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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 5

Kiruko Pouts!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 13, 2012 22:35 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 5
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Kiruko: Don't wanna.
Voice: !?
Voice: Hm!?
Text: Kiruko pouts!!!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Haru: H...Hey, Kiruko!! "Don't wanna", you...
Haru: Idiot!! Why are you rejecting this, it's a notice from the main station, you know!?
Haru: Look!! That old man is trembling from anger!!
Haru: F...For now, take back that answer---
Bullet: ---...
Bullet: Ki...
Bullet: Kirukoooooo!!
Haru: !!?
Bullet: You...What do you mean you "don't wanna"!?
Bullet: Does it mean you don't want to work with me!?
Haru: Eh...Hey-
Haru: !?

Bullet: Wh...Why!? I'm a comrade that fought alongside you, aren't I!!
Bullet: Hey...Look this way!!
Bullet: You were all obedient back in the day!!
Kiruko: Bullet~~~ I made a hand grenade~~~
Bullet: Oh...Let's see.
Kiruko: You see...I'll specialize in hand-to-hand combat.
Kiruko: Cover me, ok, Bullet!!
Haru: Ummm, is that person perhaps...
Chiaki: That's right, he's a former mercenary...He was that novice's co-worker...
Chiaki: Ok, it's enough already, Bullet!
Chiaki: More importantly, I'll begin talking about work!!
Bullet: Kirukooooo!!
Kiruko: I don't know you Bullet... My popularity with the kids,
Kiruko: How dare you steal it so easily from me...
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): ...Eeh~~~ Hey...
Haru(thinks): What's with these two...I mean,
Haru(thinks): What's with this situation!!?

Star: Chapter 1 is open to the public for free on Weekly Jump's Homepage!! If you missed it go read it now!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Text: Kiruko eating a lot!! Is your calory count alright, Kiruko!! If you multiply 0 by 10 it's still 0, you know, Kiruko!!!
Chapter 5 Kiruko Pouts!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Chiaki: ---We're currently after these two.
Chiaki: We're to arrest them when they're doing business with smuggled firearms.
Chiaki: No wonder why they came to this remote place!!
Haru: ...Fi...Firearms...
Haru: For real?
Chiaki: Of course,
Chiaki: If it wasn't we wouldn't have come here!
Chief: You're quite right.
Chief: But, that's exactly why it's easier to do bad things here.
Bullet: Add to that that you guys are the only police around here,
Bullet: It's more convenient for criminals if there's few guards.
Haru(thinks): Ah...The old man is back to how he was...
Haru(thinks): What was that just now...
Chiaki: The deal will definitely occur during the next three days,
Chiaki: We're staying here until then so best regards...!
Haru: Three days...
Haru: ...

Haru: Heeeey, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: ...
Haru: Participate in the conversation, you!
Haru: What have you been doing alone all this time!?
Kiruko: Nothing really...I'm participating...While sharpening my blades...
Haru: You don't have to do that now, right!!
Haru: What's wrong with you today, seriously!!?
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: It's fine if you don't want to do this...
Chiaki: It wasn't expecting anything from you to begin with.
Kiruko: !
Chiaki: Even if Bullet recommended you, a novice is a novice.
Chiaki: Well...As far as I'm concerned, this is a roundup,
Chiaki: It would be unbearable to have someone mess up on an important part!

Kiruko: ...You...
Kiruko: You're trying to show that you can do a good job like that...
Chiaki: !?
Kiruko: And make the children praise you telling you "You look intelligent" or "You are like a master"...
Kiruko: Even though they have never told me that!!
Chiaki: !? Huh...
Chiaki: Chi...Children...!?
Haru(thinks): Eeeh...!? You're pouting because of that, Kirukooooo!!?
Chiaki: I...Don't really understand,
Chiaki: But for now it's become clear.
Bullet: !
Bullet: Hey, Chiaki...
Chiaki: You're not needed in this investigation.
Chiaki: I hate unwilling and indecisive people!!
Kiruko: ...Do what you want...
Kiruko: After all, the children think I'm not needed...!!
Haru: ...
Haru(thinks): Uwaah...Th...
Haru(thinks): This became like a fighting scene---!!

Sign: Office Kitchen
Kanna: ...Sorry, it didn't work...
Kanna: We invited Kiruko to play,
Kanna: But she said "You could just ask Chiaki-san to do it"...
Kanna: It seems that her "Kiruko is not needed" phase is really dragging out...
Kanna: That's a phlegmatic temperament...!
Kiruko's sd: Because Kiruko is not needed...
Haru: Hmm...Ok, thanks...
Haru: Ah~~~She's a real pain in the ass...!!
Bullet: Kiruko's pouts last long since the old days...
Kid: !
Kid: Old man, you know Kiruko?
Bullet: ...Yeah...
Bullet: Even though we fought together on the battlefield for a long time...She suddenly said she'd become a policewoman and left.

Bullet: That's why I hurriedly left the team and came after her...
Bullet: Ah...No, I mean, I came to Japan so that I could help with investigations,
Bullet: And well, while I'm at it I came to see how Kiruko's doing...
Haru(thinks): This old man acts suspiciously every now and then...
Chief: ...
Chief: But, at this rate it'll be bad~~~
Chief: I mean, if people that came from the main station make you a request
Chief: And you reject it easily, there's no telling what the high-ups will say.
Kanna: ! Then, let's cheer Kiruko up!
Kanna: We'll help too!!
Haru: !?
Haru: !? Hey, wait...
Bullet: Yeah...I really want Kiruko to help us...Er, meaning that she'll be a great asset...
Chief: Right~~~!
Chief: Then...Well, that's how things are---
Haru's sd: This will lead to...!!
Haru: ...
Chief: The plan to cheer up Kiruko-chan---
Chief: Do your best, Haru-kun!!
Haru(thinks): It had to be meeeee!!

Haru: ...He-
Haru: He~~~y, Kiruko~~~ I brought you something~~~
Kiruko: ?
Kiruko: What is it, Senpai...? I don't feel like it right now,
Kiruko: I'm sorry but leave it for other tim...
Kiruko: !!! //lol
Kiruko: Se...Se-Senpai, this is...!!
Kiruko: Can I really have this---
Kiruko's sd: Eh!?
Kiruko's sd: Eh!?
Haru: Ye-Yeah, eat, it's to thank you for your daily effort!
Haru(thinks): She really is easy to understand...
Haru(thinks): However, as expected from Kanna-san...Using a cake was the right choice...!
Kanna's sd: For girls it must be sweets!!
Haru(thinks): Now, cheer up with that, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Th...Then, without delay---
Chiaki: Oh?

Chiaki: A newbie being thanked for her work, that must be nice...
Chiaki: I just don't think that she has worked that hard.
Kiruko: !!
Haru: Ah...Chi...Chiaki-san.
Haru: Ho...How about it? Do you want one too...?
Chiaki: I'm sorry, I'm limiting my calory intake,
Chiaki: Taking care of your body is also an important part of the job...
Kiruko: !?...
Haru: Ah~~~I see, so that's why you're so slim~~~!
Haru: Well, the parts that should come forth are also slim...
Haru's sd: Just kidding!
Chiaki: Ahahahaha!
Chiaki: I'll send you flying to Alaska, you sexual harasser...!!
Haru: ...Sorry...
Haru: We...Well, that's how it is, so, Kiruko!
Haru: Good for you, you can eat all of them, you know?
Haru: Now, eat without reserve! Ok?
Kiruko: ...
Haru: ?
Haru: Eh? What's up, Kiruko?

Kiruko: I'd rather not.
Haru: !!?
Haru: Eh!?
Haru: Eh!? Why!? Why do you suddenly not want to!!?
Kiruko: No...I didn't want from the beginning.
Kiruko: I'm also limiting my calory intake...
Haru: No, no, this morning you bought up melon bread from the convenience store
Haru: And they were all gone by the afternoon!
Kiruko: Th...That's all your imagination, senpai...
Kiruko: I, eating a lot...I wouldn't do something that lacks woman power like that...!!
Haru(thinks): !? She's pretending endurance with all she has!!
Kiruko: Geez~~~Leave me alone! I'm also a maiden.
Kiruko: Take this cake and go over there~~~!!
Haru: !? Eeh...Hey...Then let go of it!!

Haru: It didn't work...She has a pointless antagonism for that *Mega Cool Beauty.
Asterisk: Cool Beauty with Glasses //glasses = megane
Haru: To think that the cake would backfire like this...
Kanna: Well, women are lumps of vanity...
Kanna: So, luring her with sweets is impossible now...
Kanna: Then...Next are clothes!
Kanna: Kiruko looks like the type that only has Tank Tops and Shorts.
Kanna's sd: That's only how I see her though
Kanna: It can be just one thing but give her a present!
Haru: ...Clothes...Huh...I see.
Haru: However...There's one thing I have to ask of you then...
Kanna: ?
Haru: I used all the money I had on those cakes,
Haru: So please lend me money...!!
Kids: Is that something you ask Primary schoolers for!?
Kanna's sd: Just how low on money are you!?
Haru: Also, Kanna-san...Can you help me pick the clothes...?

Kiruko: Ah...Se...Senpai...
Kiruko: Ju...Just what does this mean...!?
Box: {
Retailer: Nagashima Dept. Store
One Piece for Women
980 Yen (On sale) //with sale I mean that there's this sale where everything has discounts and such
Haru: Hmm...It looked like you didn't liked yesterday's cake,
Haru: We...Well, this are all cheap clothes but...
Haru(thinks): Th...This is kinda awkward.
Kiruko: ...!!
Kiruko: Th-thank you very much! How should I say it,
Kiruko: D...Does it look good on a battefield girl like me...!?
Haru(thinks): Don't say it as if you were a country girl!!
Kanna: Try it on, Kiruko! It'll definitely look good on you!!
Kiruko: E...Eeeh~~~You think so? I...If you're saying that much then...
Haru(thinks): A...Alright!! This is looking good!!
Haru's sd: In a lot of ways!!
Chiaki: Good morning.
Haru: !

Chiaki: Oh...?
Chiaki: What are those clothes, Ms. Novice... Are they your plain clothes?
Kanji: Woman Poweeeeer!!
Haru: !!!!
Haru(thinks): Wha...Th...This woman---
Haru(thinks): Her clothes' woman power is really high!!
Haru's sd: And with this timing!!
Chiaki: Fufu...They look good on you, don't they? They're cute
Chiaki: For a primary school girl!
Haru: !!
Kanna(thinks): ...Well, I chose them...
Haru: Aah, Kiru...
Haru: Again? God dammiiiit!!

Kanna: ...So...
Kanna: What? In the end he chose to invite her a drink on the way back from work?
Kanna: Just how bad is that perverted policeman at escorting!!
Kanna's sd: And of all places a ramen stall!!
Haru: Ah...We...Well,
Haru: You really can't beat Chiaki-san, but---
Haru: Hey...This ramen is good! It's our treat! (cd: *The chief's)
Kiruko: ...
Haru: Eat it and put an end to this!
Haru: Ok?
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: St...

Kiruko: Stop it, senpai...Don't pity me!!
Kiruko: After all, I'm not needed if that woman is here.
Kiruko: This time that person will go fish crayfish with the children instead of me!!
Haru(thinks): I told you, the reasons why you get sad are too shabby...
Kiruko: Uwa~~~n, the trust I finally build up~~~!!
Kiruko's sd: Uwaaan
Haru: Hmm...They never trusted you to begin with... (cd: They are enjoying it though...)
Chief: ...Hmmm, that certainly is sad...
Chief: However, Kiruko-chan,
Kiruko: !?
Chief: Are you ok with this?
Chief: Just losing to her all the time!!
Kiruko: ...Eh?
Chief: Well, you see,
Chief: I don't really like that kind of girls!

Chief: What do you think about those elite types, Haru-kun...?
Haru: !
Haru: Yeah...I don't like elites! All intelligent people look down at me usually!!
Haru: That's why I prefer them having their nutrients go to their breasts than them being intelligent.
Kiruko: ! Right!! She just gives this bad feeling, right!?
Kiruko: Th...That's right, to begin with she made fun of senpai's gifts...
Kiruko: Senpai!! I really feel frustrated!!
Haru: !
Chief: Oh~~~That's right, Kiruko-chan,
Chief: I you stay silent you'll be disgraced as a woman.
Chief: Hmm~~~...But Kiruko-chan lost in woman power and popularity,
Chief: Then...What can she win with~~~...?
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: That is...
Kiruko: ...
Kiruko: ...A...

Kiruko: At work!!
Haru: ...Kiruko?
Kiruko: A...At work...
Kiruko: That's right...
Kiruko: That was it...!!
Kiruko: !!
Haru: Eh...He...Hey, Kiruko? What's wro...
Haru: !!
Haru: It's hot!! Don't send the soup flying!!

Haru: ...!?
Kiruko: Fu...Fufu...
Kiruko: ...That's right...No matter what I lost in,
Kiruko: I can't lose to her on that!
Kiruko: I'm sorry, Senpai...Chief...!---I've snapped out.
Kiruko: Novice Policewoman, Otonashi Kiruko!! I'll give Chiaki-san a surprise at work!!
Text: Begin the Counterattack!!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 5/End

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