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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Dog Days 2

Saver in Castle

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 23, 2012 22:32 | Go to Dog Days

-> RTS Page for Dog Days 2

Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.

Dog Days Episode Side - Ct02
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog
//Just screw the names, I'll use the romanization I like the most for each of them

Episode Side-Ct02 "Saver in Castle"

Box: Biscotti's hero is really busy everyday.
Box: He always goes for a walk on the early mornings with the princess.
Box: They happily exercise and eat together.

Box: On the morning, he usually trains with the knights.
Box: He practices very hard with Eclai and the knights.
Box: On the afternoon, he leaves for the Fuugetsuan.
Box: He talks and trains his swordsmanship with Lord D'Arquien and Yukki.

Box: Royal Research Institute Chief's Office
Box: And whenever he has time.
Cinque: Sorry for the intrusion.
Rico: Hero(music note)
Rico: Hero~~~(music note) Welcome!
Cinque: Hi, Rico!

Rico: Hero, Hero! What will we play today?
Cinque: Whatever is fine, as long as Rico wants to play it.
Rico: Auuh! I'm actually troubled when you say that~~~
Rico: I want the hero to decide!
Cinque: Hmm, let's see...
Cinque: For now let's take a ball and go outside.
Rico: Roger!

Cinque: Ok, here I go Rico!
Cinque: Catch the ball!
Rico: Yeah!
Rico: Ricotta will show you that she can catch it!

Cinque: Oh! Rico, you're fast!
Rico: Aaaaah! It wasn't a no-rebound catch! But...!
Rico: I got it!

Cinque: Oh, Amazing!
Rico: Even if I say so myself, it was a cool catch~~~(music note)
Cinque: Yeah, nice catch!
Rico: Hero, once more! Once more!
Cinque: Ok, I'll do it as many times as you want!
Rico: (music note)

Cinque: Then, this time I'll throw it higher! Here I go!
Cinque: Doryaaaaah!
Rico: Oooooh!
Eclair: They're playing again?
Knight: Well, that looks fun.
Knight: Captain, would you like to join them?
Eclair: Are you stupid? We're on duty.
Knight: But, we're able to take it easy like this because, after our victory in the Lake Field Battle, Galette has calmed down.
Knight: It's all thanks to the captain and the hero.
Eclair: ...I wonder about that.

Eclair: So? You kept playing ball until dusk after that?
Rico: That's right!
Rico: Being with the hero is really fun~~~
Rico: He plays with me and pats me a lot, it's a heap of happiness(music note)

Eclair: It's not that I don't understand that,
Eclair: But aren't you too attached to him?
Rico: Eh, that's not true.
Eclair: No, well, you can get attached to him if you want, but...

Eclair: Don't you let him touch you too much?
Eclair: You ride together in a Cercle, you sit in his lap, and you casually let him hold you in his arms.
Rico: Is that so?
Rico: Hmmm, well, he said I can act spoiled with him.
Eclair: Well, but...
Rico: Ah! It's ok, it's not like I'm trying to monopolize him.
Eclair: That's not it.
Rico: Being together with everyone is really fun(music note)
Rico: He just pats me and hugs me more since I'm younger.

Rico: Leaving that aside.
Rico: The hero and the princess are doing their best to make everyone in Biscotti happy.
Rico: That's why I'm doing my best to make the hero happy.
Rico: I hope that the hero praises me with a smile for trying my best.
Rico: This is now a perpetual motion machine of happiness and smiles!
Eclair: I don't understand but I'll leave it like that.
Eclair: When I see you and the princess get along that well with him...I get a bit worried.
Rico: ? Did you say something?
Eclair: It's nothing. //Forever tsundere

Eclair: And, where's the hero right now?
Rico: Ah, the princess had a bit of time before going to sleep,
Rico: So he should be studying at the princess room.
Eclair: Study?
Rico: Various things... About Flonyard and the world that the Hero came from, "Earth".
Millhi: X Y Z...!

Cinque: Amazing! Princess, you already know the alphabet!
Millhi: Ehehe
Millhi: It's all because Cinque's teaching methods were good.
Cinque: That's not true, you're amazing, princess!
Millhi: Then, shall we take a break? It'd be a waste if the tea got cold.
Cinque: Yes(music note)
Millhi: Ah, Cinque, Would you like nectar in your tea? Or would you like Blanche? //She uses blanche to say "white sugar"

Cinque: Ah, then, just a bit of nectar.
Millhi: Ok.
Cinque: They're really delicious, Biscotti's tea and nectar.
Millhi: Yes(music note)
Millhi: Did I tell you before? They're both Biscotti's local specialties.
Cinque: Ah, I heard.
Cinque: Earth's tea is also delicious, but Biscotti's tea has a totally different flavor.
Cinque: Both the flavor and the aroma are somehow tender.
Millhi: I want to try Earth's tea someday.
Cinque: I'm sorry, even if we british love tea I didn't bring some.

Cinque: Emm, this nectar is collected from those big flowers, And the Blanche is produced from the sweet lake water, right?
Millhi: Yes!
Cinque: On Earth if we want flower nectar we could use something called honey, but...That's actually different.
Millhi: Ah! There's honey on Earth too?
Cinque: Yes.
Millhi: We have honey in Flonyard too!
Cinque: Eh, really?

Millhi: It's really delicious and I love it, but...You can't easily get it here.
Millhi: Taking it is also a bit dangerous.
Cinque: Eh.
Cinque(thinks): They don't have apiculture, they harvest it from nature?
Cinque(thinks): I tried to harvest it once, but...
Millhi: I would like to eat it with Cinque...Before you go back to your world,
Millhi: Flonyard's...No, Biscotti's honey.
Cinque: I want to eat it!
Cinque: If you like I can go get some!
Millhi: Ahaha

Box: Knights' Station
Eclair: Hmm...
Eclair(thinks): It'll take a little more to put this documents together.
Eclair: I want some tea...
SFX: Knock
SFX: knock
Eclair: Yes?

Cinque: Good evening.
Eclair: Hero?
Cinque: I heard that Eclai was here,
Cinque: So I brought tea and snacks.
Eclair: ...Sorry for that.
Cinque: I could say the same to you, thanks for working this late.
Cinque: Ah, come to think of it, when spring break ends, I think I'll go back to the Earth, but---
Eclair: Yeah.
Cinque: Before that happens, I want to go play with everyone.

Eclair: Everyone?
Cinque: With Eclai, Rico, Yukki, and the princess!
Cinque: You four got along well, but, ever since the Princess became the lord, you haven't gone play together, right?
Eclair: We work so we can't go play that easily.
Eclair: Specially the princess, she's busy since she's the lord.
Cinque: That's why.
Cinque: I'm the hero so I want to fulfill you four's wishes before I leave.

Eclair: I wish that we can.
Cinque: We surely will.
Cinque: Being with your childhood friends is really fun.
Eclair: You also had childhood friends?
Cinque: Yeah! I have one childhood friend and a cousin that's almost my sister. //Ok, here the literal TL would've been "a relative that's almost family" which doesn't make much sense in english, so I changed it to this
Cinque: Friends that you've been close with since you were kids are special, aren't they?

Eclair: Well, that's true.
Eclair(thinks): That's right.
Eclair(thinks): This hero has a world that he must return to.
Eclair(thinks): He has people waiting for him.
Eclair(thinks): If we make too much memories, parting will be that much harder---
SFX: reach
Eclair: Hyauh!?
Eclair: Wha-Wha-What are you doing!?
Cinque: N-No, Eclai just looked kinda sad...

Cinque: I'll go and ask Head Maid Riselle and Amelita-san.
Cinque: Let's go play together.
Eclair(thinks): Even so,
Cinque: The princess, Rico, Eclair, and Yukki...You'll all have fun.
Eclair(thinks): I prefer to make memories so much fun that parting will not be hard anymore.
Eclair: Well, if the princess is going out then I must go to guard her.
Cinque: Yeah.
Eclair(thinks): That's probably for the best.
Rico: Let's all go play together!
Millhi: Yes! Let's go!

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