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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 12

12th Clause

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Dec 30, 2012 18:05 | Go to Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho 12
//sd: side dialog, cd: corner dialog

12th Clause

Shax: Return Match?
Shax: Huh, don't make me laugh.
Shax: You think you can fight us now that that glasses sister isn't here?
Shax: And does that idiot fox think that she can fight with that body?
Shin(thinks): They don't know that I have the book's power!?
Kyuuki: What, you didn't know?
Shax: What?
Kyuuki: You don't need to worry, I can fight you!!

Kyuuki: Just like this!!
Aim: How did she dispel Shax magic?
Shax: I don't know, but that human is the book's contractor, the probability that he did it is high.
Shin(thinks): It seems that that informant Kirihara didn't tell them about my power.
Shin(thinks): I don't know how much he told them about us, but it helps a lot that he didn't tell them enough to let them take drastic measures.
Shin(thinks): Even though Kyuuki is here, without Kurosaki we're on a complete disadvantage.
Shin(thinks): I won't really be helpful.
Shin(thinks): Moreover, I can't do anything against Aim.
Shin(thinks): We need to get over that armor of hers...

Shax: Aim, there's no changes to the plan.
Shax: You'll fight that idiot fox.
Aim: Ok.
Kyuuki: That's troublesome, come at me together!!
Kyuuki's sd: This guy won't be of any help.
Shin: Hey.
Shin(thinks): I may not be of any help, but...
Shax: Hmph.
Shax: Don't get that full of yourself just because you're back to normal!!
Shax: I'll distort that carefree face of yours soon!!
Shax: With this!!

Both: !?
Kuuki: What's this?
Shin: Light is-!

Shin: Kyuuki!?
Shin: Where did you go!?
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki disappeared!?
Shax: I teleported that damn fox
Shax: Together with Aim to another building.
Shax: I'm sorry, but I separated you.
Shax: Your power is too big of an anxiety element against Aim.
Shin(thinks): Separated!?
Shax: To be honest I wanted to send that damn fox flying, but teleport is a high level magic.
Shin(thinks): So I have to do something about her by myself!?
Shin(thinks): That's impossible!

Thought: Shin...Can you hear me, Shin!?
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki's voice.
Shin(thinks): Where are you!? Where are you!?
Thought: I don't have time, listen to me like that without her noticing.
Thought: You're someone who's constantly being targetted, that's why you connected the Pass. //Pass is written with the kanji for "Circuit"
Shin(thinks): I see.
Shin(thinks): ...So, do you have any ideas of how to turn over the current situation?
Shin(thinks): To be honest, in my enthusiasm for a return match, I planned various things,
Shin(thinks): But being separated was unexpected.
Thought: Go up, go to the rooftop, if you get there I'll do something about this.
Shin(thinks): The rooftop!?
Thought: And remember when we fought Touki.
Thought: Remember how...He cornered us...
Shin(thinks): Touki? What are you talking about?
Thought: He...My......
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki!? Hey!?
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki!?

Shin(thinks): I can't hear her voice anymore, I guess time's up.
Shax: Hmm?
Shax: Why are you looking around?
Shax: Just come at me.
Shin(thinks): I can't escape from this without any sacrifices.
Shin(thinks): Then I will...
Shin: Run!!
Shax: Ah, are you running away from me!!
Shin: Catch me if you can!!
Shin(thinks): I'll get to the rooftop like you said!! However, I'll leave what happens after that to you.

Shin(thinks): Kyuuki!!
Kyuuki: In this small space you won't be able to catch me in your big form.
Aim: Don't worry, this armor
Aim: Can change its form.
Aim: Just like this.

Aim: Like this I won't lose in speed to you!!
Kyuuki: !!
Kyuuki: ...

Kyuuki: Hmph, as always, it seems that being hard is its good point.
Aim: Fufu...
Aim: My power is the power of earth.
Aim: As long as I have this armor you can't hurt me.
Aim: And,
Aim: I have this attack!!

Kyuuki: Whoops.
Kyuuki: ...
Aim: As long as I have this pike and shield I'm invincible.
Aim: You have no chances of winning.

Kyuuki: Hmph, don't get so high on yourself.
Kyuuki: You claim to be invincible,
Kyuuki: But that power of yours has a serious weak point.
Aim: What!?
Kyuuki: I'll proof that to you now.

Kyuuki: By smashing you and that armor altogether!!
Aim: !?

Aim: That was certainly powerful, but this much...
Kyuuki: No, you've lost.
Kyuuki: You just said that you had the power of earth.
Kyuuki: That kind of armors render the impact powerless by dispersing it into the earth.
Kyuuki: Just like a lightning rod.
Straight Arrow: Impact
Bent Arrows: Power
Kyuuki: But now there's no earth
Kyuuki: To support you!!
Aim's sd: Ah!

Kyuuki: That armor you boast so much about
Kyuuki: Doesn't have any means to avoid impacts unless your feet are on the ground!!
Kyuuki: Now, take this!!

Aim: Aaaaaah!

Kyuuki: This is what happens when I have my powers back.
Kyuuki: Making your body light so that you could compete with me in speed backfired on you.
Kyuuki: I could somehow deal with this, but...
Kyuuki: I'm worried about Shin.
Kyuuki: I have to hurry.

Shin's sd: Haa haa
Shin(thinks): Stairs sure are tiring.
Shin(thinks): Nevertheless, why isn't she pursuing me?
Shin's sd: Haa So tired...
Shin: Alright, I could somehow get to...
Shin: !?

Shin: You!!
Shax: Oh, I was waiting for you.
Shin(thinks): She went on ahead of me!?
Shax: Geez, even though I'm bad with fights.
Shin(thinks): I have to run away!!
Shax: Whoopsie, I won't let you escape.
Shin: Geh.
Shax: I don't know why you wanted to escape to the rooftop,
Shax: But to think that you came to a dead-end on your own will!!

Shin: Gwah!
Shax: You gave me a lot of difficulties.
Shin: Kuh.
Shax: But that ends here.
Shax: Just obediently get killed and you'll feel better.
Shin(thinks): What should I do now!?
Shax: Now...

Shax: What?
Shax: What's this rise of power!?
Shin: Kyuuki!!
Shax: Aim screwed up, huh.
Shin(thinks): Kyuuki.

Kyuuki: It seems you could somehow escape to the rooftop.
Kyuuki: Shin,
Kyuuki: I knew you'd notice.
Kyuuki: However,
Kyuuki: I never thought the day I would use a weapon again would come.
Both: !!

Shax: Impossible, is she trying to shoot me together with him!?
Shin(thinks): Shoot...Together with me!?
Thought: Remember, why Touki could corner us.
Shin(thinks): I see...
Shin(thinks): You meant that!!
Kyuuki: Now, this is one of the few attacks with all my mana poured in it!!
Kyuuki: Here I go!!

Attack: Kagutsuchi //Kagutsuchi, a fire deity who burned to death his mother Izanami during childbirth (and was therefore beheaded by his father Izanagi)
Shax: That damn fox!! She really shot...!!
Shin: !!!

Voice: Gyaaaah
12th Clause/END

Kyuuki's sd: Ah...I forgot to go easy on them.

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