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Meteor-san Strike desu! 12

Meteor-san Strike Desu!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 8, 2012 04:21 | Go to Meteor-san Strike desu!

-> RTS Page for Meteor-san Strike desu! 12

Reserved for Renzokusei. Don't use without my permission.
Meteor-san Strike Desu! 12
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.
//I only started this manga because I wanted to tl something and I saw this on the shoutout and thought "Well, it seems interesting". In the end, only a few chapters were actually good, but oh well, I like to see things to the end. Thanks if you read this series, I hope you enjoyed it.

p1 //no dialog

Meteor: Meteor Barrier!!
Final Chapter Meteor-san Strike Desu!

p3 //no dialog

Akai: Time's up.
Akai: Right now Kobayashi Hiro has Failed the test,
Akai: As a fellow examiner I can't overlook any more destruction.
Meteor: Akai Shooting-Star

Akai: To begin with, destroying all those meteorite monsters while holding that barrier is impossible,
Akai: Even if you're the Universe's Strongest Warrior...
Akai: At this rate you'll really die.

Thought: I...Am not your mother.
Hiro: What's with that...
Hiro: I don't get it.

Hiro(thinks): Kobato-chan undestands me without me saying anything, I love her for that...
Hiro(thinks): What part of that is wrong!
Hiro: Hahaha,
Hiro: I see.

Hiro: I...Was just putting mom in Kobato-chan...
Hiro: No wonder I was rejected.
Hiro(thinks): Mom...

Hiro: What was that just now---
Hiro: My head...
Hiro: A
Hiro: Door?
Box: Don't...Open that door...
Box: I think, There's something really bad there...

Yuzu(thinks): When we were children he was always
Yuzu(thinks): A hero.
Yuzu(thinks): He continued to be one in order to cheer up auntie,
Yuzu(thinks): Who was hospitalized all the time.
Yuzu(thinks): Sometimes he would tell weird lies
Yuzu(thinks): And make a ruckus in society...

Yuzu(thinks): But I loved that Hiro.
Hiro: I just have to make you my bride.
Yuzu(thinks): That's why I was really happy when he said that...
Yuzu(thinks): That was before that day came...
Yuzu: I'm glad, auntie looked fine, Hiro.
Hiro: Well yeah
Hiro: ---Hey, look to the front when you walk, it's dangerous.
Yuzu: Shuddup, I know.

p12-14 //no dialog

Hiro: Uwaaaaah!!
Yuzu: Kyaaaaah!!
Box: I still don't know why auntie came to save us from the hospital,
Box: But since then Hiro stopped being a hero...

Yuzu: U-Umm
Yuzu: Hiro...
Yuzu: You see,
Yuzu: My carelessness caused this to happen,
Yuzu: It's not...Something that can be forgiven by apologizing but...
Yuzu: I'm really so---
Hiro: What are you saying?
Hiro: ...

Hiro: It wasn't your fault that mom died.
Hiro: It was because of her disease, it can't be helped.
Yuzu: Eh?
Yuzu(thinks): Hiro's memories became a mess because of the shock of auntie's death,
Yuzu(thinks): Uncle told me that then...
Yuzu(thinks): In the end...I couldn't even apologize...And Hiro's memories haven't come back yet...
Thought: Why don't you tell him your feelings?

Yuzu: Sorry, Kobato,
Yuzu: I really can't do it...
Meteor(thinks): Oh no!!
Suzuki: Southern Cross Gale Wave!!!
Omega: Omega Punch!!

Suzuki: Heaven calls, the earth calls, and I call...
Suzuki: The messenger from the Southern Cross...
Suzuki: Suzuki Southern-Cross has arrived!!
Omega: ...A farce.
Meteor: You guys...
Suzuki: Don't be so distant, senpai.
Omega: ...

Meteor: I see...
Meteor: Then, I leave you my back.
Suzuki: Ye-Yes!!
Meteor: Let's go!!

Akai: Why...
Akai: Kobayashi Hiro failed the exam,
Akai: Humanity should be destroyed...
Akai: Why do you side so much with an earthling?
Meteor: Don't you understand, Akai Shooting-Star!?
Meteor: Then, listen carefully!!
Meteor: That's because---!!!

Meteor: Remember, Kobayashi Hiro!
Hiro: Wha-! Meteor...
Meteor: If you recall that memory you'll earn the right to take the test again!!
Hiro: Eh!? "Again", Isn't the test over?
Meteor: What are you saying! At this rate you'll fail!!
Hiro: ...But, if I open this door...
Meteor: You big fool!! Behind that door---

Hiro: Lies someone who's waiting for you to save her!!

Hiro: ...Mom,
Hiro: I got interested in a girl on high school,
Hiro: She understood me, who was famous for being a liar,
Hiro: Without me saying anything just like you did...
Hiro: But, thinking back now, that was just me depending
Hiro: On that girl's kindness.
Hiro: That's why, this time
Hiro: ...I'll do my best so that the girl I really like...
Hiro: Believes in me.

Dad: Good morning Hiro, you're early today,
Dad: What will you do about food?
Hiro: I already ate,
Hiro: I prepared your part too!!
Hiro: Then, I'm off!!
Dad: Good grief,
Dad: Children sure grow up quick. (cd: He was bad with cooking and he did this.)
Dad: Don't you think so too?

Guy's sd: Good morning
Guy's sd: Hiya
Kana: U-Umm...
Thought: Because it was my fault that Hiro's mother...Died.
Yuzu: Hm? What?
Kana: Eh!? Hmmmm, it's nothing!
Kana: Sigh
Yuzu: ?
Yuzu: Hm, what's with that crowd!?

Yuzu: Hiro?
Kana: Kobayashi-kun.
Hiro: I have something to tell you.

Hiro: Truth to be told, the Earth is now the target of the meteorite monsters
Hiro: And is in peril of being destroyed!!
All: !?
Hiro: But, an alien told me that if I could clear problems related with "love"
Hiro: She'd destroy the meteorite monsters.
Girl: Ah! He's the one of that UFO---
Girl: Ah, the liar boy!
Yuzu: Hey, Hiro, Stop th---

Hiro: That's why, Yuzu, I beg you!
Hiro: Help me pass this problem!!
Yuzu: Hey, you're groveling again! Stop it!!
Kana: And Kobayashi-kun, what were the contents of the problem?
Yuzu: Hey, Kobato!?
Hiro: This time's problem is...
All: !?

Hiro: Grope the breasts of the girl you really like while naked!!
Girls' sd: Kyaaah
Hiro: That's why...

Hiro: Here I go!!
Yuzu: Wha-!?
Yuzu: Hey, don't come here!
Yuzu: Lecher, idiot, pervert, die 100 times!!
Yuzu: Hey, Kobato!?
Kana: Sorry, Yuzu-chan, but this is the only option left...
Yuzu: What nonsense are you saying!!?

Kana: Kobayashi-kun, they must be the breasts of the girl You really like,
Kana: Right!?
Yuzu: Eh?
SFX: nod
Yuzu: Hey, eh, what's with that!? Don't you like Kobato!!
Hiro: I beg you, Yuzu!

Hiro: Believe in me!!

p34-35 //no dialog

All's sd: Ooooooh
Yuzu: Hey, that's enough, right!? How long will you keep touching!! (cd: Even though you think they're small)
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Yuzu, I---

Hiro: I remembered everything,
Hiro: About when mom died.
Yuzu: Eh!?
Hiro: It must've been tough and painful.
Hiro: For making you carry that burden alone until now,
Hiro: I'm sorry.

p38 //no dialog

Hiro: Hey, Yuzu!
Yuzu: Idiot, idiot, idiot, you big idiot!!
Yuzu: I, wanted to keep it a secret forever...Why do you bring that suddenly now...
Hiro: Sorry.
Yuzu: Idiot! I'm the one who should apologize!!
Yuzu: I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Yuzu: I'm...Sorry...
Yuzu: But, back then...
Yuzu: No, now too...

Yuzu: Thanks for saving me.
Yuzu: You really are my hero.
Hiro?: Idiot...

Hiro: I should be the one to say "thanks".
SFX: clap clap
SFX: clap clap clap clap
Kana: I...

Kana: Can't beat her now.

Meteor: Splendid, Kobayashi Hiro!
Meteor: Love is accepting your sins, forgiving, and being forgiven.
Meteor: Etch this into your soul so that you don't
Meteor: Forget again.

Meteor: Those who protect the ones they love
Meteor: Are the real heroes!!
Meteor: Take it, meteorite monsters,
Meteor: The Earthlings' love.

Meteor: Super Lovey-dovey
Meteor: Meteor Beaaaaam!!
sd: Zgadkan

Meteor: I've fought ever since I was born.
Meteor: For a long time, for tens of thousands of years
Meteor: I fought, fought, and fought.
Meteor: However, someday, after every battle only emptiness was left,
Meteor: I didn't know why was I fighting anymore.
Meteor: Then, another long time passed and when my heart was about to be eaten by that emptiness,
Meteor: On that day---

Meteor: I met Kobayashi Hiro...
Meteor: And learned about Love.
Meteor: I learned that no matter how powerless they are,
Meteor: Anyone can become a hero if it's to protect their loved ones.
Meteor: That's why, I want to protect
Meteor: The Earthling who taught me that...
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro...

Meteor: Because I love him so much.
Akai: Good grief,
Akai: To think that I approved the retake...I've lost my touch. (cd: But, that smile is foul play...)

Akai: However...The thing is that Meteor-san...
Akai: For Hiro
Akai: Felt a Strike!

Hiro: Yesterday was really harsh,
Hiro: In the end, the police took care of me. (cd: They said it was public indecency...)
Meteor: Why are you getting depressed, Kobayashi Hiro!!?
Hiro: Me-

Hiro: Meteor!?
Hiro: I have a raging bad feeling about this...
Meteor: Oh, you made a good guess Hero!
Box: Like this, the Earth's peace was protected, but, the meteorite monsters are still coming.
Meteor: A problem!!
Hiro: Gyaaaah!! (cd: As I thought.)
Box: Don't lose Hero, do your best hero, Until the day true peace comes to Earth!
Meteor-san Strike Desu! END

p54 //4-koma
Ribbon: Omake 4-koma
Title: "Meteor-san's secret"
Akai: This is "Meteor-san's Q&A" corner!
Card: Postcards
Akai: We answer the mysteries and doubts regarding this work here.
Omega: A farce.
Akai: Then, the first question! "Why does Meteor always have her arms crossed?"
Meteor: Because the Earth has gravity,
Meteor: If I don't do this I can't support my breasts.
Hiro(thinks): Eh! No bra!? (cd: And no panties.)

Right 4-koma:{
Title: "Meteor-san's secrets #2"
Akai: Then, the next question, "Meteor-san lives together with Hiro
Akai: What room is she using?" (cd: A cliched "in the closet" or something?)
Hiro's sd: Eh, I?
Hiro: Eh!? She doesn't have a room.
Akai: What do you mean?
Hiro: She always appears suddenly and leaves suddenly.
Hiro: You can't really call that living together.
Yuzu's sd: Phew
Kobato: Good for you, Yuzu-chan.
Yuzu: I-I didn't really mind that!!
Left 4-koma:{
Title: "You're a phantom, Meteor-san!" //meaning she appears unexpectedly
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro!
Meteor: A problem, Kobayashi Hiro!
Hiro's sd: Oh
Meteor: Kobayashi Hiro!!
Hiro: You're definitely doing that on purpose!? (cd: Can't I have any privacy!?)

Right 4-koma:{
Title: "As long as there's love"
Akai: Then, the last question.
Akai: "In this manga whenever a meteorite monster appears Meteor-san uses a special move, but---"
Akai: "Doesn't the government or the NASA notice that?" (cd: With a satellite or something)
Hiro: Eh!?
Hiro(thinks): Not even the author thought that far.
Hiro: Ermmm,
Hiro: Ermmm.
Meteor: It's Love!
Meteor: If you have Love for this manga you can let anything slip!
Hiro(thinks): She only does this, but she saved me just now!!
Left 4-koma:{
Title: To commemorate...
Kana: Umm...It's the end so why don't we do something to commemorate it?
Meteor: Yeah.
Hiro(thinks): Eh! Like a last page where I get naked to stay in everyone's memories!? (cd: With my genitals up...)
Yuzu: Have some self-respect!!
Akai: Then, let's call everyone and do that.
Akai: Here, let's go!
Akai: 3-2-1---

See you~~~(music note)
Arrow: Continues on the back cover(music note)

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