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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Shokugeki no Souma 6

Maria of the Polar Star

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 29, 2012 06:47 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 6
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.
//Random fact: I had to take a break to eat while translating this chapter since it's seriously hard to not get hungry with this series XD

Voice: A student dormitory?
Voice: ...I've never heard of that.
Souma: Eeh!? You're kidding me.
Souma: With my pass notice there was a dorm guide...Here.
Cutlery: SOMA is searching for a place to live but...!?
Voice: It's true...Let's see,
Page: //this isn't really important for the story so I didn't translate it
Voice: Polar star dormitory...
Man: Hmmm, but you see,
Man: Most students rent an appartment close to here and commute from there,
Man: Students from rich families use courtesy cars everyday.
Man: There might have been a dormitory before but...
Man: At any rate, we can't do anything...
Souma: I see...
Souma: Well then,
Souma: I'll go to that place and ask.
Box: Back then I completely forgot

Souma(thinks): That this academy is stupidly biiiiig!!!
Star: Popular on many places!! The 6th chapter of the Gourmet story of "Super pleasures and new food textures"!!
Star: Looong!!
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 6 Maria of the Polar Star
Original Work: Tsukuda Yuuto
Drawings: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki

Souma(thinks): I'm so hungry that I won't hold with just dried squid anymore,
Souma(thinks): I'm tired and above all, it's cold!!
Souma(thinks): I'm starving...Starving...
Souma(thinks): I must buy a bike soon...
Souma(thinks): ---Even so,
Souma(thinks): Here and there in the academy
Souma(thinks): There's lots of exaggerated buildings...
Souma(thinks): I don't know what they're for though.
Souma's sd: A windmill?
Souma(thinks): It's a rich academy so all of the facilities must be amazing...
Souma(thinks): A dome? They have a baseball stadium or something? //[BIG SPOILER WARNING] no Souma, if this follows the oneshot that's where the cooking contests will be hold
Souma(thinks): Oh! That means...
Souma(thinks): That the dorm must be fairly extravagant, right?
Souma(thinks): Judging from the map, I'm about to get there...

Sign: Polar Star Domitory
Souma(thinks): For real?

Souma: ...
Isohachi: ...Is something the matter?
Man: Hasegawa-san!
Man: Do you know the Polar Star Dormitory?
Box: The Janitors' Elder-like Person Hasegawa Isohachi (58)
Isohachi: That used to be a refined western-style house...

Souma: What...? Smoke...
Souma: It can't be, a fire!?
Voice: Heeeey, Room 208!
Voice: You went and modified the open room into a smoking room again!? //smoking as in smoking meat/fish/etc
Voice: Shall I make you into smoked chips!!?
Guy: Yes, yes, I'm reflecting on it.
Isohachi: It opened as a dormitory and it crowded with students,
Isohachi: But with the pass of time the number of entrant students decreased.
Girl: Usako, Kamosuke, Shikanoshin! Don't leave your cageeeeees! //the animals' names, very original, I mean, usagi = rabbit, kamo = duck, shika = deer...
Voice: Don't keep gibier in your room, room 116!!
Voice: If you do it again I'll skin your body!!

Isohachi: Now a dorm mother called the "Polar star's Demon Old Hag" leads it,
Isohachi: And it was reduced to an oddballs' den...!
Fumio: You're the transfer student who wants to enter this dorm,
Fumio: Yukihira Souma, right...?
Fumio: I'm this place's dorm mother...
Box: Polar Star Dormitory's Manager Daimidou Fumio
Box: Call me "Polar Star's Maria", //Maria is written as "Holy Mother"
Box: Fumio-san.
Souma(thinks): I came to a weird place again!!
Fumio: I'm sure you prepared your ingredients.
Souma: Huh?
Souma: "Ingredients", for what...
Fumio: That's obvious!
Fumio: For Polar Star's specialty...The skill test!

Big Text: Dormitory Entrance Skill Test
Text: 1) The entrant must make a dish and only if its flavor is accepted can he/she enter the dormitory.
Text: 2) The judgment is made by the dormitory leader.
Text: 3) The entrant is free to bring any ingredient.
Souma: I didn't hear about this!
Fumio: Then you lose by default! You can't enter Polar Star without me checking your skills.
Souma: ...?
Souma: Which means, tonight, I...
Fumio: You'll have to camp.
Souma: Don't screw with me!! Don't underestimate how cold an April night can be!
Souma(thinks): What a woman, jeez...
Souma(thinks): I'm about to die from exhaustion and hunger, you know?
Souma(thinks): I can't go without lodging tonight!
Fumio: Give up! There's only leftover ingredients in the kitchen.
Souma: !
Fumio: You had bad luck today---
Souma: Then, I can use those leftovers?
Souma: I'll do it, The skill test...!
Souma: Where's the kitchen!?

Souma: Woah...
Souma: What a nice kitchen, totally different from the exterior!
Fumio: Listen, I hate kids that bluff the most!
Fumio: How many of the students' dishes do you think I've tasted...!
Fumio: Do you think I'll give an improvised dish a passing mark?
Souma(thinks): There's some vegetables like onions and eggs...
Souma(thinks): I have the seasonings,
Souma(thinks): And then---

Souma: Yeah!
Souma: This much should be enough!
Fumio(thinks): What!!?
Souma: Polar Star Dormitory Mother,
Souma: Daimidou Fumio-dono,
Souma: Please wait a minute!

Fumio: ...There should've been less than 1g of beef or pork minced meat.
Fumio: What kind of magic did you use...
Fumio: To make this fleshy hamburger!?

Souma: I used canned mackerel to make this
Souma: "Mackerel Burger"!
Fumio: "Canned mackerel"!?
Souma: Onions, eggs, breadcrumbs...And mackerel whose juice was lightly drained, I broke all of those into pieces and mixed them, added salt and pepper, and fried it.
Souma: With that you can make a fluffy mackerel burger!
Souma: Moreover, when you add ponzu to the canned mackerel's juice and make it viscous using potato starch diluted with water... //ponzu = Japanese sauce made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice
Souma: You get a great sauce with a refreshing flavor!
Fumio: No way, that's...
Fumio: A hamburger made with canned mackerel
Fumio: Would have a raw smell so strong that you wouldn't be able to eat it---
Fumio(thinks): Deliciouuuuuuus!!
Fumio(thinks): It has a fleshy feeling that would make you believe him if he said he used meat!
Fumio(thinks): It's fried so superbly that it's soft...

Fumio(thinks): ...Then, what about this egg soup!?
Fumio(thinks): You can say that a soup's flavor depends on the quality of the dashi. //dashi = Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp
Fumio: Wha...What is this!?
Fumio(thinks): This fragant flavor...Is the proof that a fine quality dashi was used!
Fumio: Just how did you do this!?
Fumio: There was no Kelp, katsuobushi...Or anything else you could make dashi from!! //katsuobushi = small pieces of sliced dried bonito
Souma: About that...
Souma: I had some in my hands.
Fumio: You say you made dashi out of dried squid!?
Souma: Since the squid is dried it's a mass of delicious components!
Souma: If you dip it in boiling water for a while and adjust the flavor with salt
Souma: You can complete a soup with a deep flavor where the dashi is effective!

Souma: That's all, I call it Yukihira Style
Souma: Improvised Mackerel Burger Meal!!
Fumio(thinks): What a kid...With only the ingredients he had on hand
Fumio(thinks): He could make dishes of this quality!
Fumio(thinks): What a peaceful flavor...
Fumio(thinks): It's just like my body and soul were being warmed...
Fumio(thinks): Mackerel and squid...This beautiful salt flavor interweaved by seafood

Fumio(thinks): Brings me back to when I was young---
Guy: A-Aren't you cold? Fumio...
Fumio: ... //she was quite cute...
Fumio: Hey, Kou-chan,
Fumio: Do you know what I want you to do to me...know?
Kou: Eh...No, emmm,
Kou: Ummm...
Both: ...
Both: ...
Fumio: ...Geez...
Fumio: T-To think you'd make the girl say it,
Fumio: You're cruel...
Fumio: Come
Fumio: Closer...

Fumio: I want you to
Fumio: Warm me up...
Fumio(thinks): Please---

Fumio(thinks): Embrace me--------
Souma: Let me go, old haaaaaag!!!
Fumio's sd: Fufufu
Fumio: Alright! Your room is
Fumio: Room 303!
Fumio: I'll accept your entrance to the dorm!!
Souma: It wasn't much!

Souma: Alright, a bath! A bath's first!
Fumio(thinks): That response capabilities with limited ingredients.
Fumio(thinks): An interesting guy came here!
Fumio(thinks): Yukihira...Souma, huh...!
Fumio(thinks): Ah,
Fumio(thinks): I forgot to warn him
Fumio: That it's the time for the girls to bath now...
Megumi: Haa...
Megumi: He made me taste his new dishes all the break time,
Megumi: I'm dead tired just from reacting...
Megumi(thinks): Souma-kun, you idiot.
Megumi(thinks): He used me as a toy...
Megumi: Right, Mr. Duck?

Megumi: Right?
Megumi: It's troublesome.
Megumi(thinks): Ever since my days in the middle school section, the only place I can rest is in this dorm...
Megumi(thinks): Fumio-san is a bit scary though...
Megumi(thinks): There's no strict sensei
Megumi(thinks): And no Souma-kun...
Cutlery: Her rest land, destroyed.
Souma's sd: Ah
sd: Waaaaaaan
Box: Tadokoro Megumi---Probably the most pitiable girl in Tootsuki.
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 6/End
Next issue, In front of the recently entered SOMA all of Polar Star Dorm's weirdoes appear!?

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#1. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Dec 29, 2012
Gosh dang-it Eru, you're way too speedy/great/et cetera! Nice job

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