: That won't happen! Being with you is much more dangerous!!
Haru: Jeez, this is why ex-mercenaries aren't good for this!!
Haru: Since you always worry too much
Haru: Trouble keeps happening!
Haru: Think about your trainer who has to take responsibility for all this!!
Kiruko: Yes!
Kiruko: It's thanks to senpai that I can do my best at work.
Kiruko: Thank you very much!!

Haru: I...I told you to stop that...!!
Haru: It's true that I said that "I will take all responsibility" a while ago,
Haru: But that only applied to that time...!!
Kiruko: No way! You don't have to hide your embarrassment!
Haru: Nooo! I want you to restrain yourself a bit!!
Haru: If you don't, things like this will happen again!!
Newspaper Title: Bizarre! A panties' storm in Nagashima.
Kiruko: Ah, my first achievement!
Haru: Not that---!!
Kiruko: Ok, I'll do my best again today!
Kiruko: I'll answer to senpai's expectations!!
Haru: What do you plan to do your best on with those tonfa blades above your head!!
Box: ---That's right...
Box: After that incident...Kiruko became attached to me,
Box: And after that, it seems she got some confidence in her actions.
Kiruko: Found a suspicious person!!
Kiruko: Parking violation!!
Box: But well, this is Kiruko...I don't even have to say that the damage caused by her increased.

Haru(thinks): Uh...I wanted a normal big-breasted girl to become attached to me.
Girl's sd: Senpai
Haru(thinks): What's with this former mercenary!? She isn't needed in a rural town like this!!
Haru's sd: Sigh...
Haru: Let's go back, Kiruko...
Kiruko: !? Already!? It'll be bad if something happened in town!?
Haru: !...
Haru: "Something"...You know.
Haru: Look clo~~~sely at your surroundings.
Haru: The extending vacant lots...The sparse houses and the great amount of green---
Haru: They were supposed to built an enormous airport here, but that plan was abandoned after the recession.
Sign: Welcome to the Airport City Nagashima!
Haru: This is a reclaimed land that is now completely forgotten by the city---
Haru: What kind of thing could happen on this outskirt town!?
Haru: Tell me, what!?
Kiruko: Ah---...Umm,
Kiruko: Let's see, for example, umm...
Kiruko: Like terrorism...!!
Haru: As if!!

Haru: Are you stupid!! As if that would happen here---
Kiruko: !!?
Haru: ...
Haru: Eh...?

Chief: Terrorism---
Chief: They say,
Chief: Look, this is a letter claiming responsibility!
Haru: No waaaay---!!
Chief: It was an abandoned building this time,
Chief: But this letter says that the next one will be for real, you know?
Chief: It says their aim is a dept. store!
Haru: !!?
Kiruko: I-Is that true, chief---!!
Haru: Why are you getting excited!!
Haru: Chief, the SAT! No, call the JSDF, chief---!! //SAT: Special Assault Team, JSDF: Japan Self-Defence Force
Chief: Ok, you two calm down~~~
Haru: Like I can calm down!! This is an emergencyyyyy.
Chief: It isn't Haru-kun...So calm down.
Chief: Because this people are...
Haru: !?

Haru: Terrorists against the building of the airport!?
Chief: ---That's it...
Haru: Eh? Isn't the building of the airport abandoned... (cd: They don't even have to be against it...)
Chief: (cd: Yeah) Well, This town still has "Airport City" on its name,
Chief: So it seems they picked it just because of that!
Haru: !? What's with that, that's so meaningless!!
Chief: By the way, their target is blowing up Nagashima Dept. Store's Signboard!
Sign: Nagashima Dept. Store
Haru: Eeeh, what's with that undecisiveness...!?
Haru's sd: That rundown dept. store from the Showa era...
Haru: Well, they really don't sound like they're any big deal...
Kiruko: What are you saying, senpai!!
Haru: ?
Kiruko: They're terrorists, you know!? It finally came...
Kiruko: A chance for me to display my real ability!!

Haru: Eeh, wait...Kiruko!!?
Haru: Uwaaaah, what's with her? She's making an amazing face!!
Haru's sd: So scaryyyyyy!!
Kiruko: Please look, senpai! It'll be fine this time.
Kiruko: I'll do a great job and I'll definitely repay my debt from last time!!
Haru: Chi...Chief! This is bad, you should really call the SAT,
Haru: Someone scarier than the terrorists is getting worked up!!
Chief: What are you saying Haru-kun? As if the SAT would come here,
Chief: Having said that, that dept. store is closed today.
Chief: We should really do something about it~~~
Haru: !?
Chief: Then, as you well know, Kiruko-chan's mistakes are Haru-kun's responsibility,
Chief: You don't want your salary to be cut so much that you can't even buy Jump, right? //I think it costs 2-4 USD
Chief's sd: So
Chief: Do your best, trainer!!
Haru: ...Wha-
Text(left): Kiruko-san road safety lessons!! Will they end well!? The 3rd chapter of the new serialization!! Extended 23P!! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

Haru(thinks): Uwaaaaah...
Haru(thinks): I so don't want to do this~~~...!!
Haru: ...
Haru: However...
Haru: Why the Dept. Store?
Haru's sd: It has nothing to do with the airport
Kiruko: ? I wonder,
Kiruko: Isn't it because it's the building that stands out the most in this town?
Haru: Like that's why, why would they have such a random reason!?
Haru: Rather, doing it at this point of time is meaningless!!
Haru's sd: Get a clue, criminals!!

p11 //Yama is Yamamoto, the terrorist
Kiruko: Well, well, leaving that aside.
Kiruko: Preventing the terrorist act is our first priority!!
Box: *Stun grenade
Kiruko: I'll open a path to the rooftop.
Kiruko: Follow me, senpai!!
Haru: Don't do unnecessary things!!
Haru(thinks): Damn it...Why is it!? Even though an incident where Kiruko's needed like terrorism finally happened,
Haru(thinks): Just why can't I have but a bad feeling about it...!?
Haru: Hey, wait, Kiruko!!
Sign: Closed for the Day
Haru: Argh, what kind of idiot commits terrorism
Haru: In a rural town like this~~~!!
Yama: Achoooooo!!
Yasu: A...Are you ok, Yamamoto-san...?
Yama: Yeah...Someone must be talking about me...
Yama: More importantly, Yasu!

Yama: I told you to call me leader!!
Yama: Because we're cruel and merciless terrorists!!
Yasu: U...Umm...About that, Yamamoto-san.
Yama: !? I told you to call me lead...
Yasu: It might be too late, but shouldn't we call it quits...?
Yama: Huh!? Wha...
Yama: What's with you, we came this far already...
Yasu: B...But, it's really weird,
Yasu: Why would a terrorist against the building of an airport destroy a rundown dept. store's signboard!?
Yama: It can't be helped! This town's airport was abandoned in the middle of construction!!
Yasu: Th...Then, wasn't Narita a better... //Narita International Airport in Tokyo
Yama: Wha...As if we can do something that scary!!
Yama: We'll still look good if we target this town's tallest building!
Yama: It's the feelings that are important!
Yasu: Y...Yeah~~~

Yama: The thing is they have to feel our indignation towards this airport.
Yama: Trying to make this global has risks...From a democratic point of view we should never-
Yasu: No...You only resent it because you had a Narita divorce, right? //Narita divorce: Basically, his wife ran away after their honeymoon
Yama: ...!!
Yasu: Well, I'm also in the wrong since I got into this while drunk, but...
Yama: Eeei, you're noisy! We'll just do it, climb on!! Climb on!!
Yasu: Eeh~~~ The police will definitely be on the rooftop.
Yama: Eh...No,
Yama: J...Just what I wanted, come at me!!
Yama: You see...I have something special prepared for this day,
Yama: And---
Yama: I heard that this town's police is a mob!!
Yasu: I...I see...
Yasu's sd: Special?
Yama: Now, let's do this!!
Yama: Look here, the terrorists have come!!

Yama: ...!?
Yama: Wha...
Yama: Whaaaaaaat!!?

Haru: !? Are those the terrorists?
Haru: Why did they come so easily...
Haru: Hey, Kiruko!! Arrest them, ok!? Don't beat them!
Kiruko: Yes, I'll do a great job!
Haru: That's not it!!
Yama: ...!!
Yama: H...Hey! Are you...The police!?
Kiruko: Huh!?
Kiruko: That's right, you should know that with one look!!
Yama: "With one look"...That policewoman has some amazing weapons, you know!?
Yasu: Wh...What should we do, Yamamoto-san...!?
Yama: "Wh...What"...We have to do it!!
Yama: Ooooh, come at me.
Yama: I'll destroy this airport city---!!
Yasu: Yamamoto-san, you have to take out the blade of your butterfly knife!!

Yama: Eh?
Yama: Do-
Yama: Dowaaaaah!!
Haru: Kirukooo!!
Haru: I told you---!! Don't try to kill them...
Kiruko: Eh? What did you say, senpai!?
Haru: ! This is bad, her eyes-!!
Haru's sd: Are just like a cat's...!!

Haru: Heeey!! If you value your life surrender know~~~!!
Yama: !?
Yama: Wha...
Yama: Don't underestimate me!! We're terrorists, you know!?
Yama: Who'd do something that shameful,
Yama: Right, Yasu!!
Yama: Yasuuuuuuuuuu!!
Yasu: I somehow knew...That maybe this was impossible...
Haru: Alright, you're good!!
Haru: You're a smart boy!!
Haru's sd: You'll live a long life!!
Yama: !!
Yama: U-Uwaah.
Yama: Don't comeeee!!

Kiruko: !
Yama: Eeeeeeeeeeh!!?
Yama's sd: Eeeeh
Kiruko: ?
Kiruko: Eh...? If I use some force a knife won't cut me, you see?
Haru: No, no, no, that is unreal!!
Yama: Go...God dammit, I won't hold back anymore!
Yama: Take my stun gun's shooooock!!
Yama's sd: Uwoooh
Kiruko: Hmm? Somehow...
Kiruko: This terrorists are a bit different to what I expected...

Kiruko: Umm~~~Are you perhaps being considerate with me?
Kiruko: It's ok, come at me with full force!
Yama: I've been struggling to the death for a while, you idioooooot!!
Haru: Just stop this!! Kiruko!!
Yama: Uwoooh, damn you,
Yama: You made fun of me!!
Kiruko: !! He escaped!?
Haru: Alright, that's a wise decision!!
Yama: Like I'll leave like this!
Yama: I decided that I'd become a terrorist!!
Yama: ---Take this,
Yama: This is my special weapon!!
Haru: !!!!

Haru: Huh!?
Haru: A ro...
Haru: Rocket launcher~~~!!?
Yama: Hahahahaaaa.
Yama: Take this, you monster womaaaan!!
Kiruko: !!!!
Haru: Eeeh, Ki...
Haru: Kirukoooooo!!?
Haru: Uwaaah, hey...You're lying!?
Haru: Even if she was troublesome she was a nice girl!! //nice is written with the kanji for big breasts XDDDD
Haru: Kirukoooooo!!

Yama: Hehe...I did it...
Yama: I thought this might happen so I'm glad I brought my rocket launcher!!
Haru: Don't screw with me!! Where did you take that from!!
Yama: Shaddup! It's your turn next!!
Haru: Fuwaah, stop!! Don't shoot me!! I'm super weaaaaak!!
Haru: !!
Yama: ...?
Haru: Eh?
Haru: What was that sound just now...?
Kiruko: ...Fu-
Kiruko: Fufufufufu...!!
Both: !!?

Haru: Kirukoooo!!
Yama: Eeh, she's still alive!?
Kiruko: Yes~~~That's the way!
Kiruko: With this I think I can do a great job!
Haru: !?
Haru: Eh...
SFX: *ram*
SFX: *ram*
SFX: *run*
All: !!!!
Haru: Huh, does she still want to go on it!?
Yama: Eh, what!? What's that!?
Yama: Why can she run on the wall!!
Kiruko: Haaaaah

Haru: Oooh, Kiruko,
Haru: Sto... //stahp Kiruko, stahp! stahp!!!
Kiruko: Come at me!!
All: Gyaaaaaah!!!!
Kiruko: How was it, senpai?
Kiruko: This is my real power!!
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): Hey...!
Haru(thinks): Even against terrorists, in the end it comes to thiiiis!!
Box: Today's results---
Box: 2 Terrorists Arrested 1 Dept. Store Signboard Destroyed //put this as a list

Chief: ---That means that the one who blew away the signboard
Chief: Was Kiruko-chan...Not the terrorists.
Chief: Well then~~~It's a shame but you can't call that an achievement~~~
Kiruko: Eh~~~ No...No way, chief!
Chief: No, No...Think about it.
Chief: A bad policeman who couldn't stop the criminals or
Chief: A terrorist policeman who committed the crime for them.
Chief: Which leaves a worse impression?
Kiruko: Th...That's of course, the later one!
Chief: Yes, yes, that's right~~~
Chief: So, this time the criminals were a bit too mischievious---
Chief: And they destroyed the signboard in the end,
Chief: Let's just say that...
Kiruko: ...Ok.
Yama: Don't screw with me!! That woman is much more of a terrorist!!
Haru: Shut up!! I'm the one who wants to cry!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 2/End

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