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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 7

Decisive Battle! Miss Nagashima Contest!!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2012 03:16 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

-> RTS Page for Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 7

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Don't use without my permission.
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 7
//You might want to read this FAQ about my translations before using this.

Text: The renewed Nagashima substation!!
Chiaki: Geeeez!
Chiaki: This is unbelievable!!
Chiaki: Why is this station falling apart this much!!?
//in the 3rd panel of this page there's a Sega Saturn "Life" game, 2 volumes of inumaru dash, 2 volumes of saiki kusuo no PSI nan, 3 pokemon figures (Empoleon, Blaziken, and possibly Gardevoir), a 3DS, and 7 volumes of something that's unreadable
Chiaki: The desks are dirty and there's no documents! And yet there's mountains of unrelated things!
Chiaki: Is this the clubroom of the baseball club!! //maybe a reference to Little Busters (or something else, LB was the only thing I could think of xD
Chiaki: And you, why don't you have any of the gear with you!? Are you an idiot!?
Chiaki: I'm amazed you could insist in saying that you're a policeman like that!!
Kiruko: He...Hey, Chiaki-san!
Kiruko: Don't criticize senpai!
Kiruko: You can turn a blind eye to the gear, can't you!!?
Chiaki: You take that from your baaack!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

Haru: Jeez, you're noisy!! This place was sloppy to being with!
Haru: People that entered in the middle have to right to complain!!
Chiaki: ...Hmmm,
Chiaki: But you see,
Chiaki: Was anything I said wrong?
Haru: ...We...
Haru: Well...Umm...
Chiaki: And, haven't you forgotten about the fair for the remodelling of Nagashima Department Store?
Chiaki: You wrote the documents for the security of the event, right!?
Nagashima Department Store Remodelling Fair
We're holding a Miss Nagashima Contest
Looking for Participants
Chiaki: We don't even have time to be tidying up, geez!
Kiruko: Eh..."Se...Security"...We do that kind of things!?
Chiaki: We do it! Why are you people so clueless!!?
Chief's sd: Hahaha
Chief: I'm ashamed.
Chiaki: Good grief, why was I sent here...I can't even look at you,
Chiaki: From now on I'll manage this station!!
Both's sd: Eeeeeeeeeh!?

Star: Please read the first Kiruko of the year! Chapter 1 is open to the public for free on Weekly Jump's Homepage!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Text(left): The class rep and the giant came in. Please read "Kiruko" this year too!!
Chapter 7 Decisive Battle! Miss Nagashima Contest!!
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: Jeeeez,
Haru: This can't be happening!!
Haru's sd: Aah!!
Haru: What's with her!! She just keeps putting rules on everything!!
Haru: The lunch break can't be just 30 minutes! Is this a workplace!!?
Box: *It is.
Kiruko: She told me I can't be eating between meals...
Kiruko: It's hard not being able to eat melon bread whenever I want...
Bullet: It can't be helped, what Chiaki says is quite right.
Bullet: I mean, you guys were just slacking off too much.
Haru: Eh shut up! Why did you come with us, old man!?
Bullet: That's obvious...I won't let you be alone with Kiruko on a place I can't see you...!!
Haru: !!
Kanna: But we also became unable to come and go fom the station freely~~~
Kanna's sd: That's boring.

Haru: ...You have it nice, she only did that to you...
Kanna: !?
Haru: I...Recieved such a cold-hearted poor treatment...!!
Kanna: "Poor...Treatment"...?
Chiaki: Noooooooo!!
Chiaki: Po...Porn maga...What's this!?
Chiaki: What kind of thing are you bringing to a police statiooon!!?
Chiaki: I must sterilize this garbage!!
Haru: Nooo, spare me from that!!
Haru: Right? She's horrible, my reason for life...My soul's bible, she...!!
Haru's sd: Uh...
Haru: !? Eh, what's up with you!?
Kiruko: Senpai...As a policewoman I wonder about that.
Haru: !!
Haru: St...Stop it, Kiruko! I don't want you to tell me that!!
Haru's sd: For various reasons!!

Kanna: Well...Putting that out of the question, Chiaki-san might really be a bit too serious,
Kanna: What do you think, Kiruko?
Kiruko: ! I...I...
Kiruko: I actually find Chiaki-san a bit hard to deal with...But,
Kiruko: Since we're both women
Kiruko: If possible I want to work on good terms with her...!
Kanna: Ah, that's right, Kiruko was the only girl before,
Kanna: You want to have some girls talk, right~~~
Kiruko: ! Th...That's right,
Kiruko: I long for that! I want to have pajama parties too~~~!!
Kiruko's sd: Saying "That pajama is cu~~~te" and such.
Haru: ......
Haru: ...I see...Then, at this rate it won't be good...
Kiruko: ?
Haru: Listen...Listen carefully,
Haru: We'll lower Chiaki's confidence---
Haru: And regain the leadership of the station...!!
All: !?

Kiruko: Eh, We...We're opposing Chiaki-san again!?
Kiruko: Le...Let's not do it, this time Chiaki-san is in the right---
Haru: Stupid Kiruko!
Kiruko: !?
Haru: You see...If people fear conflict they can't get along well...
Haru: It'll be hard but this will become the cornerstone to strengthen our bonds!
Haru: Do you get it, Kiruko!?
Kiruko: T...To think that senpai thought that far ahead...!!
Kiruko: I understand! Leave it to me, senpai.
Kiruko: I'll do my best!!
Haru(thinks): Hyaha!! This is easy!!
Kanna: But that would be just a discussion, can you get something done with that?
Kanna: I don't really think so...
Haru: It's ok, I have an idea for that...
Haru: Something where Kiruko exceeds Chiaki---
Paper: //it's the same one from before
Haru: This...!!

Chiaki: ---Huh?
Chiaki: Miss Nagashima Contest?
Chiaki's sd: Ah?
Chiaki: ---That's an event in the Nagashima Department Store Remodelling Fair, right?
Chiaki: Why do I have to participate in it?
Chiaki: I mean, why is this town holding a miss contest in a department store...
Haru: Eh? Ah, I inspired the manager when I was drinking with him once.
Haru's sd: Since that would attract customers.
Chiaki: It was your suggestion!!
Haru: I beg you~~~Since you're a policewoman the townspeople must love you.
Chiaki: Even so, where's the need to participate with this novice of all people!!
Chiaki: And if I lose I can't complain about your work!? What's with that!!?
Haru: Well, the match is just the side show...
Haru: Hmm? Or Chiaki-san, is it that you aren't confident on winning~~~?
Haru: Being flat chested and all!!
Chiaki: !

Chiaki: ...What was that now?
Haru: No, no, I understand. It's clear as water!
Haru: I can't expect an ant to beat an elephant~~~!
Chiaki: ...
Chiaki: Bri...
Chiaki: Bring it on, you sexual harasser!!
Chiaki: I'll do this!!
Haru(thinks): Alriiiight, she fell for it!!
Chiaki: Listen! If I win you won't disobey me!
Chiaki: And show some respect you lowlife!!
Haru: Ok, it's decided!! This is fine, right, chief!?
Chief: If you do your jobs I don't really mind~~~
Chiaki: You prepare yourself too!! I'll thoroughly show you---
Chiaki: That you can't just go out and win!!
Kiruko: ...U...Umm, senpai...It might be late,
Kiruko: But what's a miss contest?
Haru: Hm? Ah,
Haru: A miss contest is...

Kanna: A miss contest is an event where women wear dresses and swimsuits and compete to see who is the most beautiful.
Kanna: This time, the clients are going to be the judges!
Kid: Hmm~~~So that's today's show,
Kid: I like Masked Hamoder's shows better~~~ //Kamen Hamoda-, I guess it's a parody of Kamen Rider
Nagashima Department Store and Nagashima Station Present
Miss Nagashima Contest
Kanna: What are you saying, you're such a kid!
Voice: ---At the rooftop of the Nagashima Department Store where the blue sky spreads out...It now begins,
Voice: Miss Nagashima Contest!
Haru: Since it's an event related to Nagashima Station
Haru: Everyone's mascot, Cerberus-kun will present this event!
Box: Host: (crossed: Haru-senpai) Cerberus-kun
Haru: However~~~Even if this is Nagashima...
Haru: I can understand that the participants are all our officers but why is there so few customers!?
Manager: Hey...You said nothing about this, Haru-kun!!
Headband: Manager
Haru: You all don't get it...Well, but all I wanted was to see beautiful women wearing swimsuits so it's all fine!!
Haru's sd: It can't be helped!!

Kanna: I can't wait~~~! I chose Kiruko's swimsuit again, you know?
Bullet: I...I'm not really looking forward to it...
Thought: He's really waiting for it...
Haru(thinks): Kukuku...Kiruko can't lose in a miss contest with those weapons(breasts)
Haru(thinks): Even better, I get to see them wearing swimsuits, it's killing two birds with one stone...This is so perfect I scare myself...!!
Haru(thinks): Now! Show them your power, Kirukoooo!!
Haru: Then, let's have her enter at once,
Haru: You all know her, our station's new superstar that we're proud of---
Haru: The novice policewoman, Kiruko-san!!
Haru(thinks): ...?
Haru(thinks): ...Eh?

Haru: Hey...Kiruko!! What's with that outfit...
Haru: Why is it so dissapointing with your specs(big breasts)!?
Kiruko: Eh!?
Kiruko: I...Is it weird!?
Kiruko: B...But the swimsuit Kanna-chan chose for me was so cute
Kiruko: That I thought I should add items that increase my womanly power...
Haru: You...I can understand the swim ring,
Haru: But you totally derailed with the snorkel and the harpoon!!
Kiruko: I thought Scuba Diving was one thing that showed womanly power...
Kiruko: L...Leaving that aside, senpai,
Kiruko: This...Is so embarrassing I'm going to die...!!
Haru: Well, it sure is embarrassing with that outfit...!!
Manager: Haru-kun, continue, continue!
Haru: !! Ah...Ye...Yes!!
Haru(thinks): D...damn it...Even if her body has high power she's Kiruko...It's as if someone with a license but no pratice drove a F1 car and turned it over...
Haru(thinks): Ho...However, no matter what, I can't see Chiaki winning this---
Haru: N...Next we have
Haru: Another participant from the station...Uchigane Chiaki-san!
Kanna: !

Kanna: Oh, what a nice figure, Chiaki-san!
Haru: !?
Haru: Wha...
Chiaki: Hmph...How about this, perverted policeman,
Chiaki: Did you fully understand that this isn't something she can just come out and win!?
Kiruko: Whoa...Chiaki-san, you're lovely...!
Haru: Uh...
Haru: I...Impossible...!!
Haru(thinks): We...Well, it's Chiaki we're talking about...I knew she would be charming...But more importantly,
Haru(thinks): She actually...Had a decent bust...!?
Haru(thinks): She's the type that looks smaller with clothes...Or is my scouter broken...!? //sadly it's not over 9000
Haru: Kuh

Haru(thinks): D...Damn her, then let's show her their level difference with sexyness!
Haru: E...Ermm, then, let's begin the appeal time!
Haru: Please take the pose you're most confident of!
Haru: Start!!
Haru(thinks): I repeated my mistakes...!!
Kiruko's sd: I wonder if it was fine like this~~~?
Haru(thinks): ...I knew it...Leaving things to Kiruko ends like this.
Haru(thinks): Are both of us idiots...!!?
Man: Hmmm, Kiruko-chan is also cute,
Man: But that black-haired girl is pretty~~~
Man: You're right, she's like a japanese doll...

Haru(thinks): ...Th...This is bad, at this rate...!!
Kiruko: ...Chiaki-san sure is pretty,
Kiruko: What did you do to be like---
Kiruko: !
Chiaki: ...
Kiruko: ...?
Kiruko(thinks): ...I wonder what happened to Chiaki-san...
Kanna: Hmmm, this is really Chiaki-san's win.
Chiaki: Well, isn't this much enough for this time?
Haru: ...
Haru: No...Chiaki,
Haru: Don't underestimate my eye that observes the female body.
Chiaki: !!
Haru: Your breasts weren't that big when I saw them this morning.
Haru: Chiaki...

Haru: Are your breasts---
Haru: Truly real...!!?
Chiaki: ...!!
All: !?
Voice: Eh......!?
Kiruko: ...!!
Chiaki: Wha...
Chiaki: What are you saying you lecher!! A...Asking if they're real, that is---
Haru: Fufufu...That agitation, so I'm right...
Haru: Obsessing with winning all the time backfired you...!!
Chiaki: ...Kuh!!
Haru: Fuhahaha, you could have won without using bad tricks!!
Haru: Now, I'll have you bring a great quantity of porn magazines to the station tomorrow
Chiaki: !
Haru: After exposing those pads of yours!!

Haru: !!!!
Chiaki: Eh...!?
Chiaki: Novice!?
Kiruko: ...Let's stop this, senpai...
Kiruko: This really isn't good.
Haru: Wha...What are you---
Kiruko: I think neither of us would agree if either one won like this...
Kiruko: If we're going to have conflict let's do it at work,
Kiruko: That way must be better to get in good terms!!

Haru: B...But she cheated...
Kiruko: That's true...
Kiruko: But that doesn't mean you can expose a woman's breasts in public---
Kiruko: That's normally a crime, senpai!!
Thought: !! Ah...She's quite right...!!
Kiruko: You can't do Sexual harassment! Definitely!!
Haru: Uwah, Kiruko, sto-
Haru: Gwaaaaah!!
Box: ---The Miss Nagashima Contest,
Box: After the scandal with the host it was suspended---
Chiaki: Ah, geez!! Why is this station so sloppy!!?
Chiaki: You can't even sort documents properly!?

Chiaki: Chief, you too! Don't smoke in here!
Chief: Sorry, sorry.
Chiaki: Bullet!! Carry this documents! And lowlife!!
Bullet: Roger.
Chiaki: If you move an inch I'll add another block, ok...!!
Haru: Yes...Umm,
Haru: I'm really sorry...!!
Kiruko: You're strict as always, Chiaki-san...
Kiruko's sd: That's senpai's karma though...
Chiaki: Shut up, you take this!!
Kiruko: !
Kiruko: Eh...This is
Package: Womanly Power x10 Melon Bread
Kiruko: A melon bread?
Kiruko: Chiaki-san, this...
Chiaki: Hmph...
Chiaki: I don't like having debts.
Chiaki: ...I'll turn a blind eye to your eating between meals.
Chiaki: Work hard to compensate for it, Kiruko!!
Text: We'll continue like this this year!!
Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Chiaki-saaaaan!!
Chiaki: !! Hey...Don't cling to me, novice!!
Haru: ...Ummm...Isn't it about time you forgive me...?
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 7/End

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