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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 11

11th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2012 18:04 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Reserved for Simple Scans. Don't use without my permission.
Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 11
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

11th Clause

Guy: It's been a while, boy.
Shin: You are...!?
Kyuuki: ...
Kyuuki: W...
Kyuuki: Who is he?
Shin: Well, I've seen him but if you ask me who he is...
Shin: Who are you? (cd: I don't know your name)
Guy: Eh, You've already forgotten!?

Guy: Look, don't you remember this face?
Kyuuki: Even if you tell me that, I think I've never seen you...
Kyuuki: Hmm...
Kyuuki: I have!! I've seen you!!
Kyuuki: You're plebian #1, you were with that idiot demon that stole my book that time!!
Kyuuki's sd: It's you.
Kyuuki's sd: Y-O-U---!!
Guy: What's with that way of remembering someone!?
Shin: Hey, calm down.
Kyuuki's sd: Let-me-go!! //it's the Ha-na-se!!
Kyuuki: Let me go, Shin, he might be the culprit!!
Guy: Well, I don't mind how you take it.
Guy: I'm just interested in the new owner of the grimoire.

Tokiya: I'm Kirihara Tokiya.
Tokiya: Nice to meet you.
Shin: Kirihara, just who is he...
Tokiya: That you're alive now means
Tokiya: It was true that you endured that red demon's attack.

Shin: Why do you know that!?
Tokiya: Well, I'm an informant, you know.
Tokiya: One of things related to demons like you.
Shin: An informant...
Tokiya: Chatting while standing isn't nice, why don't we walk a bit?
Shin: ...
Shin: About that just now, I don't have any reason to go with you.
Tokiya: You're right.
Tokiya: Then what about this?
Tokiya: What would you do if I could tear off the grimoire from you?
Shin: Wha...

Kyuuki: What do you want to do?
Shin: ...
Shin(thinks): It's frustrating but I want information now.
Shin: I guess we have to go with him...
Shin: May I ask something?
Tokiya: What is it?
Shin: Aren't you interested on the grimoire?
Tokiya: That's an exemplary question, it's a shame but I'm not interested on the book itself.
Shin: Book itself...?
Shin: Did you tell that demon the whereabouts of the grimoire?

Tokiya: That's right,
Tokiya: I'm certainly the one who told Touki about the grimoire's whereabouts.
Kyuuki: You~~~~~~
Tokiya: Hey, don't get that angry.
Tokiya: Telling an informant not to sell information is more unreasonable.
Tokiya: However, things this time are too irregular.
Shin: Irregular?
Tokiya: Yeah, irregular.

Tokiya: I'm talking about you, Kamishiro Shin-kun.
Shin: !?
Tokiya: You're not a demon nor you have an special ability.
Tokiya: That a normal human like you obtained the grimoire
Tokiya: And that it has arrived to a point where you can use the book's power.
Tokiya: I became interested in this you.
Shin: Interested, huh...

Tokiya: You don't need to be that cautious.
Shin(thinks): Just what is he thinking?
Tokiya: I guess this far is fine.
Tokiya: Well...Let's go to the main point, it was a way to end the contract between your body and the grimoire, right?
Tokiya: It's a shame but I don't know about a way to do that.
Both: Wha-!!
Kyuuki: I'll really end him now!!
Shin: Hey, Kyuuki, wait!!
Kyuuki's sd: I'll kill you!!
Tokiya: Calm down, I don't know the way,
Tokiya: But I know who might.
Tokiya: Moreover, you should know that person.
Shin: Eh...Who?

Tokiya: The grimoire's manager.
Tokiya: You should know that person.
Shin(thinks): Kuon...That girl!?

Shin(thinks): But, wait a second.
Shin(thinks): That's weird.
Shin(thinks): Then it wouldn't be odd if Kyuuki knew how to do it, would it?
Kyuuki: What's wrong, Shin?
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki and Kuon...What's their relationship...?
Shin(thinks): If I meet her again---

SFX: Ring ring ring
Tokiya: Whoa.
Tokiya: I'm sorry to leave in the middle of our conversation, but it's time, I'll excuse myself now.
Shin: Eh, he-hey.
Tokiya: Ah...One more thing, Kamishiro-kun.
Tokiya: An "advice", no, I should say a "warning".
Tokiya: You're reaching a point of no return.
Tokiya: You only have two choices now.

Tokiya: Staying quiet and wait until the demons hunt and kill you.
Tokiya: Or changing yourself and eliminating them.

Tokiya: Well then,
Tokiya: I'll contact you again if you survive.
Tokiya: I wish you the best of lucks.
Kyuuki: I never want to see you again!!
Shin(thinks): Staying quiet and wait until the demons hunt and kill me.
Shin(thinks): Or changing myself and eliminating them.
Shin(thinks): My choice...
Kyuuki: However, if you survive...He says?
Kyuuki: What did he...

Kyuuki: Hmph, he meant this, huh.
Kyuuki: Shin.
Kyuuki: It's them.
Shin: Those demons...
Shin(thinks): Damn it, so he set this in advance!!
Shin: Now that it's turn to this, I have to do it.

Shin: My payback from last time...
Shin: Including Kurosaki's part
Shin: I'll give it to them now.
Shin: It's a return match!!
11th Clause/END

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