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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Meteor-san Strike desu! 10

Rise, Hero!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 26, 2012 03:19 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 10

Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Meteor-san Strike Desu! 10
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Yuzu: Hiro, we're having a baseball special training!!
Hiro: ...
Hiro: ...Why?
Yuzu: Eh?

Yuzu: Ah, Tomorrow's the baseball tournament.
Yuzu: If you and your inexistent reflexes drag us back we'll be in trouble so I'll train you!!
Hiro: I don't need anything right now(music note) //this is the sort of thing you tell a door-to-door salesman or something
Yuzu: Hey!?
Yuzu: I'm doing this for your sake! You idiot Hiro!!
Hiro: Ah, how noisy.
Hiro(thinks): Special Training...How much does that muscle gorilla want to win...
Hiro(thinks): Come to think of it, she made me do this a lot of times before.
Box: Reliving Countless Traumas
Hiro: Rather, it's baseball tomorrow...Maybe I should skip~~~
Hiro: Sigh
Meteor: That's impossible.

Meteor: A problem, Kobayashi Hiro!
Hiro: Meteor!? Eh, problem!??
Hiro: Wa-Wait, time out!!
Meteor: No matter how long I wait, the fact that the Meteorite Monster is coming won't change.
Hiro: That's right but... (cd: My heart's not prepared...)
Meteor: The 8th Problem.
Hiro: Waaaah, waaaaah!!

Meteor: Bat a home run in tomorrow's Baseball Tournament!!
Hiro: Impossible, Impossible, Impossible!!
Hiro: It's definitely impossible!!!
Hiro: Don't you know that I'm bad with sports!!
Meteor: Hmph, don't worry.

Box: Let us explain here, Meteor's cleavage is connected to a 4th dimensional space that has various tools in it.
Meteor: Meteor Bat!!
Meteor: This bat is linked with a Certain part of Kobayashi Hiro's body.
Meteor: If you draw this bat's power out making a home run is a piece of cake!
Hiro: ...Linked to a certain part?

Chapter 10: Rise, Hero!!

Box: Baseball Tournament ---First Round---
Meteor: Striiiiiike!!
Box: *This time Meteor-san is the umpire.
Hiro(thinks): Damn it~~~ I'm as bad as always...Like this making a home run is...
Hiro(thinks): And Meteor didn't teach me how to draw the bat's power. (cd: She said finding that out is part of the test.)

Girl: Ah~~ah, Just expecting something from Kobayashi is a waste, isn't it?
Girl's sd: Kyahaha, you said it.
Yuzu: Hiro, look at the ball before you swing! You'll definitely be able to hit it!!
Hiro(thinks): You idiot! If I could hit it just by looking I wouldn't suffer!!
Hiro(thinks): Hm?
Girl's sd: Ah~~~
Yuzu's sd: Look Closely.

Hiro: There are two huge balls!?

Hiro: Eh?
sd: Oh, it's a hit.
Voice: Saaaafe!!

Hiro(thinks): Ooooooh
Hiro(thinks): My first hit ever!!
Hiro(thinks): What's this? I feel a great power from the bat!!
Arrow: He was so excited that he ran with it.

Hiro(thinks): It can't be!
Meteor: This bat is linked with a Certain part of Kobayashi Hiro's body.
Box: This means Bat = Penis!?
Meteor: Yes,
Meteor: Exactly.

Hiro: You idiooot! How's this a love problem!! (cd: What "Exactly"!!)
Meteor: What are you saying? When you think about the other sex,
Asterisk: This was sent through telepathy.
Meteor: That Love sprouts there is...
Meteor: Inevitable!!
Hiro(thinks): Just as always...
Hiro's sd: My head hurts~~~
Hiro(thinks): However...Now that I know that...

Hiro(thinks): On my next turn at bat, I'll think(fantasize) about Kobato-chan
Kana's sd: If it's Kobayashi-kun it's fine.
Hiro(thinks): And hit a home run!! (cd: Sorry, Kobato-chan)
Girl: You did it, Kobayashi, I'm getting a better opinion of you!
Girls' sd: Kobayashi, You're so cool!
Yuzu's sd: It wasn't that bad.

Hiro(thinks): I get a feeling...This will be...
Hiro(thinks): My first time as a sports "Hero"!!
Hiro(thinks): ...But, if I hit a home run this test...Will end.
Hiro(thinks): ...Well, contributing to the class' cause is also important.
Hiro's sd: Gehehe
Hiro(thinks): My "home run" is "Kobato-chan" to the end! (cd: So just for a bit)

Text: After that Hiro used his fantasies---I mean, the bat's powers and...
Voice: RBI Hit! //Run-batted-in hit
Text: 2-D #2 Kurosawa Yoriko
Text: 2-D #17 Niiyama Fuyumi
Voice: Double!!
Voice: Triple!!!
Text: 2-D #15 Hasegawa Madoka
Girls' sd: Kyaah~~~Kobayashi-kun
Yuzu: ...
Text: And finally...

Chart: Final
Girl: Kobayashi-kun, are you thirsty?
Hiro: ...
Girl: Kobayashi-kun<3
Girl: Ah, Kobayashi-kun, should I wipe your sweat?
Girl: Kobayashi-kun(music note)
Hiro: Fufufu!

Hiro(thinks): Baseball's the beeeest!!
Yuzu: Tch!
Hiro: How's this, have you seen my true power!!? I really didn't need to train, did I?
Yuzu: Huh? Don't get cocky just because you won a few games.
Hiro: Oh god~~~Are you jealous of my great work?
Yuzu: ...You.
Hiro: ---Hey, watch out!!

Hiro: Sorry, sorry, well, it's ok, right? We don't even know if they're there or not.
Hiro: And I'm 100% sure that I won't fantasize with you.
Yuzu: That's obvious, you big pervert!!
Hiro: ...1000% sure.

Girl: Are you ok? Kobayashi!
Hiro's sd: I'm ok, I won't die until I hit a home run.
Text: What's this...Irritation I feel...
Voice: Striiiike, batter out!!
Boy's sd: Woo, Kobayashi is a clumsy batter~~~
Boy's sd: So nonathletic.
Yuzu: Hiro...Special training!
Hiro: Eh~~~...
Hiro: ...Ok...

Yuzu's sd: Run faster
Yuzu's sd: 100 times more
Yuzu's sd: Orah orah
Voice: Striiiike, batter out!!
All: ...
Hiro: I'm sorry, Yuzu...
Yuzu: ...Hiro...
Hiro: But,

Hiro: I'll hit it next time so train me again!!
Hiro: Now, there's only a few turns left,
Hiro: So I should just hit a home run~~~(music note)

Yuzu: ...That idiot.
Kana: ...
Omega: ...A farce.
Hiro(thinks): Phew~~~ Popular guys have it hard.
Hiro(thinks): However, Kobato-chan is the only girl in my heart.
Hiro(thinks): That I can't hit a home run with the other girls is the biggest proof.
Hiro(thinks): Now, let the fantasy begin!!

Girl(?)'s sd: Fight Kobayashi-kun
Meteor: Striiiike!!

Hiro(thinks): Kuh, you're a bother Busuzawa~~~ I can't see Kobato-chan!! //Busu = ugly
Girl(?)'s sd: It's only begun.
Girl(?)'s sd: You can do it.
Hiro(thinks): I told you you're a bother!!
Hiro(thinks): ...Damn it! It's better to look and then fantasize but now that it's turn to this I'll close my eyes...

Hiro(thinks): Gyaaah! I can't take her out of my mind!!
Heart: Kiss
Meteor: Striiiike, Batter out!!
Girl: Aaah, Kobayashi is really Kobayashi.
Girl: You're right...
Kana: ...
Girl's sd: Eeek, how frustrating~~~
Hiro(thinks): Damn it~~~ it wasn't supposed to be like this...
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro.

Meteor: I think you know but, if you don't hit a home run in your next turn---
Meteor: Humanity will be destroyed!!
Hiro: This is bad, this is bad...This is really bad...
Suzuki: Why are you trembling? The real thing starts now.

Voice: Change of Pitcher
Hiro(thinks): Him!?
Suzuki: The messenger from the Southern Cross, Suzuki Southern-Cross.
Box: Suzuki Southern-Cross Meteor's junior who appeared in the last chapter (An alien).

Suzuki: Hmph.
Girls' sd: Kyaaah, Southern-Cross-sama
Akai: That was an incredible ball, to think that class C had that guy (cd: That's a great miscalculation...)
Hiro: ...
Hiro(thinks): Isn't the Earth done for now!?
Hiro(thinks): God damn it, why didn't I hit a home run when I had the chance? I'm such an idiot!!
Hiro(thinks): That's it! If I tell him the situation and get him to collaborate...
Hiro: !?

Suzuki: Whoops, when I remembered what happened last chapter
Suzuki: I just put too much strength on it...
Hiro(thinks): No room for negotiations!!
Box: And the fated last turn came!!
Girl's sd: Good luck
Hiro(thinks): She's really a bother...
Suzuki: Where are you looking at!!

Hiro(thinks): I hit it!?
Meteor: Fouuuuul!!
Meteor: I forgot to tell you but, if you only have some half-hearted love, the damage will be directly sent to the linked part.
Hiro: Don't forget about thaaat!!
Suzuki: To think that you could hit that...
Suzuki: But,
Suzuki: This isn't the best I can do.
Hiro(thinks): Wha!

Hiro(thinks): Whaaaat!!
Meteor: Fouuuuul!
Meteor: Fouuuuul!!
Meteor: Fouuuuul!!!
All: !?
Girls: Hiroooo!!
Hiro(thinks): Sorry, everyone, I'm on my limit, the pain...Won't...
Hiro(thinks): Let me stand!!
Hiro(thinks): But at this rate the Earth will be...

Kana: Stand up, Kobayashi-kun!!
Hiro(thinks): I'm sorry, Kobato-chan...
Yuzu: Don't give up!
Yuzu: Aren't you...A hero!!

Hiro: Woooooh
All's sd: Ooooh

Voice: He stood up!!
Suzuki: Hmm, you stood up, huh.
Suzuki: Then, to show my respect for that---
Suzuki: I'll throw will all my strength!!
Hiro(thinks): For real!?
Hiro(thinks): However, I can't fantasize with Kobato-chan, and I can't hit a home run with other girls,
Hiro(thinks): What should I do in this situation...?

Suzuki: Southern Cross "Ougi" Vacuum Tornado Ball!!!
Big Kanji: Boom //or Roar
Hiro(thinks): What should I do...

Hiro: Not yeeeet!!
Hiro: Ow!
Yuzu's message:{
Left Side: Don't give up, Aren't you...
Right side: A hero!!
Hiro: God damn iiiiit! It can't be helped!!
Hiro: It's all or nothing, I'll fantasize with Yuzu's "washboard"...

Hiro(thinks): Eh!?

Hiro(thinks): Wha-
Hiro(thinks): What's with this!?

Hiro(thinks): What's with this!!?
SFX: *step*

Voice: 0 - 1, it's Class D's victory!!
Hiro: Good grief, I somehow got through this...
Hiro: But, why could I hit it with that? (cd: They were all memories about her being violent with me.)
Hiro: Hey, Meteor! What about the Meteorite Monster!?
Meteor: Rest assured, Kobayashi Hiro, you destroyed it with your "Hero Home run".
Hiro: For real!?
Hiro: This is an amazing bat...
Meteor: No, what's amazing is not the bat...

Meteor: It's Kobayashi Hiro and Saegusa Yuzu's...
Meteor: Love.
Hiro: No, I'm no masochist!!
Suzuki's sd: I lost again...
Yuzu: Hirooooo!!
Hiro(thinks): Yuzu...

Yuzu: Hey, why is your face red?
Hiro: Huh!? Tha-That doesn't matter!!
Akai: Rather, Hiro, that bulge in your lower body... (cd: And it's somehow bent...) //ouch, just ouch really
Hiro: Eh?
Box: However, the Meteorite Monsters will still come.
Yuzu: You're the worst!!
Hiro: Gyan!!
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!
Chapter 10 End

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