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Shokugeki no Souma 2

God's Tongue

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Nov 30, 2012 00:27 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 2

I did this instead of studying for a final...Seriously, what am I doing...? XD
Anyway, ch 2 guys, the rules are the same as with ch 1 (of course, if I gave you permission to use ch 1's TL you can use this one too).
Shokugeki no Souma 2
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

Shokugeki no Souma
Text: A greedy "tongue" that tastes everything.
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun
(Cutlery) 2 God's Tongue //this is the meaning of the kanji, the furigana might say something else but it's unreadable in the public raw

Voice: ---This is the last dish.
Star: How does it taste...?
Voice: Yes.
Erina: ...

Erina: ...?

Erina: It's terrible!
Guy: !!!
Erina: ...Good grief, I'm amazed,
Erina: Every one of you did well in serving me all this horrible dishes!
Guy: It's hot!
Erina: The last oyster Zosui was specially bad, the flavor was as if--- //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zosui
Erina: I was bathing in a mixed bath with a western lowland gorilla.
Thought: That's unintelligible...
Thought: Her sensitiveness is really different to normal people's...
Erina: My guess is
Erina: That you omitted one of the pre-cooking steps.
Erina: I know that your group is starting an expansion
Erina: And that for that they're encouraging optimization.
Erina: Even so...
Erina: Do you think you'll be forgiven
Erina: For staining my tongue? //polluting, dirtying
Guy: Eek...

Guys: We're terribly sorry!!
Erina: What's my next appointment?
Girl1: This is it. //so her assistant is now a girl, that's better than the oneshot's macho...
Erina: ---Hmph,
Erina: This kind of jobs come by when you enter the council.
Erina: I'll go after I get changed.
Girl1: Yes, Erina-sama.
Dad: "If you can't survive on that school,
Dad: Saying that you'll surpass me is a big joke."
Souma(thinks): The old man said that.
Souma(thinks): I, Yukihira Souma,
Souma(thinks): Came to take the entrance exam for this super prestigious cooking school, but---

Souma(thinks): I feel incredibly out of place here.
Souma(thinks): All of them will take the test!?
Souma(thinks): Why do they all have butlers and bodyguards!?
Souma(thinks): And it seems I'm the only one who came alone...
Souma(thinks): I heard this was an elite school but to think it was this much.
Souma(thinks): For now I'll go to the exam hall...
SFX: bam
Souma: Ah...
Souma: Sorry for kicking it...

p8 //He's Yoshiaki, I'll call him Yoshi
Yoshi: Don't worry,
Yoshi: Hey, are you taking the exam?
Yoshi: I'm Nikaidou Yoshiaki,
Yoshi: My family has a french restaurant.
Yoshi's sd: Sit down...
Souma: Eh! What a coincidence, my family also owns a restaurant.
Yoshi: Fufu, it might be no coincidence.
Yoshi: That man over there is the heir for a restaurant that's expanding throughout the country.
Yoshi: That one is from Oodon'ya which sells fresh fish in all the Kanto region...
Yoshi: Most people here are thoroughbred from the cooking industry.
Yoshi: What kind of shop is yours?
Souma: Ah...It's called "Yukihira"---
Yoshi: Yukihira...? A traditional japanese restaurant?
Souma: Haha, it's nothing that big.
Souma: It's just a special-of-the-day shop on the downtown.

Souma: Dosah.
Yoshi: You vulgar plebian...
Yoshi: Don't you dare sit next to meeee!
Guy: Did you hear?
Guy: It seems a punk from a cheap restaurant is trying to get admitted.
Guy: Ha, you must be joking.
Guy: Listen carefully!

Guy: This academy is no place for plebians like you!
Guy: It's a holy garden where only
Guy: The elites of the food business are allowed to learn.
Guy: That's this place,
Guy: Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy!
Guy: A vulgar plebian like you will probably get drop out after they review the documen-Gueeh

Souma: ...You haven't eaten at Yukihira even once,
Souma: Don't go deciding our value like that...!
Man: Y-You bastard! Let go of Bocchan!! //I don't think I have to explain what bocchan is...
Souma(thinks): I...I really...
Souma(thinks): Came to an amazing place...
It wasn't like this at all.
Old man's sd: Ok~~~ I'll teach you a really simple dish toda~~~y
Chefs' Yes, Sensei~~~
Sd: If you can't survive on that school, Saying that you'll surpass me is a big joke.
Souma(thinks): Damn it, Like I'll drop out...
Souma(thinks): I have to get the examiner to accept me!

Souma(thinks): Just what kind of guy will examine me---
Erina: I was entrusted with today's entrance examination,
Erina: My name is Nakiri Erina.

Souma(thinks): A girl.
Souma(thinks): She's wearing a uniform.
Souma(thinks): It can't be...
Souma(thinks): Is she a student here?
Erina: The notification from admissions?
Girl1: I'll read it now.
Girl1: First is an interview in groups of ten based on the application forms.
Girl1: After that, a test of cooking practical skills with three different dishes.
Girl1: Those who pass that will have to---
Erina: ...Hmph, how worthless.
Erina: ---Let's see.
Erina: Bring the kitchen tables!
Erina: The main ingredient are eggs.

Erina: Make one dish.
Erina: Those who can satisfy my tongue
Erina: Will earn their admission to Tootsuki Academy!
Erina: In addition---
Erina: I'll give one minute
Erina: For you to withdraw from the exam if you want.
Souma: !?

Souma(thinks): Eeeeeh!?
Souma: Hey, wait! Why are you running away!?
Yoshi: Eek! Le-Let me go!
Yoshi: You...Don't know that person!?
Souma: I don't, tell me.
Yoshi: She earned her pass from the middle school division as the top student!
Souma: And?
Yoshi: She's a genius that is the youngest person in history to enter "Tootsuki's Elite Ten Council", an organization in the academy that takes the most important decisions!!
Souma: So?
Yoshi: She's the holder of humanity's best palate,
Yoshi: "God's palate"...!

Yoshi: In her early childhood she was already asked to taste some of Japan's most famous restaurants' food.
Yoshi: All of the leaders of the cooking world are Nakiri Erina's clients!
Yoshi: Her judgements are well-known in the industry.
Yoshi: If...If you serve her a poorly made dish, you'll be branded as someone "Without talent"
Yoshi: And you won't be able to live in this industry anymore...
Yoshi: That means it would be the end of your life as a cheeeef!!

Girl1: ...Is this ok,
Girl1: With this, not one will...
Erina: Didn't you see? They were all hopeless garbage.
Erina: I won't waste my time on people like those...
Erina: Is that the end of today's schedule?
Erina: I want to try making a new dish in my room.
Girl1: !
Thought: Erina-sama's
Thought: New dish...
Erina: ---What happened, you look like you want something.
Girl1: Ah...No...Umm.
Erina: Do you want to have the right to sample my dish?
Girl1: I-I want...it.
Erina: Fufu...What a greedy girl.
Girl1: Ah, I'm terribly sorry...
Erina: I have to report to the higher ups before,
Erina: That the number of succesful appliants is
Erina: Zero.

Souma: Can I make whatever I want?
Erina: ---You can as long as you use eggs.
Erina: But, do you really want to try?

Erina: If you want to withdraw this is your chance.
Souma: Phew, I was really in a pinch~~~!
Souma: I was wondering what would I do if I got drop out without having a chance to cook!
Girl1: G...Go away!
Girl1: Do you know who this person is?
Girl1: She's a top student and a member of Tootsuki's Elite Ten Council,
Girl1: She's Nakiri Erina-sama!!
Souma: Wow...This is neatly sharp.
Girls: Don't loiter around!!
Erina: I'll ask you once more.
Erina: Do you really want to take my test?
Souma: Eh? I mean...

Souma: I just have to make you say it's good, right?
Souma: I'll take it of course.
Erina: This guy...
Erina(thinks): Yukihira Souma.
Erina(thinks): His family runs a special-of-the-day shop.
Erina(thinks): He only looks like a second-rate chef...
Erina(thinks): He doesn't understand my nobilty,
Dog's sd: huff huff huff
Erina(thinks): Just like a stray dog doesn't understand a gem's value...
Erina: (cd: Huh,) If you're willing to go that far
Erina: Then I'll let you taste
Erina: The cooking industry's base's flavor...!

Souma: With pleasure.
Souma: I'll make our shop's special for you.
Erina: ...!
Souma: Wait for it,
Souma: Examiner Nakiri!
Thought: Eggs are the basic ingredients for many genres of Japanese, Chinese, and Western cooking!
Thought: Just what kind of dish will he serve Erina-sama who's daily eating high-grade egg-based dishes---?

Erina: ...
Erina(thinks): It's been 10 minutes since he started cooking...
Erina(thinks): He finally took the vital eggs...
Erina(thinks): But it doesn't seem close to completion at all...

Erina(thinks): And next to the earthenware pot where he's cooking the rice
Erina(thinks): There's a big pot that's been on the fire all this time, just what is inside it...?
Erina: ...Yukihira-kun,
Erina: Just what are you making?
Souma: Eh!? You've seen this much and you don't get it?
Erina: I'll fail you right now!
Erina: Listen! I don't have time to spare on a failure!
Erina: I'm asking you
Erina: If you're even trying to make a dish that corresponds to my tongue!
Souma: Ok...I'll tell you,
Souma: The dish I'm cooking is...
Souma: Restaurant Yukihira's Secret Menu #8!!
Erina(thinks): Secret menu!?
Erina(thinks): Just what kind of elaborated dish is it...?

Souma: Furikake Gohan!! //Rice with dried food sprinkled on it
Erina: Don't screw with me!!
Erina: You're really a chef from the base... //Of the cooking industry
Erina: This was such a waste of time...
Souma: Wait there...

Souma: Of course it's not a normal Furikake.
Souma: What I made is
Souma: A "Transforming" Furikake Gohan---!
Text: What does "Transforming" mean...!? Next issue, a must eat with extended 23P!!
Shokugeki no Souma
(cutlery) 2/End

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#1. by Korloxa ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2012
Wow bro Thank you for the update, I am looking forward this series (read the manga first chapter and got hook to it immediately) ;) Also ummm I don't know if I should point out but there a typo on pg 22 xD (great job btw, I wish i learn how to read Japanese) I think you mean completion right not completition :3 btw ty again

~With Gratitude~


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