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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 10

10th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2012 18:04 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 10
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

10th Clause
Voice: That concludes No. 9, Kurosaki Aoi's report concerning Kamishiro Shin.
Voice: Do you have any dissent regarding this time's failure?
Aoi: ...I don't.

Sister: That the demons almost stole the grimoire...
Sister: What a failure.
Sister: Isn't the burden too big for her to do it on her own?
Sister: Now, Kurosaki...No, No. 9, We'll turn a blind eye to this since you've been really devoted to your work until now.
Sister: However,
Sister: I think you know but we're God's servants and God...
Sister: Doesn't need incompetent people.
Sister: Be careful from now on.
Aoi: ......Yes.

10th Clause

Shin: Ok, the door's locked.
Kyuuki: Kurosaki remarkably stopped loitering around you.
Shin(thinks): Kurosaki...
Shin: You're right...
Shin: Leaving that aside!

Shin: What's with that appearance!!
Kyuuki: ...Hm?
Shin: You just were able to return to your usual size so why are you like that again!!
Kyuuki: Uwah, don't spit on me!!
Kyuuki: Hmph,
Kyuuki: I'm a fox demon,
Kyuuki: Transforming into something is no trouble.
Kyuuki: And good things happen when I look like this.
Kyuuki: If I beg clerks while looking like this they give me a lot of sweets.
Shin(thinks): The lolicons are making her their prey...

Kyuuki: *Cough*
Kyuuki: Well...It's that,
Kyuuki: I thought about various things.
Kyuuki: This form has various inconveniences,
Kyuuki: But it also has that much good parts.
Kyuuki: So, I'll stick to this form for a while!!
Kyuuki: The enemy might also lower their guard!!
Shin: I...I see.
Shin(thinks): It'd be better to seduce them in your usual form... I better not say that...
Shin: For now I'll go to school, or else I'll be late.
Shin: You be quiet inside my shadow.
Kyuuki: I know.

Aoi: ......

Guy: It's outrageous!!
Shin: What's up.
Guy: Kamishiro...Listen to me...
Guy: I saw a girl's skirt flip from downstairs and she was wearing shorts...
Shin: I see...
Guy: Normally you'd at least think of bloomers!!
Shin: I get your feeling but calm down!!
Shin: Look at your surroundings.

Shin: The girls will kill you...
Girls' sd: What's with him, gross.
Guy: Ah...Yeah.
Aoi: Good morning.
Shin(thinks): Kurosaki...
Guy: Hey, Kamishiro.
Shin: Hm?

Guy: She took some days off, but that gauze in her cheek, did she get hurt or something?
Shin: I don't know, she must've bumped into something.
Guy: It can't be that the guy she's dating...!!
Shin: I don't think it's that.
Shin: Kurosaki...
Shin(thinks): I'll try talking with her later.

Shin: Hm?
Shin(thinks): Kurosaki...?
Shin(thinks): Is she going home?
Guy: Hey, Kamishiro, let's go to the game center.
Shin: Sorry, I've got something to do.
Shin: See you.
Shin(thinks): That she left me and went home
Shin(thinks): Means that she's still depressed?

Shin: It's dangerous to sit there.
Aoi: Kamishiro-kun...
Shin's sd: Huff huff
Shin: Is this ok? The rooftop is off-limits?
sd: Ignore
Shin: You're ignoring me!!?

Aoi: Kamishiro-kun, did you come to laugh at me too?
Shin: Huh?
Shin: I didn't really...
Aoi: Even though I said I'll protect you, I failed miserably the other day.
Aoi: Because of that I'm being heavily criticized in the organization,
Aoi: And someone else might come to observe you in my place.
Shin: Eh...?
Shin: The person observing me will change?
Aoi: Someone else might not cling to you as bluntly,
Aoi: This is all good for you.
Shin: Well, you clinging to me like that troubled me, but

Shin: I won't laugh at you.
Shin: Rather, I'm grateful to you.
Shin: If you weren't there I probably wouldn't be here now.
Shin: To begin with, when we were fighting those demons, I could only come up with that plan because Kurosaki is my friend.
Aoi: Eh...
Shin: If we were just strangers I couldn't do that.
Shin: The person you must guard is lively as you can see.
Shin: And of course you're also alive, doesn't this mean your mission is a success?

Shin: Of course, no matter what I say how the organization decides to see you
Shin: Won't really change.
Shin: But I'm alive thanks to you.
Shin: Thanks.
Aoi: Ah...

Shin's sd: Are you getting embarrassed?
Shin: Hm? What's up?
Aoi: It's nothing.
Aoi: But...
Aoi: I didn't think you would thank me.
Aoi: Because I've done things for you to hate me, but nothing for you to like me.
Shin: Come to think of it, that's true, but...
Shin: When you and Kyuuki first fought, you didn't kill her and gave us an extension,
Shin: After that, you've interacted with Kyuuki not only as an enemy,
Shin: And you cooperated with us to save Kyuuki.
Shin: I thought this back then,

Shin: Ah, she's really a kind girl.
Aoi: Wha...
Shin: Oh, you're getting embarrassed.
Aoi: ...
Shin: You look livelier than I thought.

Aoi: Kamishiro-kun, you---
Shin: Well, I'll go home, I've said what I wanted to say.
Aoi: ...
Aoi: What a weirdo...
Kyuuki: That is to say, we're counting on you from now on too, Kurosaki!!
Aoi: Kyah!
Shin: Eh!

Kyuuki: Ah...
Kyuuki: I was looking all this time from the shadows and I was free so I just...
Kyuuki: Wait, Eeeeeh!!

Aoi: Eek...!?
Shin: Hmm...I feel something soft...

Shin: Ouch...
Shin: I had a hard time.
Kyuuki: You reap what you sow.
Shin: No matter how you look at it you were the cause.
Shin's sd: Aah?
Kyuuki: W-Well, Kurosaki's looking better so it's alright.
Shin's sd: Don't change the subject!
Kyuuki's sd: Tch, I couldn't...
Guy: I was waiting for you.

Guy: No~~~I'm really surprised you survived.
Shin: Ah...!!
Shin: Y...You are!?
Guy: It's been a while, boy.
10th Clause/END

Guy: Everyone, do you remember me~~~? //No, at least I don't

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