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Dog Days 3

Honey Attack!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 24, 2012 04:32 | Go to Dog Days

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Reserved for CXC. Don't use without my permission.
Dog Days Episode Side-Ca 01
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Box: Cinque, the hero that came using "Hero summon"
Box: To save Biscotti Republic from the imminent danger.
Box: That Cinque has, for now, fulfilled his duties as a hero---
Box: He "Recovered Biscotti's peace and order".
Episode Side-Ca01
Box: Today is one of the days in which he's just waiting to return to his world.

Box: Biscotti Republic Filianno Castle
Box: That's when the hero Cinque said this---
Cinque: I want to go harvest some honey!
Box: Biscotti's Hero Cinque Izumi
Eclair: Just what are you saying in the early morning? (cd: Don't dare open that door!)
Cinque: No, well, we promised before, right! (cd: I won't open it)
Cinque: We said that the princess, Eclai, Rico, Yukki, and I would go play together.
Eclair: Yeah.
Cinque: But, there's not much time before I go back and the princess is busy,
Cinque: That's why I at least want to harvest some of the honey that the princess likes and have a tea party.
Eclair: I see.

Cinque: You also like honey, right, Eclai?
Eclair: Well, I don't think there's any Biscottian that hates honey.
Eclair: Its elegant and rich sweetness, mellow fragance, and beatiful golden color.
Eclair: It's a wonderful foodstuff.
Cinque: I see! Then---
Cinque: Let's go get some now!! (cd: I've prepared everything!)
Eclair: Huuuuuuuuuuh!?

Eclair: No, wait, wait! I have work too!
Cinque: It's ok!
Eclair: I've already told Emilio-san and the rest "I'll borrow your captain"!
Soldiers' sd: Ok!
Cinque: Rico is a bit busy and can't come,
Cinque: But Yukki, Gaul, and the girls will meet us there!
Cinque: Now! Let's go!!
Eclair: Ah, hey, hero!!
Eclair: If we're harvesting honey we have to make the proper setuuuuuup!!!

Episode Side-Ca 01 "Honey Attack!"

Box: South of Biscotti Hachesta Woods Area //forest, and Hachesta is the exact romanization, I couldn't find any pastry/sweet with a name like it
Gaul: However, harvesting honey, huh, Cinque is a thoughtful guy.
Box: Galette Lion Army Prince Gaul G. des Rois
Yukki: Sure he is(music note)
Box: Biscotti Knights Onmitsu Squad Chief Yukikaze Panettone
Gaul: Hey, Ver! Is our target around?
Vert: Yeees.
Vert: I can certainly hear the target~~~ (music note)
Box: Gaul's Personal Guards (Archer) Vert Far Breton
Jaune: It looks like we'll get some good honey! I'm itching to start(music note)
Box: Gaul's Personal Guards (Heavy Soldier) Jaune Clafoutis
Noir: Let's bring some back for Violle and Rouge.
Box: Gaul's Personal Guards (Light Soldier) Noir Vinocacao

Cinque: Gaul! Yukki!
Gaul: Hey!
Cinque: Sorry for being late.
Eclair: Prince Gaul, I'm sorry for our hero's deeds!
Gaul: Well, let's leave the small things for later!
Gaul: We're all here now so let's go!!
Gaul: Guys! Are your weapons and food ready!?
All: Yeah!
Cinque: Eh? Are weapons and food needed to harvest honey?
Eclair: Of course they are.
Yukki: Naturally!

Box: Biscotti Republic Filianno Castle Lord Millhiore's Room
Box: The Princess is in the middle of her work (Caressing Leo-sama) //I have to admit I love this scenes :D
Millhi: Eh...? Cinque is with Prince Gaul?
Maid: Yes, it seems that Knight Eclair and the Chief are with him too.
Maid: I think they were harvesting honey.
Leo: Huhmm, that's quite the heroic deed.
Millhi: I wonder if he'll be fine, going to harvest honey---
Leo: Well, there should be no problem, the Genoise are with them too.

Millhi: Eh? Rico isn't with them?
Maid: She's not, she said she had to do an important research regarding the Hero's return ritual.
Millhi: I see...
Leo: The invention queen sure is busy.
Leo: However, if they went harvesting honey on this epoch they should've gone to Hachesta woods.
Leo: How about it, Millhi, want to see how they're doing?
Millhi: Aaah, really?

Cinque: Umm, Eclai, Yuuki?
Cinque: What's this giant bear...?
Eclair: "What", you...
Yukki: This is a "Hachesta Black Bear".

Voice: "Hachesta Black Bear"! This giant beast stores the nectar flowers and fruits it eats in the nectar bag inside his body and fermentates them!!
Voice: From there you can get "Hachesta Black Bear Nectar"!! In short "Honey"!! //Ok, TN time, Hachesta Black Bear Nectar is "Hachesta Kurokuma no Mitsu" (ハチェスター黒熊の蜜) and they abbreviate it as Honey (ハチ蜜), this is totally lost with the translation... sigh...
Vert: Well, if this was Galette we'd call it "Honeybear Nectar"--- //maybe "Hachi Bear Nectar" or "Hachikuma Nectar" ("Hachikuma Mitsu" ハチくま蜜)
Cinque: Tell me that before!!
Box: First Step to Harvest Honey "Negotiate First"
Gaul: Hey, Honeybear!
Gaul: Won't you give us some honey?
Gaul: How about we trade it for that food? We have some nice things there.

Yukki: Ah, I'm the Fox Spirit Land God Yukikaze!
Yukki: I also beg you to do it~~~(music note)
Gaul: Huhmm, it ignored us, it's got some guts.
Yukki: Ahaha, well, it can't be helped.
Box: Second Step to Harvest Honey "A duel challenge"
Gaul: Then I challenge you! If we win you'll give us the honey for free!

Gaul: Uwooooh!? We're surrounded?
Cinque: Bears are swarming!!
Yuuki: Honeybears are known for having strong fraternal bonds.
Noir: That being said, normally they only have two or three siblings.
Vert: Of all times we have a big family now~~~!!
Jaune: Well, this things happen.
Eclair: I shouldn't have let you do the reconnaisance!

Bear: Buh!!
Bear's sd: Get them!
Cinque: They attaaaacked!
Noir: It's alright! For the time being, the protection also works in this area.
Yukki: It's just like any other war(music note)
Gaul: Bright Power Release

Gaul: Lion King Claws Bomb Thunder Cut! //Shishiou Souga Bakuraigiri, maybe Depth Bomb Cut
Voice: Oh! They turned into balls!
sd: Bear balls!?
Noir: Cinque, honeybears are faster than a normal soldier and they attack together.
Jaune: That's why, we too---

Voice: Magnificently attack together---
Vert: And they go boom!
Cinque: I see!
Eclair: Hero! We'll defeat the leader! Come with me!
Cinque: Roger!

Yukki: I'll assist you too!
Yukki: Yukikaze Style Ninjutsu! //Yukikaze shiki Ninjutsu
Yukki: Flash Flower Gale! //Senka Reppuu
Both: Skycracking! //rekkuu

Both: Cutter/Cross! //Cinque's is cutter (ichimonji), Eclair's is Cross (juumonji) I used the TL in the dog days wikia for this attack
Gaul: Alright!
SFX: Tap
SFX: tap
Gaul: Huh? What is it now!?

Gaul: ...Huh?
Gaul: Eeeeeeeeh!?
Genoise: Gau-samaaaaa!?
Vert: Ah! Gau-sama was---!
Jaune: Mama bear...She came to save her kids!!
Yukki: Ah, Mother Bear-dono, this is---
Bear's sd: What are you doing to my children?

Bear: Honeybear True Fist Ougi //Hachikuma Shinken Ougi
Bear: Bear flying rip claws! //Yuuhashou souken

Eclair: Kuh...!
Yukki: That was a hard attack...
Eclair: Wha-!?
Yukki: Oooh!?

Both: Aaaaaaah!
Vert: Ah! The Biscotti pair was-!
Noir: That means...
Noir: Wow
Vert: As I thought!
Jaune: Noooooo!!
Text: Women Group Complete Defeat

Cinque: O-Owowow...
Text: Hero Defense Success
Cinque: ...!?
Yukki: Cinque! She's challenging you!
Cinque: It's ok, I got this!
Cinque: To begin with I was the one who brought this up---!

Cinque: Honeybear mom! Let's settle this with a one-on-one fight!
Eclair: Why is he enjoying this critical situation!
Yukki: He's easy to fire up after all.
Noir: Cinque, do your best!
Text: Honeybear VS Hero One-on-one fight!
Eclair: Yuki! It can be the Leaf, Clothes Transformation Jutsu, just give me my clothes back!
Yukki: That was the plan! I'll do it on myself too!

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