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Translations: Gintama 656 (2) , One Piece 881 by cnet128

Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 6


+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 22, 2012 21:52 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

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Reserved for Utopia/Akashi. Don't use without my permission.
Last Ranker -Be the Last One- 6
//Igo is Igorita

Igo: I'm
Igo: An Anti-Bazalta!!
Text: The one-eyed female warrior that appeared in front of Zig!!
Zig(thinks): Anti-Bazalta...!?
Igo: The sin of destroying Cantalera---
Igo: I'll have you pay for it with your body!!
Zig: Wait!!
Zig: I didn't destroy Cantalera!!
Igo: Save your excuses!!

Makis: Stooooop!!
Text: Volume (1) is on sale today (February 4th)!
Last Ranker -Be The Last One-
Zig: !!
Text: Critical Situation!!
Igo: !!
Chapter 6 ANTI
Supervision & Collaboration: Capcom
Organization: Shikiyagi Fuuki
Manga: Ueda Satoshi

Zig(thinks): Makis.
Igo: You...!!
Man: Hey!! Someone's fighting there!!
Man: Oh, Isn't that Zig!?
Igo: Tch
Igo: His friends, huh...
Zig: !!

Igo: Listen,
Igo: People from the association---
Igo: If you try to guide this world to destruction I'll definitely stop you---
Zig(thinks): Guide to
Zig(thinks): Destruction!?
Igo: If you try to hinder me---
SFX: Step
Igo: Be sure to remember that I'll cut you without mercy.
Zig(thinks): She said she was from the anti, but...
Zig(thinks): Just who...Is that woman...?
Makis: Fuu~~~
Zig: Are you ok...Makis...?
Zig: Why did you do something that dangerous...?
Makis: N...No.
Makis: I was just thinking of you and I just...

Rid: Zig, are you alright?
Rid: Who was that just now?
Makis: ...
Makis: ...
Makis(thinks): There's no mistake...That woman just now...
Makis(thinks): Why did she start to move...?
Makis(thinks): Is it related to Cantalera's destruction?
Box: Tylong Settlement
Tylong: I see,
Tylong: You didn't get there on time...
Tylong: Cantalera was...
Tylong: I'm sorry...Zig...

Zig: ...
Rid: Well, don't get discouraged, Zig.
Rid: We're like your family!!
Rid: You can just treat here as your new hometown!!
Zig: ...Maybe,
Zig: No...
Zig: Thanks.
Rid: Just go and rest in your room for today!!
Zig: Yeah...
Tylong: Rid...
Tylong: The person who attacked Zig and Makis on their way back...Was a one-eyed woman with an eyepatch...No mistake there...?

Rid: Yes...
Rid: That's what I said, but...
Rid: Boss...Do you know her...?
Tylong: ...
Tylong: No,
Tylong: It's nothing...
Zig(thinks): Faz...
Zig(thinks): Mysie...
Zig(thinks): Please...
Zig(thinks): Even if it's only you two...Be safe somewhere...

Box: The next day
Zig: No trainings today, huh...
Man: Zig!! Someone who wants to meet you is waiting outside of the settlement.
Zig: !?
Zig: You're the one who has some business with me...?
Marie: ...
Marie: Good afternoon, Zig-san...
Marie: I'm...from Salvatore just like Ren-sama and I'm accompannying her...
Marie: I'm called Marie.
Zig: Ren's comrade?
Marie: Yes...
Marie: By all means I wanted to solve Zig-san's misunderstanding about the incident yesterday in Cantalera.
Zig: Misunderstanding?
Marie: ...

Marie: Ren-sama didn't kill any of Cantalera's people!!
Marie: By the time we got there, they were already...
Zig: ...
Zig: It doesn't matter...
Zig: Who did it...
Zig: That was...
Zig: A training.
Marie: ...
Zig: Leaving that aside, why did you came all the way here to tell me that?
Zig: Did Ren ask you to?
Marie: No!!
Marie: I came here...
Marie: By my own will!!

Marie: Ren-sama isn't the sort of person who'd make excuses...
Marie: She's a person with a strong will that believes in the path she chose and sees through it!!
Marie: However...Ren-sama was terribly depressed after we came back from Cantalera...
Marie: I...Just couldn't bear to watch Ren-sama like that...
Marie: That's why at least, I wanted to solve...
Marie: Zig-san's misunderstanding towards Ren-sama!!
Marie: !!...
Marie: I'm sorry.
Marie: I know I'm being selfish here,
Marie: Even so...
Zig: ...
Zig: So Ren also...
Zig: Has friends that worry about her like you...

Marie: N...No way, saying I'm her friend...
Marie: That's absurd!!
Marie: It's just that I want Ren-sama...
Marie: To revive the Salvatore house no matter what it takes...
Marie: Because that's also my dream.
Zig: From what I can see...
Zig: You're also a ranker...
Marie: ...Yes,
Marie: I registered in the association thinking that I could somehow help Ren-sama...
Marie: I've recently come to understand that I don't have the talent for fighting Zig-san and Ren-sama have...
Marie: That's why, I think I'm going to make the next training my last one, return to my country and start raising flowers... //death flag set
Marie: And when Ren-sama has safely risen up to be one of the seven knights...
Marie: I want to make Salvatore recover its ancient beauty and recieve her...
Zig: I see...
Marie: Come to think of it, Zig-san, are you participating in the next training?
Zig: Training?
Marie: You didn't know?

Marie: It seems that the antis will have a meeting on "Cadmore River's Source"...
Marie: A group of rankers led by Ren-sama has already been dispatched to subjugate them!!
Zig(thinks): !!... Subjugating the anti!?
Marie: I plan to go after Ren-sama after this!!
Tylong: Yeah,
Tylong: That did come to us...

Zig: Why didn't you tell me about that training, Tylong!!
Tylong: ...
Tylong: It's not like I didn't want to tell you,
Makis: ...
Tylong: I've already dispatched a few men this morning...
Zig: Then why did you left me out of it?
Tylong: Hmph!! Take it like that if you want!!
Zig: Tylong...
Zig: I'm not bothered at all about Cantalera now...
Zig: So order me to subjugate the anti too!!
Tylong: ...I see,
Tylong: Then do what you want.
Tylong: However Zig...If...

Tylong: There's any of Cantalera's survivors within the anti...
Tylong: Can you really kill them?
Zig: !!

Zig(thinks): I...
Zig(thinks): Kill...
Zig(thinks): Faz and Mysie...
Makis: It seems that the rankers that went to Cadmore River's Source
Makis: Are having a hard fight with the antis that resisted...
Zig: !
Zig: Makis...
Makis: ...
Zig: What do you...
Zig: Want me to do...?
Makis: Well, my wish won't change...
Makis: I want you to become strong in mind and body!

Zig: ...
Zig(thinks): Makis...
Makis: Zig,
Makis: Become strong!!
Makis: You're standing on a crossroad...
Makis: But...Let your heart decide what to do!!
Makis: Don't think about what's right or wrong!! Act according to your heart's wishes.
Makis: This training is questioning your resolve!!
Zig(thinks): My resolve!!

Box: Cadmore River's Source
Ren: Haa
Ren: Haa
Ren: Just where are they hiding...?

Marie: Ren-sama!!
Marie: Are you alright!!?
Ren: Marie, stand back!!
Ren: The enemy is hiding around here!!
Marie: !!
Voice: It seems that unlike the others you can fight a bit!!
Voice: But this will be your grave.
Ren: Where are you!!?
Ren: Come out and fight fair and square!!
Voice: I'm here!!

Ren: !!
Ren(thinks): Damn it!!
Ren(thinks): My eyes!!
Marie: Ren-sama!!

Makis: Oh...God...
Makis: Just how many rankers died here...?
Rid: Zig...
Zig: Rid!!
Rid: Yo, you came too...
Zig: ...Are you ok...?
Rid: They got my arm...
Rid: Well, it's nothing serious...
Zig: What's the situation now...?
Rid: ...
Rid: There's only one enemy...
Rid: And it's a woman!!
Zig: One?

Rid: It seems it's the very same "one-eyed woman" that attacked you last night!!
Zig: !!
Rid: Be careful, Zig.
Rid: That woman is really strong!!
Rid: She's really familiar with the terrain around here
Rid: And she attacks using skills that take advantage of that---
Rid: Don't lower your guard!!
Zig: !!

p22 //no dialog, and I knew it, she had to die, the death flag!!

Ren: ...
Ren: Uh....
Ren: Uh~~~
Zig: ...
Zig: Ren...
Ren: ...Because
Ren: I...
Ren: Was careless...
Ren: Marie...
Ren: Covering me, she...

Marie: I want Ren-sama to revive the Salvatore House...
Marie: Since that's also my dream.
Marie: I'll go back to my country, raise some flowers---
Marie: And recieve Ren-sama---
Ren: I'm sorry...
Ren: Marie...
Ren: For not being able to protect you...
Ren: Marie...
Ren: I'll definitely...
Ren: Avenge you...

Makis: Zig!!
Zig(thinks): Truth to be told, before I came here
Zig(thinks): I was full of doubts...
Zig(thinks): On the contrary, when I learned that there was none of Cantalera's survivors with the enemy...
Zig(thinks): Relief sprouted inside me...
Zig(thinks): I didn't have any resolve!!
Zig(thinks): The one who had it was "Marie"!!

Zig(thinks): I won't waver anymore!!
Zig(thinks): To repay Marie's soul I'll beat that anti!!
Box: Cadmore River's Source Downstream Vicinity---
Zig(thinks): On my here I didn't feel any enemies...
Zig(thinks): That means that the enemy has hidden or stopped around here...

Igo: Hmph...
Igo: You're full of openings...
Zig: Hmm!!
SFX: Step

Igo: Not bad...
Igo: To think that you'd reflect my all-out attack...
Igo: Are you perhaps...
Igo: From last night...
Zig: That's right!!
Zig: Today I came to settle things with you anti!!

Igo: Hmph...So we're having a rematch...
Igo: Alright,
Igo: But can you people from the association
Igo: Actually beat me!?
Zig(thinks): Which sword will she attack with!?
Zig(thinks): Right!?
Zig(thinks): Left!?
Igo: Haaa!!

Zig(thinks): Both!? Irregular stabs!!
Zig(thinks): What a speed!!
Zig: It's as if she had tens of swords!! I can't see them!!
Zig(thinks): She's pushing me back!!
SFX: stab
Zig: Power Edge!!!
Zig: !!
Zig: ...I have to stop her somehow.

Zig: Uh!!!
Zig(thinks): What...?
Zig(thinks): My eyes...
Zig(thinks): Are getting blurry!!!
Igo: Fufu...It seems the "poison" is making effect!!
Zig: Poison!?
Igo: That's right, there's poison on the tips of my short swords...
Igo: Even if it's a scratch, the poison in your body
Igo: Will gradually take away your movility and in the end you won't be able to even move your eyes.
Igo: You probably planned to stop me, but...
Igo: The one who got his movements sealed was you!!
Zig(thinks): N...No good...
Zig(thinks): I can't put strength in my arms...

Zig(thinks): However...
Zig(thinks): I can't lose here.
Igo: It's useless!!
Igo: Your sword won't reach me!!
Zig(thinks): It has to reach,
Zig(thinks): I'll make it reach!!
Zig(thinks): Look at this!!
Zig(thinks): This is a...
Zig(thinks): Swing full with my resolve!!
Zig: Typhoon!!
Igo(thinks): It can't be!!
Igo(thinks): To think that he could create a shockwave with that weakened body!!
Igo: Kyaaaaaaaah

Igo: Uh...
Zig: ...
Igo: ...If you're going to do it then do it.
Igo: You'll be in trouble if you let me live.
Zig: Where are your comrades...
Igo: Comrades?
Igo: Idiot, did you actually believe the rumors spread in the association?
Zig: Rumors?
Igo: For now, I'm the only one who's acting against the association...
Igo: In short, I was the association's only objective from the beginning...
Igo: They even destroyed Cantalera to lure me out...

Zig: Why Cantalera...
Igo: I don't have any reason
Igo: To tell you anything else, association dog...
Zig: I was born and raised in Cantalera!!
Zig: So tell me!!
Igo: !!
Zig: I
Zig: Didn't destroy Cantalera!!
Igo: I see,
Igo: That's how it was.
Igo: Didn't they teach you anything there?
Zig: ?
Igo: The reason why Cantalera was destroyed...
Igo: Was because the people of Cantalera were the closest to the truth...

Zig: Truth...?
Zig: What do you know?
Zig: Just who are you...?
Igo: I'm
Igo: A woman who knows too much...
Igo: In exchange for one eye, I learned the world's secrets---
Igo: !!
Igo: Who?
Igo: Who's there!!?
Text: The identity of the mysterious person that appeared in front of them is...!?

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