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Shokugeki no Souma 4

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 14, 2012 02:11 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

-> RTS Page for Shokugeki no Souma 4

Rules stay the same. (though by now I think only Casanova is working on it... XD)
Shokugeki no Souma 4
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

(Cutlery) 4 The Demon King Talks About "Gems"
Box: About one month has passed after the entrance exam---
Box: April.
Voice: We'll proceed to give the award to the best of the year.
High school Section
Opening Ceremony
Voice: Representative of the new first years,
Voice: Nakiri Erina.
Erina: Yes.
Star: The queen, magnificently---!!
Shokugeki no Souma
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun

Tootsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy
High School Section First Years Opening Ceremony
Girl: Ah...Erina-sama looks beautiful today...
Guy: She's beautiful and the top student...Truly a perfect super human!
Guy: It seems she was first in every subject of the internal entrance exam by far.
Guy: I could die happy if I had a date with her...
Guy: Idiot, if you say something that reckless you'll get erased from here.
Voice: ---We'll continue with the ceremonial address.

Guy: She is the granddaughter---
Guy: Of the Don of the food mafia.
Big Text: Nakiri Senzaemon
Text: Tootsuki Academy's Director
Thought: Scaryyyyy!!!
Thought: Tootsuki Academy...Consequently he leads Japan's Cooking Industry, he's gourmet food's incarnation.
Thought: He isn't just a mafia's Don...
Thought: He's a demon king!
Thought: Food's demon king!!

p4 //I'll call him Sen
Sen: Ladies and Gentlemen.
Sen: Congratulations on entering the high school section!
Sen: On your three years in the middle school section
Sen: You've deepened your knowledge about the basics of food preparing and its ingredients.
Sen: You've had classes with cooking drills where you actually cooked and all sorts of lectures about
Sen: Cooking theory,
Sen: Nutrition,
Sen: Sanitation,
Sen: Agriculture,
Sen: Management...
Sen: And now you're standing at the entrance to the high school section,
Sen: But what will be tested now isn't your technique or knowledge,
Sen: It's if you have the guts to live as a chef---

Guy: ...?
Sen: 99% of you
Sen: Are sacrificial stones
Sen: In order to polish other 1%, the gems.

Sen: Out of the 812 new first years from last year
Sen: The number of students that advanced to the second year
Sen: Is 76.
All: !!?
Sen: We'll mercilessly cast away incompetent and ordinary people.
Sen: By the time the 1000 first years
Sen: Reach their second year they will become 100.
Sen: To count the number of people that will graduate
Sen: One hand will be enough.
Sen: You, you will become
Sen: One of those handful of chefs!!

Sen: Devote
Sen: To your studies.
//And here we have all of the really important rival characters, 4 guys and 5 girls, I like their character designs
Sen: That's all!
Erina(thinks): The source of Tootsuki's brand power
Erina(thinks): Is this thorough education of a select few brought by competition...

Erina(thinks): Just saying that you "were enrolled" here increases your value as a chef.
Erina(thinks): If you manage to graduate you'll be a star in the cooking world for life.
Erina(thinks): I pity all of you who were born on the same generation I was...
Erina(thinks): Because you're fated to "Fight for the 2nd place" from the time you were born!
Erina(thinks): The one who will reign over Tootsuki's top and Japan's cooking world is me,
Erina(thinks): Nakiri Erina!!
Voice: Eeh, to finish,

Voice: We'll introduce the student which was admitted to the high school section.
Erina: !
Erina(thinks): I see...Another examiner passed someone.
Erina(thinks): Hmph...
Erina(thinks): Just remembering him is irritating.
Erina(thinks): Well, it's ok...I will never
Souma: Well...Like,
Souma: I'm sorry for being in this high place, hehe...
Souma: I have to express my intentions, right? I'm beaten, do I really have to do this?
Souma: Saying them on a stage is embarrassing.
Voice: Just do it now.
Erina(thinks): See him again---
Souma: Then, I'll keep it short,
Souma: I'll say two or three things...

Souma: Ermm...
Souma: I'm Yukihira Souma,
Souma: Truth to be told, I only think of this academy---
Souma: As a stepping stone
Souma: I got admitted here unexpectedly,
Souma: But I don't plan to lose to some bunch that has never stood in front of clients.
Souma: Now that I'm in
Souma: I'll take the top.
Souma: Best regards for the next three years.

Guy: Heeey, you baaastard!!
Guy: I'll kill you, transfer student!! //not exactly a transfer student but that's the closest thing I could think about
sd: Hey, wait
sd: Die
Souma: Phew...I said it without biting my tongue.
Souma: Oh, you're from the exam!
Souma: You were Nakiri...Right?
Erina: ...
Souma: I was really nervous, from the time I was a kid, things like my testimonial were unrelated. //idk if this makes any sense
Souma: How was I? Was it any weird?
Erina: That doesn't matter!!
Erina: Yukihira-kun! Why are you here...
Souma: Well, you ask why but

Souma: I recieved a notification that I passed so I came...
Souma: I was really scared back then, because you said "It's bad",
Souma: If it's good you should just honestly say so!
Erina: No...
Erina: That's wrong! That's wrong! Even though I...Kicked this guy.
Erina: Let me tell you,
Erina: I haven't accepted it.
Erina: Not you
Erina: Nor your cooking.

Souma: ...Huh?
Erina: It's a mistake, a mistake!
Erina: You came to Tootsuki because of a mistake!!
Erina: You say you'll take the top...?
Erina: Don't make me laugh!!
Erina: All of the students that passed the internal entrance exam for the middle school section
Erina: Have recieved gifted education in ultra-fine gastronomy!
Erina: A transfer student from the outside---
Erina: Doesn't even have to look at the top,
Erina: You won't be able to beat them...
Souma: Three years...In the middle school section, huh...
Erina: ...What?
Souma: The first time I held a knife was when I was three.

Souma: Twelve years.
Souma: That's the time I've been living in the kitchen, you know?
Souma: I can't get my shop's name dirty
Souma: By leaving being said my food "was bad".
Souma: Wait for it.
Souma: I'll make you clearly say
Souma: "It's good" with that mouth of yours!

Souma: I'll exhaust my cooking
Souma: To its limits---
Erina: ---!

Seal: Failed //Rejected

Box: Tadokoro Megumi (15)
Box: {
Big Text: Last Place
Text: On the internal entrance exam to the high school section
Megumi(thinks): I'm tired of this...
Megumi(thinks): I'm definitely the first place in the sacrificial stone list...
Megumi(thinks): Even though I could advance to the high school section.
Megumi(thinks): ...No...Don't give up.
Megumi(thinks): You have to answer the expectation of the townspeople that sent you off!
Megumi(thinks): At any rate...Right now I'm on the verge of dropping out
Megumi(thinks): So I have to continue quietly
Megumi(thinks): And avoid standing out badly like that transfer student!

Megumi(thinks): Alright...I definitely
Megumi(thinks): Won't get close to that transfer student!
Voice: Alright,
Voice: Have you divided in pairs as the lottery said?
Voice: Then we'll have you prepare some food with your pair.
Megumi(thinks): Uaaaaaaan
Star: Souma enters school surrounded by hostility...!!
Shokugeki no Souma
(cutlery) 4 /End
And what will tomorrow bring for this girl!?

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