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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 6

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 19, 2012 22:38 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 6
//Random fact: It seems the official english name for this series is "Novice Policewoman Kiruko-san", you can check shounen jump's english site to see that.
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Chiaki: After grumbling so much I'm surprised you dared to participate.
Chiaki: Well...Not like I mind, just don't get in the way of our work...!
"Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Chiaki: I've said this before but this is a roundup,
Chiaki: Of course, failure is not an option.
SFX: *mumble* x8 //complaints
Kiruko: Senpai, senpai!
Haru: !
Kiruko: We can't stay quiet after being looked down so much,
Kiruko: Let's
Headband: Fight Nagashima
Kiruko: Show her our---Nagashima substation's spirit!
Haru: ...That's right Kiruko.
Headband: Weed spirit //WTF?
Haru: For once I intensely agree with you...
Text: Kiruko has enough fighting spirit!! It's time for a counterattack at work!!

Haru(thinks): Besides...I've always wanted to watch
Haru(thinks): An elite woman's face warped on disgrace...
Kiruko: As expected from senpai!
Chiaki: ? What are you talking in secret...
Chiaki: Look to the front when you're driving!
Chiaki's sd: I'll give you a ticket!
Chiaki: !? Eh,
Chiaki: Wha...What...!?
Chiaki: We...Well, anyway, stay focused.
Chiaki: Now,
Chiaki: It's time to work...!!
Chiaki: By the way, what's with your headband?
Headband: Weed spirit
Haru: Nothing really.

Star: Chapter 1 is open to the public for free on Weekly Jump's Homepage!! If you missed it go read it now!!
Text: On this fight, she can't lose, she can't be stopped!! Kiruko get's serious after a while!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 6 Kiruko's Revenge
Hirakata Masahiro

Chiaki: ---They're here...
Chiaki: Everyone! Are you in position!?
Chiaki: First, Bullet will intimidate them by destroying their car,
Chiaki: When they try to escape we'll ambush them and end this!
Chiaki: Ms. Novice should be able to do this much!
Chiaki: We'll start on my signal.
Chiaki: Is there any questions!?
Kiruko: Chiaki-san!
Chiaki: ?
Kiruko: That's too roundabout so can I launch a suicide attack?
Chiaki: !? Of course not!! What are you saying!?

Kiruko: It's ok, if it's me I can ki...Arrest the criminals in the blink of an eye,
Kiruko: Just leave it to me!!
Chiaki: Like I'll leave it to you! Don't do anything your own way, heeey.
Haru: Wait, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: !
Haru: It's not time for you to charge in yet...!!
Haru: Listen...At this rate I can see you failing like on the other times,
Haru: You should be patient and wait for your chance to shine...!!
Kiruko: Yes, understood, senpai!!
Haru: Alright...You're a good girl, I'll buy you a melon bread later...
Haru's sd: A sold off one... //sold at a loss
Kiruko: Really!?
Bullet: ...
Bullet: ...I don't understand.
Haru: !?
Bullet: I've been wondering...Kiruko,
Bullet: Why would someone as strong as you be so obedient to a feeble man like him?

Bullet: What will happen if by any chance you're taking advantage of Kiruko's weakness
Bullet: ---You're aware of that, right...!?
Haru: !?
Kiruko: Hey...What nonsense are you saying!
Kiruko: Bullet, be quiet, geez!!
Bullet: ...!!
Bullet: Anjou...Right now, on this place you'll be...
Chiaki: Bullet! Concentrate on work!
Chiaki: You can leave those people alone!!
Both: !
Chiaki: They can play together all they want somewhere where they won't bother us!
Chiaki: After all, they're policemen of the Nagashima substation, a bunch of crowded out people...
Chiaki: I never expected you to be helpful so rest assured!
Haru: ...Hey, Kiruko.
Kiruko: !?
Haru: ... ... ...
Haru: ... ... ...

Haru: ---That's how it is...We don't need to do anything...
Haru: Kiruko,
Haru: You should also go somewhere where you won't hinder them!
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: ---Roger, senpai...!!
Bullet: Hey! Chiaki, it's about time...
Chiaki: I know!
Chiaki: It seems that the deal is done...With this they can't talk their way out.
Chiaki: What's best is that we'll finally be able to put an end to this case.
Chiaki: Well then, Bullet! Start by shooting the car's gas tank,
Chiaki: Can you do it with this darkness?
Bullet: ...Of course.
Bullet: That's why I'm here!

Man: ...It certainly is the whole amount,
Man: This was a good deal for both sides.
Man: Yeah.
Man: Hehe...Dealing with smuggled weapons, we're totally underground men.
Man: Yeah...I wonder if the boss will take us to a blowfish shop when we're back. //as in a restaurant that sells blowfish dishes
Man: Blowfish, how nice, they're specially good fri---
Man: Geeeeeeeeeeh!?
Man: Wha...What was that!?
Man: This was your doing!?
Man: Wha...What are you...Didn't you do this!!
Bullet: ...Now...

Bullet: I hit it, Chiaki!
Chiaki: As expected from Bullet...An expert with Magnums.
Chiaki: Now all that's left is arresting them all while they're escaping!
Chiaki: Don't let them go!
Haru: ...Yeah,
Haru: But will they really escape this way?
Chiaki: Of course, their only escape route from this abandoned building is that main gate...
Chiaki: There's no idiot who would try to escape to a dead end in an abandoned building.
Chiaki: Which means they can only escape from the main gate!
Haru: Hm~~~
Kiruko: I would start hostilities on the spot.
Bullet: A scar on the back is dishonor for a soldier.
Chiaki: Don't think using a soldier's logic, novice!
Chiaki: And Bullet, don't get on that!
Chiaki: See, while you were talking about that they collected their things and started moving,
Chiaki: Not knowing they're being lead there!
Chiaki: Now, come out of the lot!!

Man: Hey, hurry!! You never know where another shot will come from!!
Man: Hurry and take refuge in the building!!
Chiaki(thinks): ...!?
Chiaki(thinks): Eh!!?
Chiaki: Eh!? Hey...Why are they doing that!?
Chiaki: Why would they take refuge in a place they can't escape from!?
Haru?: ? What's wrong, Chiaki-san!?
Chiaki: !? Eh...
Chiaki: N...No, it's nothing!! It's ok.
Chiaki: Moreover, Bullet!! Hurry inside the abandoned building!!
Bullet?: What!? They really started hostilities?
Bullet?: They must have someone with war experience with them...!
Chiaki: !? "R...Really", hey...If you knew then tell me beforehand, geez!
Chiaki: We can't lose them!! I'll start chasing them before you!!
Haru: !

Haru: Eeh~~ Chiaki-san, that's a bad idea!
Haru: They have brand new firearms, you know?
Haru: Charging alone is dangerous so it'd be better if you stay put!
Chiaki: How can you be so carefree!!?
Chiaki: If by any chance the criminals escaped because of that what would you do!!
Chiaki: You see, since this is my job I'm always doing my best.
Chiaki: I'm different to a policeman of the outskirts like you!!
Haru: !? Wha...
Haru: I...I was worrying about you and you just...
Chiaki: More importantly, where are you!? Anyway just com...
Chiaki: !!!!
Man: It was you...Who launched the surprise attack!!
Man: Prepare yourself!!
Chiaki(thinks): A...An ambush!? It can't be...
Chiaki: This is ba...

Haru: Ah-Ah, that's why I said that you'd better wait...It can't be helped.
Haru: Time to shine, Kiruko!!
Man: !!!?
Man: Huh...!?
Man: Wha-
Man: What's with her!? Just when did she...!
Chiaki(thinks): !! The novice...!?
Chiaki: Wh...
Chiaki: Why are you here...!!
Kiruko: You're the one who said I should stay somewhere where I didn't bother you.
Chiaki: !! Wha...
Kiruko: Senpai told me,
Kiruko: "If it was me I'd rather go up an abandoned building than escape to a rural town with no places to hide on"...That's also correct if you think with battlefield logic!
Kiruko: As expected from senpai! He really is of the same kind as the criminals.
Haru: ...Kiruko...Are you trying to praise me...?
Haru: We...Well, it's ok, no matter what this is your chance!
Haru: Do it, Kirukooo!!
Kiruko: Yes!!
Men: !!?

Kiruko: Take thiiiiiis!!
Man?: !!
Men: Doaaaah!!
Chiaki: Eeeeh, hey...What's this, what did that novice just do!?
Chiaki: N...Nooooo, I'm falliiiiiing!!

Haru: Hmph!!
Chiaki: !!
Chiaki: ...Wh...
Chiaki: When did you...
Haru: Hehehe...Ho-
Haru: How about it, isn't my junior good!!
Haru: But well, the blows are equally amazing,
Haru: For example, just now---
Chiaki: Hey...In the end we're both falling!!
Chiaki: Why did you jump fooooor!!
Haru: !!
Bullet: ...Good grief...
Bullet: That was too reckless...!

Man: Uh...
Man: Wh...What was that...
Man: What happened here...?
Man: !!
Kiruko: ---My senpai who likes sexual harassing
Kiruko: And is a pervert always ready to run away but has written hundreds of apologies for me and-
Haru: A novice that's an idiotic, simple, and crybaby ex-mercenary
Haru: But her strength is unconventional---
Haru: You had bad luck, smugglers...
Kiruko: There's policeman here too,
Kiruko: Us from the Nagashima substation!!
Haru: ...Hey, Kiruko...If you say it like that I look like an oddball.
Man: ...!?
Kiruko: I could say the same...Am I really like that?
Man: N...No, you're both oddballs---
Kiruko: We're not asking you!!

Chiaki: ...
Haru: Hmm~~~? What's wrong, Chiaki-san?
Haru: I think this outskirts' policeman saved your ass.
Haru: The crowded out people of the Nagashima substation took your achievement!
Haru: Hey~~~ Chiaki-sa~~~n?
Chiaki: ...!!
Chiaki: ...I...
Chiaki: I got it already, geez...!!
Haru: !
Chiaki: Th...Thanks...For collaborating with the investigation!
Chiaki: That I was saved by you...Is also true...!! //Chiaki is a tsundere, new favorite character :D

Bubble: He~~~~y!!
Chiaki: Bu...But don't get full of yourself, novice!!
Chiaki: That doesn't change that you're a piece of junk, ok!!? //useless, good for nothing
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: Hmph...
Chiaki: ...If someday...We meet again it won't be like this.
Kiruko: !
Chiaki: Be prepared then,
Chiaki: Otonashi Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Fufu...Just what I wanted, Chiaki-san!
Kiruko: Next time I won't lose in womanly power nor in popularity with the children!!
Chiaki: No, that's not what I'm talking about...
Chiaki: ---Well, Ok...Let's go, Bullet.
Chiaki: Our next job is waiting for us!!
Haru(thinks): Hmmm, she was a detestable woman,
Haru(thinks): But she was cool 'til the end...!!
Chief: He~~~y, Chiaki-ku~~~n!

Chief: A call,
Chief: It's for you,
Chief: From the main station!!
Chiaki: ? He gave me the phone, this is Uchigane...Yes.
Chiaki: Yes, that's right, I'm about to go...
Chiaki: Huh?
Kiruko: !?
Chiaki: !? Wa...Wait a second please!!
Chiaki: What do you mean that I don't have to go back for a while...
Chiaki: Huh!? Bullet and I are assigned to the Nagashima Substation now!?
Chiaki: N...No that's not...They didn't take our achievement this time or anything---
Chiaki: Eh, Hello!? Hellooo!!
SFX: Silence...
All: ...
Chiaki: ---...
Chiaki: E...Ermm.
Chiaki: It seems that...We'll be working together for a while, so ummm...
Chiaki: Be prepared, you two!!
Haru(thinks): ...So uncool.
Kiruko: Don't wanna, I don't want that!!
Chiaki: Shut up, I don't want to be in this outskirts either!!
Bullet: This is great Kiruko, we're co-workers starting tomorrow!!
Haru(thinks): ...This place will become even more bothersome...?
Text: An extra serving of junk!! //useless people/good for nothing
Shimai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 6/End

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