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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 3

Kiruko's Road Safety Lesson

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 28, 2012 22:09 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 3
//sd: Side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Kiruko: (cd: Sigh) Nothing's happened recently~~~
Kiruko: I want to do more policewoman-like things!
Haru: ...It's ok, I beg you Kiruko-san, stay put.
Haru: Do you know who's fault it is that my salary gets cut every time!?
Haru's sd: I can only eat cup ramen every day, you know.
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Eh...Ah...No, that is...
Text: Kiruko in high spirits again this week!! //this is a pun, it says "harikiruko" "harikiru" is "being in high spirits" and we all know who "Kiruko" is by now I guess :P
Kiruko: B...But look, I've had a bunch of achievements, right!?
Haru: But you've caused as much damages, haven't you!! I'm the one who has to take responsibility!
Haru: Shut up and eat your melon bread you ex-mercenary!!
Chief: However, you can't just do that, Haru-kun.
Haru: !? Eh...?
Text: Extended 23P!! "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"

Chief: Truth to be told, there's a rea~~~lly policewoman-like job this week.
Chief: I was thinking of leaving that to you two.
Chief's sd: Thanks for the food!
Haru: !! I-Is it maybe...Eh!?
Haru: It's already that time of the year!?
Kiruko: ?
Haru: Uwaaah~~~ That's a pain in the ass...!!
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Eh? Wha...What is it, chief?
Kiruko: That really policewoman-like job!?
Haru: !! Hey, Kiruko, you're getting excited like that again...
Chief: You're raring to go, Kiruko-chan! Please do it on that mood~~~
Chief: It's a road safety lesson in a primary school!
Book: {
Road Safety Lesson

Star: We've had a quick great reaction!! The new serialization's 3rd chapter with extended 23P!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Haru's magazines:{
The covered one: Weekly Ero Period
The one covering it: Warnings 101
Text(Left): Even on duty she must do it!! Polish your woman power!! Polish your tonfa blades!! //I seriously lol'd at this
Chapter 3 Kiruko's Road Safety Lesson
Hirakata Masahiro

Box: Road Safety Lesson---
Sign: (cd: Cerberus-kun's) Road Safety Lesson
Box: One of the customary anual events
Box: That I'm entrusted with every year.
Kiruko: Wa~~~~~~h!!
Kiruko: I've always wanted to give one of this Road Safety Lessons~~~
Kiruko: I think interacting with children is better suited for a policewoman!
Kiruko: Right! Haru-senpai!
Kiruko: Don't you think the so---

Kiruko: Too...
Cerberus' band: Road Safety
Haru: Wait!
Haru: Wait, Kiruko, It's me!! I'm Haru-senpai!!
Kiruko: Eeeh, wha...What's with that, senpai...
Kiruko: Are you messing around!?
Haru: I'm dead serious, you idiot.
Haru: This is our original mascot, "Cerberus-kun".
Haru: I always wear this in this kind of events.
Kiruko: N...No way,
Kiruko: That's creepy...
Haru: What are you saying, there's a plush toy on your desk too.
Kiruko: Is that this!?
Woman: Hello, policemen.
Haru: !
Woman: My best regards for today!

Haru: !!
Haru: Bo...Board chairman!! //should it be, chairwoman? I don't understand how english works for this kind of things XD
Kiruko: Eh?
Kiruko: !!
Woman: I think you know, but...
Woman: Try to make as little mistakes as you can.
Woman: Since that might affect your credibility---
Haru: Ye-Yes, of course ma'am!!
Haru's sd: This isn't much, but please take it!
Kiruko: Senpai!?
Kiruko: Wha...What are you doing, senpai...?
Kiruko: Who is that person?
Haru: Shh!
Haru: She's the board chairman...
Haru: She's an old friend of one of the higher ups at the main station.
Haru: That's part of the reason why we get this jobs, but...
Haru: If we cause a ruckus here, the top brass will get really angry at us.
Haru: So, pay special attention to what you do and say today!!
Woman: Well then...I have high hopes on you.
Haru: Yes!! Please leave it to us!!
Haru(thinks): ---...
Haru(thinks): That said...

Haru(thinks): In any case, I have a bad feeling about this...
Woman: Eh, then, right now
Woman: The Road Safety Lesson given by the Nagashima Substation will begin.
Kids: Uwaaaaaaaah!!
Kids' sd: Uwaaaaa aaaaaan!!
Kiruko: !?
Haru(thinks): Yeah...Well, it turns like this.
Woman: He...Hey, policeman!?
Woman: What's wrong with that girl? She's so scary the children are trembling, you see!?
Haru: Eh...N-No...!!

Kiruko: Se...Senpai...
Haru: Don't cry, Kiruko! It's the job you wanted!!
Kiruko: B...But...
Kanna: Calm down!
Kiruko: !
Kanna: It's ok, everyone...You don't need to be scared! I mean---
Kanna: Dad said that those people are famous for being useless policemen around here!
Haru: !! Uh...Th-That girl is...!!
Kiruko: ? What's the matter with that girl, senpai?
Haru: ...
Haru: ...That girl is Mikura Kanna-chan,
Haru: She's the board chairman's daughter and a boss-like figure at school.
Haru: She's made not only the girls but even the boys, who are supposed to be rebellious on that age, obey her---
Haru: She made me suffer a lot last year...
Haru(thinks): Damn it...The worrisome factors keep increasing...
Haru(thinks): Will this really be ok!?

Kiruko: To begin with, let's learn how to walk on the road.
Kiruko: The road is full of danger,
Kiruko: Even if you don't see them, cars might come suddenly.
Haru: Sto-
Haru: It hurts!!
Kiruko: That's why you must check if it's safe to cross.
Kiruko: Now, let's do it together.
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): Good, good...It's one step at a time, but the kids are getting used to Kiruko.
Haru's sd: Kids sure adapt quickly...
Haru(thinks): It'd be good if this just ended without problems like this, but...
Kiruko: Then, look to your right---
Kiruko: Look to your left,
Kiruko: And look to your right once more---
Kiruko: Let's check well if there's no danger.
Kiruko: But just seeing has it's limits.
Kiruko: So for that...

Kiruko: We use this grenade to remove the dangers beforehand...
Haru: That's only on the battlefield, you idiot!!
All: !?
Kid?: Eh!? What!? What was that just now---
Kid: The policewoman was hit by Cerberus-kun---!!
Haru: N...No, it's nothing~~~
Haru: Heeey, Kirukoooo!!
Haru: I told you to pay attention to what you do and say...
Haru: Right?
Haru: Where in Japan can you find an idiot that tries to clear* a sidewalk!?
Asterisk: Attacking blind spots where the enemy might hide beforehand.
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry, it was unconscious...
Haru: Listen, I'll tell you once more! You mustn't do anything dangerous,
Haru: Ok!? You must not!!
Kiurko: O...Ok...
Kanna: ...
Kanna: Hey, Kiruko-san.
Kiruko: !

Kanna: After "Looking to our right once more",
Kanna: Why didn't we check our left again?
Kiruko: ...Eh...
Kanna: No, I mean, it's weird.
Kanna: Why did we do it two times for the right side only?
Kid: Ah, she's right, it's weird!!
Kiruko: ......Eh......
Kiruko: Emm...That is...
Kanna: ? Eh, it can't be, you don't know?
Kid: Eeeeeh, Kiruko-san is so uncool!!
Kids' sd: Eeeh
Haru: !!
Haru(thinks): Geh...I...It began!
Haru(thinks): The way things are going is bad, Kiruko!!
Kanna: Then why do we start checking with the right side?
Kiruko: !? We...Well...That is because-
Kanna: ? You don't know that either?
Kanna: Eeh~~~ Kiruko-san, you came to teach us about Road Safety, right?
Kiruko: Ye...Yes...
Kanna: But you can't answer any of our questions...Maybe---

Kanna: Kiruko-san is a no good girl?
Kid: Ahahaha, Kiruko is no good!!
Sword: No good
Haru: Kirukooooo!!
Kiruko: Guhah!! Se...Senpai...
Kiruko: Kiruko is...Kiruko is a no good girl!?
Haru: Hang on!!
Kanna: Besides, this program is kinda bad to begin with,
Kanna: And isn't Kiruko-san's look weird?
Kiruko: !!...
Kanna: What are those swords in her back and her eyepatch? She has an 8th Grader Syndrome!? //For those who didn't get this reference/don't know what an 8th grader syndrome is go watch "Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai" NAUUUUUUUU!!
Kanna: Is it ok for a public servant to be like that?
Kanna: Isn't it because of that that you were sent to this rural town~~~?
Kiruko: Uwaaaa~~~n!!
Kids' sd: Ahahahahaha
Haru(thinks): Don't let a primary school student make you cry!!
Woman: Heeeeey!! That's enough!
Woman: You've been just wasting time for a while now!!
Haru: !!

Woman: Good grief...If you don't want to do this you can go back, you know?
Woman: We didn't invite you half in fun here!
Kiruko: !! No...
Kiruko: No way...You're wrong, it hasn't gone well, but...
Kiruko: We're not messing around! We're doing this seriously.
Woman: !?
Kiruko: Please look! This is our real power---
Kiruko: Rather, we'll thoroughly teach them the importance of traffic rules!
Box: Thus---
Haru: Here, what does the red of the traffic lights mean!?
Kanna: Kiruko-san, tell us!!
Kiruko: It's the color of blood.
Haru?: It's not, you idiot, that's scary!!
Box: With renewed spirits we performed
Box: The road safety exercises on the program.
Haru: There's no dummy.
Kiruko: It's ok, I'll be the dummy.
Kiruko: If it's me I can beat a car!
Haru: Then it's meaningless.
Kiruko: (cd: Hey,) Are you asleep, Senpai!?
Haru: I...I visited too many porn sites yesterday...
Box: And---

Box: All of them ended as failures---
Kids: ......!!
Woman: What was that about your real power?
Woman: Huh?
Kiruko: !! ......
Haru: Th...This is embarrassing.
Woman: I've comple~~~tely understood your real ability...
Woman: I'll let the people at the main station know about this.
Haru: !! Eh, hey...!!?
Haru: Aaah, it oveeeeer!!
Kiruko: ...!!
Haru: God dammit, fired...We'll get fired, after doing all this!!
Kiruko: D...Don't give up, senpai.
Kiruko: There's the last practice left!
Haru: ...Kiruko...
Kiruko: It's ok!

Kiruko: Our job isn't over until the lesson ends!
Kiruko: I'll show you I can make a comeback in the end no matter what it takes!!
Haru: ...
Kiruko: ---Then, our last practice.
Kiruko: Cerberus-kun is on the other side of the road,
Kiruko: But if you just run off a car or something might come and it will be very dangerous.
Kiruko: That's when the check of both sides we did before becomes necessary!
Kiruko: Now, everyone, look clo~~~sely to both sides,
Kiruko: And go to where Cerberus-kun is!
Kids: ......
Kiruko: ...Hmm? What happened?
Kid: Policewoman-san...I don't want to cross.
Kid: Me neither...
Kiruko: !? Eh...
Kid: I mean, look at that.
Kiruko: !

Kiruko: ...!!
Kid: Cerberus-kun is scary...
Kid: Cerberus-kun is gloomy...
Woman: ...What's with that...
Woman: This is starting to look like the opposite shore of river Styx.
Kiruko: Ha...Haru-senpai! What are you doing!
Haru(thinks): Ah-ah...Kiruko said that...But it's probably too late now.
Haru(thinks): What should I do if I lose my job...At least I want to work in a place with women---
Haru(thinks): To begin with, can I get a new work...
Kiruko: Haru-senpaaaaiiii!!

Haru(thinks): N...No, but, am I ok with this?
Haru(thinks): There should be a way...
Kanna: Ahahaha! You guys get scared too easily!
Kanna: Inside that there's only a quack policeman, you know?
Kiruko: !
Kanna: Look, I'll go visit that dog...
SFX: Brooom...
Kiruko: Eh? W...Wait, Kanna-chan,
Kiruko: Look at both sides!!
Kanna: Eh?
Haru: !!?
Woman: Wha...
Haru: Uwooh, wha...
Haru: What are you doing, you idiooot!!

Haru: Uwooh, this is what happens when you get too cocky!!
Haru(thinks): This is bad, I won't get there on time!!
Kiruko: Senpaaaiii!!
Haru: !!
Haru: Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Senpai, just like that...
Kiruko: Carry Kanna-chan!!
Kiruko: Excuse me!!
Haru: !!!!
Kiruko: !!
Woman: ......

Kanna: Uh...
Kanna: H...
Kanna: Huh?
Woman: !!
Kid: Waaaah, Kanna-chan is alive!
Kid: I'm so glaaaad!!
Kid: But isn't Cerberus-kun dead?
Woman: Waaah, idiot, what are you doing, Kannaaaaa!!
Kid: Wow, what was that just now---!!
Kid: It was like whoosh and you disappeared and then boom and you sent them flying!!
Kiruko: Hey...Di...Did you see, everyone...?
Kiruko: You must...Obey the traffic rules...!!
Kids: ...
Kids: Y...Yeah...
Woman: Th...Thank you, policewoman, for saving my daughter...
Kiruko: !
Woman: Hey Kanna, say thanks too!!

Kanna: ...
Kanna: ...Th...
Kanna: Thanks, Kiruko-san...
Kanna: Umm,
Kanna: I'm sorry...For saying those things...
Kiruko: ---...
Kid: Right, Kiruko-san is amazing!
Kid: Thank you for saving Kanna-chan!
Kiruko: ...Yo...
Kiruko: You're welcome...!!
Box: ---Thus,
Box: Our Road Safety Lesson safely(?) came to an end.
Haru: ...

Kanna: Kirukooo!!
Kid: Goooo!! Send it flying with a Kiruko Storm!!
Kiruko: Ok!
Kiruko: Leave it to meeeee!!
Kid: Gyaaah, don't really use it!!
Kid: We'll lose the ball again!!
Kiruko: Eh!?
Kiruko: I...I'm sorry...
Chief: ...Oh my.
Chief: Kiruko-chan is getting really well with the kids.
Haru: No...I wonder...
Haru: It seems that they're still looking down on us...
Chief: No, no, isn't this is a big step forward?
Chief: No matter how it was, Kiruko-chan is finally fitting in this town,
Chief: That alone is most satisfactory!

Man: ...This is hell of an idiotic country.
Man: Is Kiruko really in a place like this?
Woman: You'll know when we go...Now Bullet, //Romaji is "Baretto", maybe Barret or Barrett
Woman: Let's stop with the idle chat...!!
Woman: Let's see what you've got...
Woman: "Novice Policewoman, Kiruko-san"!!
Text: Invasion!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 3/End
What's the identity of the mysterious pair!!? What will you do, Kiruko!!?

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