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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 4

The Uninvited Pair

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 6, 2012 04:56 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 4
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Woman: Good morning, Kiruko-chan,
Woman: You look good today too~~~!
Woman: Oh, Mrs. Policewoman, //Last time I tl'd it as policewoman-san but this might look better
Woman: Thank you for carrying my bags the other day~~~
Kanna: Kiruko~~~!!
Kanna: Let's play baseball!!
Text: Kiruko's having an unexpectedly great reaction!?
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Haru: ...
Haru: What's wrong with you, Kiruko?...
Haru: You're acting weird, you know!
Haru's sd: You're always weird though...
Kiruko: Eh!?
Text: What's the reason!?

Kiruko: Ah, I'm sorry, dear me...
Kiruko: I got lost in thought!
Haru: ?
Kiruko: After I started getting along with the children on the road safety lesson,
Kiruko: It's like a lot of people started calling out for me.
Kiruko: I just thought that I'm at last starting to become a full-fledged policewoman...
Haru: Huh...?
Haru: Hey...Why are you getting excited with just that mu---
Kiruko: No~~~At this rate a Kiruko boom might happen in Nagashima,
Kiruko: What should I do if they try to interview me!?
Kiruko: Maybe I should decorate my blades~~~?
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): ...Ki...
Haru(thinks): Kiruko's annoying!!

Star: The first chapter is open to the public for free in Weekly Jump's official homepage!! Don't miss the Kiruko boom!!
Paper: Miss
Text: Candy stores are the social gathering place for children, the proof of their friendship!! Knead the bonds and the candies!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 4 The Uninvited Pair
Hirakata Masahiro

Girl: Uwa~~~n!!
Girl: Aaa~~~~~~n!!
Kiruko: What happened, girlie!?
Kiruko: Tell this town's policewoman, Kiruko-san the situation!!
Girl: Sniff...My balloon got stuck on that tree...
Kiruko: I see, that's a serious affair,
Kiruko: Leave it to me!!
Kiruko: Haaaaah!!
Girl: ! Waah, onee-chan, you're amazing!!
Man: Hmmm, I want to park here,
Man: But I'm no good with parallel parking...
Kiruko: !!

Kiruko: It's alright, grandpa! I'll help you~~~
Kiruko: Here it goes!!
Man: Oh, you're great as always, Mrs. Policewoman.
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): ...She definitely knows how to use her strength better than before...
Haru(thinks): Well, I don't have to take responsibility for that,
Haru(thinks): So that's all good, but---
Haru: !
Haru: ...
Haru: ...Hey, Kiruko.
Kiruko: ?
Haru: I know that you're happy, but aren't you getting too carried away?
Haru: No matter how you look at it, that can only bring forth a great failure...

Kiruko: Eeh~~~ It's alright, Why would you...
Kiruko: I...Is it that you're jealous, senpai!?
Haru: No, idiot!! I somehow know your behavior patterns by now!!
Haru: I mean, all of your reactions today are irritating!!
Haru: At any rate... When everything's going smooth are the most dangerous times...
Kanna: Aaaaaah, she's there!!
Kanna: I'm glad~~~!! Come for a sec., Kiruko!!
Kanna: There's something we want to ask from you!!
Kiruko: Yes, What is it, Kanna-chan!?
Kiruko: Leave it to Kiruko-nee-san!
Haru: !?
Haru: Eh...Hey, Kiruko!?
Haru: Listen to what I'm sayiiing!!

House: Macaron-chan
Haru: ...What's that dog...It's like, grinding?
Haru: Kanna-chan, you say it took your precious plushed toy...?
Kanna: Yeah...
Haru: And the plushed toy is Cerberus-kun*!?
Asterisk: Nagashima Station's Mascot
Haru: It's ok, we have many in the station, we can give you one, you know!?
Haru's sd: As many as you want!
Kanna: N...No, that's not it!
Kanna: That's Cerberus-kun's girlfriend, "Orthrus-chan"!
Kanna: Since the project failed that's the only plushed toy that was made, it's a rare item!
Text: {
Cerberus-kun's Girlfriend
Hell's Bride
Haru(thinks): There was something like that!?
Kanna: I beg you! It's a precious treasure dad gave me~~~!!
Haru: Eeh~~~...
Haru's sd: I don't really get kids' tastes...

Kiruko: Don't worry, everything will be fine, Kanna-chan!
Kanna: !
Kiruko: I won't let anything make anyone sad, no matter how trivial that thing is...
Kiruko: Because, I'm everyone's Novice Policewoman, Kiruko-san!!
Kiruko: You can all rest assured!
Kids' sd: Oooh!!
Kids: Gooo, Kirukooo!!
Haru(thinks): That can only end bad, can't it...?
//there's some sort of lost pun here, Kiruko says "Oobune ni notta tsumori de ite kudasai" which would literally translate to "Think that you've board a large ship" to what Haruki responds "Dorobune furagu ja neeka sore...?" which would be "Isn't that a premonition for a mud boat...?", but "Oobune ni noru"'s meaning would be something like "Having certainty that everything will be fine", that's pretty much why I chose that translation XD
Kanna: B...But , be careful, Kiruko,
Kanna: That dog is famous for its ferociousness around here...!
Kiruko: It will be alright, right now I think that I can get along with anyone.
Kiruko: This doggy will probably also open its heart to me!
Kiruko: Now, doggy, give that Orthrus-chan back...

Kiruko: Ok...
Kiruko: !? Hoaaaaaah!!
Kanna: !! Kirukoooo!!
Kanna: Eeeh, Kiruko!? Hey...It suddenly bit you!!
Kiruko: ...!!
Kid: A...Are you ok, Kiruko!!
Voice: And it seems it bit really hard!! The dog is seething with anger!!
Voice: It didn't open its heart at all!! It's more like its bestial instincts are telling it she's dangerous!!
Kiruko: I...I-I-I'm fine, everyone.
Kiruko: Don't worry...It's just playing, I think...
Haru: N...No, Kiruko...You're forcing a lot of things there...
Kiruko: N...Now, Have you calmed down already?
Kiruko: Then, please give me that plushed...
Dog: !?

Kiruko: Owowowow, C-Ca-ca-
Kiruko: Calm dowwwwwn!! Doggyyyyy!!
Haru(thinks): If that wasn't Kiruko the dog would have taken her arm already...!!
Kanna: Noooo, I...It's ok already, Kiruko, let's stop for now!
Kanna: Ok!?
Kiruko: Eh!?
Kiruko: A...Ahaha, what are you saying, Kanna-chan?
Kiruko: Th...This is nothing!! I'm Kiruko, you know!?
Haru: It's not the time to pretend to be tough, Kiruko!! Stop it,
Haru: If you keep this going the kids will get traumatized for real!!
Kiruko: N...Not yet, senpai!
Kiruko: It's ok, I know what to do when a dog bites you!
Kiruko: E...Ermmmm.
Haru: You can't do that, Kirukooooo!!
Kiruko: I...It's ok!! I'm only going to make it faint!
Kiruko: There's no way I can't do it!! I'm Kiruko, you know!?
Haru: I know! That's fine already,
Haru: For now just calm down...

Kiruko: Ah!
Voice: !!
Kiruko: Aaaah~~~
Kiruko?: Hey, the dog!!
Kiruko?: The dog ran awaaaaay!!
Kanna: No way, it went with Orthrus-chan in its mouth!
Kid: What are you doing, Kiruko~~~!!
Kiruko: N...No way, Wait!
Kiruko: It wasn't supposed to...!!
Kiruko: Don't run away~~~!!

Dog: !!!!
Haru?: !!? Eh...
Haru?: Wha...What was that just now---

Haru: !!!?
Haru: Huh...?
Kiruko: !
Chiaki: ---To think that you're shaken up by this much, you really are still a novice...
Chiaki: Well, it's ok.
Chiaki: Capture that dog quickly...Bullet!!
Bullet: ...
Bullet: Roger...!!
All: !!

Chiaki: Don't pull it! Beasts fangs won't let go if you just pull,
Chiaki: Push it in and remove it!
Bullet: Yeah.
Dog: !!
Dog: Kyaiiin!!
Bullet: Chiaki!!
All: !! Oooooh!!
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: ...Ah...
Chiaki: You over there!
Chiaki: You're this plushed toy's owner, right?
Chiaki: I'll mend the broken parts and wash it,
Chiaki: So come tomorrow to the Nagashima Substation,
Chiaki: I'll have you write a lost article notice then just in case.
Kanna: Y...Yes,
Kanna: Thank you very much!

Chiaki: It's alright...
Chiaki: This much is a simple job for the police...!
Haru: ...The...
Haru: Police...?
Bullet: ...It's been a while, Kiruko.
Bullet: Judging from the way you got shaken up before,
Bullet: It seems that you've grown dull ever since you came to this country...!!
Kiruko: ...Bu...
Kiruko: Bullet...!!
Kiruko: Wh...Why are you in Japan---
Kid: Amazing!! You two are from the police!?
Kid: That's super cool! Is that gun real!?

Kiruko: Wha...!?
Kid: Onee-san, you look like you're really intelligent!
Kid: Hey old man, how tall are you!?
Kid: You're like terminator!!
Haru: ...
Kiruko: Ah...E...
Kiruko: Everyone...Umm...
Kiruko: Ermm...About the plushed toy, I,
Kiruko: Emm...
Kids?: !?
Kanna: Eh? Ah, it's fine already, Kiruko.
Kanna: This people got it back!
Kiruko: !!!!

Kanna: Hey, you two are going to be part of the police here?
Kid: Oh, really,
Kid: Then we don't need Kiruko anymore!!
Punch: Not needed!!
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: Ah...
Chiaki: I'm sorry, we're leaving now...
Chiaki: You there! Lead us to the station!!
Haru's sd: I?
Haru: !?
Haru: Hey, hey... What's with those two...
Haru: When they said police they meant from outside here?
Haru: Well, it doesn't feel bad to recieve orders from a beauty~~~

Sign: Reception Office
Chief: Eh~~~
Chief: That's why...
Chief: This two are Police Investigators on a special duty that for some reasons will stay with us, they are---
Chiaki: Uchigane Chiaki.
Bullet: Bullet Hawk! //Well, he's not japanese so Bullet's his first name
Haru: H...Hmmm...You were police investigators...
Haru(thinks): Nice legs...
Chiaki: Yes, that's right.
Chief: Hey, where are you looking at, Haru-kun.
Chief: I'm going to fire you, you know~~~?
Chiaki: We're investigating a certain incident.
Chiaki: And...Yesterday, Nagashima got into the sphere of our investigation,
Chiaki: But Bullet gave me a referral that one of his former coworkers was here.
Bullet: ...

Chiaki: That's right...I'm talking about you,
Chiaki: Otonashi Kiruko-san!
All: !!
Chiaki: Well...That incident with the dog wasn't quite good,
Chiaki: But you'll obviously cooperate with us, right?
Haru: H...Hey, Kiruko...
Haru: You did it!!
Haru: Being selected to cooperate with a special investigation is great!!
Haru: Do it, Do it!! (cd: Hahahaha)
Text: An offense!!!
Kiruko: Don't wanna.
Haru: !!
Haru: Hm!!?
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 4/End

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