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Shokugeki no Souma 5

That Chef Doesn't Smile

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 20, 2012 06:33 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Rules stay the same.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 5 //This is the official romanization, I'll use it from now on, check shounen jump's english site if you want to see by yourself
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Megumi: The train came... //she talks in a weird dialect...
Megumi: I gotta go...
Text: The girl goes to Tokyo...!!
Man: Megumi...
Man: You really
Man: Are going...
Man: You've just become 12.
Megumi: Grandpa...Don't worry about me.
Voice: That's right! Megumi's cooking skills are the best in town!
Voice: She'll definitely be accepted in Tokyo!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
Megumi: ...Yeah!
Woman: Here, this is an amulet for academic achievement,
Woman: So that you can study without worries...

Woman: Because you're timid sometimes...
Megumi(thinks): Thank you, everyone...I'll definitely
Megumi(thinks): Become a great chef and come back!
Stamp: Fail
Paper: {
Final Notice
Middle School Section 3rd Year
Tadokoro Megumi
If your lesson assesment
Has a failing grade
Or an E
By the school regulations you'll be
Big: Expeled //dropped out
Megumi(thinks): Tadokoro Megumi, Spring of the 1st year in high school
Megumi(thinks): A critical moment...

Star: Popular on many places!! The 5th chapter of the Gourmet story of "Super pleasures and new food textures"!!
Star: The proactive SOMA and the "fueeeh" girl made a pair...!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 5 That Chef Doesn't Smile
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Thought: Look at him...
Thought: Yeah...It's the transfer student that made a ruckus on the entrance ceremony...
Souma: Well...To think that I would cook on class,
Souma: Last time I did this was in the cooking self study of my home economics class.
Souma: ...Erm, you were Tadokoro-san, right?
Star: Start the Lesson!!
Souma: Why are you eating the kanji for "person" as if you were to avenge your parents? //I don't get this reference...
Megumi: Ah!...Th-This is
Megumi: So that I don't get nervous...Or so I thought...
Megumi: ...Because,
Megumi: If I get another E, I'm expeled...
Souma: E?

Megumi: The quality of your cooking is graded from A to E,
Megumi: Though it might differ from class to class...
Souma: Hmm...
Souma: I heard this was an elite school,
Souma: But there's people like you too.
Megumi(thinks): Uuh...Just when I was trying to survive peacefully and securely.
Megumi(thinks): Of all people I had to be paired with him...
Souma: I'm Yukihira Souma!
Souma: You can call me Souma, nice to meet you.
Megumi: Ye-
Megumi: Yeah...
Megumi(thinks): I'm getting pierced by the stares around us...
Voice: Attention---
Roland: Good morning,
Roland: Young apprentis //yeah, he says it in french
Tootsuki Academy Lecturer
French Cuisine Division Chief //Leader
Roland Chapelle //Ro-ran Shaperu, I'm no specialist in french last names so he might not be Chapelle

Roland: You're responsible to make delicacies from the moment you stand on a kitchen,
Roland: For that, neither your experience or position matter...
Roland: In my classes, any dishes that can't take an "A"---
Roland: Will get an "E",
Roland: Make sure to remember that.
Megumi: ...!
Megumi(thinks): I'm too unlucky...!
Megumi(thinks): To have Roland Chapelle-sensei
Megumi(thinks): For my first class...!
Megumi(thinks): Last year, an entire class of 50 people got an E
Megumi(thinks): Amongst them 18 got expeled because of that class...
Megumi(thinks): A lecturer that's specially strict with his evaluations even for Tootsuki...!
Megumi(thinks): His nickname is the "Chef that Doesn't Smile"! //Smileless Chef(?)

Roland: Today's menu is "Boeuf Bourguignon". //
Roland: A standard french dish,
Roland: Just in case, I'll write down the recipe in the white board.
Roland: The time limit is two hours!
Roland: Submit your dishes as soon as you finish.
Roland: Then...Let's start---
Roland: Commencez à cuire. //start cooking
Megumi(thinks): For now I just have to do it...
Megumi(thinks): Calm down...Let's go steady...!
Megumi(thinks): And Souma-kun seems to be confident,
Megumi(thinks): Surely his cooking skills are...

Souma: Boeuf...Bour-what? //random fact, for a while I couldn't remember what was after the bour and got laughed at for it XD
Megumi(thinks): !?
Megumi: Souma-kun, have you ever cooked that dish...
Souma: No, I haven't...
Souma: It's something like a cow line stew, right?
Souma: Well, we'll do it somehow,
Souma: I'll go look at the recipe.
Megumi(thinks): This is hopeless...
Megumi(thinks): I'll take out the beef in 40 minutes.
Megumi(thinks): I'll take out the beef in 39 minutes...
Souma: Tadokoro! Look!
Souma: They have an amazing variety of seasonings.
Megumi(thinks): I look like an idiot being the only one nervous...
Megumi(thinks): I have to go take a dish!

Souma: ...Hmm.
Souma: Tadokoro...You left the lid open?
Megumi: ---Eh.
Megumi: I...I didn't...
Megumi: I mean, we have to let it boil for 20 minutes more.
Souma: !?

Megumi: !?
Megumi: Wha-
Megumi: What? This white powder...
Souma: ...
Souma: It's salt!
Megumi: Wh...! Why...!?
Megumi: Wh-What to do, What to do!
Roland: ! ...
Megumi(thinks): This meat is useless now...We have to remake this...!
Megumi(thinks): Even though it takes more than an hour to make the meat tender and for the flavor to soak in...
Megumi(thinks): And after that we have to boil it for 30 minutes for the sauce to fit in.

Megumi(thinks): The time left is...
Megumi(thinks): 30 minutes...
Megumi(thinks): Having said that, if we submit this dish full of salt
Megumi(thinks): We'll definitely get an E...Uuuh
Megumi(thinks): Uwaaaan, it's oveeeeeer!!
Souma: I went for some spare ingredients.
Megumi: Eh...
Souma: Now, let's do it.
Megumi: Eh...Eh?
Megumi: Souma-kun, but we
Megumi: Won't do it on time anymore...
Souma: That sensei says some good things.

Souma: Before we are students...
Souma: We are chefs---
Souma: I'll get this dish done no matter what it takes!!
Souma: Help me!
Voice: What about the garnish!?
Voice: Champignon saute...
Voice: And emm, garlic!
Megumi: Here! Salt, pepper, bouquet garni as seasonings.
Souma: Alright.

Guy: Did you see the look on their faces...?
Guy: Yeah! With this they'll definitely get an E!
Roland: A! Next pair---
Roland: A!
Guy: It's time for the other pairs to finish...
Guy: We also only have to add the sauce now! Let's hurry and---
Souma: Please evaluate us next.
Guy: !?
Souma: It's done.

Roland: It's tender...!
Roland: It's as if the fork
Roland: Bounced on it...!
Thought: Whaaat!?
Thought: No way... They shouldn't have had time to boil...

Roland: ...Your team had an accident,
Roland: How did you complete this...?
Souma: I used honey!
Souma: I rubbed it on the meat before boiling,
Souma: I also added it as a seasoning.
Roland(thinks): I see...! Honey has protease.
Roland(thinks): That made effect on the hard beef
Roland(thinks): And let them make it tender in a short time---
Megumi: B-But why did you know that you could use honey...?
Souma: A long time ago, I was reading a cooking book that said that you could use pineapple to make meat tender,
Souma: But you don't have much opportunities to buy a pineapple,
Souma: So I tested various things to see if one of them could make meat tender.
Souma: Honey can be preserved and it's the easiest to use by far!
Souma: Well, you'll understand after you eat it.
Souma: Here, Tadokoro.

Roland: C'est Merveilleux //Marvelous
Thought: Sensei...Smiled!?
Roland: Yukihira, Tadokoro---
Roland: I'll give you an A.
Roland: However...
Roland: It's a shame that I don't have the authority
Roland: To give you something higher...!

Souma: It wasn't much! //you know, the same phrase from earlier chs
Thought: What...
Thought: That transfer student's dish
Thought: Is better than ours...!?
Guy: ...!
Guy: Hey,
Guy: The sauce is burning.
Guy: Wawah!
Voice: Gyaaah
Box: E
Souma: Good work.
Megumi: Umm...Thanks for today.

Souma: It was nothing!
Souma: Best regards from now on, Tadokoro.
Megumi(thinks): We were on a tight spot
Megumi(thinks): And we got an A.
Megumi(thinks): I...Might have been paired
Megumi(thinks): With an amazing person---!
Souma: ...By the way, to commemorate that we now know each other, do you want to eat my new dish?
Megumi: ...! Yeah! Can I!? I want to try it!
Souma: Here! "Dried squid dressed on honey".
Megumi(thinks): !?
Box: The dried squid's taste transformed in a bad way
sd: Uwaaaaaaan
Box: It was so terrible it felt as if my whole body was being groped... (cd: Extract from a letter to her hometown---)
Souma: I have "squid tentacles dressed on peanut butter" too, how about it?
Megumi(thinks): I retract, I don't like this person!!
Star: A good combination!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 5/End

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