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Meteor-san Strike desu! 11


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 2, 2012 02:56 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 11

Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Meteor-san Strike Desu! 11
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Chapter 11 Confession

Yuzu: Hiro flipped my skirt in front of everyoooone!
Yuzu: I can't become a bride anymooooore!!
Mom: Sorry Yuzu-chan, boys play pranks on the girls they like.
Yuzu: Eh?
Hiro: Huh!? As if!!
Mon: Hey, Hiro! What kind of hero makes girls cry!!
Yuzu's sd: Bieeeehn
Hiro: Uh!!
Hiro: ...I got it.

Hiro: If that happens then all I have to do is make you my bride.
Hiro: So, don't cry!!
Yuzu: R-Really?
Hiro: Yeah, it's a promise, Heroes' don't go back on their words!!

p4 //this is an echo sort of thing
sd: What's with that~~~
sd: What's with that~~~
sd: What's with that~~~

Hiro: That was a nightmare...
Hiro's sd: That must've been a nightmare, to begin with I don't remember it...
Hiro(thinks): It can't be that after that incident with the baseball...
Hiro(thinks): I started being conscious of that violent woman!? (cd: Impossible.)

Kana: Good morning, Kobayashi-kun.
Yuzu: Hey there, Hiro!
Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan
Hiro(thinks): And...
Hiro(thinks): Yuzu!
Yuzu: Hm?
Yuzu: Your face's all red, you have a cold?
Hiro: Huh? No-No-Not really~~~!!

Yuzu's sd: Let's see
Yuzu: Hot~~~! Don't you have a fever!?
Hiro: (figures) I-I'll go to the infirmary!!
Yuzu: What's with him?
Omega: ...A farce. // Omega's only dialog since her introductory chapter has always been this... ¬¬

Hiro(thinks): Let's calm down!
Hiro(thinks): She's a violent woman, why are you getting conscious of her!?
Hiro(thinks): My heart's only for "My Angel"!! //"My angel" is written as "Kobato-chan"
Kana's sd: Kobayashi-kun.
Hiro(thinks): Alright...Now that it's turn to this, this time I'll really...

Hiro(thinks): Confess to Kobato-chan!!
Hiro(thinks): The last time I did it that happened...
Flashback: Kobato-chan
Flashback: I love youuuuu!!
Hiro(thinks): I was so scared I didn't asked for an answer so this is my rematch!
Meteor: That's the resolution you need!!

Hiro: Meteor!?
Meteor: As expected from Kobayashi Hiro, you're trying to act before the problem is announced.
Hiro: Eh, Problem!? (cd: Act?)
Hiro(thinks): It can't be...This time's problem is...
Meteor: This time, several meteorite monsters are coming so the difficulty will increase,
Meteor: But if you have that resolution you'll be able to get over it!!
Meteor: The 9th Problem.

Meteor: Confess your love to Kobato Kana!!
Hiro(thinks): Eh~~~!?
Hiro: No! I was planning to confess!!
Hiro: But that's because I love Kobato-chan, not because humanity will be destroyed---
SFX: Rattle

Akai: I heard your little talk.
Hiro: Akai!? Wha-! With talk you mean---
Hiro: How much did you hear---!?
Akai: Hm? Did you talk about anything other than you confessing to Kobato-chan!?
Hiro: Eh!? No, no-not really...
Akai: Well, if it's that you can leave it to me.

Box: The 87th V Meeting //I changed the translation of this for a good reason, you'll see in a couple of pages.
Akai: Now, comrades.
Box: President: Akai
Akai: Finally our comrade Hiro
Akai: Will confess to Kobato Kana.
Akai: ---So,
sd: Ooooh
Akai: Since the time has come shouldn't we come up with a good plan!?
Hiro: "Good plan" my ass! You just want to screw around using this as theme!!
Hiro?: President!!

Guy: He really has to start complimenting her to make her get a better impression of him!
Box: *Likes Galges //Gal Games, non-h dating sims
Guy: He should also appeal by casually saying how much he loves her!!
Box: *An extract from a manual book
Guy: Sending her a letter might also be good!
Box: *He's written tenths of them but sent none
Hiro(thinks): Th-Those are good points!?
Box: *Romantic experience: "0"
Akai: Everyone wants your confession to succeed.

Akai: We're all comrades whose souls are connected---
Akai: The V* Alliance!
Akai: *V=Virgin //So, the original japanese uses a "D" because virgin is "Doutei", I didn't know this on the previous ch so I just went with the D but this is a more accurate translation
Hiro: Thank you! I'll definitely succeed with my confession!! (cd: Sorry I misunderstood you.)

Kana: So, what do you want from me, Kobayashi-kun?
Hiro: Emm
Hiro: Umm
Hiro: Ahmm
Hiro: Emm...
Akai: Daaaah, confess quickly!!
Yuzu: ...

Yuzu: What are you guys doing!?
Yuzu: Hiro and...Kobato?
Hiro: Ahmm~~~
Hiro: Umm~~~
Yuzu: Mmm~~~
Hiro(thinks): This is bad! I'm super nervous...
Hiro(thinks): I can't say anything...What should I do...
Guy: He really has to start complimenting her to make her get a better impression of him!

Hiro: Kobato-chan, you sure have Huge Breasts.
Kana: ...Yeah...Thank you...
Hiro(thinks): ---Just what am I saying! Follow up!!
Guy: He should also appeal by casually saying how much he loves her!!
Hiro: That's right, you should be proud, truth to be told I...

Hiro: Have even used you as Fap Material!!
Hiro(thinks): Just what am I confessiiiing!?
Kana: ...

Kana: You want to eat rice? (cd: With my breasts?) //Ok, both "fap material" and "side dishes" are said "okazu", that's what Kana misunderstood
Akai(thinks): Barely safe, huh! (cd: What a natural airhead.)
Akai's sd: Ah
Guy's sd: Hey
Hiro: Eh, guys!?
Yuzu: Kobato!!

Kana: Yuzu-chan.
Yuzu: The teacher's calling for you, hurry!
Kana: Eh!? But! (cd: Sorry, Kobayashi-kun)
Guys' sd: Buhyahyahya

Hiro: You guys...It can't be...You were peeping...
Akai: As expected from the Hero, you calmly did things we could never do.
Guys' sd: We're mesmerized and admire that!!
SFX: snap
Head: Patience
Hiro: You bastards!! (cd: You really were screwing around!!)

Hiro: I'm an idiot-idiot-idiot! Why did I confess like that!!
Akai: Calm down Hiro, you're still fine, this is just between us,
Akai: But it seems Kobato-chan is interested in you.
Hiro: Shut up! From now on I
Hiro: Won't trust you!!
Yuzu: That's true.

Akai: This is our special advisor, Yuzu-san.
Hiro: Geh!
Hiro: Did you tell her too!?
Yuzu's sd: "Geh?"...

Yuzu: I asked her before, how she feels about you...
Flashback: I love him.
Asterisk: You can read the details in chapter 8 (included in KC volume 2)!
Hiro: For real!?
Hiro: Then, maybe I'll confess with a letter this time...
Box: His heart broke with the last confession.
Yuzu: ...
Hiro: Hey!? What are you doing!!
Yuzu: ...

Yuzu: Don't get cold feet, idiot!
Yuzu: If you're a hero just confess to her!!
Hiro: I'm not scared! Just look!!

Kana: What's is it that you need from me, Kobayashi-kun?
Kana: Is it something important?
Hiro: Y...Yeah, well.

Hiro(thinks): This is bad~~~! I'm incredibly nervous again~~~!!
Hiro(thinks): If she rejects me, will our relationship be over...
Hiro(thinks): This is bad, I'm scared...
Hiro(thinks): If that will happen we should stay as friends... Ah! But the Earth will...
Box: "Don't get cold feet, idiot! If you're a hero just confess to her!!"
Hiro: Kobato-chan,

Hiro: I love you,
Hiro: Please marry me!!
Hiro(thinks): ---I just skipped 2 or 3 steps---!!

Kana: Ko-Kobayashi-kun, what part of me
Kana: Do you like?
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro's sd: Emm...
Hiro: Kobato-chan trusted me when everyone called me a liar
Flashback: I believe in you.
Flashback: I mean, Kobayashi-kun's eyes aren't the eyes of a liar.
Hiro: That made me so happy,
Hiro: So...

Hiro: I love that kind you!!
Hiro(thinks): Gwooh! I said it, I'm so embarrassed!!

Kana: I'm sorry.
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Wh-Why!?

Kana: The reason Kobayashi-kun just said...
Kana: Isn't that a bit different to a romantic feeling?
Hiro: Eh?
Hiro: ...That's not-
Kana: ...I...

Kana: Am not your mother. //please treat the burn with cold water
Box: Eh!? What does that...

Guys: The consolation prize~~~!! You were rejected (music note)
Akai: Hey! The people who lost the bet, pay up.
Arrow: Food Tickets
Guy's sd: Damn it, I thought it would go well.
Ticket: Curry Rice
Guy's sd: I misjudged.
Akai: Well~~~You made me profit, hero!
Hiro: You guys...
Akai: Ah! Here he comes!?
Guys' sd: Huh

Hiro: Sorry but, leave me alone.
Akai: Y-Yeah, cheer up.
Hiro(thinks): ...But, with this I cleared the test, right...That's the only relief!

Meteor: No, You've Failed, Kobayashi Hiro.
Meteor: There wasn't enough Love in that confession!!
Meteor: What will you do, Kobayashi Hiro!? At this rate---

Meteor: Humanity will be destroyed!!

Yuzu: Kobato!!
Yuzu: I heard from Akai, why did you reject Hiro!?
Yuzu: Didn't you say you loved him?

Kana: That was...
Kana: Because I wanted Yuzu-chan to become true to her feelings.
Kana: I know
Kana: How much Yuzu-chan loves Kobayashi-kun.

Kana: Why don't you tell him your feelings?
Yuzu: I can't.
Yuzu: I'm not qualified to do that.
Kana: Why?
Yuzu: ...
Kana: If you're Ok with me I'd like you to tell me.
Kana: I want to help you,
Kana: Because I...

Kana: Love Yuzu-chan!

Yuzu: ...But, sorry,
Yuzu: I really can't tell this feelings to Hiro.
Yuzu: Because it was my fault that Hiro's mother...
Yuzu: Died.
Box: Chapter 11 End

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