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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 1

The Endless Wilderness

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 29, 2012 02:43 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 1

So, before anything happens let me say a few important things about this series:
  • This TL can be used by anyone as long as they ask me first via PM and give me the proper credit.
  • I don't know if I'll TL any more chapters of this series, don't ask about that, I'll just work on it whenever I have time and feel like doing it.
  • If I actually continue TL'ing this (and since I'm already doing Kiruko) I might drop it or stop releasing it for a while suddenly.
  • I'll also drop it if I see someone else is doing it.
  • If I continue doing this series, I'll only reserve the TLs after I see that one group releases this series constantly and quickly.
  • I know next to nothing about cooking so I used the dictionary definitions for most cooking-related terms.
That's about it, enjoy, I only did this since I thought this series deserves more love.
Edit: I forgot to add this, I tl'd the oneshot and explained it there but I forgot to do it here, if you're going to add the next explanation add it at the end of the chapter.
So, you might be wondering "Just what does the title mean?", well the Souma is kinda obvious, I mean the MC's name is Souma so it's probably related to that, but "Shokugeki"? If I were to make a literal translation it would be something like "Food spear" which doesn't make much sense, but, at least in the oneshot, they called "shokugeki" the food battles that occur at the cooking school, if the serialization stays true to the oneshot then "shokugeki" will refer to that.
Shokugeki no Souma 1
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Box: Terrible...
Text: Just what is this boy...!?
Souma: They don't go along well..."Squid tentacles"...
Souma: And "Peanut butter"
Souma: Fufu...It's damn funny.
Sign: {
Small: Restaurant
Big: Yukihira
Souma: It's so terrible it makes me laugh...
Text(black): The third new Serialization!
Text(red): Shokugeki no Souma

Text(red): This hands will "make" new possibilities for cooking!!
Text(red): The curtain rises for a story of "Super pleasures and New Food Textures"
Shokugeki no Souma
Star: An impact to the top of the head! A strike to the five viscera!! This winter's boiling 3rd new serialization!!
Text(down right): Cover Color 54P!! New Serialization
(Cutlery) 1 The Endless Wilderness
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun
Arrow: The manga continues on page 25!

Star: A confrontation mood!?
Girl: ...
Girl: This one!
Voice: Oooh, it's decided.
Voice: The old man won the cooking match today again!

Souma: Hm...
Souma: It's seems that it was my loss today.
Dad: Say that when you win at least once.
Box: Yukihira Souma (15) Middle School 3rd Year
Dad: It seems you still have to practice more, Souma.
Box: Yukihira Jouichirou (38) Restaurant Yukihira Shopkeeper
Dad: Aren't we close to the 500th time?
Souma: Huh!? Don't get cocky...It's only the 489th!
Dad?: It's relatively close.
Girl?: Rather...The old man's food is really too good.
Girl?: To think that I can eat this in the neighborhood whenever I want, I'm so lucky...

Girl: B...But!
Girl: Yukihira-kun's was also really good.
Girl: Of all the fried rice I've ever eaten it was the best!
Souma: ...Thank you. Would you like to try the new dish I made this morning?
Girl: Is it ok? I-I want to try it.
Souma: Grilled squid tentacles dressed on peanut butter.
sd: !?
Thought: Uwooh, this time's dish-
Thought: Looks much more amazing...
Souma: Now, it's done.
Girl: Ah...N-
Girl: No...
Souma: It's so bad it'll make you laugh!
Girl: !

Girl: Nooooooooo!
Box: The squid tentacles flavor transformed in a bad way.
Box: It was so terrible it felt as if my whole body was being groped... [From a schoolgirl's diary---]
Box: Cooking is
Box: An endless wilderness.

Text: A wilderness dotted with innumerable good and bad flavors.
Text: To the end of that world...
Souma: I think...I want to walk there...!
Girl: Shuddup, idiot. (cd: Walk alone if you want!)
Girl: Hang on! Are you ok!?
Girl: U~~~hn...The squid is...The squid is......
Thought: That's what happens when you joyfully try to eat one of his failures...
Thought: If he didn't have that habit he'd be able to become a decent chef...
Dad: My "Dried Sardines Garnished with Strawberry Jam" were also quite bad, right, Souma!
Souma: Ah, that one! They were sublimely bad~~~
Thought: Ah...Like father like son...

Guy: Ah~~~ I ate a lot!
Guy: Thanks for the food!
Souma: Thanks for your patronage.
Dad: Put out the Shichirin's fire. //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shichirin
Dad: ...Souma?
Souma: ...
Souma(thinks): Today's fried rice...I should have shaken the pot three more times.
Souma(thinks): I'll graduate from middle school in a few months...Then I'll be able to practice more cooking!
Souma(thinks): As soon as possible

Souma(thinks): I'll surpass the old man!
Souma(thinks): I'll take over this shop and become a chef---!
Woman: I'm sorry to trouble you when you're in the middle of business.

Woman: May I come in?
Woman: I'm an Urban Life Planner,
Woman: My name's Minegasaki.

Souma: What would you like to order?
Souma: Today we recommend you the Splendid Alfonsino dish and-
Woman: I'm sorry, today, you see.
Woman: I came to explain you once again what the plan I talked to you about the other day is about.
Woman: We want to build an urban appartment with a garden residence as concept.
Souma: Ah...You're one of those land sharks and you want us out of here, right?
Souma: I heard the other day.
Souma: Go back.
Souma: We don't want to shut down this shop at all.
Woman: I'll leave my business card here.
Woman: Contact me whenever you want.
Woman: ---However, on this times
Woman: Managing a small scale business will become harder and harder.
Woman: I've heard that there's a lot of stores that have troubles even with buying the daily stock.
Souma: ...That doesn't happen here.

Souma: On Yukihira, we take responsibility
Souma: To offer what the client wants at any time.
Woman: My, that's splendid! You're the model of the service sector!!
Woman: ...Then, what if
Woman: You couldn't give the client the dish he wants.
Woman: How would you take responsibility?
Souma: ...When that happens,
Souma: We'll manly close the shop
Souma: And go out of business or whatever.
Woman: ..A man doesn't go back on his word, ok?

Souma: Old man! Salt! Let's scatter salt!
Dad: It's a waste so no.
Text: The next day---
SFX: Brr brr brr
Dad: Souma, I went out for some business and I closed the shop.
Souma: Hmm, that's unusual.
Dad: I'll come back tomorrow so you don't have to open the front.
Souma: Ok.
Souma: ...Hm, is there still something?
Dad: Hey,

Dad: What do you plan to do after you finish middle school?
Souma: ---?
Souma: That's obvious, I'll practice cooking at the shop...
Dad: ...I see...
SFX: Beeeep...
SFX: Beeeep...
Souma(thinks): He hung up...What was that?
Souma(thinks): The old man doesn't talk much about himself.
Souma(thinks): Come to think of it
Souma(thinks): I know almost nothing about the old man---
Souma: ...
Souma: I have to buy ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast. (cd: Just Bread, eggs, and bacon will be fine)

p17 //no dialog

Souma(thinks): The meat in the fridge
Souma(thinks): Was all trampled!?
Souma(thinks): A thief!? No, there's no thieves like that.
Souma: !
Souma(thinks): The front shutter is open...

SFX: drip
SFX: drip
Woman: Oh my~~~? The scenery looks better than yesterday~~~?
Woman: Is it because that bothersome sign is hidden?
Woman: ...Ah~~~Somehow,
Woman: I feel like eating meat~~~

Woman: The Marbled Steaks I always eat in Roppongi are the best~~~
Woman: I like how the meat juices overflow in my mouth.
Woman: Hey, boy? Make me something.
Woman: A specially juicy meat dish!
Woman: ...Oh? It can't be,
Woman: Hey?
Woman: You can't do it?
Woman: Your client wants meat, you know?
Woman: You can't serve it~~~!? You said it yesterday, right, that if you couldn't serve food you'd go out of business! Now that the sign is neat it's a great timing! You should neatly close this shop, ahahahaha. //That face XD
Souma's sd: Phew
Souma: Is that all you want to order?

Souma: If I can serve a dish that can satisfy your palate...
Souma: Swear that you'll never come to this shop again!
Souma: It's a challenge!!!
Woman: ...
Woman: Hey! Just like we planned you emptied the refrigerator...
Man: Y-Yes! We smashed it all without leaving anything!
Woman: Just what does he plan to make without ingredients...!?

p23 //no dialog

Woman: ...!

Man: Wh...
Man: Why!?
Man: Why can he make
Man: This great roast pork!?
Thought: Damn it, what's going on...
Thought: We missed that big lump of meat!?
Souma: I'll answer you!
Souma: This was made using the "Thick Slices of Bacon" and "Potatoes" I bought for tomorrow's breakfast, I call it
Souma: "Roast Pork, Just Kidding"!

Man: ...Potatoes?
Souma: Yeah! First, you steam the potatoes...
Souma: ...?
Woman: ---
Woman: Are you making fun of me?
Souma: ...Huh, what's with this mood?
Woman: I told you to serve me a meat dish!?
Woman: Don't you understand!
Woman: There's no room for negotiations.
Woman: Vacate this shop...
Woman: Listen, successful chefs
Woman: Live in high class restaurants or first-class hotels like the ones I've built so far.
Woman: If you ask me this shop is-

Woman: A failure!!
Woman: It has no reason to exist!
Woman: ---!
Souma: You can tell me if Yukihira is worthy or not
Souma: After you eat this dish.

Souma: It's done!

Woman: !!!
Thought: With every bite
Thought: The carefully roasted bacon's aromatic juice
Thought: Flows in plenty---

p31 //Don't blame me if the "recipe" sounds kinda weird, I have zero experience cooking and I'm not really familiar with cooking vocabulary in english...
Souma: Hey, you sure are enjoying the flavor.
Souma: It's the food of the shop you made fun of, you know?
Woman: ...!
Souma: After steaming the potatoes,
Souma: I minced and kneaded mushrooms with dietary fiber that easily absorb fat,
Souma: I wreathed that in the thick slices of bacon and carefully roasted it open! By doing that
Souma: The bacon's fat came out and became crispy
Souma: And the Potatoes took all of the deliciousness and fat of the pork---

Souma: The outside is crispy,
Souma: The inside is juicy,
Souma: A sensual food texture is born!
Souma: When I made a potato salad for a client once,
Souma: I made a mistake while serving the food and another dish's meat juice soaked in the potatoes.
Souma: I thought of this dish from that,
Souma: From a failure.
Woman: ...What does that matter?
Woman: You can't call this a meat dish...!
Thought: Kuh...But...
Thought: My hand won't stop.
Thought: More...I want to taste more of that meat juice...!!

Woman: !?
Woman: Wh...What.
Souma: If you want to continue eating then swear
Souma: "I'll never target this shop again".
Woman: Ha...Who'd do that...
Souma: I see? It's a shame but it can't be helped.
Souma: I'll dispose of this dish.
Woman: !!!
Woman: Wait...
Woman: I swear.
Woman: I'll swear!

Woman: So give me...Ummm,
Woman: More of that...!

p35-36 //no dialog

Souma: It wasn't much! //Ok, this is an expression japanese use when they made food and someone has finished eating, I went with a somewhat literal TL of what it actually means.

Souma: Old man...
Dad: ...It seems something happened.
Souma: It wasn't much.
Souma: Some rude clients came by.
Souma(thinks): No matter what comes here I won't let this shop shut down.
Souma(thinks): Yukihira
Souma(thinks): Is the castle where I'll perfect my cooking!
Dad: Souma---

Dad: I'll close this shop for two or three years.

Dad: Well, that's that.
Dad: I'll have to apologize to our regulars...
Souma: Start by apologizing to your son!!
Dad: An old pal asked me to work with him.
Dad: I'll be bothering them for a while so I won't come back.
Souma: No way...That's just too selfish...
Dad: I'll go as soon as I pack my things.
Souma: Wait...
Dad: I'll send you living expenses every once in a while.
Souma: I told you to wait!!
Souma: I want to always...in this shop...
Souma(thinks): To surpass my old man---
Souma: !

Dad: It's time to part, Souma.
Dad: Go measure your ability...
Souma: ---!
Text: A few weeks later---
Souma: Here, huh...
Souma: The buildings are bigger and more prominent than what I thought...

Souma: A Cooking School?
Dad: Here, this is the application form.
Souma: Why do I have to go to that kind of place now.
Dad: It's just right, isn't it? I'll close the shop and this school also gives high school course credits.
Dad: Well, go study for 3 years.
Souma(thinks): Heh...
Souma(thinks): Paying to learn how to cook, how stupid...
Souma: ---Eh?
Man: No, I told you.
Man: This is the building where the janitor and the maintenance staff are stationed.
Man: The hall for the entrance examination is other.
Souma: Eh, There's...an exam?
Man: Huh? Obviously.
Man: You're here now...
Man: And the executive office is

Man: 3km ahead.
Guy: Gyaaah, I failed the promotion exaaaaaam.
Guy: It's over...My life's over...
Man: I beg you! I'll donate you ten or twenty million,
Man: So, please withdraw my son's drop out.
Souma(thinks): Hm!?

Dad: Huh, didn't I tell you?
Dad: That's one of Japan's best cooking schools...
Dad: A superior elite school
Dad: Where less than 10% of the students graduate.

Souma(thinks): I thought that it would be something like this!
Old man's sd: Ok~~~ I'll teach you a really simple dish toda~~~y
Chefs' Yes, Sensei~~~
Dad: Well, do your best, Souma.
Dad: At that school-
Souma: Ah...Eh? What? I can't hear you.
Souma: It's really noisy there,
Souma: Where are you now, old man?
Dad: New York City.
Dad: At Manhattan Royal Hotel's
Dad: VIP only reception hall.

p47-48 //lol the SFX are romanized and the text is written from left to right since it's in the US XD
Dad: I'm cooking there now.
Souma: !!?
Man: Hey Joe!! This is the best dinner! It's great to have you back in NY. //lol with his nick, remember that the Dad's name is Jouichirou
Dad: Don't yell, Doctor McFly.
Dad: Your blood pressure will go up again.

Man: This is good...!
Man: After I got sick and left the congress... I thought I could die without any regrets if I ate Yukihira-shi's food, but...
Man: Fufu...I become greedy...And want to eat this again and again.
Man: Eh...! Let's come eat this! As many times you want!
Woman: Sensei...!
Voice: High priest!
Voice: Please come back.
Priest: You're in the middle of fasting! You'll set a bad example for the followers!
High priest: Eei, be quiet! You tell me that I can't eat Yukihira's food when it's in front of me...? Then
High priest: I will
High priest: Throw away my belief!!
Priest: High priest!

Dad: ---At first I worked on
Dad: India, Italy, and Spain.
Dad: I came to the US yesterday.
Dad: I'll be cooking in a city on the east coast for a while.
Souma: ...I-I can't follow up with the conversation.
Dad: Well...I just
Dad: Followed my old connections.
Dad: Souma,

Dad: If you can't survive on that school
Dad: Saying that you'll surpass me is a big joke...!
Souma: ...!

Souma: I'll show you I caaaaaan!
Dad: Alright, then I'll specially teach you a secret that will let you improve your cooking skills...
SFX: Beeep...
SFX: Beeep...
Dad: ...He hung up.
Voice: Mr. Yukihira! Hurry and continue cooking---!
Dad: Alright.
Dad: Listen, Souma,
Dad: The secret to become a good chef is...
Dad: Meeting a woman that will make you
Dad: Want to give all the food you make to her---

Box: Terrible...
Guy: Eek
Guy: I-I'm terribly sorry, Ojou-sama!!
Girl: It was a horrible fettuccine...It was as if---
Girl: While walking on the quiet country
Girl: 50,000 swimming crabs crossed by, that kind of flavor!
Girl: I can't even laugh...
Text: ---The next opponent is a domineering Ojou-sama!?
Girl: I can't laugh at all...
Shokugeki no Souma
(cutlery) 1/End
Can Souma break through the incredibly difficult entrance exam!? Next issue will have an irresistible appetite too, Center Color and extended 25P!!

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